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From: "Pat" <nomad@netrover.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 22:19:44 -0400

Hello Rattlers!

It's been quite some time since I've posted. I've enjoyed all the digests though. Could anyone recommend JULIE DRISCOLL-"1969" to me??? I've asked about it before on other lists, but only received 2 reviews on it. It was given a C- and a decent review. The line-up looks great(Elton Dean, Keith Tippett, and others...). Could anyone recommend a GILGAMESH album to me as well??? Which one is their best???


Julian "Ranting Man" Belanger (from CANADA)


From: Todd Ellenberg <ELLENBER@servms.fiu.edu>
Subject: Live Soft Machine: recommendations?
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:57:44 -0400 (EDT)

Hey Now!

Hi fellow Rattlers.  I've been interested in picking up on some more Soft Machine, and had my eye on either "Live at the Proms" or "Live at Paradiso."  What would you recommend?  I already have "The Peel Sessions" which I love.  (Do any live recordings exist of the band with Kevin Ayers?) Also, I only own the first four Soft Machine albums -- what are some of the "must haves" of the
later stuff?

As always, looking to trade live tapes with folks out there -- on the lookout for Canterbury stuff.  I have 1,000+ hours of great stuff, but not much progressive to speak of (lots of Dead, Airplane, Dylan, NRBQ, Tuna, all sorts of other stuff, rock, blues, jazz, etc.)  Your list gets mine!



ps -- I recently picked up on Caravan's "Battle of Hastings" and was a bit disappointed.  What'd you think?

[There is no live recording of the Softs with Kevin Ayers available. I'm not even sure whether bootleg recordings are in circulation. As for the live albums you mention, "Paradiso" if from the "Volume Two" era, trio line-up, whereas "Proms" has the "Third"/"Fourth" quartet line-up and is entirely instrumental with the exception of the vocal bit in "Esther's Nosejob" - AL]


From: Todd Ellenberg <ELLENBER@servms.fiu.edu>
Subject: Live Caravan 1990
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:15:39 -0400 (EDT)

Hey Now!

I was wondering what friends out there could tell me about the live 1990 Caravan release.  Does it capture the progressive/improvisational flavor/approach of the original recordings.

I'm thinking of picking it up, so I'd appreciate any feedback.


Todd...who wishes the great Canterbury albums (I know, CDs, I'm showing my age) would be released in the States too.  Those imports are pricey :-(

[Caravan's "Live 1990" was recorded at a televised reformation concert. The result is, I think, quite good given the circumstances, mainly thanks to the selection of material, mainly from the 1970-71 period. I wouldn't say, though, that the original alchemy of Caravan is entirely recreated. It lacks the magic of the originals, but it's still great - AL]


From: davidl@mail.tss.net (David Layton)
Subject: Gong on Greasy Truckers
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 05:44:01 +0100


David here in the States.  I would like gently to correct neato@pipeline, who says that the Gong contributions on "Greasy Truckers" were performed at Dingwalls.  I have the album in front of me at this very instant, and on the back it clearly states that track one of the gong side was recorded at "Festival of Tabarka, Tunisia" while track two was recorded at "Sheffield City Hall".  Gong was included on the album in order to get a complete 4 sides worth of music.  I am neither old enough or English enough (never lived or even visited there) whether Gong ever played at Dingwall's, but my intuition tells me they did not.  I hope that clears up any confusions.


all my mistakes are acts of god [nice neato impersonation :) - AL]


From: sztukows@farpoint.fps.de (Marcel Sztukowski)
Subject: De Zevende Dag live
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 97 13:55:21 +0100

Gude Evenude !!!

I have read about an belgian Virgin-compilation named "De Zevende Dag live" featuring Kevin Ayers with a live version of "Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes". Does anyone have further informations about this compilation? Where can I get it?

Many thanks for your help



From: J Wilson <sjaw@snip.net>
Subject: Gong, Tim Blake
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 08:38:42 -0400

Greetings fellow pixie!
Nice page!! It's nice to see others that apprecciate Gong! I'm searching
for info on Tim Blake, and trying to track down some LP's or CD's. Any
info would be apprecciated.
                Hava Cuppa Tea Ci?
                Thanx, Jack


From: Julian Christou <christou@as.arizona.edu>
Subject: Ivor Cutler Web Page
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 06:51:17 -0700

I came across the following which those of you interested in Ivor Cutler might like to check out (Is Ivor Canterbury??? - opening Pandora's box again ...)




From: peter hartl <p.hartl@netway.at>
Subject: gong greasy truckers
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 16:50:51 +0000

[In WR#50 neato@pipeline.com wrote:]
> -as previously reported, Gong's "Greasy Truckers" contribution is NOT from
> Sheffield or Bataclan... It was recorded in April or May of 1973 at
> Dingwalls!

hello neato

i know, the cover says recorded in dingwalls dancehall – but the contribution from gong for double-lp is coming from paris, salle bataclan may 1973; and from sheffield, october 1973 (sheffield 74-cd).

under the title 'general flash of the united hallucination' you hear the following tracks:
invocation - from paris, bataclan (called 'dynamite-i´m your animal' there)
6/8 - from sheffield (called 'gnomofaune' there)
zero the hero - from sheffield ('deep in the sky' there)
drum solo - from sheffield ('wet drum sandwich')
eat that phonebook (start) - from sheffield ('mange ton calepin')
you can´t kill me (2nd part) - from sheffield too

listen to your cd´s & the vinyl and you will hear.... or we have different greasy truckers – that would be fantastick!.....

it´s the same with the legendary glastonbury 71 triple album. the gong side was not recorded there. it comes from liège in belgium early 72 and was faded together with the original glastonbury-stage-annoncements.


[...which would explain why it has been said that Laurie Allan, and not Pip Pyle, was the drummer on this recording - AL]


From: Otherroad@aol.com
Subject: Cuneiform's latest batch
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 23:47:11 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Friends:

Well, no sooner has Cuneiform joined The Artist Shop than they come out with
a great new batch of CD's!  They'll be released after May 5, but Artist Shop
patrons can get a sneak preview of them now (as well as advance ordering
them) at http://www.artist-shop.com/cuniform .  Tops on the list of these
five new releases is the re-release of Happy the Man Live!  Many people
consider HTM to be the finest symphonic rock band the US ever produced. This
disc contains spirited live versions of pieces from their two Arista lps,
some of which are significantly different than the studio versions.  (HTM
fans should also check out Kit Watkins in the Artist Shop at
http://www.artist-shop.com/linden .)

A favorite of mine in this batch is Forrest Fang's The Blind Messenger
(which, coincidentally, also features Kit Watkins on one track, my he gets
around!).  Although it was the first time I'd heard Fang's music, this
exotic ethnoambient progressive mixture drew me right in!  Then there's the
highly anticipate second release from Happy Family called Toscco; Blast's
third release, Stringy Rugs; and a highly eclectic jazz ensemble of Elton
Dean, Paul Dunmall, Tony Levin, Paul Rogers, Roswell Rudd and Keith Tippett
with their album, Bladik.  Four of these instrumentalists are from another
of Cuneiforms artists, the band called Mujician.  King Crimson fans will
recognize pianist Keith Tippet as having played a significant role on three
of Crimson's early albums.

And while you're there, don't forget to check out Richard Sinclair at


                              Gary Davis
The Artist Shop                              The Other Road
http://www.artist-shop.com       OtherRoad@aol.com


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[Peter Bardens-Steve Adams-Desha Dunnahoe-Dave Cohen]
May 01 - San Juan Capistrano (Ca), The Coach House [tel: 714 496 8930]
May 06 - Los Angeles (Ca), Billboard Live [tel: 310 786 1712]
May 08 - San Rafael (Ca), New George's [tel: 415 457 8424]

May 09 - Southampton (UK), The Gantry
May 10 - Milton Keynes (UK)
May 11 - Aldershot (UK), The Arts Centre
May 12 - Brighton (UK)
May 14 - London (UK), The Weavers Arms
May 15 - Cambridge (UK), The Man on the Moon
May 16 - Bury (UK), The Met
May 17 - Lichfield (UK), The Arts Centre
May 18 - Alverston (UK)
May 19 - Derby (UK)

May 24 - Lilliers (France), L'Abattoir
May 25 - Diest (Belgium), The Borderline (6 pm)

Jun 15 - Migne-Auxances/Poitiers (France), Salle Communale (Festival)

HADOUK - BELGIAN DATE [Didier Malherbe/Loy Ehrlich]
Aug 02 - Dranouter, Folk Festival (Ypres) (Belgium)

[Peter Bardens-Steve Adams-Desha Dunnahoe-Dave Cohen]
Sep 18 - Alkmaar (Holland), Atlantis
Sep 19 - Breda (Holland), Para
Sep 20 - Oberhausen (Holland), The Star Club
Sep 21 - Uden (Holland), De Nieuwe Pul
Sep 24 - Paris (France), Passage du Nord-Ouest
Sep 25 - Norwich (UK), The Waterfront
Sep 26 - Ashton-Upon-Lyne (UK), The Witchwood
Sep 27 - Rotherham (UK), Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
Sep 28 - London (UK), Astoria 2

[Phil Miller-Didier Malherbe-Hugh Hopper-Pip Pyle]
Sep 19 - Boulogne-sur-Mer (62), Cabaret Sam [Tel. 03 21 87 32 69]
Sep 20 - Bethune (62), Le Poche

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