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From: Steve.Pearce@OCTEL.com
Subject: Caravan - UK gig
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 10:11:45 +0100

I've not seen this announced anywhere....

Caravan are playing the London Astoria on October 30th, I've just booked my ticket. Box office is on 0171-434-0403.

I also got a ticket for the Colosseum gig, they are one band I've always wanted to see. I received my tickets yesterday and saw that the support bands for Caravan were Wishbone Ash and the Groundhogs. This has the making of a great night


From: "Steve Ashworth" <stash@zen.co.uk>
Subject: "TV Offal"/Dave Stewart
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 12:14:10 +0100

TO: Steve Hill (Re: WR #  98)

Further to your message, I did notice the Dave Stewart theme on Victor Lewis-Smith's "TV Offal" show. DS and V L-S are old collaborators, Dave doing the theme for the previous Lewis-Smith series on BBC 2. This theme was 20 seconds of pure electro-dementia heaven !! On Lewis-Smiths short Radio 1 series a few years back, Dave and Barbara Gaskin were featured artists each week - a funny  man/straight people type sequence followed by a track from the "Spin"  CD each episode. Some of Victor's songs in this series had a great deal of Dave  Stewart compositional influence. An mp3 file of the TV offal theme would be  appreciated.

Steve Ashworth <stash@zen.co.uk>

From: "Steve Ashworth" <stash@zen.co.uk>
Subject: re : Brainville review - WR # 98 ; and Children .
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 13:12:15 +0100

We got to see Brainville at the Duchess in Leeds on Tuesday 16th June 1998. Unlike the review in WR#98, we had the three piece Allen/Hopper/Pyle band to enthrall us that night.
Pre-concert, the three of us, despite many concerts attended over the years, had never seen Hugh  Hopper playing live. Simon Kerry therefore concluded that we were all "Hugh  Hopper virgins" !! After Daevid announcing that Kramer was in Japan, the trio launched in to a stunning improvised piece with a beautiful psych  feel to it, gliss guitar to the fore in masterly fashion. Then, a Kramer song about phobias called "Who's Afraid". I'm not too aware of much of Allen's recent recorded work, but believe this is available. Obviously, I  cannot compare this to the original but did notice an effortless shift from 5/8 to 4/4 time. The third piece did sound familiar, with percussion tape loops  and more gorgeous gliss. After "Thinking thoughts", we were  intoduced to "Shadow", a Hugh Hopper song about psychotherapy (?)  dedicated to Robert Wyatt. Next, the highlight of the evening, a version of  Soft Machine's "Hope For Happiness". The final piece had difficult intro's and outro's. In conclusion, this group dealt with the setback of losing a fourth member amazingly. The music flowed empathetically, with great understanding between the three. Overall, bloody marvellous - I hope they've taped a concert or two for release .

CHILDREN. One of my 7 year old son's favourite songs is "I'm a bole" off "Bananamoon". Before the gig, I told him who I was going to see and he said, sadly, " I suppose it will finish too late for me to come with you Dad ?" I felt gutted. On speaking to Daevid after the concert, I told him of this young fan and he drew a PHP for him with the message "to Thomas with a big HUG from Daevid '98". Young Tom was pleased beyond words with this - and it got me thinking ... do any other Rattlers have children who like the stuff their parent(s) listen to ? A new line to follow in our submissions to WR ? For starters, my youngest loves "Don  Alfonso" from the "V " sampler and anything with Ivor Cutler on.  

Steve Ashworth <stash@zen.co.uk>


From: "Out of Time Productions" <kris.gray@btinternet.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 01:36:31 +0100

Hi there,

I was put on to you by Phil Franks?
My name is Kris Gray and I play bass for the Edgar Broughton Band. I know your site is mainly devoted to bands from Canterbury but I thought you may be interested in our movements as we are from the same era.

Currently the band are rehearsing to play a festival in Germany, with Caravan I might add, on July 18th. This will be swiftly followed by five dates here in the UK as follows -

22nd July - Cellar South Shields
23rd July - Grimsby College
24th July - The Brook Southampton
25th July - Leisure Centre Bromley Kent
26th July - Worcester Park Tavern, Worcester Park

If you could post there on your site I would be more than grateful, if you need more info on the band or the dates just e-mail me,

All the best and keep the flag flying
Luv n stuff

Kris Gray


From: Marcel Safier <msafier@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: Re: Cafe Jacques
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 01:31:58 +1000

Kent F. Smith <kfsmith@jps.net> & Reed A. Callais mentioned Cafe Jacques and I thought I would throw in a little bit of info about this band, although not very Canterbury related.

I have met there drummer Mike Ogletree a few times in the 80s. The band's manager was Bruce Finlay who also used to manage Simple Minds. In fact when Brian McGee left SM, Mike replaced him for the New Gold Dream tour and I saw him on tour here in Brisbane, Australia and he is an excellent drummer. He was surprised I knew about the Cafe Jacques albums he had done a few years earlier.  Mike was replaced in SM shortly afterwards replaced by the more "powerful" Mel Gaynor.  Mike told me he got the SM gig through Bruce, and Mike later turned up in the band Fiction Factory from Perth in Scotland whom I saw in concert in Edinburgh in 1983.  Their album Throw The Warped Wheel Out isn't bad BTW.

Glad to hear at least one of Cafe Jacques 2 albums (Round the Back) is now on CD.  I would never have expected it.  The band are listed in the All Music Guide BTW (http://www.allmusic.com/cg/x.exe?p=amg&sql=B16241)

Has anyone seen copies of the Rupert Hine 1995 album Deep End - I have never been able to locate it?



From: Mark Bloch <markb@echonyc.com>
Subject: Robert Wyatt tribute album
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 22:37:07 +0100

You may not know yet that an italian label is assembling a tribute album to Wyatt featuring mostly italian bands, but it will include also a track from Robert, a cover of a song from the italian group CPI that organized the project - this will be out in fall-winter 98 I think.


From: Steve Taaffe <classic@feist.com>
Subject: Upcoming Canterbury Real Audio Show
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:39:40 -0500

Hello Aymeric,

Just a short note for you and everyone in the group. I am putting together a Canterbury show and would like to have everyone's input on what they would like to hear.

Our website is  http://www.tafcommedia.net

We feature Real Audio stereo programming and now have 15 shows recorded. If  you
listen to all of our shows you will hear various prog/psyc/rock groups all mixed together. The feedback so far has been incredible but frankly many Canterbury fans want nothing but Canterbury music. No problem with that. I just need to know what you want.

It has been suggested to me to include Soft Machine, Gong, Robert Wyatt, Caravan, Phil Miller and Hatfield & The North.

As a fellow Rattler I know that this group is very supportive and I look for you to flood my email box. I'm not sure how many members are in this group but I hope to find out.


Steve Taaffe
Radio Free Kansas


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: The Muffins
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:52:47 EDT

So, the unexpected reunion of The Muffins happened last nite at a little joint called "Chief Ike's Mambo Room". Despite my severe reservations about the whole thing [mainly the lack of time that they had to practice - 3 days, & the fact that at least one of them really doesn't play music at all anymore], I'd say it came off pretty well overall.

They opened with a typical late-period Muffin gambit; all four playing saxes, walking from the back of the club to the stage. There was then an improv & after a bit it turned into two songs from <185>; Under Dali's Wing and These Castle Children, both of which had some small "problems", but were certainly well enough performed to allow me to enjoy the moment, rather than thinking about the passage of time on everyone's ability to play. Remember, this is HARD TO PLAY stuff. A couple of improvs as well as a couple of short little new composed pieces followed. Then Monkey With The Golden Eyes and Hobart Got Burned from "Manna/Mirage". Another short new piece and then...goodbye!

About 45 minutes?

The new pieces probably came off the best. They were generally much simpler than the older stuff, although not uninteresting,  but they still sounded like "The Muffins" on them. The improvs were fun, but I think that playing together more would've helped in terms of "instantaneous unspoken communication". And seeing the older pieces was terrific, but they probably suffered the most due to lack of rehearsal, even though all-in-all, I think they pulled them off quite well.

They all apparently had a blast, & are talking about getting together every 6-9 months to work for a few days & see if they can eventually develop new material for a recording project. I'm still trying to decide if seeing this made me feel young again, or quite old....



From: phil howitt <facelift@gpo.sonnet.co.uk>
Subject: Various
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 17:32:00 +0100 (GMT/BST)

Hi Aymeric

I'd not forgotten my self-made promise to keep you abreast of news - more the fact that it's been a bit quiet of late. A few things to pass on though:

Press release just through from hannibal/rykodisc. I assume you know that Old Rottenhat and Nothing Can Stop Us are both out. Dondestan and The Animals Film due out on October 19th. Also, Hannibal have announced an as yet untitled CD box set which will include various singles/EPs including I'm A Believer, Shipbuilding, Biko, plus remixes of Shleep. One CD will include the video to Shipbuilding, playable in CD-ROM form. No date on this yet - I'm assuming this is also October.

The Band on the Wall in Manchester has been putting on a regular monthly club night called Le Petit Orb. From the first one I saw, this is Alex Patterson (The Orb) with guests in a multimedia setting (ie; with light show). Seemed to be to me to be mainly DJing, although the music spun was very orbish. Of interest because last Wednesday's performance also featured Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy. Didn't make it unfortunately.

Latest press releases from Voiceprint include Pierre Moerlen's Gong Live from 1988 (on Outer Music) - presumably this is what the extract on Gong's 'Family Jewels' album was all about. Also 'Far From the Madding Crowd' from Faraway, which turns out to be Harry Williamson (ex Mother Gong) and new partner Liz van Dort, suggested to be eclectic world/ambient music. Both should be out now-ish.

Saw Brainville at Stoke a while back (Allen/Hopper/Pyle) - extraordinary really - it was what I expected in that it was unexpected (if that makes sense). Certainly rather noisy, Daevid Allen for once not solely centrestage - his main point of focus today was his (rather excellent) solo guitarplaying rather than vocals or looning around. An enormous privilege seeing Hugh Hopper and Pip Pyle live again. Some of the gig was structured, some not - Jonny of GAS said it was 70% different to the previous night. Recognisable tracks included material from the Allen/Kramer albums, Soft Machine's first (!), and one blissful groove that was probably 'Fohat Digs Holes in Space'. I just sat there grinning...

In reply to your reader's question about Tim Blake: certainly 'Magick' (his comeback album) and 'New Jerusalem' are still available at Piccadilly Records - no sign of Crystal Machine though. Both are on Mantra. Crystal Machine is very exploratory instrumental stuff, with a beautiful ambience - my own favourite - 'New Jerusalem' is his classic, and where his own vocals work best. 'Magick' is occasionally excellent, a bit more mainstream than the others. All releases on Mantra. WR readers are directed to Facelift issue 4 (Blake biog) and issue 8 (interview), both available for £1 each (UK), £1.20 (Eur), £1.50 elsewhere from the address below. PLUG PLUG PLUG!!!

OK, think that's it for a while. Off to sunny climes for a month or so - will be in contact when I return.

Cheers, Phil

Facelift Magazine has been exploring the Canterbury scene and beyond since 1989.

Facelift 18, including a 23-page Bill Bruford interview, and Facelift 19, with Dirk Campbell, Pierre Moerlen interviews are now available for £2 each (£2.50 Europe, £3 elsewhere) from Phil Howitt, Facelift, PO Box 69, Manchester M16 8RD, UK. Or for details of how to subscribe to Facelift e-mail facelift@gpo.sonnet.co.uk


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Progression #27
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 19:47:18 -0400


The latest Artist Shop newsletter can be found in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>.  But here's a snippet that's of special interest to Canterbury fans!

Progression Magazine issue No. 27 is now out and subscriptions can be purchased through The Artist Shop at <http://www.artist-shop.com/progress.htm>. This is by far the biggest and best issue yet, with 148 pages, full-color cover, glossy inside page stock and square binding. Contents include the following:

* Comprehensive overview of Canterbury progressive music.
* In-depth interview with King Crimson bassist Tony Levin.
* In-depth interview with Fates Warning, including former vocalist John Arch.
* In-depth interview with Jacob Holm-Lupo of White Willow.
* In-depth interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night of Blackmore's
* In-depth interview with Finneus Gauge.
* Analysis of contemporary neo-classical music.
* Detailed review of recent Genesis concerts in England and Ireland.
* Info on upcoming Progday, Strange Daze and Powermad festivals.
* Coverage of Cozy Powell's death.
* Concert reviews of: Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, Always Almost, Discipline, ProjeKct Two, Crucible, After the Fall, Soundscape, The Annie Haslam Band, Tony Geballe, Sol.
* About 100 book, video and CD reviews

Progression No. 28 is slated to be published in late September and will include the following:  interviews with electronic/progressive pioneer Larry Fast of Synergy fame, the California Guitar Trio, British proggers Haze, prog-metalers Royal Hunt; retrospective on Hawkwind's Robert Calvert; analysis of Polish progressive rock; all regular columnists and tons of reviews. Much more to be announced later!


                          Gary Davis
The Artist Shop                              The Other Road
http://www.artist-shop.com          artshop@artist-shop.com
phone: 330-929-2056               fax:330-945-4923
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