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From: Rcarlberg <Rcarlberg@aol.com>
Subject: Hatfield on CD
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 19:50:40 EST

In WR#87, David Kowalski wrote:
>I have Rotters Club and Hatfield and the North on CD, does that mean
>I have all that would be on Afters? (or is there another CD that I've
>never heard about?)

And Aymeric Leroy replied:
>The short answer is yes, you have everything. The long answer is, well,
>not quite, the version of "Halfway Between Heaven And Earth" is said to
>be slightly longer

Technically true - the album track is listed at 6:08 and the CD at 6:07 (the
last 7 seconds of it being silence) - but to my ear the fade out is identical.
What's a second between friends?!

Plus, whether you care to mention it or not, there's a "Live 1990" CD on
Code 90 with Richard, Phil, Pip and Sophia Domancich in place of the estimable
Mr. Stewart.  It's Hatfield & The North with an asterisk, I suppose.


From: chris topham <chris@toppo.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Heavy Concept Album .......
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 06:51:46 GMT

In WR#87, Julius Saroka wrote:
>Some time ago I seem to remember someone posting that "Neil's Heavy Concept
>Album" was coming out on CD. I have not been able to find it anywhere, and
>that's a bummer, man! Was I hallucinating, or can someone provide me with
>more info?

Seems to be on East West, copyright Warner Music UK Ltd. 1984

Cat no on my copy is 4509-94852-2, it's made in Germany but in the corner on the back cover has France WE 835 underneath the Cat No.

A very Canterbury bunch of musicians, and a good listen IMHO.


Chris in West Sussex, England


From: h.koch@brauunion.com (KOCH Helmut)
Subject: Gong line-up 1976/77
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 09:41:48 +0100

Hi Folks!
The recent statements on the discography of the Canterbury Dream label lead me to some further questions about Gong. According to various sources of information (e.g. Pete Frame's Canterbury related family trees), Allan Holdsworth was a fulltime member of Gazeuse!-era Gong (around early 1976/mid 1977). That suggests that he was part of the Gong touring ensemble featured on

CTD 006    - Gong                 - Live Gazeuse!
               VG  | Reading Festival, UK             8/26/76

CTD 015-016- Gong                 - Break Through the Commune
               EX  | 2000 Club, Via Reggio, Italy     4/21/76

One Rattler told me that the Via Reggio show features the Shamal line-up, but I'm in doubt about that. Can anyone supply profound information?


[The line-up of Gong between January and June 1976 was : Didier Malherbe, Jorge Pinchevsky, Patrice Lemoine, Mike Howlett, Pierre Moerlen and Mireille Bauer. Then from July to November 1976 the line-up was : Didier Malherbe, Allan Holdsworth, Francis Moze, Pierre Moerlen, Mireille Bauer, Benoit Moerlen and Mino Cinelu - AL]


From: Graham Clark <101517.2632@compuserve.com>
Subject: Steps
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 05:13:13 -0500

In WR#87, Jeff Taschner wrote
>You should add 'Steps' to your discography. This is keyboardist Steve
>Franklin's group from sometime around 1976-77. The group featured Hanny
>Rowe on bass and Roy Dodds on drums, and a sax player whose name I can't
>recall on baritone and sopranino saxes. The interplay between sax and
>Franklin's Wurlitzer EP is great.

I think the sax player was Steve Mulligan (a great surname for a baritone

Graham Clark


From: MHolmes822 <MHolmes822@aol.com>
Subject: Canterbury Festival
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 07:45:16 EST

Hi there
Thanks for the latest issue.
Bad News is that the Canterbury Festival has been cancelled due to backers
pulling out. It is hoped that we will be able to get things rolling for next
year. Can you ammend your gig lists?
Malcolm HTD


From: "SALEMBIER pascal" <salembier@isp.fr>
Subject: In Cahoots gig
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 01:48:15 +0100

To Ian Chippett (and other rattlers) : yes I was lucky enough to attend the In
Cahoots parisian gig. The venue "Les Instants chavires" is a confidential (but friendly) place located in an eastern suburb close to Paris. It is mainly devoted to alternative (and sympathetic) productions (contemporary music, ethnic stuff, anti-fascist events, and so on).

Just a collection of snapshoots to satisfy your curiosity :

- About 60 people attended the show in a very relax atmosphere
- Always the heart missing a beat when seeing the Hatfield sticker on the bass drum...
- Pip Pyle introduced the band (in french), teasing Phil about his age !
- The mixing was not perfect (drums a little bit too loud as usual in small areas). The guitar was much more forward than in Parallel, so we had the opportunity to appreciate Miller's trademark guitar tone, which is just great (of course)
- Fred Baker experienced some problem at the beginning of the show with a recalcitrant plug. After having seen his "energetic" performance on some titles I can tell you that he could apply for a position in a heavy-metal gang (remember Neil Murray ?...) but what a waste it would  be ! ;-)
- As you may already know Elton Dean and Jim Dvorak are not touring with the band, but all in all, I didnt' miss too  much the horn section on titles from Parallel thanks to Pete's brilliant interventions on Moog (and with naked feet ?!?!!)
- Pip is definitely one of the greatest drummer this side of the galaxy (but everybody already knows that, or should...).
- Concerning the setlist, yes as far as I remember, it was in a different order at least if I refer to Aymeric's review ; but I have to confess I don't remember exactly what it was (I was totally wrapped up in the performance and didn't save a moment to take notes...).
- Interestingly enough I noticed Pip checking some tapes with a headphone during the break (maybe for a forthcoming Live album ? who knows...)
- We didn't have a couple of dancers as at Compiegne but  instead we had a (pretty drunk) guy  shouting inarticulate rumblings at the front stage (fortunately it was at the end of the gig...)

Just for the anecdote, I came with some friends of mine (good music connoiseurs) and after the first piece they were totally blown away : "Ouahou ! ces mecs savent jouer !" Sure guys, they do.



From: GHenry1480 <GHenry1480@aol.com>
Subject: Canterbury Dream
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:17:09 EST

yo from USofA.would like any info on to get copies of the cd,s that Gabe
Camacho talks about.Gong - live Gazeuse,breakthrough the comunion(or anything
from Gong).Soft Machine- live Bundles;or  Fusion.& Bruford,Confusion.I saw it
mentioned on a few different letters.That stuff is impossible to get over here
in America.Any info on Gong coming to US,hopefully with Pierre Moerlen.Also
any info on Brand X or any of it's members.The last I heard John Goodsall had
band out in California called Transadental Medication.Please any info would be
helpful thanks.    Send to GHenry1480@aol.com


Subject: Hatfield on CD
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:38:46 EST

In case I read this differently than you Aymeric-There is more than just these three LP's like "Live 1990" which has additional music other than the two studio LP's or Afters or Live at the Rainbow. And although Aymeric's "long" answer is all you really need to know, technically my "Afters" LP implies that 2-"Fitter..." is a different version, 13-"oh, Len's Nature is a live version, 14-"lything and gracing" is also a live version. Not any longer like 12-The "Halfway between Heaven . . "-from the live "Over the Rainbow" concert but still different. "Live 1990", is a very good CD if you don't know about it. It's a shame Dave Stewart isn't playing keyboards on it but it is still good.

Dave Cary


From: Gary Hobish <ghobish@hooked.net>
Subject: Re: Kevin Ayers in San Francisco
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:18:29 -0800

>May 23 - San Francisco (CA), Bottom Of The Hill [1233 17th St]

I've been informed that Ayers' San Francisco show has been moved to the Great American Music Hall.

Gary Hobish


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: New Hopper and Dean release
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 15:48:45 -0500

The Artist Shop has got a number of new Voiceprint
<http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt> releases to talk about.  After many
rumors, the new Steve Howe/Quantum Guitar is finally available!  I have a
shipment on the way as I write this and I can't wait to hear it!  Also just
released on Voiceprint, The Mind in the Trees by legendary Canterbury
musicians Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper, and Live at the Rainbow 1972 by the
group Man featuring Micky Jones, Clive John, Phil Ryan, Terry Williams and
Will Youatt.  Stop by and check it out.


                          Gary Davis
The Artist Shop                              The Other Road
http://www.artist-shop.com          artshop@artist-shop.com
phone: 330-929-2056               fax:330-945-4923
       Check out the latest Artist Shop newsletter at


From : Pye Hastings <he's-not-on-email!>
Subject : Solo album
Date : Mon, 30 Mar 1998 12:00:00

[This is an excerpt from a fax I received from Pye about various subjects. I had asked him to give us details of the solo album he is said to be working on - AL]

Yes, I do intend to start recording a new album of songs very soon and I have asked Doug Boyle who is keen to begin as soon as possible. I shall probably be using a mixture of some Caravan musicians and some computer-generated tracks rather like we did on the "All Over You" album.

I have written the music for some twelve songs and am now concentrating on writing the lyrics. They vary in feel from folk type songs to reggae to rock. Once I start rehearsals I will get a better idea of which songs work in conjunction with the others, so naturally some will have to be dumped in the bin. Either way I'm getting excited about recording again.

[I also asked Pye what his brother Jimmy is doing at the moment - AL]

Jimmy is still playing regularly with the Humphrey Lyttelton Jazz band and doing some live work in London and a few sessions. However he is not as busy as he would like and is looking for new projects to work on.

Best regards,
Pye Hastings


From: Richard Derrick <normdeplume@megabytecoffee.com>
Subject: Kevin Ayers - SF show is 5/24!
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 17:32:51 -0800

Hi --

Thanks for getting the info on the Kevin Ayers two-city mini-tour up on your Calyx page.  There's been a slight change in date/venue - you have the correct new venue (Great American Music Hall), but the date is Sunday 24 May 98.

"The Gig" is actually in the city of West Los Angeles, which is a separate city from Los Angeles proper.  (There's also Hollywood and West Hollywood, which are all separate cities.)  Pico Boulevard is a major thoroughfare in LA, and the neighborhoods start to get seedier as one travels East toward downtown.  Therefore, I think it would help any out-of-towners who are unfamiliar with the area to limit their search to the Westside.  Wouldn't want any of Kevin's fans to end up in a bad place...!

Richard Derrick


From: Mashu <mashu@musart.co.uk>
Subject: MASHU Spring tourett
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 07:07:03 +0100

Hi Aymeric

>4th Paris

The Paris concert has been cancelled.... Unfortunately!

The other gigs are still on....

      - Mark Hewins - Shyamal Maïtra -  Hugh Hopper -



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Apr  8 - Brussels (Belgium), Travers [11 Rue Traversiere]
Apr  9 - Lille (France), B Plan [17, bis Rue de la Poste, Quartier Moulin]
Apr 10 - Plouhinec, Bretagne (France), Cafe de la Barre [73 Rue de Passage]
Apr 11 - Rennes (France), venue unknown (tbc)

Apr 15 - Ashton-upon-Lymne, Witchwood
Apr 17 - Malvern Fringe, Youth Centre
Apr 18 - Leicester, Physio and Firkin
Apr 20 - Cambridge, Boatrace
Apr 22 - Stoke-on-Trent, Wheatsheaf
Apr 25 - Lewes, All Saints
Apr 26 - Leeds, Duchess of York

Apr 30 - Bethune [near Lille] (France), venue unknown
May  1 - Strasbourg (France), Laiterie
May  2 - Nancy (France), Terminal Export
May  5 - Ploemur [near Lorient] (France), Oceanis
May  7 - Blois (France), Chateau d'Eau
May  9 - Perpignan (France), Mediator
May 11 - Toulouse (France), Bikini
May 12 - Bordeaux (France), Theatre Barbey
May 14 - Paris (France), Bataclan
May 15 - Rennes (France), Salle de la Cite

May  2 - Paris (France), Peniche 'Le Six/Huit'
May  9 - Fontenay-sous-Bois (France), Le Comptoir du Monde
May 19 - Paris (France), Le Cavern
Jun 15 - Paris (France), Peniche 'La Balle Au Bond'
Jun 29 - Paris (France), Duc des Lombards
Sep  3 - Paris (France), Petit Journal Montparnasse

May 23 - Diss, Norfolk (England), Park Hotel [tel: 0137.985.4206]
May 31 - Utrecht (Netherlands), Tivoli (tbc)
Jul 18 - Kassel (Germany), festival appearance (tbc)

May 24 - San Francisco (CA), Great American Music Hall
May 29 - Los Angeles (CA), The Gig [11637 W.Pico Bld] [tel: 310.444.9870]

Apr 13 - Newhaven, Toads Place
Apr 14 - Philadelphia (Pa), Theatre of Living Arts
Apr 15 - Washington (DC), Birchmere
Apr 17 - Baltimore (Pa), Orion Sound Studios (2 shows)
Apr 18 - New York City (N.Y), Knitting Factory (2 shows)
Apr 19 - Cambridge (Ma), House of Blues

Apr 18-19 - Brest (France) (with François Verret)
May 18 - St. Etienne (France) (with Louis Sclavis/J-P Drouet)
May 29 - Tullins (France), MJC (with Noél Akchoté)
May 30 - Figeac (France) (with Louis Sclavis)

Apr 24 - Rostock (Germany), Zabrik
Apr 25 - Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bimhaus
Apr 26 - Utrecht (Netherlands)
Apr 28 - Unterschleisheim (Germany), Burgerhaus
Apr 30 - Ulrichsberg (Germany), Jazz Atelier
May  1 - Willisau (Switzerland), Rathausbühne
May  2 - Le Mans (France), Jazz Festival
May  4 - Gent (Belgium), Vooruit

Apr  2 - London, Purcell Rooms

All Sunday nights at The Vortex
[139 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16]
feat. various combinations of the following musicians :
Elton Dean, Jim Dvorak, Paul Dunmall, Simon Picard, George Haslam, Marcio Mattos, Alex Maguire, Liam Genockey...

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