"Volume Two" (1969)

  • Hibou, Anemone and Bear (R.Wyatt/M.Ratledge)
  • Hulloder (R.Wyatt)
  • Dada Was Here (R.Wyatt)
  • Thank You, Pierrot Lunaire (R.Wyatt/H.Hopper)
  • Have You Ever Bean Green? (R.Wyatt/H.Hopper)
  • Pig (R.Wyatt/M.Ratledge)

    Words and Music
    by Robert Wyatt

    Good evening - or morning
    And now we have a choice selection
    Of rivmic melodies from the Official Orchestra of the College of 'Pataphysics

    But first is our great pleasure, and indeed we hope yours
    To present in its entire and manifold, entire entity
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the British Alphabet !

    Words by Robert Wyatt, Music by Mike Ratledge

    In the spring, I think of sex and means to ends
    Summertime, I like to sit upon the grass
    Autumn nights I go to parties with my friends
    Winter time is when I think about the past

    But of course I do all those things all year 'round
    I mean all the good things are there to be found
    It's all here, pick a bag and get to work
    If you don't, your life will surely go berserk
    Or indeed be bored to death, which is worse
    If something's not worth saying
    Not worth saying
    Not worth saying
    Sing it !

    Words and Music
    by Robert Wyatt

    If I were black, and I lived here
    I'd want to be
    A big man in the FBI
    Or the CIA
    But as I'm not
    And of course I don't
    And as I'm free
    White and twenty-one
    I don't need more power than I've got
    Except for some times when I'm broke

    Words and Music
    by Robert Wyatt

    Por qué trabajas tú por all ?
    Por qué no estas aquí en casa ? La la la...
    Yo no sé, Sam... sólo me pregunto
    Porque no soy feliz en la escuela?
    Es que puedo confiar en alguien que no est ?
    Yo no sé, Sam...
    sólo me pregunto

    Es que puedo fumar cuando soy ma viejo ?
    Es que puedo creer en el ídolo que queremos ?
    Digame si es justo que no estés aquí ?
    Para ayudarme, yo no sé, Sam... sólo me preguntan
    Yo no sé, no sé, no sé...

    Words by Robert Wyatt, Music by Hugh Hopper

    In his organ solos, he fills 'round the keyboards
    Knowing he must find the nicest notes for you to hear

    And when I know that he's found them
    I feel so good, but I still can't see why people listen
    Instead of doing it themselves

    But I'm grateful all the same
    You're very kind and I don't blame you
    I don't mind if you just watch
    In fact I'd welcome it, welcome it, welcome it...

    Words by Robert Wyatt, Music by Hugh Hopper

    Thank you Noel and Mitch
    Thank you Jim for our exposure to the crowd
    And thank you for 'his coattails', Mike, you did us proud

    Didn't you?

    Words and Music
    by Robert Wyatt

    We'd like to thank you, Brian, very much...
    And, uh, George of course...
    Thank you George

    Words by Robert Wyatt, Music by Mike Ratledge

    Here's a song for clean machine Kevin Majorca
    He's found his own way of live in Majorca
    Don't walk, don't drink
    Don't talk, just think
    Heaven on Earth he'll get there soon

    Kevin's highly unlikely to get ill
    At least as long as he lies perfectly still
    He eats brown rice and fish, how nice
    Heaven on Earth, he'll get there soon

    Good and bad go so well together in his tunes
    He wrote a song and called it the weather - or not
    He's Lucky or Pozzo, Estragon and Vladimir
    Waiting for something that's already there
    Heaven on Earth or is it the moon?

    Why, why, why is he sleeping?
    Why is the trumpeter weeping?
    Kevin maybe asking to get back into my dreams
    His voice is so weak now and the customers are screaming
    Heavens above, we can't hear what you're saying

    We've got something to tell you
    Hold on we wanted to thrill you
    Reckons it's so nice and it will make you feel better
    Something in the nature of a Lullabye Letter

    Kevin on Earth there'll be one
    Kevin on Earth make room for one
    Kevin himself he'll be in
    Kevin on Earth, be here
    Or you could be now
    Or is he found, in Herne Bay...

    Words and Music
    by Hugh Hopper

    Famous parabolic versions
    Songs that promise: beauty, sleep, love, sadness.
    Do I dream that something's missing?
    Hungry, thirsty, open off-peak mind
    Give me the truth, give me the truth, give me the truth, tell me...

    Songs and verses, handy captions
    Photographs of real-life action
    Horror, madness
    Can it be that something's happening?
    Wash me, paint me, but please don't taint me
    Give me a chance, give me chance, give me a chance...

    When I was young, the sky was blue
    And everyone knew what to do
    But now it's gone, the telly's here
    Mass media, the sewer too

    Universal maximillion
    Eight rare cases, chickenpox and crawling gladness
    Seemingly it's nothing happening
    Cure my doctor, don't swallow him down
    Give me the cure, give me the cure, give me the cure...

    The night was cool, the moon was bright,
    The air was clear with oxygen
    The stars were there, and in my eyes
    Were thousands of chrysanthemums

    Don't use magnets
    Geophysics carry you back
    Wholesome, healthfood, homepride, satisfied
    Something outside gives out hunger
    Face my mirror, electricity...

    Words by Robert Wyatt,
    Music by Mike Ratledge

    Suspenders and stockings
    Look more sexy than the tights girls are wearing
    But even there, weren't the time wasted
    Time that could be spent completely nude, bare, naked?

    Virgins are boring
    They should be grateful for the things they're ignoring
    Why be smug about the time wasted
    Time that could be spent completely nude, bare, naked

    Knickers and panties
    We are groping under knickers and pants
    But is it worth it, all that time wasted?
    Time we could've spent completely nude, bare, naked
    With nothing on at all
    Nothing, no clothes on
    Nude, naked bare...