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From: Mark Bloch <markb@echonyc.com>
Subject: Shleep - US release
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:27:53 +0100

In response to Dan Kurdilla and Jeff Ryan: Thirsty Ear, a New York label WILL release Shleep in January.

The reason is not any lack of interest by Hannibal or Rykodisc etc. It is just that they have a number of releases coming out at the same time and they couldn't do it justice in terms of promotion so they decided to give it to a smaller label here in the US that would devote its energy to it. Thirsty Ear is doing that. They are very behind the record.

As for the record- It's great! The opening Eno produced song is terrific. Fun and upbeat. The Weller stuff also really works. They are a wonderful duet. Especially that Kramer song that is reworked. What can anyone tell me about that song? Its history? Anyway, Wyatt's new lyrics for it are phenomenal.

January is just around the corner and we'll be enjoy the whimsical/ somnambulist sounds of Shleep soon! Pictures/drawings by Alfie that were on the promotional package are on the packaging for the CD I believe.... lyrics and writing too. The writing part is what already appeared in WR.

Mark Bloch


From: Bomnueter@t-online.de (Ulrich Bomnueter)
Subject: The More Extended Versions
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:22:18 +0100

[In WR#72, Raymond wanted to know:]
>Is there a mail order outlet that carries this CD and the Cpt. Kirk one you
>mentioned?  Where can I get them?

The recent catalogue of German mailorder JPC still lists the Cpt. Kirk album.
Point your browser to http://www.jpc.de/

I have no idea, though, where to get the MEV thingie. :(
If I ever come across a copy, I will let you know.

Maybe you may want to try and get it directly from the band.

Their address is:

The More Extended Versions
Lindauergasse 27/3
A-1160 Wien
phone: ++ 222 - 450 28 64
fax:   ++ 222 - 408 24 82


There's another new Wyatt appearance that I would like to draw your
attention to. Just out now is Michael Mantler's new album "The School of
Understanding", subtitled "sort-of-an-opera". It was released as a 2CD set
by ECM (Germany), order no. ECM 1648/49. Robert Wyatt is listed as "guest
observer (music video, appearing on TV during live performances)". He
contributes vocals to one song ("Understanding").

Here's the complete line-up:

Jack Bruce            observer
Per Joergensen        teacher
Mona Larsen           refugee
Susi Hyldgaard        journalist
Karen Mantler         student
John Greaves          businessman
Don Preston           doctor
Robert Wyatt          guest observer

Michael Mantler       trumpet, conductor
Roger Jannotta        clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, oboe
Bjarne Roupe          guitar
Marianne Soerensen    violin
Mette Brandt          violin
Mette Winther         viola
Helle Soerensen       viola
Tineke Noordhoek      cello
Kim Kristensen        vibraphone, marimba

The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra Strings
Giordano Bellincampi  conductor

If I recommend it? I have yet to find this out. On first listening it
sounds quite promising, though it is not easily accessible. But then, I
don't listen to operas normally.

see you


From: Roger Farbey <mmr@easynet.co.uk>
Subject: Graham Collier
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:07:58 -0800


Just thought readers would like to know I went this week to an excellent gig by Graham Collier's Jazz Ensemble in Croydon, UK this week (part of Orbis Jazz Festival) and one of the featured musicians was none other than ex-Softs drummer, the brilliant John Marshall. But the main news is that I learnt at the gig that Graham Collier's early 70's albums 'Songs for my father' and 'Down another road' are due for re-release on CD in the (hopefully) near future. Both albums feature ex-Soft Machine / Nucleus stalwarts Karl Jenkins and John Marshall and both albums are personal favourites of mine - Canterbury fans interested in rock influenced jazz are sure to appreciate them.

Roger Farbey


From: "Anatole Gordon" <agordon@ashra.engr.sgi.com>
Subject: Better by Far, Photo Musik, and Non-Fiction
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:22:52 -0800

Hi Aymeric,

This is my third posting to the list inquiring about this disc, but I'm still on the hunt, so I will ask again. Does anyone out there have Caravan's "Better by Far" on CD? If so, I'd appreciate it if you would send me catalog info (label, part #, etc.) on this title. Also, if anyone knows where I can order this disc, I'd be much obliged if you'd pass the info my way.

I'd also like to find out if anyone out there knows anything about possible plans to release Christian Boule's "Photo Musik" and "Non-Fiction" on CD. I heard that Musea was encountering difficulty in obtaining the rights to these discs from Polydor. What I want to know is why the hell is Polydor refusing to sell the rights to the disc if they're not going to release it themselves? Probably boils down to money.

Last I heard of Christian, he was apparently recording jingles for commercials and the like. Does anyone out there have more current info than that? If so, I'd appreciate it if you'd share it with me/the rest of us.

As always, thanks for maintaining this forum. I have to say that it's the most-organized, professionally run forum that I've encountered to date--no flame wars, no mountains of irrelevant messages cluttering my in-box, and so on. Keep up the great work.

Anatole Gordon
San Francisco Bay Area

[Thanks for your compliments on WR, which I of course forward to the participants - THEY are what makes it interesting, more than just me. Anyway, concerning "Better By Far", I asked Pye about it, and his answer, surprisingly, was that he didn't know anything about the possibility of a reissue. I would think this was a short way of saying that they've tried hard but didn't succeed... As for the Boule reissue, I haven't been in touch with Christian for some time, and Musea is off the list now, so I don't know. A general thought on reissues, though : it seems some labels are reluctant to sell the rights to old LP's because they suspect they could make a lot of money if they wait for the right time to do it themselves. For instance if Christian had a hit with his forthcoming release... Major labels are looking for new ways of making money now that they've compiled everything they could compile. So they're playing it safe, fearing they might sell something which will earn somebody else money they could make themselves. Only my 2 francs... - AL]


From: mail@musart.co.uk (Canterbury Musicians Server)
Subject: L'Ouest de la Grosne
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 08:01:26 GMT

L'Ouest de la Grosne, Jacky Barbiers hangout is on the web! Blimey!
< http://perso.wanadoo.fr/bestofnet/ouest.htm >


Subject: CARAVAN
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:20:50 -0500

Can someone tell me about a couple of Caravan releases that I have seen in a catalog. The first one is Caravan Live at the Astoria 97. Who is on it and what is the track listing? Also, Caravan BBC 69-73, this is listed as a Japanese import but the price is only $25.00 (U.S.) is this a bootleg? Does anyone know the track listings?

Is there any way of getting a hold of some live Caravan videos?

Thank You,
Dan C.

[The "Live at the Astoria" CD hasn't yet been released, I think. It was recorded September 19th in London, by the line-up of Pye Hastings, Geoff Richardson, David Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Jim Leverton, Doug Boyle and Simon Bentall. The tracklisting should be most of "The Battle Of Hastings" with a few oldies - "Nine Feet...", "The Dog...", "Behind You", "For Richard", "Golf Girl" and "If I Could...". As for the BBC sessions you mention, this must be a CD version of a tape that's been in circulation for some years. Tracklisting is : "Hello Hello", "If I Could...", "As I Feel I Die", "Love Song Without Flute", "Love To Love You", "In The Land...", "Memory Lain, Hugh", "If I Could..." (2nd version), "Place Of My Own", "Feeling Reeling Squeelin" (Soft Machine cover) and "Ride". And on the subject of Caravan videos, the Central TV show from 1990 is in circulation among fans, but that's the only one I'm aware of - AL]


From: Mark HEWINS <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: WHAT'S RATTLIN' ?..... MASHU
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 14:17:23 GMT

Hi A & the WR's!
(That's definately a Canterbury band!)

Sorry to have missed you at our gigs...
All full/sold out! Blimey! Thankyou France! ^_^

I thought someone may like to see a transcript of my gig diary...
I may do a longer version of the Prison gig at a later date, that had its
moments; all the entries were pretty short. My (Atari) palmtop ran out of
batteries and crashed (you're not alone with crashing confusers Aymeric!) so
this was pieced together from bits of paper

[MArk Hewins-SHyamal Maitra-HUgh Hopper]

Nov 3 - London (rehearsal at Musart) managed to record 3 hours on DAT,
through the Neve console.......

Nov 4 - Lille (France), JazzClub [30, rue de Paris]
A posh up market Jazz club, a la Ronnie Scotts. We played 3 sets. The last
was with the owner (Bernard) who played violin breaks with Sham like an
Indian Stephan Grapelli. Very salty Chinese food before the gig... We were
followed on stage by the house Piano trio and 'open mic. nite' We left with
some guy singing 'What a Wonderful World' and waving goodbye-nice. Must
include it on the next gig!. A lot of people left soon after we'd finished.
Drinks of any kind were fierce prices.......Booking us back in April?
String changes on PG380 & Lakewood

Nov 5 - Lille Prison [for prisoners & guards only]
first gig of the day
(10.30am start) gig 3-5pm
Security check on entry for the car, Passports and us through a metal detector.
Is that all?..... Oh that's going IN! (There was no problem getting out anyway)
Not bad (guards canteen) food for lunch; we had Guineafowl... I think.
THE REAL DEAL!- 5 floors of cells with tiny doors, netting between floors
for 'jumpers', iron bars, double lock doors with guards behind toughened
glass, TV cameras, large buttons. It was the movies! The (big) hall had a
full 4 second natural reverb, we played quietly at first. Then in the first
number one of the prisoners tried to punch a warder and was carted off,
presumably to solitary
(I hope that's all they do to him, the guards looked pretty annoyed as they
dragged him out by his hair, lying on his back, struggling)
Last number was an abstract, slow blues version of 'I Shot The Sherriff' -
When we met the Prison Governor before the gig he said 'no loud Guitar, and
no blues'... ha! - It seemed to be popular with the inmates! Eric, the
Prison's Education promotor who booked us, is now suggesting he can arrange
a tour of 'many' French Prisons!
About 20 prisoners (they had all been tried and sentenced) came up and
talked to us at the end. Sham lost a multiplug, real currency in a prison
cell I s'pose. I gave a pair of sunglasses away. Smiled a lot.

Nov 5 - Lille (France), Soussel [students concert]
9-12.15am sold out
second gig of the day!
Co-operative association gig - Well over 50 people turned away, place was
heaving, it was the most people trying to get in the club they've ever had!
Very Humid... Very.... It took us 20 minutes to get through to the stage
2 sets and a long encore set with a Flute player (Christian?) Adibas vocal
samples worked well. Great guys... Rashid (Sound) Ian (promo)
Cold buffet meat/rice/cheese etc. & CHOCOLATE afterwards. Hugh said the wine
was a good........
This club has to be supported!!! I offered some server space for their webpages.

Nov 6 - Paris (France), Le Caliphe [the boat by Notre Dame !]
 BTW I was slightly sea-sick when we last did this gig in Nov. '96, bizzarre!
                        POSTPONED TILL SPRING '98

Nov 6 - LONG TRAVEL DAY. Overnight stay at Jacky Barbiers
String changes on PG380 & Lakewood

Nov 7 - Die, Drome (France), Festival Performance
8.45-11.45pm sold out
Bloddy heck what a name; its surely St.Die.. Met Michel Gentils, who has
worked with Sham before (he plays 12 string Guitar). Smallish 'Town Theatre'
stage. Terrible sound... The sound guys PA gear (inc. a digital console!)
was fantastic though?... Funny that!
Insistantly; Steak and Chips from the promotor - before the gig*~*
Michel came and played our 12/8 version of  'Norweigan Wood' in the first
encore, then the lightiing engineer (Joel?), with his set of 'local type'
bagpipes joined us in the 2nd; he played just like Roland Kirk would have
We all stayed over at Michel Gentils great house; instead of the hotel, and
me  and Michel sat up working through his collection of custom built12
strings most of the night! We'll be back to his village in the Mountains
with all the recording gear sometime next year, I bet....... Strongest
coffee/best chocolate on the trip.
Michel's got a CD out with Sham playing on it.... "Trajectoires". Marvellous!

Nov 8 - Montluçon (France), Le Gangois
9.15-12.30 sold out
Weird vibes from the promotor when we got there
Terrible sound on stage (Christophe). Difficult to make him understand due
to size of crowd/distance during concert. Not possible to soundcheck
properly. Watch out for that next time....Von videoed the whole gig...
Audience wouldn't let us off - Marika (the owner) got us to play 'just one
more' encore- But I'm sure Jean-Phillipe the promotor didn't like our Music.
The club was heaving with the doors off! Weird vibes from him anyway...
Great crowd participation. They really go into shouting back!
Marika did *Turkey in custard* for the food, Strangest on trip. Great
chickory salad starter though.
String changes on PG380 & Lakewood

Nov 9 - Bresse-sur-Grosne (France), A L'Ouest De La Grosne
10.00-?? Ca'nt remember
Typical Jacky gig - Place was heaving, where do all these people come from
on a Sunday night in the wilderness? Mic Mur played with us in the encore
set with a lovely lady Flute player and Michel Nique played bongos... Usual
crowd of cronies. Boef Borginion for dindin. Its a Local invention.!
Jacky very laid back, very rich, we hardly saw Isabel at all...

Nov 10 - TRAVEL Bresse-10.15am London-7.30pm
(Tour manager on this trip)


I hope someone likes this mini diary;  from a band's eye veiw....
We drove 1768 miles in 7 days. Spring and Autumn tours are being talked
about for next year. Possibly some concerts in England!! How odd!

Unfortunately we're all working hard at Music to keep us going, (a full time
job!) So; if there's anyone who would like to help us organise gigs in their
own countries or elsewhere...
If you want to help, please get in touch
( mashu@musart.net )

Voiceprint still have a few copies of the 1997 CD 'Elephants In Your Head?'
E-mail ( rob@voiceprint.demon.co.uk ) for mail order sales details
Or Gary Davis (Artists-shoppe) is advertising it for sale in the US.
We have a couple of copies left here, I think. < sales@musart.net >

We have talked to Impetus records and they  want to release..
'We didn't do anything wrong!' The next MASHU CD.
(now in post-production ie. tracks ready to compile the CD)
Waiting on the funds now to complete it.

PS Shyamal is here at Musart from the 25-30th Nov. recording on REBELA.

∞∞∞   MARK HEWINS  ∞∞∞
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From: m.laplante@videotron.ca (m.laplante)
Subject: Shleep
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 10:24:52 -0500 (EST)

'Shleep' is currently available in Canada,distributed by Ryko.
Martin Laplante.


From: MHolmes822@aol.com (HTD Records)
Subject: Caravan
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 03:28:54 -0500 (EST)

Caravan in Concert in Ireland on 29th November
The Olympia Theatre
Dome Street
All the best


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Dec 02 - Birmingham (UK), Conservatoire of Music [Paradise Parade]
Dec 03 - Hull (UK), Dee Street Club [tel : 01482 492868]
Dec 04 - Leeds (UK), Irish Centre [tel : 0113 2742486/2608]
Dec 05 - Old Harlow (UK), St John's Arts Centre [tel : 01279 442447]
Dec 06 - Brentwood (UK), Monkeys at the Hermit Club [tel : 01277 218897]
Dec 08 - London (UK), Vortex Jazz Bar [tel :  0171 254 6516]

Nov 29 - Dublin (Eire), The Olympia Theatre (Dome Street)

Nov 20 - Exeter (UK), Lemon Grove
Nov 21 - Portsmouth (UK), Wedgewood Rooms
Nov 22 - Oxford (UK), Zodiac
Nov 23 - Bristol (UK), Bierkeller
Nov 25 - Dudley (UK), JBs
Nov 26 - Aberystwyth (UK), Arts Centre
Nov 27 - Dublin (UK), Mean Fiddler
Nov 28 - Belfast (UK), The Empire
Nov 29 - Manchester (UK), University -MDH
Nov 30 - Milton Keynes (UK), Woughton Centre

Nov 20 - New York, NY, Bottom Line (with Happy Rhodes & special guest)
Nov 21 - Washington, DC, Phantasmagoria (with Happy Rhodes)
Nov 22 - Gettysburg, PA, College
Nov 28 - Warrenton, VA, D&S Coffeehouse
Nov 29 - Arlington, VA, Iota

Nov 21 - Essen (Germany) - Open Systems Festival
Nov 27 - Stainach (Austria) - venue unknown (w/Bob Ostertag)
Nov 30 - London (UK) - ICA (Zwischenspiel, w/Chris Cutler, Frank Schulte, John Tilbury)
Dec 02 to 05 - Berlin (Germany) - (Po-de-Wil -collaboration with Neue Kammer Ensemble)
Dec 12 - Nanterre, near Paris (France) - venue unknown (Impur)
Dec 13 - Cr&eacute;teil, near Paris (France) - venue unknown (Impur)
Dec 18 - Munich (Germany) - venue unknown (performances with Arditti String Quartet)
Dec 20 - Lyon (France) - venue uniknown (Impur)
Jan 10 - Paris (France) - Sons d'Hiver (w/Chris Cutler)
Jan 25-30 - tour with Sylvie Courvoisier (pno), Lucas Niggli (d), Urs Leimgruber (sax)
Feb 17 - Stuttgart - Musik des Jahrhunderts (performance of "Tense Serenity"
with Uwe Dirksen (trombone) and Ardilli Quartet)
Apr 25-May 06 - tour with Tense Serenity
(+ Chris Cutler (dr), Daan Vandewalle (pno), Claudio Puntin (cl))
May 18 - St. Etienne (France) - venue unknown (with Louis Sclavis and J-P Drouet)

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden - late Spring 1998 (tba)

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