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From: chris topham <chris@toppo.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Virgin Catalogue
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:20:26 GMT

[In WR#77, Casey asked:]
>Has anyone ever compiled a complete list of the Virgin catalogue during
>their progressive years?  I would think that would be an invaluable resource
>in the search for new groups (well, new groups to me) since they appear to
>have released only good music.

There *was* a list of the first 100 releases on Virgin, in either Mojo or "Q" magazine, less than 2 years ago.  I just had a look and can't find it but I remember thinking that it was quite good, but didn't properly cover the double album releases.

Chris in West Sussex, England


From: nickl@lsil.com (nick loebner)
Subject: In Cahoots - British tour
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 97 08:53:10 GMT

Hi All,

Aymeric mentioned in WR#77 that we'd not yet seen a review from the recent InCahoots tour. To help rectify the matter, here are some vague recollections...

I caught the band at the Vortex (Stoke Newington, North London) on Monday 8th. For those not aware, this is a lovely "Jazz Cafe" situated above a bookshop on Church Street (Stoke Newington's Rive Gauche! ha ha!).

As on their last CD InCahoots consisted of Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, Elton Dean, Jim Dvorak, Pete Lemer and Fred Baker. In the context of the "Canterbury Scene" this has been a fairly stable crew lately. Pete Lemer hasn't always featured in recent years, and I seem to remember seeing them appear without Jim a year or two back. On this occasion, the full complement were present and this form really does justice to Phil's compositions and it's great to hear the band at full strength.

Pete's comments to Aymeric about audience sizes thankfully didn't apply on this night. Although a little thin when InCahoots opened (quite early), the medium sized venue was nicely packed before the end of the first set.

The two sets consisted of mostly newer material - much of it from "Parallel", the most recent CD. Unfortunately I'm not too good on titles (that these are all instrumental never helps), not did I take any notes, but the set was divided into two halfs of distinct character. The first half comprised the more gentle numbers and kicked things off very nicely. After the break they returned with Fred ominously plugging in his "Heavy Metal" pedal. This was a set of considerably greater intensity than the first! The nicest surprise for me was the inclusion of "Your Root 2" from "Split Seconds". Always a fave of mine, this number showcases Pete Lemer's clockwork hands and a tastey solo from Fred - he didn't disappoint! "Root2" - rearranged somewhat - closed the set (no "Green & Purple" this time). Amongst the other highlights were "Half Life" and "Parallel" both from "Parallel".

Throughout the evening the band were in excellent form. Each of the numbers was delivered with aplomb! My only complaint is that we don't get to see enough of InCahoots and their like in concert. This evening clearly showed a band close to it's best. At the end of a short tour and very confortable with the arrangements undertaken. The delivery was relaxed and fluent, with plenty of space and tasteful soloing when required. Let's hope we get to see them again before too long.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, I suggest you check out the superb "Parallel", available from Crescent Discs (Phil' own venture). Check out the Calyx site for address details...

Thanks, as ever, to Phil and the band.

Regards all,
- Nick.


From: Mark HEWINS <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: Transcriptions/Equip'Out
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:58:02 GMT

Hi Rattles!

[In WR#77, Ian Chippett asked:]
>Is there any chance of someone going to the trouble
>of making some transcriptions of the music?

Musart has had sheet Music and MIDI files up since it started; and will be adding Hugh Hoppers 'Memories' soon. This is only possible (due to COPYRIGHT restrictions) with artists who agree to them being in the public domain. There will be more in time; but as you can imagine it is a rather big undertaking and the 'intellectual property' implications are very confused on the web; as yet.......
There are many unscupulous people who are using other peoples Music etc. on their sites to increase hits and at the same time increase the advertising revenue generated by banner adverts - which they are paid for.

[In the same issue, Age Rotshuizen asked:]
>Is the first album by l'Equipe Out & Pip Pyle released on CD?

Unfortunately no... But;
Musart advertised in WR a couple of issues ago that Pip had given a few
*signed* copies for sale in the original (cardboard) gimini outer of Equipe
Out's "UP".
Musart still have some at £15 UKSterling (p&p inc. anywhere).

< sales@musart.net >

Happiness to everyone at Christmas! ^_^


From: Ofir Zwebner <ofirz@eng.tau.ac.il>
Subject: John Greaves's "Songs"
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 03:16:07 +0200 (IST)

Hi, Aymeric, and all the others...

This is my first posting to the "What's Rattling" mailing list. My name is Ofir, and I'm the author/editor who works behind the Camel Discography and FAQ site (at http://www.eng.tau.ac.il/~ofirz/camel). If you'd care to take a look
- I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

I've joined this mailing list a couple of weeks ago, following Aymeric urges that I should send my queries to the list, instead of mailing him alone.

While I don't have any question in particular to ask, I do have one thought... I've bought John Greaves "Songs" CD about two months ago. I've given it quite a few listens and liked it a lot. My involvement with the Canterbury music is limited to some of the major bands (Caravan, Hatfield, NH, Gong) but lacks when it comes to the "Soft Machine" side and its branches. All I knew about Greaves was that he worked with NH, and I liked to see Mireille Bauer and Robert Wyatt's names on the contributors list - so I just bought it, hoping for the best.

It took me some time to fit myself into his cabaret of songs, but at the end I was enchanted. The most special part of it all, for me, was when I took it to work, and by total struck of chance presented it to a fellow programmer, who happens to know Wyatt's work from her earlier years. I presented Greaves' CD as some strange outfit, coming from an artist who's worked in the shadows of the "bigger stars", as I never saw his contributions as a major one, at least not by "volumes" of material. I didn't know why exactly I offered her to listen to the album, apart for it being a very personal one.

She fell for it... It charmed her so much. She came back a few days later (after the weekend) eyes shining, all excited with the lyrics, the music, the song, the production, the intimacy, the charm and the warmth of this album. Following her enthusiasm I listened again and was swamped away... What a beautiful CD.

So... I just wanted you to know about it. And perhaps - if I may ask - can anyone recommend other works by Greaves?



From: GROUpoem <GROUpoem@aol.com>
Subject: music
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 01:32:48 EST

love the first two egg albums , did'nt know till know about mont campbell's
influences always beleived it was dave stewert anywats love old
vanndergaff',white noise ,& curved air ,wish i knew more recent info


From: T R L Hunt <TRLHunt@aol.com>
Subject: merry christmas +
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 16:45:29 EST

Merry christmas to aymeric and everyone involved in WR and the canterbury
scene in general, writers and readers alike. Keep up the good work this has to
be the best Freebe in the world!!! many yuletides and things to you all.
terry hunt

From: "achi raz" <achiraz@inter.net.il>
Subject: Continental Circus
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:12:00 +0200


Just found Gong's "Continental Circus" Soundtrack. It's absolutely great music. Someone can tell me about the movie and also the members at that time?

Achi Raz

[This soundtrack to a film by French director Jerome Laperroussaz about motorcycle champion Jack Findley was recorded at around the same time as "Camembert Electrique" (spring'71) at the Herouville Castle - the line-up is thus Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Christian Tritsch and Pip Pyle - AL]


From: "Paul Webber" <paulwebber@lineone.net>
Subject: Canterbury
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 19:47:41 -0000

Hi Aymeric,
I am a born and bred Canterbury citizen of over 35 years, now moved to East Sussex for peace and quiet !
First of all some Canterbury (Caravan) trivia :-
I first learnt to ride a bicycle at about the age of seven or eight (1954/55) and that bicycle belonged to one Richard Sinclair when we both lived in Downs Road, Hales Place, Canterbury.
I was in the same class at the old Frank Hooker School in Canterbury with Richard Coughlan circa 1960 ( Where I remember The Wilde Flowers later
In the early seventies I worked behind the bar at the "Phoenix" in Old Dover Road, Canterbury and I am sure that Pye, Richard and the others remember the Friday night Caravan gatherings !
I am now catching up with my lost Canterbury years, but did see Richard Sinclair's Caravan Of Dreams at Etchingham, East Sussex 3 or 4 years ago as well as Caravan on tour October 1996 at Tunbridge Wells and am very much looking forwards to the Canterbury Festival.
I am currently operating a Sixties Roadshow in CD quality in the East Sussex / West Kent area and would like to hear from anyone interested in quality reproduced Canterbury Music.

Keep up the good work.


From: Clay Gaunce <thetrip@pop.uky.edu>
Subject: "Shleep" Best of '97
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 12:03:10 -0500

Seasons Greetings, Aymeric and fellow 'Rattlers everywhere.  I have ranked
RW's "Shleep" and "The Uncertainty Principle" by Ameri-Cant band Volare' among
the top ten releases of '97.  Interested folks may read more about it by going
to www.uky.edu/~wrfl/trip/trip.html

Thanks.  All the best in '98!


["Ameri-Cant" - nice neologism ! - AL]


From: giuseppe rallo <rallog@tin.it>
Subject: What's happened to Mike Ratledge ?
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:46:34


I'm a new Rattler so, probably, my question is very easy to answer. What's
happened to Mike Ratledge after the Soft Machine experience ? Did he ever
appeared on recordings ? Years ago I've read on an Italian magazine it was
a truck driver ...

Best Wishes,


[Ratledge's activities in the field of advertisement music have been mentioned a couple of times in this forum, but I for one would like to read any opinions on the two albums he appeared on at the end of the 70's/beginning of the 80's - Planet Earth's "Planet Earth" (1978) and Rollercoaster's "Wonderin'" (1981) - both with British jazz-rock musicians, some of which appeared on Soft Machine's last album "Land Of Cockayne" - AL]


From: "achi raz" <achiraz@inter.net.il>
Subject: Continental Circus
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:12:00 +0200


Just found Gong's "Continental Circus" Soundtrack. It's absolutely great music. Someone can tell me about the movie and also the members at that time?

Achi Raz

[This soundtrack to a film by French director Jerome Laperroussaz about motorcycle champion Jack Findley was recorded at around the same time as "Camembert Electrique" (spring'71) at the Herouville Castle - the line-up is thus Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Christian Tritsch and Pip Pyle - AL]


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