The Complete National Health

  • Starlight On Seaweed (M.Campbell)
  • Clocks And Clouds (D.Stewart)
  • Tenemos Roads (D.Stewart)
  • Binoculars (P.Pyle)
  • Phlakaton (P.Pyle)

    Words and Music
    by Mont Campbell

    Shooting star burns while folding
    Here on Earth we watch on, wonder why
    Starlight on seaweed, on seashores

    Forever onwards planets try,
    forces move above us
    Travelling upwards
    through the blue burning gases trail for years behind
    Falling upwards
    So stars will always pull us as we're moving on our journey
    While starlight shines... on...

    Words and Music
    by Dave Stewart

    Past the Northern Lights
    And flying on through polar nights
    The pressure's growing overhead
    In a month of Sundays you won't find a sunbeam
    Clocks and clouds say rainy times ahead

    From the Northern shores
    And down the starlit corridors
    The clouds are gathering again
    I can feel the weather-clocks
    humming in their cases
    Soon we'll have to shelter from the rain

    Grey skies, magnetized
    My how time flies
    Seeing stars ionized
    My how time slips away...

    Now then Sun, what's your problem?
    Rise and shine
    There are butterflies to chase
    And shadows to define
    On a day like this there's no point in starting late
    You've got atmospheres to warm
    Equators to equate
    Come on then, hurry up
    You're obviously bright enough
    To know that you're only wasting time

    From the Northern shores
    And down the starlit corridors
    The clouds are gathering again
    So in stormy times I'll open my umbrella
    Clocks and clouds make raining times again

    * * *

    The storm is gone
    The clouds have vanished from the sky
    The sound of thunder fades away
    And the weather-clocks are ticking rather slowly
    Measuring the last part of the day...

    Words and Music
    by Dave Stewart

    From the cradle to the grave
    There are roads for us all
    that we'll find, and follow to the end
    Leading upwards to a place in the stars,
    ten million miles away...
    There's a path called Tenemos Roads
    Everything happening there is history,
    records of ages before we were born.
    But the sound of men in battle makes me cry
    out in my dreams.

    Hearing the sounds of battle far away
    and the trumpets calling
    marks the end of the time for peace
    in Tenemos Roads
    Things are changing, directed by the men
    who, tired of making love, make war...

    If you've settled down on this world, it's a good place to be
    Men have made their homes on the land, while the fishes all live in the sea
    But although that's alright for them,
    I prefer to be somewhere that's slightly more hot
    There's a place a bit nearer the sun that I like quite a lot

    I will build a home on Tenemos Roads
    I will build a home on Tenemos Roads

    Words and Music
    by Pip Pyle

    Phiak, phlakka phlakka phlakaton Cash
    Ker-chaffa, ker-chaffa, oum ka ka oum-er ka kaf dof
    Flibbet, flibbet, flibbet, flibbet
    Raka taka raka taka BISH!

    Words and Music
    by Pip Pyle

    Blam, zing, mule kicks, real life John Wayne
    Nerves twitch, legs kick, death, pain
    It's a shame to say, you're such a bore today
    Though the picture is quite okay
    Your expression has gone away
    If you just sit on your arse, the whole world won't gasp
    The little dog laughed to see such a farce, it was quite insane
    Nerves twitch, legs kick, real life, death, pain

    You might as well say nothing's for real
    Than bore us with the things that you feel
    If that's tough on you, you know that it's up to you
    It's not like it's too much to do, what a pity to waste your time
    Meanwhile John Wayne and Rip Torn are making us all yawn
    Words and thoughts travel at different speeds and make no sense to me
    Nerves twitch, legs itch, blam, zing, death, bleed