"Angels Egg" (1973)

  • Other Side Of The Sky (D.Allen/T.Blake)
  • Sold To The Highest Buddha (D.Allen/M.Howlett)
  • Prostitute Poem (G.Smyth/S.Hillage)
  • Oily Way (D.Allen/D.Malherbe)
  • Love Is How You Make It (D.Allen/P.Moerlen)
  • I Never Glid Before (S.Hillage)

    Words by Daevid Allen, Music by Tim Blake

    To pass beyond the countless worlds
    The eternal wheel
    The ceaseless tides of selves
    Ever passing away before your eyes...

    All life's light that I've seen...
    Here before me. . .

    Hare hare supermarket!
    Hare hare supermarket!
    Hare hare hare supermarket!
    Hare hare London bus!
    Hare hare ladies' lavatory...
    Hare hare hare hare hare hare...

    Words by Daevid Allen, Music by Mike Howlett

    I'm zero the hero
    And my head has floated away in the sky - don't know why
    And now this spaceship headin' for me
    I thought I was lost in the spaces and now all these faces...
    And still I can't tell if it's really a spell or exactly what's happenin' to me...

    Look out, we're being invaded!
    Hang on to your hat, we're being raided!
    And Captain Capricorn, that's who's behind it
    If nothing's there to find, you know he'll find it

    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head...

    It's a hassle you know to make rocket ships go to infinity
    And I'm so sick of God and these bishops that talk of divinity
    Now my head's feeling strange and my codpiece is starting to tremble
    And that head in the sky there is starting to look like the devil...

    Look out, we're being invaded!
    Hang on to your hat, we're being raided!
    Demons of the mind coming to get you
    Until you're clean, the devil won't forget you...

    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head
    Hang on to your head...

    Words by Gilli Smyth, Music by Steve Hillage

    It is night
    It's not night
    I'm happy
    I'm not happy
    I'm sad
    I'm not sad
    It's early
    It's late
    Je marche
    Je marche pas

    Bonsoir monsieur
    Tu viens avec moi?
    Tu viens mon chéri?
    Oui monsieur, viens
    Tu es prêt?

    Ça m'est égal
    What do you want me to do?
    Je veux - je veux pas
    I touch you - et c'est dur monsieur
    It's not like that
    I'll show you...
    Show you love... love...
    Let me sink...

    Je dois manger - n'importe quoi
    I break off the corner of your mind and eat it
    I'm eating your mind
    I'm eating your body
    Viens ici ici
    Come I want your body
    Viens, viens faire l'amour
    Faire l'amour
    Faire l'amour

    Come into my arms
    I kiss your lips
    You die
    I want your body
    I do not want your body
    De quoi s'agit-il?
    Bonne nuit - good night
    Bonjour - mornin'
    It's night - it's day
    Its morning
    C'est ça, non?

    Words and Music
    by Daevid Allen

    I'm giving my love to you
    Cos I only want to see you smile
    You got nothing to lose
    But the failure to choose
    And you're turning into somebody new - meanwhile...

    Oh no, give a dog a bone
    Don't come thinkin' through the door
    You won't forget us
    Cos we will not let you
    Cos we're lovin' you more and more

    Words by Daevid Allen, Music by Didier Malherbe and Daevid Allen

    Now you're here and now you're Gong
    Now you're back where you belong
    Meet the wizard of the keys
    And he'll reveal the mysteries
    Of Angels' Eggs and Octave Doctors
    Radio Gnome and Love Projectors
    Then he'll point up in the sky
    You will see the Teapots flying
    Down the Oily Way...

    Down the Oily Way you slide
    Through the inner space you ride
    Lots and lots of Pot-Head Pixies
    Ridin' round in Teapot Taxies
    On the Planet Gong they say
    If everything goes wrong today
    Fill your Teapot up with tea
    Come and take a ride with me
    Down the oily way...

    Oily Way
    Oily Way - it's not the milky way
    Oily Way - it's not the only way
    Oily Way - it's not the English way

    High in the sky, the world you remember
    Scenes that we dreamed of
    Time for the end of

    You big daddy in your big sick city
    Gotta choose to loose your games now

    Now you're here and now you're Gong
    But this ain't me that sings this song
    For we the Gong Band it's enough
    To be the instruments of love
    On which the Octave Doctors play
    That we be one and all as one with Gong
    On earth and find again
    The joys of going around the bend
    Down the oily way

    Oily Way
    Oily Way - not the only way
    Oily Way - it's not the only way
    Oily Way - it's not the English way

    Words by Daevid Allen, Music by Pierre Moerlen

    I left my body on my bed
    I flew away inside my head
    To dive right through the moon and find
    A perfect world inside my mind
    I want to take you there
    Smiling through your hair

    That is why I sing this song
    And why there is a band called Gong
    Voices in our heads are calling
    Ringing bells and singing tales of
    How this world could be
    If only we could learn to melt together
    Make such lovely weather

    Maybe we will blow it like in bygone ages
    Maybe we will make it if we care
    You'll be there
    We'll be there - love. . .

    Love is how you live it
    Love is how you give it
    Love is how you make it
    Love is how you take it
    First you make it with your body
    Everything you give to share
    When you come together then you're
    One with lovers everywhere, everywhere...

    Give a little wink, give a little wink
    You know...

    You know just who the pot head pixies are
    Have a little drink...

    Words and Music
    by Steve Hillage

    The light gets stronger and all our eyes look yonder to see what's going on
    But that's all right you'll soon be out of sight and surfing to the sun
    The moonwheel's turning, the waves unfulling
    you're learning you're Zero at the centre of the whirlpool

    Your aquaman and in your hand is a watering, can I now or can I not believe it leave it to be
    The fun gods winking and we're all blinking and thinking we're sinking in the sea
    You're in your glider the tide you're riding inside her is turnin with the moony like the sky... boy

    Okay, you're Mister Illusion
    Smiling in all this confusion
    Cos you're young today, tomorrow start to play
    I'd just like to say

    No I never
    No I never ever ever glid before
    I never - oh no

    Last warning tide turning
    Moon burning slow motion
    Waves that you ride
    Just to bolster your pride
    But if it's love that you're after
    The craft of a hero
    Will vibe at your side as alone you may glide
    With a tiny afterthought
    Flashing as the planet calls

    I never never glid before

    Open up the veil and let us take a peep in
    Thru the moon and diving deep we'll meet the whale
    Where rides the captain submarine
    Who told the tale of pixies green
    That sends us kisses in the brain
    And out-far planets never seen
    Except by technicolour dream

    I never never glid before

    That's another story - now's the time to go and find
    Yesterday, I climbed the tree
    The planet was, I realized
    One of the spots before my eyes
    The cuppa tea - see