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From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (A. Leroy)
Subject: Updates
Date: just before this digest was sent out

Hi all,

Just a brief note to inform you that I've done major updates to the
Ultimate Canterbury Discography, in the Gong-related category. The
Daevid Allen list seems to be almost complete, but I will need some
help for Gilli Smyth's releases. Gong freaks, please help !

As regards the CALYX site, I have to apologise for not being able to
work on it as much as I'd like. I'm running a (paper) fanzine on
progressive rock in addition to that, so every third month I'm very
busy with it and have to restrict myself to What's Rattlin' ?

As this is more of a long-term project (I'm in a learning process for
sure), I have no doubt that it will develop into the referential tool
it's designed to become.

A last subject I'd like to raise : the lack of direct contact with
most Canterbury-related artists. Mark Hewins deserves a lot of praise
for his work on the Musart site (he has even put issues of WR online -
thanks, Mark !). Otherwise, there's very little input from the artists,
this is the reason why unexpected concerts may still take place. I'm
hoping that eventually more and more of them will have access to the
Internet and be able to communicate with us, but so far this is still

Okay, that's it for this time, I guess. Enjoy this issue.



From: "R. Hayden" <roha@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU>
Subject: Forthcoming Gong tour ?
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 15:50:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hey there A. Leroy--I have been enjoying the WRs I've been getting, even
though my knowledge of the Canterbury music scene is pretty rudimentary
(limited to Gong-related bands and Soft Machine, though I did see Fred
Frith play with Kaiser, Thompson, French & Frith--he was in Henry Cow,
wasn't he?)  Anyway, I figure there's lots more to learn, and this list
is a great way to go about it.  This email isn't for the WR list,
however-=-I am sending it to you personal.  What I want to know is, if
you can help me out with this, is are Gong planning to come for a second
tour of the US this summer?  I caught a sizzling performance of theirs in
Portland this March, and have heard several rumors that they plan to
return; I figure if anyone can set the facts straight you  (and maybe
Malcolm Humes, who will be plan B if you can't help out here)  can.  I'd
much appreciate any info you might have on this topic.  In the meantime,
thanks a bunch for all your efforts here; this is an interesting,
eye-opening list!
                                Best, Rosannah

[I thought it better to include your message in WR - the main reason for
that is... I can't really answer your question. I'm not in regular contact
with Gong - so anyone on the list who is, is welcome to answer ! - A.L.]


From: Lisa Shannon <lisanico@access.digex.net>
Subject: Daevid Allen / "Steal this record if you can !"
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 19:12:09 -0400 (EDT)

Hello people again,

> On WR # 6 Malcolm Humes wrote:
> "Around that time Daevid was driving around selling albums to record
> stores out of the trunk of his car -  plain white cover pressings of Planet
> Gong with no label credited. When the Charly version was released some of
> the cover art was changed (the prices, and "Steal this record if you can"
> changed to "better to steal it if you can")."
> After reading this I checked out my lp, it was made in France, no label is
> credited and it says something like: "don't pay more than $3 (I forget how
> many pounds or francs) but steal this record if you can."
> It's titled "Planet Gong Live Anarchy 1977". Unfortunately I think I paid
> more than $3.00 for it; didn't have the nerve or the lack of concience to
> steal it.

I thought I remembered getting my copy (the original white, "Steal This
Record" one) from Peaches-- I was the import buyer for the one here in
Rockville in those days.  I remember Yochk'o coming in one day (me
drooling to actually meet him), but certainly if Daevid Allen had come in
lugging a trunkful of Planet Gong records I'd remember it! I thought I
just ordered the thing from the Jem catalog like everything else?  But
maybe not-- (maybe one of you guys like Steve with a good long-term memory
here in DC can help me out again)!

> Also looking through my collection found two Henry Cow albums, but I don't
> recall ever listening to them (must have had them for a good 20 years). I
> guess I'd better give them a listen.

Oh, do!!  I listened to "Concerts" the other night for the first time in a
few years-- always amazed by how current & innovative it still sounds.

[All FOUR sides of it ? - A.L.]

Thanks again for another great issue & hope everyone's having fun --



From: "David G. Shaw" <dshaw@tiac.net>
Subject: Tomato Records
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 20:22:20 -0000

In WR #7 Michael Bloom wrote:
>...the Tomato label. He did try to make it
>a cultist's label-- he did two Magma albums (although it should be noted
>that Attahk sucks), recordings of John Cage's prepared piano music, a
>posthumous Harry Partch premiere recording, and (in a different vein)
>a complete reissue of Townes Van Zandt.

Tomato was also the label that released Philip Glass's "Einstein on the
Beach," even if it was abridged (repeats omitted) and sped up a bit.


From: Grant Penton <penton@odyssee.net>
Subject: Cantabury Obscures
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 23:59:23 -0400

Does anyone out there know about "Docteur Faust" by Igor Wakhevitch?  It's
a French release from '71 dedicated to "mes grands amis Robert Wyatt et
Mick Ratledge", and the music is mostly multi-instumental & gargle
psychedelia of the period.  The guy I bought it from swears that Allen
himself played on it, and it sounds likely.


From: duplanet@global2000.net (David Greenberger)
Subject: Allen/Kramer
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 08:39:47 -0400

Here's an update re: David Shaw's mention of the Kramer/Daevid Allen album.
They have a new one out, also on Shimmy-Disc, titled "Hit Men".


From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: Peel Sessions
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 10:52:49 -0400

>Gong: BBC Radio Sessions
>(according to "In Session Tonight" by Ken Garner)
>Nov. 17/71 (Peel)
>Magic Brother / Clarence / Tropical Fish
>Kevin Ayers (bgv), Daevid Allen (gv), Gilly Smith (v), Pip Pyle (d),
>Didier Malherbe (sx), Christian Tritsch
>Rec'd Nov. 9/71

neato says:
It's unfortunate that the discographical mistakes made regarding Gong's
"First Peel Session" are actually showing up on actual Gong releases...the
"Peel Sessions" CD obviously gets its information from Garner's book, but
some is incorrect...
-first of all Kevin Ayers only appears on "Clarence and Wonderland" (which
was previously issued on the "History and Mystery" cd) he is NOT on either
"Magick Brother" or "Tropical Fish/Selene"
-secondly, it implies a live one day (Nov 9 '71) recording session...this
also does not appear to be true...aside from the fact that sound quality
varies greatly on all the tracks, there is also a overdubbed Allen vocal
at the end of "Magick Brother" which would have been impossible "live"...
more likely the show aired tapes recorded at different times.
-in addition, Malherbe plays an uncredited flute on "Magick Brother" (not
-also in Gilli Smyth's  booklet accompanying  the "Politico-Historico-
Spirito" CD, she writes that they did a "radio programme for John Peel" in
March 72 while staying at Lady June's flat... Laurie Allen was the drummer
at this time....where is this session ? perhaps "Tropical Fish/Selene" is
from that session...

[Any "Pipaholic" out there who can hear whether it's Pip or Laurie who's
drumming ? By the way, anyone knows the current whereabouts of Laurie ?
In the Autumn 1974, a drug "story" ended his stint with Gong, but the
following year he was reported playing in the Peter Lemer (jazz ?) trio
with Francis Moze on bass - then nothing... - A.L.]

>Jan. 29/74 (Peel)
>Radio Gnome / Oily Way
>Rob Tate (d), Di Stewart (perc, v) r. Moerlin
>Rec'd Jan. 15/74

neato says:
Lastly, Di Stewart (Bond) who sang with Gong at various times was wife of
Graham Bond...this makes sense as Bond's interest in magick and the occult
paralleled Allen and Smyth's... Di (Diane) appeared on various Graham Bond
recordings and Ginger Baker's Airforce...she also appeared on an early
Virgin nugget (virgin 2003) called "Steve York's Camelo Pardalis" which
featured the great Ollie Halsall, Marc Charig, Boz Burrell,Ian Wallace (the
last 2 working  with King Crimson), Mike Patto, Rob Tait and the ineffable
Lol Coxhill!


>As Lipson recorded with Gracious ! as early as 1968, this band must have
>been active around 1967-68.

["this band" wasn't Gracious ! - it was the name of the previous band with
Lipson and John Etheridge - A.L.]

neato says:
Gracious recorded an lp for the Vertigo label (Nucleus, Jade Warrior) in
1970... Etheridge however did not appear on the recording

[I know that... I'll get into the details a bit more then. When the
Californian label reissued Gracious' second album "This Is... Gracious !"
(1972, Philips), they dug out archive recordings dating from 1968, so
it is obvious then that the band that united Lipson and Etheridge was
active BEFORE or UNTIL 1968... That's what I meant, in my French-polluted
English. Sorry... - A.L.]


[A funny anecdote to close this non-Canterbury chapter : after being fired
from Philips, Gracious ! broke up... ironically, their guitar player Alan
Cowderoy became the chairman of the Vertigo sublabel - which by that time
had changed its musical orientation to more conventional bands - just a
few months later !... - A.L.]


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: What *is* Canterbury music?
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 11:58:33 -0400

I'd like to put my brief 2 cents in on this subject.

If we're going to be "strict" about all of this, than Canterbury means it
came from Canterbury. That then restricts us to a discussion of the members
of Soft Machine, Caravan and.....well, I guess that's about it.

But in terms of *style*, there's another story!

In terms of locale, Egg were not a Canterbury band, but for me mentally &
musically, they certainly seem to fit in. And how about the great bands who
play a Soft Machine-styled music who aren't even English! Supersister? The
Muffins? Dedalus?

Well, I think you see my point of view, even if you don't share it.

I even think this list should include bands in the "RIO" style, because if
we're going to include, say, Egg in the discussions, to me Egg are an obvious
prototype for the R.I.O. movement [without the folk forms many of the RIO-ers
liked & used].

I'd rather this discussion group be inclusive rather than exclusive - I love
Hugh Hopper's 1984 album, but other than the fact that it was made by a
genuine Canterbury-er, there's nothing "Canterbury" about most of it
musically. The Muffins have no "real" connections to the Canterbury scene,
but Manna/Mirage is obviously musically an Americanization of that sound.

Blah, blah, blah.

I'd better quit now, before my 2 cents becomes 5 cents....

Steven Feigenbaum


From: Tivoli <tivoli@knoware.nl>
Subject: caravan & camel in concert
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 13:25:02 +0100

19TH SEPTEMBER 1996 at "Tivoli", Utrecht, The Netherlands

28TH AUGUST 1996 at "Tivoli", Utrecht, The Netherlands

Oudegracht 245
3511 NL Utrecht
email: tivoli@knoware.nl
phone: (int. code + NL) - (0)30-2311491

presale starts 4 weeks early

Homepage Tivoli:


From: jvdoever@worldonline.nl (Jacques van den Oever)
Subject: canterbury fest
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 21:01:32 +0100


I've e-mailed you before about the upcoming Canterbury Music err...
Festival on September 21/22 1996 in the northern Dutch town of Harlingen.
Featured artists are Richard Sinclair, playing bass with his own backing
and guitar with local musicians, Hugh Hopper's franglodutch band and some
more folks in the various slipstreams of these two Canterbury veterans.
Our mission is, apart from bombing the USA comrades!, to have many old and
new listeners at the concerts.

So put this thing in your NEWS FLASH or whatever, please.



From: kwatson@lithonia.com (Watson, Ken A.)
Subject: Misc Items for What's Rattlin'
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 09:24:34 -0400


   Some time ago in a copy of i/e magazine (#5), Tony Coulter wrote about
one Henk Weltevreden, a "fringe" Canturbury fixture who, in addition to
managing Phil Miller, apparently helped to procure gigs for bands such as H.
Cow, Hatfield, and National Health during their existence.  Henk appears to
be a musician himself of no small ability, as he has worked with Geoff
Leigh's bands "Red Balune" and "Random Bob".
    One of Henk's groups, called "Slipover" released one 12' EP called
"Slipover Produkt" that sounded very promising from Tony's description
("quite original, fitting neatly side by side with groups like the Muffins,
Supersister, the Mothers of Invention and Moving Gelatine Plates".)  Tony
suggests that there is a significant amount of recorded material sitting
around in the vaults from Henks' various lineups.  Anyone know more about
this musician and any plans to issue/re-issue his material?

    Secondly, re the forthcoming National Health "Missing Pieces" disc,
Aymeric laments (as do I!) the lack of any Gowen pieces to appear.  Is this
because Gowen's compositions were not recorded during those sessions?  Dave
Stewart mentions in the "Compleat" liner notes several Gowen pieces
performed by the early Health including "Trident Asleep" and "Bells".  I'm
wondering if the latter piece mutated into "Hell's Bells", a ditty that
appeared on Bruford's " One Of A Kind" record and was credited as an
Stewart/Gowen composition (?).

[Maybe Chris Meloche has the listings of the BBC sessions that were re-
corded by National Health ? It would seem strange that Gowen didn't request
that at least one of his pieces be performed at these sessions ! As for
"Hell's Bells", I asked Dave Stewart once in a letter, but that was the
one question he didn't answer... Maybe someone knows ? - A.L.]

    Finally, allow me to recommend a disc recently released by electric
guitarist/composer Scott Johnson called "Rock/Paper/Scissors" on Point Music
(dist. by Polygram).  Although ostensibly a "classical" music release, I
think Scott's music would appeal to those who appreciate the more complex
and composed aspects of the Canturbury world as typified by such bands as
Henry Cow , N. Health, etc.

Thanks - K. Watson.


                             END OF ISSUE #8

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