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From: "Pedro Sena" <art@accces.com>
Subject: Gong Live
Date: 17 Sep 1997 9:32:09 AM

Reviewed by Pedro de Sena (c)1997.  All rights Reserved.

Chrystal Ballroom, Portland Oregon, September 12
WOW Hall, Eugene, Oregon, September 13

Lineup: Daevid Allen, Gilly Smith, Mike Howlett, Steffi Sharpsprings,
Didier Malherbe and Pierre Moerlin.


Many bands come and go. Few ever really stay around, for a medium sized run.
And on occasion, one band stands out as a Redwood Giant might... they will not
only not die and fall, but they will get stronger and better.

Such was the case in this tour by thus veteran band. And it showed. Although
one might have liked a bigger crowd in Portland, a town not known for its
progressive music or attitudes, in Eugene, in a much smaller hall, with
seemingly more people in it, this band showed both audiences why they are so
magnificent, and won't go away... it's hard to imagine that this band could
have a better, or tighter feel in earlier days. When comparing these two shows
to many others in their many live performances, this trip is the one that
deserves to be distributed. If anything, it is the audience that really got a
treat, so inexpensively.

In Portland, a much larger city, the band had the luxury of playing into the
night, in a hall where the band sounded magnificent, but poor acoustics
appeared to interfere with the band's monitors, although I don't think that
the majority of audience members cared, or bothered to worry about it.

Still the band showed some new fans that this band could rock, and play with
the very best of them. The show was tight, and the many musical breaks and
stops were in the finest of shapes, more than once leaving an audience aghast.
And it may have been the solidness of drummer Pierre Moerlin that made the
difference in this tour. This was a very confident, and alive band, that
showed that it had the experience and the ability to do its thing. One could
not ask for much more, other than a request for some new material. It seems
that the GONG trilogy is the main interest, but the old interest may be
holding back a new audience that may not relate to the old material, or
understand that which Daevid Allen is trying to say or accomplish. But without
a doubt it is the Om Riffs, Sprinkling of Flowers and Isle of Everywheres,
that everyone seems to be waiting for.

For both shows, it is really hard to say which musician stood out the most out
of the group, but suffice it to say that Pierre Moerlin displayed why he one
of the world's best drummers, by not only time keeping a band, but helping it
display its musicianship, in areas, where most bands nowadays could never even
attempt. Also in fine form this time around, and perhaps a little looser and
having more fun, was Mike Howlett, who seemed to be on a big fly high hour in
Eugene. In Portland, it appeared that he was not as outgoing, but in Eugene,
there were no stops, and this man showed why he is such a valuable asset to
the steadiness and music of GONG.

In Portland, the band had a more relaxed time schedule and was able to play
just about anything that they had in their sights, pretty much giving the
Portland audience a show that will not soon be forgotten. It had loudness when
it needed it, punch when it was required and the sensuousness when it was
mandated, thus displaying why this band does not fit into a commercial level o
music. Sadly, the Eugene show with the supporting bands started way TOO late,
and forced the band to cut their set almost 45 minutes, and prevented an
encore, or the blasting of the OM Riff.

It's hard to ask of a band to do much better than this, but in many ways, this
tour is an indication that GONG is doing very well, and that they may be
rounding into form as a group. The ever present, Gilly, Didier, and Steffi,
rounded out the evening with moments of their own. For once, in this line up
and tour, the show was so strong, that one could bypass the actual need for a
keyboard player, in order to free Steffi to play his sharpstrings a little
more, but to his credit, he handles the keyboard and guitar duties extremely
well. In the previous tour, the band did not sound as alive and dynamic as it
did this time, and the difference, is as promising to this pair of ears as any
hope has ever been. GONG needs to survive, and should, for it really
represents, not an age of doogoody stone heads, but a musical display of
attitude and moral significance, in a world of musical industries that do not
regard MUSIC as its first commitment.



From: Julian Christou <christou@as.arizona.edu>
Subject: Caravan & Pete Brown & missing Canterbury on CD
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 11:33:46 -0700


Well it was certainly good news to read that the Caravan Radio sessions are finally goping to make it to CD. Especially now that the Softs, Gong and Kevin Ayers sessions have been released. Pity about the earlier tapes being scrubbed. I shall certaibly look forward to eventually seeing them. What about some of the other "In Concert" series?

Pete Brown:

Most people seem to remember him for having written the Cream classic "White Room". In fact he's been a very prolific writer over the years and his long time collaboration with Jack Bruce (former bassist of Cream) is still producing some wonderful material. Bruce has an ersatz connection with the Canterbury secene for having played on the Soft's "Land of Cockayne" but his band at one time featured two members of Nucleus, John Marshall & Chris Spedding. In fact in the early 70's Brown had his own band (actually 2 bands) The Battered Ornaments and Piblokto. The first featured Chris Spedding on guitar and TBO relaesed one album on Harvest (begging to be rereleased which had the track "The Twisted Track" which resurfaced onto the first Nucleus album. Other Members of TBO were Rab Tait (who contributed to Kevin Ayer's Joy Of A Toy) and Nasir "George" Khan. Piblokto featured Jim Mullen as the guitarist. Brown has also collaborated with the late Graham Bond (Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin and Jon Hiseman were all members of the Graham Bong
Organisation) and lately with Phil Ryan - former Keyboardist of Man. I highly recommend any Jack Bruce alsbum (especially Harmony Row) to fans of British Jazz/Rock of the early 70's. Anumber of Bruce/Brown compositions were also covereed by Colosseum.

Unreleased Canterbury CD's:

Checking out the One Way page at The Artists's Shop, there is a request for suggestions of albums to be rereased by them on CD. Remember One Way have done an excellent job with the Soft Machine releases. So one and all, please suggest the unrealesd Canterbury classics to them. Who knows?

Carol Grimes and Delivery    "Fools Meeting"
Keith Tippett Group        "You Are Here ..."
Centipede            "Septober Energy"
Elton Dean            "Elton Dean"

to name a few.

Also unreleased as yet are:

The Soft Machine    Love Makes Sweet Music single and single demo
            from Triple Echo.
Geoff Leigh        The Chemical Bank (EP)
The Ghoulies        Dogged By Dogma
    (for those who have not heard it, an album in the Hatfield/NH
     with contribtions from Dave Stewart and Pip Pyle).
The Shiny Men        featuring Robert Wyatt (How come that never
            showed up on Flatsam & Jetsam?)

related non-releases

Blossom Toes Catalogue
Chris Spedding        Songs Without Words
    (A wonderful Jazz album from the same period as Elastic Rock - who
would have thought then that he'd be a Womble and end up "Motorbikin')

Anyhow enough ravin' for now



From: Chris Trappel <CTrappel@dca.gov.au>
Subject: Hi from Canberra, Australia.
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 16:46:03 -0700

Hi ya. My name is Christopher Trappel. I need to get all/ as many as I can of the cds of these fantastic unique bands. Can you please help me. I really find it difficult to obtain them in sunny Canberra. I dig National Health, and I've heard not enough of Gong and I have only heard praise for 'Egg'. Thankyou.


From: "Victor Scott" <etcxtc@classic.msn.com>
Subject: Didier Malherbe Discs?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 97 05:12:37 UT

Hello, I am very interested in acquiring any of Didier Malherbe's CD's.  If any one has any information on any distributors of his CD's please contact me at etcxtc@msn.com.

                thank you


From: E.Roos@BURO.KUN.NL
Subject: Caravan in Utrecht
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:49:55 +0100 (MET)

Hi Rattlers!

My wife and I are going to the Caravan gig in Utrecht on September the 27th. Anyone likes to meet beforehand?  Maybe Saturday afternoon 13.30h in the pub 't Ledig Erf' where Geoffrey and Jimmy will play ?

Please e-mail me privately.


Eric Roos


From: Gary C Hodkinson <garyh@elysys.com>
Subject: Recommendations
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:13:02 +0100

I would like some help in choosing some new music to listen to, please.

I have virtually worn-out my Hatfield and Health CD's, and recently completed my Gilgamesh collection (thanks to the re-issue). I have a couple of "In Cahoots" CD's, plus some Dave and Barb stuff. I am a great
fan of Dave Stewart's compositions, and love the first and second Health

Given the above information on my musical tastes, would any Rattlers be
willing to advise me on what I should listen to next?  I am really unaware
of what I would like but, given such a wide choice of names and bands that
I read about in each issue of "What's Rattlin", there must be something
"Hatfield/Health/Stewart - like" out there that I haven't tried.

I await your responses, with credit card in hand....

Gary C Hodkinson


From: MHolmes822@aol.com
Subject: HTD Records
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 18:23:39 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Aymeric

More for the newsletter... We are recording the Caravan and Kevin Ayers concert on Friday for a possible live album or albums.
Malcolm / HTD


From: Henry Potts <henry@bondegezou.demon.co.uk>
Subject: REV: Sophia Domancich Trio, _Funerals_
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 19:21:15 +0100

Dear Aymeric,

A review for WR...

(Gimini Music 1001, 1991)

Funerals                ****
Lydia                   ****
Subtil                  ****
Défilé                  ****
B. Rubatto              *****
Mardi Gras              ****            
Back Where We Began     *****
Funerals 2              ****
Derision                ****

written by Domancich, except "B. Rubatto" by Tocanne/Domancich; lyrics
("Back Where We Began") by Greaves
arranged by Domancich

piano: Sophia Domancich
bass: Paul Rogers
drums: Bruno Tocanne
saxophone: Alan Guillard
trumpet: Yvon Guillard
trombone: Jérôme Naulais
vocal: John Greaves ("Back Where We Began")

recorded July 1991
produced by Gimini Music Production

The Sophia Domancich Trio present some mellow and, appropriately, funereal music. Like a funeral, the album progresses in a stately manner. The music is in no rush to get anywhere. Part of that comes from a tendency for the longer pieces to soon descend into jazzy avant-noodling, abstract sections that stand out of time.

While pleasant enough in themselves, I found these sections could disrupt the development of the longer pieces. Thus, I prefer the condensed version of "Back Where We Began" on Greaves' _Songs_ or the shorter pieces here, like "Lydia" (after Sophia's sister). It is between the abstract parts where Domancich's writing really shines: as on "Lydia", with  Sophia's simple but beautiful piano playing complemented by intelligent arrangements using Rogers' bass, or earlier in "Back Where We Began", when the piano is combined with some haunting vocals from John Greaves. The more abstract parts are sometimes better combined with the melodies, perhaps best so on "B. Rubatto" or in the coda of "Back Where We Began", yet one otherwise has to be in the right mood for them.

A funeral should be melancholic, yet still also a celebration of the life that was. _Funerals_ achieves such a balance: the music does contain a muted joy, along side regret. Further, there is an undercurrent of fear -- at our own mortality? -- at times, as with "Défilé" or the introduction to "B. Rubatto". It is also very peaceful music. In all, _Funerals_ makes for an absorbing album from the new French branch of Canterbury.

Henry Potts, 17.9.97


From: Bill Robertson <broberts@kcc.com>
Subject: Caravan BBC stuff
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 14:13:11 +0000

[In WR#66 it was reported that:]
>Unfortunately, much of the early material has been wiped clean of
>the tapes, so we are unlikely ever to hear the delights of "Feelin'
>Reeling' and Squealin'", or "The Daily Routine Of Maurice Haylett"!
>However, a good deal of the material remains available and listed
>below is a *provisional* track line-up :

Don't members of Caravan (Richard in particular) or fans have decent copies of "off air" recordings of some of the "early material"? If so, these recordings may be "cleaned up" digitally...recently 6 CDs worth of Roy Harper's BBC sessions were released including much material sourced from "private collections"...these recordings were cleaned up to reduce transmission noise and are very listenable...Roy's manager, Darren Crisp, would probably be able to shed more light on the details...he can be reached at:

"Darren Crisp, Crisp Productions" <dc@cprod.win-uk.net>

I hope you are able to put together a complete collection of BBC sessions of the best AVAILABLE sources and not just the material that can be sourced directly from the master tapes...I think we would all appreciate a sacrifice in the uniformity of recording quality for the sake of completeness...my $.02 worth



From: Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject: Dek Messecar
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:29:58 +0000

Yesterday I had a nice phonecall from Dek Messecar, former bass player of Caravan and Darryl Way's Wolf. I'd written to him a couple of months ago, having been given his address by a cousin of his (that's the Internet for you), asking if he'd be willing to discuss his past activities. Dek apologised for not having replied sooner. He told me he's now in the furniture business (like Richard Sinclair, somehow). He was quite surprised to learn that Caravan would be playing in London just a couple of days later. Maybe he'll be at the show, who knows ?
Anyway, we agreed we'd either meet in London next month (as I plan to attend the Gong show at the Astoria on the 19th, and possibly the Miller-Miller- Hewins gig on the 24th in Harlow), or do a written interview by mail or e-mail (he's not connected at the moment).
Dek was curious to hear about the current whereabouts of his former colleagues. The only one he still sees from time to time is apparently John Etheridge (who was the guitar player in Wolf, before moving on to Soft Machine).
Well, I guess all former members of Caravan are now located, with the exception of Jan Schelhaas... But let's be patient !



From: Thor Maillet <artbear@bu.edu>
Subject: Dagmar web site
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 16:44:49 -0400

I dunno if you have a links page on yr site...but i just started a
Dagmar site...if you're interested...

the url is

hope you enjoy it!



From: Otherroad@aol.com
Subject: LoLo Records and Cuneiform
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:16:01 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Friends:

I'd previously mentioned forthcoming releases on Cuneiform by Boom, Djam Karet, Otolithen and Volapük.  These are all excellent albums and are now out!  You'll find them at <http://www.artist-shop.com/cuniform> . I'd earlier reported that I absolutely loved Djam Karet's 'The Devouring' and that I felt it was one of the top progressive albums for 1997.  Having had a chance to listen to it quite a bit since then, I can honestly say that my opinion hasn't changed a bit.  I still LOVE this album!

In addition to the new Project Lo and Vic Stevens Mistaken Identities albums, LoLo Records has also just released the new Common Ground album, 'Not Enough Space.'  This jazz ensemble is lead by saxophonist Chris Farr and guitarist Erik Sayles.  Included in their band is drummer great, Dennis Chambers.  You'll find cover graphic and soundbite for this release, as well as the new Project Lo and Mistaken Identities, at <http://www.artist-shop.com/lolorec>.

So, how are things in your town?



From: "allen huotari" <zmasada@classic.msn.com>
Subject: Gong related cds for sale/trade
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 97 09:51:11 UT

hello there fellow Rattlers

here's a trio of items I have for sale or trade (at bargain rates, info to

off we go...

Mother Gong "Mother Gong Live 1991" (Mothermusic MM101CD)
Mother Gong/Daevid Allen "Magenta - She Made the World" (Voiceprint VP134CD)
Tim Blake "Magick" (Voiceprint VP105CD)

prices are $10 each for any single (or pair) of disc(s)
or $25 for all three
all prices include postage to anywhere in the USofA (outside of USofA trades
are much preferred)

if you have any questions or would like to reserve a disc, PLEASE respond to
me (Allen Huotari) NOT to What's Rattlin'

you may respond to either of two e-mail addresses:


that's it, first come, first served
if you are interested in a trade please send your list of items

and beyond this offer, wants lists are welcome at any time



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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Sep 27 - Utrecht (Netherlands), Tivoli (with In Cahoots)
Sep 28 - Groningen (Netherlands), Oosterpoort (with In Cahoots)

[DM-Loy Ehrlich-Joel Grare-Steve Shehan]
Sep 25 - Paris (France), Satellit' Cafe, 11e []

Sep 26 - Manchester (UK), Night & Day

[Miller-Lemer-Baker-Pyle + Dean-Dvorak tbc]
Sep 27 - Utrecht (Netherlands), Tivoli (with Caravan)
Sep 28 - Groningen (Netherlands), Oosterpoort (with Caravan)

Oct 01 - Liverpool (UK), Lomax
Oct 02 - Leeds (UK), Irish Centre
Oct 03 - Manchester (UK), NIA Centre
Oct 04 - Morecamble (UK), Dome [with Kangaroo Moon]
Oct 05 - Sheffield (UK), Leadmill
Oct 16 - Stoke-on-Trent (UK), Wheatsheaf
Oct 17 - Bristol (UK), Bierkeller (tbc)
Oct 18 - Oxford (UK), Zodiac (tbc)
Oct 19 - London (UK), The Forum [with Whirl-y-gig]
Oct 20 - Birmingham (UK), Irish Centre
Oct 21 - Cambridge (UK), Junction

Oct 04 - Morecambe (UK), Dome [opening for Gong]

Oct 24 - Harlow, Essex (UK), John's Art and Rec. Market St.

Oct 30 - Red bank, NJ, Internet Cafe
Oct 31 - Medford, NJ, Culture Hall
Nov 01 - Harrisburg, PA, The Wire
Nov 05 - Ithaca, NY, The Nines
Nov 06 - Albany, NY, QE2 (with Happy Rhodes)
Nov 07 - Burlington, VT, The Metro (tbc)
Nov 12 - Providence, RI, Cav
Nov 13 - Boston, MA, Johnny D's
Nov 14 - Philadelphia, PA, Old Swedes Church (with Happy Rhodes)
Nov 15 - Baltimore, MD, Orion Studios (with Happy Rhodes)
Nov 20 - New York, NY, Bottom Line (with Happy Rhodes & special guest)
Nov 21 - Washington, DC, Phantasmagoria (with Happy Rhodes)
Nov 22 - Gettysburg, PA, College
Nov 28 - Warrenton, VA, D&S Coffeehouse
Nov 29 - Arlington, VA, Iota

November (tba)

Spain, Italy, Sweden - late Spring 1998 (tba)

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