by Henk Weltevreden, September 2006


Pip, listen.

It is July 2006. We have an African Banana Beer in Rotterdam, preparing Elton's Memorial for the VPRO, the Dutch National Radio. Two hours of playing his music, talking about Elton. Not a very nice job, to make an in Memoriam, because the people you talk about can not talk about you any more.

I am not into metaphysics Pip. I think all in life is chance, coincidence - things happen because they happen, not because they have to happen. But now you load me up with a big dilemma. I have to make another Memorial. The start of a conspiracy theory.

It is Saturday October the 28th 2006, Elton's birthday. I have an African Palm Beer with Dave Stewart in Hilversum Holland, preparing your Memorial Pip, for the VPRO, the Dutch National Radio. Three hours of playing your music, talking about you.
Things happen because they happen, not because they have to happen.

Saturday the 30th of December 2006. Phil Miller takes an African Mango Beer in Amsterdam, we are preparing the Dave Stewart VPRO Memorial. Four hours of talking about Dave. It takes more than a day. Lots of music to play. We end up close to New Year 2007.

All in life is chance.

It is Monday the 22nd of January 2007. I take another African Beer in Utrecht this time. Hugh Hopper is into Banana Beer. With two straws. We have to work hard, because tomorrow we are on air, a VPRO special, a five hour Phil Miller Memorial. We are not talking about Phil, we only play his music, hoping five hours is sufficient.

Sunday the 29th of April 2007. Richard Sinclair wants his third African Cocktail. He forgot he already had two. Six hours this time, for a Memorial. It a pretty good job for us. The VPRO will broadcast the Hugh Hopper Memorial at prime time, Radio 1.

The 6th of June 2007. Benj is really into Banana and Mango Beer, African Pineapple Gin and several Congo Cocktails. We only talk, seven hours during this Richard Sinclair Memorial. We don't play Richard's music. Not enough time.

This is my last VPRO contract. I am fired. Thanks Pip.

There is no Memorial on Thursday the 2nd of August 2007. Lucky Benj.

Pip, listen -

I am not into metaphysics. I think all in life is chance, things happen because they happen, not because they have to happen. It is all a matter of coincidence.

I'd like to give you a smile Pip, so you're not on your own, and still very much part of us, in this little coincidence called Life. It's only a concept of time, a matter of space, that's all.

Listen, Pip -

In one of the farthest corners of the flickering universe, amongst the countless shattered solar systems, there was once an insignificant speck of dust called Earth, where intelligent animals invented knowledge. It only lasted a split second, Pip - then it was quiet again, as if nothing had happened...

Pip photo by Henk Weltevreden - Henk photo by Sam Ellidge