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From: Neil Durant <nmd@newton.npl.co.uk>
Subject : Brand X British tour
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 17:53 BST

[This is actually an excerpt from Neil Durant's "British progressive rock gigs" : - AL]

May 14 - The Jazz Cafe, London
May 18 - Alley Cat, Reading
May 20 - The Irish Centre, Leeds
May 21 - The Music Box, Manchester
May 25 - The Leadmill, Sheffield
May 26 - The Zodiac, Oxford
May 27 - The Fleece & Firkin, Bristol
May 28 - The Arts Centre, Colchester


From: "Dave Lane"<dalane@domaincorp.com>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 10:45:51 -0400

[In WR#51, Pat <nomad@netrover.com> asks:]
>... Could anyone recommend a GILGAMESH album to me as well???
> Which one is their best???

Is there more than one?   I have "Another Fine Tune", which I enjoy.  It's not too far removed from the Soft Heap album. I was just playing it last night.


[Gilgamesh released two albums : "Gilgamesh" (1975) was co-produced by Dave Stewart and featured the line-up of Gowen, Phil Lee, Jeff Clyne and Mike Travis, with Amanda Parsons guesting. It's more intricate and less jazzy than "Another Fine Tune...", which is more sort of laid-back jazz-fusion, although retaining some of the complexity in the first album. "Gilgamesh" is not currently available on CD. "Another..." was reissued by French label Spalax who apparently bought the rights to the Charly back-catalogue - AL]


From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: gong greasy truckers
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 11:16:05 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#51, Peter Hartl <p.hartl@netway.at> wrote:]
>i know, the cover says recorded in dingwalls dancehall - but the
>contribution from gong for double-lp is coming from paris, salle bataclan
>may 1973; and from sheffield, october 1973 (sheffield 74-cd).
>listen to your cd´s & the vinyl and you will hear.... or we have different
>greasy truckers - that would be fantastick!.....

Sorry for the apparent misinformation... Odd though, since I quoted it directly from the "Politico-historico-spirito of Gong" CD liner notes written by Gilli Smyth herself... It is written under april/may 1973 entry : "Greasy Truckers segment for the "GT" album recorded at Dingwalls"

Guess that'll teach me to believe the actual performer...


P.S. - she also lists the Tunisian festival of Tabarka as occurring in July of 1973

                    all my mistakes were once acts of genius
                                      neato@pipeline com


From: Rob Illingworth <ri001@netgates.co.uk>
Subject: brand x  tour
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 16:12:50 +0100 ()

The Bristol date is listed as tuesday 27 at the Fleece and Firkin
Tickets £6 - tel 0117 9277150

Someone mentioned a Manchester date
Do we know any others?
Where are they playing between the 21-27 or 27-1?

Any answers gratefully received

Rob  <robworth@netgates.co.uk>


From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: Gong, Tim Blake
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 11:57:59 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#51, J Wilson <sjaw@snip.net> wrote:]
>I'm searching for info on Tim Blake, and trying to track down
>some LP's or CD's.

The three Blake solo recordings have been reissued on CD by Mantra:
"Crystal Machine" (1977, orig. on Egg label)
"Blake's New Jerusalem" (1978, orig on egg label)
"Magick" (1991)

In addition he later joined Hawkwind and is featured on:
"Live 79"
both originally on the Bronze label and now available on CD

He's also on "Xitintody" by Hawkwind's Nik Turner (Charisma, 1978)...
I believe the CD reissue is a rerecording

"Clearlight Symphony" (1975, Virgin) joins Hillage and Bloomdido...
CD currently unavailable

Lastly, buried somwewhere I have a small french label issued Blake 45... Title is something regarding surfing... Sorry for lack of details


                        all my mistakes were once acts of genius
                                           neato@pipeline com

[Cyrille Verdeaux's "Clearlight Symphony" was never properly reissued, except for a very limited Japanese pressing. In 1990, Mantra put out "Clearlight Symphony 2", which was mainly a new version of the album done by Verdeaux on digital synths and computers. As a bonus, the original first side of the vinyl was included, complete with scratches and surface noise... According to Verdeaux, Virgin refused to license the original tapes for a proper reissue, and wasn't keen on reissuing it themselves either. BTW, if you compare the original and redone versions of "CS", you'll notice that what was side 2 on the original LP now begins the albums. It's because Virgin inverted both sides of the LP at the time to capitalize on the fame of the three Gong members present, the other side having been recorded with more anonymous French musicians - Gilbert Artman and Christian Boule...
The Tim Blake single you mention was released in 1976 on the French label Isadora which also released "Les Contes Du Singe Fou" by Clearlight, also featuring Blake on synth. It was entitled "Surf, Surf, Surf", was recorded at Herouville Castle and featured Christian Boule on guitar - AL]


From: Mark Bloch <webmaster@indexstock.com>
Subject: John G. Perry interview / newsbits
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 11:53:42 -0400

Hi All

Thanks for the John Perry interview, Aymeric. It was a good read! I always wondered where he came from and where he went to. Now I know. Though the bit about leaving Caravan was a bit vague. Maybe he was just being kind? And by the way, I saw Caravan in their first US tour in 1974 or 75 or so. But I can't remember- did Perry play on that? They mostly featured songs from Plump In the Night...

Two bits of news- one interesting one disturbing.

The interesting one is that I was reading a review today in the New York Times of a show at a small local club, Brownies. It seems there are two interesting bands from the Louisiana USA area that are experimental and Pop-ish simultaneously. "Olivia Tremor Control" and "Neutral Milk Hotel" are their names. They share some personnel in the form of a Jeff Mangum. Well, this sort of thing interests me- odd instrumentation, etc. so I was intrigued into reading the review, despite never having heard of the bands. Then I read what the reviewer- Neil Strauss- compared them to... "psychedelia seemed as much an
influence as.. Albert Ayler, the progressive-rock of the Soft Machine and... Iannis Xenakis." I was sold!  There were also comparisons to Portsomouth Simphonia, the PET SOUNDS Beach Boys and the SGT. PEPPER Beatles so I thought I'd pass on the tip here in case any of you are on the lookout for some new talent... I always am.. And it is always fun to see a Canterbury band refered to in the likes of the New York Times... even as an influence.

The other bit of news is a bit sad. I saw a trailer (preview) for the new Disney movie HERCULES. I didn't catch exactly what it was all about but there on the screen in large letters appeared the words ZERO THE HERO. Yeah, it would appear that Disney has inadvertantly ripped off Daevid Allen! Oh well it was bound to happen eventually. Perhaps their next feature will be Planet Gong The Movie...


[John G. Perry was in Caravan from February 1973 to July 1974. He was replaced by Mike Wedgwood who was in the band until December 1976. It's logical that Caravan played mainly material from "For Girls..." during 1974/75 as they had yet to record a follow-up, the most recent album then being the live set with the New Symphonia. As for the reasons why Perry left Caravan, I think the formation of Quantum Jump definitely came first - AL]


From: "Dave Lane"<dalane@domaincorp.com>
Subject: Re: Live Soft Machine: recommendations?
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 12:14:56 -0400

[In WR#51, Todd Ellenberg <ELLENBER@servms.fiu.edu> wrote:]
> Hi fellow Rattlers.  I've been interested in picking up on some more Soft
> Machine, and had my eye on either "Live at the Proms" or "Live at Paradiso."
> What would you recommend?  I already have "The Peel Sessions" which I love.
> (Do any live recordings exist of the band with Kevin Ayers?) Also, I only
> own the first four Soft Machine albums -- what are some of the "must haves"
> of the later stuff?

I'm a bit of a Soft Machine newbie, but I greatly enjoy "Live In France", which I just picked up a few months ago.

It consists mostly of material drawn from "Third" and "5", but the sound quality is better than "Third", even though it's a monaural recording.
It's a 2-CD set on the One Way label, although it sells for the price of a single CD.



From: Julian Christou <christou@as.arizona.edu>
Subject: Various Topics
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 13:08:22 -0700

Hi Fellow Canterbury Fans

Firstly I've been informed of a web site for long-time Elton Dean collaborator Joe Gallivan  (http://www.newjazz.com). Looks like he and Elton have been doing some new improvisations, check it out.

Julie Driscoll

Julian "Ranting Man" Belanger, the other Julian on the list, asked about the "1969" album. Given a C- review I understand. I would certainly rate it much higher, it's one of my favourite of the early "Canterbury" albums. It was the firts album recorded by Julie Driscoll after splitting with Brian Auger and the Trinity (Check out "Streetnoise" - a wonderful double album now rereleased onto a single CD) for her earlier work. "1969" represents a move towards a jazzier sound (although Auger has strong Jazz roots) and features some very wonderul songs. The session/backing musicians do represent the creme-de-la- creme of British Jazz musicians of the day including members of the Keith Tippett Group, Blossom Toes (featuring Brian Godding), and Nucleus.

It's quite unlike here later work - the more freer improv work as Julie Tippetts with SME and her husband. It could be considered more of a laid-back pop album with some very wonderful Jazz riffing from the musicians.

Interestingly enough, in recent years she has also appeared with Working Week, Larry Stabbins' cool Pop/Jazz band on a single "Storm Of Light" indicating that she's still got the voice. And of course she's featured on the theme to "Absolutely Fabulous" singing the Dylan song "Wheels Of Fire", the hit song by Julie, Brian & The Trinity.


Well as Gilgamesh have only two albums, I think it's actually a touch choice.  The first, to me at least, has a sound somewhere between H&tN and National Health and will certainly appeal for fans of either or both. The second is a much tighter sounding album to me with Hopper taking up the bass role and the magin (sic?) between him and Gowen really shines. Imagine "Two Raibows Daily" with a full band and more structured arrangements. I'd highly recommend either allthough the latter is much easier to find on CD.

Does anyone know of other than a Japanese source for the first album?

Tim Blake

He has 3 CD's out on the Mantra label which are readily (or were a couple of years ago) through import shops and mail order - try Wayside. They are the rereleases of "Crystal Machine" and "Blake's New Jerusalem" and his latest release "Magick". All three are very similar sounding with washes of Synths, New Agey lyrics and Blakes wispy vocals. If you like his work with Gong And Hawkwind it's a fair bet that you'll like these. The sound quality on all three is very good.

Live Soft Machine

The Live albums are:

At The Paradiso        Wyatt/Hopper/Ratledge

If you like Vol. II, then this is a must have. Basically it's a reworking of almost the whole album without the lyrics although Wyatt vocalises very well.

[well not completely without the lyrics - the "Rivmic Melodies" part has lyrics, whereas the "Esther's Nosejob" is essentially instrumental - AL]

At The Proms        Wyatt/Hopper/Ratledge/Dean

The "Third" lineup. Wonderful jamming with a passion not heard on "Third". IMHO they were a very good live band who didn't transalate to studio work too well around this period. If yopu like the Peel sessions then this is a wonderful Augmentatiion.

BBC In Concert Vol I    Wyatt/Hopper/Ratledge/Dean + "Heavy Friends"

Recorded for the Beeb in 1971 - post "Fourth" and Wyatt's last session with the band. Definitely shows his drumming prowess. The heavy friends feature Elton's "Just Us" performing a couple of tracks from his first solo (e.g. "Blind Badger" which shows up on "The Peel Sessions") and also Ronnie Scott amongst others. There's a preview of tracks from "Five" as well as those from "Fourth", e.g. "Teeth" and the staple "Slightly All The Time" To me. this is the best of the live recordings featuring the band at a peak despite the personal problems.

Live In France    Dean/Hopper/Ratledge/Marshall

A post "5" recording with Marshall replacing Howard giving a more strong percussion section. Dean's about ready to quit by this stage and move on. Some wonderful improvisational work with Dean contributing a lot of electric piano as well as Alto and saxello. Reworkings of "Facelift" and "Slightly  All The Time" are substantially different. Not the best recording quality (in Mono) but a wonderful performance nonetheless.

BBC In Concert Vol II    Jenkins/Hopper/Ratledge/Marshall

Enter Karl Jenkins replacing Dean. The sound changes with heavy riffing replacing the improv. More tightly structured but - to me at least - not as much personality. The last version of "Slightly All The Time" which when compared to the version on "Live In France" appears not to be the same tune. Amazing in one year how much the sound had changed. To me this is a better recording and performance than that captured on the live disk on "6" which came later.

Alive & Well        Jenkins at al.

A very good album in many ways but certainly a different band  and sound to the other live albums. More heavy riffing, violin replacing wind. I like it but it has little to do with the earlier works. Much more of a fusion sound a la Mahavishnu.

Depending on which period of the Softs you like then there is basically a live album for each (except the Holdworth era) From 1969 to 1973 in just 4 short years their sound changed dramatically and the concerts clearly show that progression. Personally I like them all but the "BBC In Concert Vol I" has ny no. 1 vote and is the most similar to the "Peel Sessions".



From: drj_saro <drj_saro@neo.lrun.com>
Subject: various
Date: Thu,  1 May 97 20:24:41    

[In WR#51, Julian Belanger wrote:]
>Could anyone recommend a GILGAMESH album to me as well???
>Which one is their best???

There are only *two*, and they are both *great*.

>Hi fellow Rattlers.  I've been interested in picking up on some more
>Soft Machine, and had my eye on either "Live at the Proms" or "Live at
>Paradiso."  What would you recommend?

Get them both, they are different enough from each other *and* from the Peel Sessions (and don't forget the two BBC1 live CDs either)

[In WR#51, Todd Ellenberg wrote:]
>Also, I only own the first four Soft Machine albums -- what are some of
>the "must haves" of the later stuff?

If you like 3 & 4, then 5 & 6 will also be to your liking.
7 (imo) is a transitional album, between the preceeding and the more conventional fusion of 'Softs' & 'Bundles'.
And 'Land of Cockayne' is a very odd record, mainly keyboard-led rock-ish instrumentals.(some of it almost reminds me of Alan Parsons or Camel - no flames please!)
While 'Alive in Paris' (is that title right?) is more of a return to former glories (being a live album helps).

>ps -- I recently picked up on Caravan's "Battle of Hastings" and was a
>bit disappointed.  What'd you think?

Actually, I thought it was their strongest album of *songs* (note the emphasis) since "Land of Grey & Pink" or "For Girls..."(although I did miss the instrumentals and the jamming).

Julius J. SAROKA


From: Bill Robertson <broberts@kcc.com>
Subject: Re: Gilgamesh
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 16:58:28 +0000

[In WR#51, Julian Belanger wrote:]
>Could anyone recommend a GILGAMESH album to me as well??? Which one
>is their best???

I love both these records! In fact, The 1st Gilgamesh tops my want list (on vinyl)...anyone have a copy for sale or trade?



From: Dgasque@aol.com
Subject: Solarplexus/Volare'
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 03:46:04 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings all-

Been lurking for the past month, enjoying all the editions of this digest and
the great guests that drop by!  This digest is my absolute fave...

One question-  I have a self-titled album by a British band called Solarplexus I passed up on awhile back and kicked myself because I never saw it again until a couple of weeks ago, when I found it at a used shop for five dollars.  Naturally, I snapped it up.  The LP is kind of a Canterbury-ish jazz/blues offering that I find most unique.  Album liners are scarce. Anyone know anything else about this band?  Did they release anything else?

[The only Solar Plexus I've heard about was Swedish - they did about 5 albums in the 70's. I don't think the name makes for an obvious Nucleus reference, being quite a common expression, but... - AL]

Also picked up a tape from an Athens, Georgia band by the name of Volare'. Despite some sonic shortcomings of the tape, I was stunned by the Hatfield/ Muffins influences that are abundant here.  It is truly amazing to hear college age musicians that are so adept at playing such great Canterbury-influenced music, especially from a town that is best known for its college-rock bands that once dominated much of the alternative rock scene here in the States.  They have a CD in the works that will be released on Laser's Edge this fall.  I urge you to watch out for these guys. They are absolutely terrific! [and they're on the list, too ! - AL]

Take care all-

Dave Gasque (=dgasque=)


From: Daelken@aol.com
Subject: Pierre Bensusan
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 07:32:16 -0400 (EDT)


Here is the latest Pierre Bensusan Tour Schedule. There are some changes to
the last one.
The most improtant:
The New Solo CD Promotion Tour in USA
will be April/May 1998 (NOT October 1997)

The DUO CD with DIDIER MALHERBE, announced for beginning of 1998, will be a LIVE CD with recordings from their duo tour in France which they have just finished.

9.5.-23.5.1997 UK Duet Tour with Didier Malherbe (Sax, Flutes)

09.5.1997 Southampton (UK), The Gantry, Tel. 01703/330729
10.5.1997 Milton Keynes (UK), The Stables, Tel. 01908/582522
11.5.1997 Aldershot (UK), The West End Centre, Tel. 01252/408040
12.5.1997 Brighton (UK), The Greys, Tel. 01273/680734
14.5.1997 London (UK), The Weavers Arms, Tel. 0171/226 6911
16.5.1997 Bury (UK), The Met, Tel. 0161/761 7107
17.5.1997 Lichfield (UK), The Guildhall, Tel. 01543/262223
19.5.1997 Derby (UK), The Flowerpot, Tel. 01332/834438

Solo Concerts:

20.5.1997 Cambridge (UK), The Man on the Moon, Tel. 01223/565396
22.5.1997 Sunderland (UK), The Ropery, Tel. 0191/514 7235
23.5.1997 Cockermouth (UK), The Kirgate Centre, Tel. 01900/826448

12.6.1997 Chinon (F), Cafe Francais, Tel. 02 47 93 32 78
14.6.1997 Migne-Auxances/Poitiers (F), Master Class, Tel. 05 49 51 19
15.6.1997 Migne-Auxances/Poitiers (F), Festival
Salle Communale, Tel. 05 49 51 19 54, with Didier Malherbe (Sax, Flutes)

5.-8.7.1997 Santo Tirso (P), with Didier Malherbe (Sax, Flutes)

19.8.1997 Bath (UK), Guildhall (double bill with Martin Simpson)
20.-22.8.1997 Bath (UK), Guitar Seminar and Concert, Tel. 0171/831 0345
23.8.1997 Penzance (UK), Arts Centre, Tel. 01736/65520

25.1.1998 Montereau (F), Tel. 01 64 70 44 14

1.-30.3. 1998 France Duet Tour with Didier Malherbe (Sax, Flutes)

1.4.-8.5.1998 USA New CD Promotional Solo Tour  

15./16.5.1998 Chartres de Bretagne (F), Guitar Master Class & Concert
16./17.5.1998 St. Brieuc (F), Guitar Master Class & Concert


From: Vernon Fitch <Vernon_Fitch@notes.cch.com>
Subject: Soft Machine w/Ayers live recordings
Date:  2 May 97 13:22:53

[In WR#51, Todd wrote:]
>Do any live recordings exist of the band with Kevin Ayers?

A few have turned up from Europe (most notably two from Middle Earth), and some from the 1968 U.S. tour (the Hendrix tour). However, they are not very good quality (Do you remember what portable recording equipment was like back in the 60s, not to mention hall acoustics? Yuck!).

Here are the listings from my book A Collection of Soft Machine/Gong/Henry Cow  and related band recordings. (Note that the dates listed are in U.S. format, that is month/day/year):

I) SOFT MACHINE (Daevid Allen, Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt)

Soft Machine-Top Gear Show, BBC 2/67, (1 min.), VG-

II) SOFT MACHINE (Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt)

Soft Machine-Middle Earth, London, Autumn 1967, (72 min.), G-VG
Soft Machine-Middle Earth, London, Autumn 1967, (30 min.), VG-
Soft Machine-Vitus Studio, Bussum, Netherlands 9/22/67, (9 min.), VG-E (Hoepla
Dutch TV)
Soft Machine-Aeolian Hall, London 12/5/67, (15 min.), VG-
(BBC Top Gear Show recording date)(broadcast 12/17/67)
Soft Machine-Concertgebauw, Amsterdam, Netherlands 12/10/67, (50 min.), F-G

III) SOFT MACHINE (Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge, Andy Summers & Robert Wyatt)

Soft Machine-Col Ballroom, Davenport, Iowa 8/11/68, (36 min.), G-VG
Soft Machine-Meriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, Maryland 8/16/68, (23 min.), G+

IV) SOFT MACHINE (Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt)

Soft Machine-Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California 9/14/68, (15 min.), G-VG

There are also some short videos that have surfaced, including the Hoepla Dutch TV recording and an Italian TV broadcast that shows the band rehearsing in Robert's house.


Vernon Fitch
The Pink Floyd Archives


From: bc71445@binghamton.edu
Subject: Boud Deun/Andy Ward
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 20:38:27 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Aymeric,

A few live shows of note, both only marginally Canterbury (gasp!)

First, Cuneiform Recording artist and Gong support band at one point Boud Deun played an excellent two sets at a place called The Tazmanian Embassy in Binghamton, NY.  Their sound is Larks' era Crimsony sortof, and as your Cuneiform/Wayside catalog will tell you, they can start and stop on a matchhead...they were HOT, as is their latest disc "Astronomy Made Easy". They were nice guys too!  It was great to have progressive music in Binghamton... come back, guys!

Second, the Terrastock festival in Providence, RI, benefitting the Ptolemaic Terrascope, a fab zine that covers lots of Canterbury as I'm sure many of you know already. I guess the Canterbury connection is Bevis Frond drummer Andy Ward from Camel. He played not only with the Frond (on their debut US full-band performance...an incredible set) but with a one-time line up of the Deviants that also featured Frond bassist Adrian Shaw (ex hawkwind, Arthur Brown) and regular Deviant guitarist Andy Colquohoun. That was a show to be reckoned with...not only Farren's commanding performance but his backup by three very talented guys!

I ran into Andy Ward Sunday morning to tell him I enjoyed his sets... he was very appreciative, and then I said, "One of the few Canterbury bands I haven't really explored is Camel".  He replied "Camel wasn't Canterbury??? Were we?" or something to that effect, looking puzzled.  I backpedaled and apologized and said, "Well, since Richard Sinclair joined... you know, one guy from a Canterbury band joins another, and then they also become Canterbury."  He said something like "Oh yeah, well, Canterbury's a really nice little town, I think you'd like visiting there, and all those incredible musicians from there in the seventies are such nice guys". Apparently he's recently worked with some Caravan members too, he told me.

So that's my Canterrabouddeunecdote. Hope you all liked it as much as I liked being there. My Soft Machine article should be in a Goldmine soon, as will a review of Terrastock.

Catch you on the flip side,

Jim Powers


From: NYLifer@aol.com
Subject: Stolen 801 reels
Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 00:46:57 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#51, Bill Maccormick wrote:]
>Although we rehearsed more than what was played at the QEII the only part
>of the set that was missed was the "Fat Lady Of Limbourg" which has
>subsequently appeared on a Manzanera compilation. "Golden Hours" (Another
>Green World) was recorded as part of the sound check and we had rehearsed
>quite substantially 2 more Tiger Mountain tracks but these were never
>recorded on the mobile.  I used to have these recorded on a Revox off the
>sound desk but some bastard stole them.

Hi Bill. Hate to hear this. As a tape trader, that's out main argument for tape trading, lots of backups spread around the world makes nothing irreplaceable. I'd be glad to transfer to DAT any other 801 tapes you have laying around arrange for a global off-site storage and backup system (tape tree). Send private mail to nylifer@aol.com if interested.

Peace, Robert

P.S. For other DAT traders, I have dSBD of Gong, Bottom Line, NYC, 3/5/96 early show, and daud of Brand X in Japan, and both nights of Hackett/Wetton/ McDonald in Japan from December. I'd be glad to trade for any live 801, MMole, NHealth, Hatfield, etc. DAT only. Lots of GD and related (naturally).


From: Academic Tool <cmartin@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: WR question
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 23:32:51 -0700 (PDT)

In "Wrong Movements" it says the Sept. 22, 1967 Soft Machine TV broadcast is available on a video called "Psychomania! 20 Golden Greats". Does anybody know where this video can be had from?  I'd be ordering from the U.S.


From: Mark_Panagos@intersolv.com
Subject: live Softs
Date: Tue, 06 May 97 10:53:29 EST

[In WR#51, Todd Ellenberg wrote:]
>Hi fellow Rattlers.  I've been interested in picking up on some more
>Soft Machine, and had my eye on either "Live at the Proms" or "Live
>at Paradiso."  What would you recommend?  I already have "The Peel
>Sessions" which I love.  (Do any live recordings exist of the band
>with Kevin Ayers?) Also, I only own the first four Soft Machine
>albums -- what are some of the "must haves" of the
>later stuff?
I have both "Turns On Paradiso" and "Proms" in my collection, as well as "The Peel Sessions" and "Live In France".  All are excellent.  I can't separate them in the sense of one being better than the other. I say buy 'em all while you have the chance and listen to the one you're in the mood for at the time.
I've been a Softs fan since the mid-seventies and I like all of their albums, but especially the middle period, say "Third" thru "Seven". This is probably their most "progressive" or experimental period.  The progressive jazz influences are very apparent during this period.  The albums that followed, "Bundles", "Softs", "Alive And Well...", and "Land Of Cockayne" are closer to what you might call "fusion".  They are very good, but the band's style had by now changed to one that some of the diehard Soft Machine fans didn't care for.  My personal opinion is that these albums exhibit a soul that just about any other "fusion" act of the time lacks.  Technique and blazing solos are impressive, but if the music doesn't come from the soul it doesn't keep me coming back for more.  Soft Machine still sounds fresh to me, even after 20+ years of listening.  


From: [Neil Murray]
Subject: National Health - Neil Murray
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 19:26:06 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Aymeric!

This is Neil Murray e-mailing you - I've only got online recently.

Just wanted to make some very minor corrections to your excellent pages about National Health and me.

I was born 27th August 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I first played piano then trombone and alongside those instruments I played drums (not very well!) with Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore between 1965 and 1968 at St. Christopher's School, Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

While studying graphic design and typography at the London College of Printing from '68 to '72, I got much more into becoming a bass-player, and in early 1973 I met Alan Gowen at a party and he invited me to play with Gilgamesh.

After leaving Gilgamesh in November 1974 to join Hanson, I toured and recorded in America, but the band fell apart when Junior Hanson (later known as Junior Marvin in Bob Marley and the Wailers) was jailed in New York on drugs charges.

I substituted for my 'mentor' Clive Chaman in Cozy Powell's Hammer for a few
weeks in September 1974 and again in February 1975. Clive, who had been with
the Jeff Beck Group along with Cozy Powell, recommended me for the job with
Hanson - he had played on the first Hanson album. Also in Hammer were Bernie
Marsden (later in Babe Ruth, Paice, Ashton & Lord then Whitesnake) and
keyboardist Don Airey, who took me with him to Colosseum II. I didn't join
Babe Ruth, merely did a couple of tracks on an album, and I didn't really
rejoin Gilgamesh, just rehearsed with them a little.

With Dave Stewart and Allan Holdsworth I played on the initial rehearsals in
July 1977 for Bill Bruford's "Feels Good To Me' album as Jeff Berlin was not
available, and again replaced him on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' on BBC TV in
early 1978. I did some rehearsing with Allan Holdsworth and Gary Husband in
1980 but nothing came of it.

My periods with Black Sabbath were 1989 thru 1990 then again from fall 1994
to the end of 1995. Since then I have mostly been with Fleetwood Mac founder
Peter Green in a band called the Splinter Group, together with Cozy Powell
(of course!), and we are just about to release a live album. I have done some
recording with Brian May and I hope to tour with him later this year.

As for the 'Canterbury scene', I just happened to fall into it by chance, and sometimes I didn't feel I particularly fitted in, as it was a rather hippy-ish and anti-rock music group of people, whereas I try to enjoy many types of music.

Hope this is of some use to you.
Best wishes, Neil.

[Neil has agreed on doing an e-mail interview, but is off to Greece for a couple of club gigs there with Peter Green and will only be back home next week. If you have any questions to submit, please e-mail me... - AL]


From: andycuth@fia.net
Subject: Anthony Phillips
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 14:24:30 -0700

Sorry for the non-Canterbury content...
I am looking for a CD copy of Anthony Phillips album 'WISE AFTER THE EVENT.'  I know this album came out on CD but it is out of print.  Can anyone steer me in the right direction to complete my collection?


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[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

[Peter Bardens-Steve Adams-Desha Dunnahoe-Dave Cohen]
May 08 - San Rafael (Ca), New George's [tel: 415 457 8424]

May 09 - Southampton (UK), The Gantry [tel : 01703/330729]
May 10 - Milton Keynes (UK), The Stables [tel : 01908/582522]
May 11 - Aldershot (UK), The Arts Centre [tel : 01252/408040]
May 12 - Brighton (UK), The Greys [tel : 01273/680734]
May 14 - London (UK), The Weavers Arms [tel : 0171/226 6911]
May 16 - Bury (UK), The Met [tel : 0161/761 7107]
May 17 - Lichfield (UK), The Guildhall [tel : 01543/262223]
May 19 - Derby (UK), The Flowerpot [tel : 01332/834438]

May 10 - St. Johns Art Ctr., Old Harlow (UK)

[John Goodsall-Percy Jones-Pierre Moerlen]
May 14 - London, The Jazz Cafe
May 18 - Reading, Alley Cat
May 20 - Leeds, The Irish Centre
May 21 - Manchester, The Music Box
May 25 - Sheffield, The Leadmill
May 26 - Oxford, The Zodiac
May 27 - Bristol, The Fleece & Firkin
May 28 - Colchester, The Arts Centre

May 24 - Lilliers (France), L'Abattoir
May 25 - Diest (Belgium), The Borderline (6 pm)

Jun 15 - Migne-Auxances/Poitiers (France), Salle Communale (Festival)
[tel : 05 49 51 19 54]
Jul 5-8 - Santo Tirso (Portugal) [details tbc]

HADOUK - BELGIAN DATE [Didier Malherbe/Loy Ehrlich]
Aug 02 - Dranouter, Folk Festival (Ypres) (Belgium)

[Peter Bardens-Steve Adams-Desha Dunnahoe-Dave Cohen]
Sep 18 - Alkmaar (Holland), Atlantis
Sep 19 - Breda (Holland), Para
Sep 20 - Oberhausen (Holland), The Star Club
Sep 21 - Uden (Holland), De Nieuwe Pul
Sep 24 - Paris (France), Passage du Nord-Ouest
Sep 25 - Norwich (UK), The Waterfront
Sep 26 - Ashton-Upon-Lyne (UK), The Witchwood
Sep 27 - Rotherham (UK), Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
Sep 28 - London (UK), Astoria 2

[Phil Miller-Didier Malherbe-Hugh Hopper-Pip Pyle]
Sep 19 - Boulogne-sur-Mer (62), Cabaret Sam [Tel. 03 21 87 32 69]
Sep 20 - Bethune (62), Le Poche

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