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From : Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject : CD Review
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 08:37:05 +0000

This section comes a bit late, but this is certainly the hardest work I have to provide - it's much easier to write biographies. I strongly encourage WRers to offer alternative points of view...

*:      IN CAHOOTS      :*
*:   "Parallel" (1996)  :*
*:    Crescent Discs    :*

It seems Phil Miller has gone full circle with this new release by his band In Cahoots. "Parallel" indeed sounds like a synthesis of the various musical approaches Phil has taken since the group's inception in 1982 : in a few words, it is jazzier than "Cutting Both Ways", but closer to progressive rock than the 1994 album "Recent Discoveries". Still, what makes the big difference is the level of playing from all six musicians, which in my opinion is unprecedented since the glory days of National Health.

It is maybe no coincidence, in this respect, that the CD kicks of with a track most reminiscent of the work of National Health. Full of rhythmic changes that showcase the extraordinary interplay of Fred Baker (bass) and Pip Pyle (drums), "Simmer" (9:58) is a superbly complex piece that revolves around several patterns which are repeated underneath the various members' soloing. Elton Dean is at his most lyrical, while Peter Lemer celebrates his return to the fold with an impressive piano solo. Meanwhile, Miller, plays gorgeous rhythm guitar in the classic "Underdub" vein. There are also beautiful brass arrangements for Dean and trumpet player Jim Dvorak, that are not just a bit reminiscent of the middle section of "The Bryden 2-Step" from National Health's second album. I would say "Simmer" has become my favourite In Cahoots track along with "Hic Haec Hoc" from "Cutting Both Ways".

Another great piece on "Parallel" is the longest one, "Half Life" (11:39), which astounded me when I first heard it performed live at London's Astoria, when In Cahoots opened for Caravan last October. Based on a great reggae-like drum beat, it has a lot of crowd appeal, and again is a showcase for some fantastic soloing by Miller (certainly one of his most beautiful solos ever) and Lemer (who, at that point in the gig, used a strange device, a sort of mouth organ plugged into his synth). This is a very original and innovative piece which illustrates In Cahoots' will to move forward.

I shall not attempt to describe all of the album's tracks (six in total). I will just state that, in my opinion, this is the best In Cahoots album so far, largely due to the excellent performance by the band. This new repertoire was premiered on tour early in 1996, so everyone knew the pieces perfectly when the band entered the studio last Summer. And everyone had had the opportunity of adding his personal touch to the arrangements. If you make a comparison between "Live In Japan" from 1991, which had the same line-up, and "Parallel", this almost sounds like a different band : much tighter, more energetic.

The original idea behind In Cahoots was, as it seems, for Miller to add the jazz element that Dave Stewart was never too keen on in Hatfield and National Health. "Cutting Both Ways" was perhaps too much inbetween jazz and rock without mixing both styles in an entirely satisfactory way (what a great album, still); "Split Seconds" was an attempt at moving to less rocky areas; then "Recent Discoveries", lacking keyboards and adding a second wind player, frankly centered around the jazz element, and in my opinion lacked both warmth and perfectionnism - still Miller's use of his brass section was promising. This promise is fulfilled with "Parallel" which, to my ears, is the best release in the Canterbury style since the glory days of the 70's. I urge everyone here to buy it !

"Parallel" is available from :
Crescent Discs, 29a Colvestone Crescent, London E8 2LG (UK)
and your best mail-order retails


From: Enersave <enersave@ntplx.net>
Subject: WR#38
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:13:22 +0000

This "History of Gong" is wonderful.  I've been getting WR for many
months, and greatly apreciate the efforts of everyone involved.

Thank you, Scott


From: Biffyshrew@aol.com
Subject: Lol Coxhill
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 23:37:17 -0500 (EST)

[In WR#38, Jim Grainger wrote:]
>2 Around sixteen years I was thumbing at random through records in a
>central London record store and came across two LPs by Lol Coxhill.  Funds
>being a little short at the time I had to make the choice of which one to
>purchase. I  was won over by the title of the one called "Fleas in Custard"
>and sadly had to put the other back in the rack and have never seen it
>since. I recall that the album had a curious track called "duet for alto
>sax and squeaky floorboard". Does anyone know what album this is and if it
>is available anywhere (on CD)?

The album is Diverse, released on LP as Ogun OG 510.  I don't believe there is a CD release of this album.  It consists of two side-long tracks, "Diver" (this is the one described as "Duet for soprano saxophone and loose floorboard [unrelated]") and "Divers," on which Lol's soprano is joined by bass, cello and percussion.  Both this one and Fleas In Custard are good, but if I had to choose between them I'd go with the same one you chose.

Age Rotshuizen <Age.Rotshuizen@pjmi.knaw.nl> asked about the availability of Soft Head's Rogue Element on CD: it is in the current Wayside catalog--a UK pressing, but I don't know the particulars.

Your pal,
Biffy the Elephant Shrew     @}-`--}----
...visit me at http://users.aol.com/biffyshrew/biffy.html


From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: cd availability of centipede/coxhill
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 22:49:01 -0500

[In WR#38, wrote :]
> Does anyone know the CD-billity of those:
> 1. Centipede - Septober Energy
> 2. Lol Coxhil - Ear of the beholder & his two collaborations with Miller
> [To my knowledge (1) has been available as a semi-bootleg (?), but is now
> very rare; (2) has been reissued by See For Miles (or was it Beat Goes On
> ?) but the Miller/Coxhill LP's have not yet been (...) - AL]

[neato says:]

Just two small points...

- the Centipede CD issue was taken from a rather poor vinyl copy... If you already have the vinyl, the CD is non essential... As I stated before, it is
identifiable by a lack of record company info and a white plastic case (as opposed to the more usual black)...one of the Tippett's mentioned (above) might be one (bootleg) as well...i remember seeing one but can't remember which

- Coxhill's "Ear of the Beholder" was originally a two record set... Due to
time restrictions, the CD leaves off one track... Unfortunately it's the track with a guest appearance by kevin ayers!  there is however a compilation CD from that series of reissues with the missing track on it... (can't remember if it's See For Miles or BGO either)... Unfortunately aside from more recent stuff, not much coxhill is available on cd...the Virgin years anyway.


                      all my mistakes were once acts of genius
                                        neato@pipeline com


From: Daniel Ray Phipps <phipps@3rddoor.com>
Subject: Blegvad material...
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:09:25 -0800

I'm looking for the following by Peter Blegvad (preferably on CD).  Can anyone help me here?  Thanks in advance.

1.  "Knights Like This"
2.  "Kew Rhone" (with John Greaves)
3.  "Dr. Heulsenbecks Mentale Heilmethode" (with John Greaves)

I'm waiting...

/ Dan Phipps <phipps@3rddoor.com>


From: LARRYNORK@aol.com
Subject: Caravan 1st
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 02:27:05 -0500 (EST)

How would one get a copy of the CD of Caravan's first album.  I live in the Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.A. area.  Any mail order house with it.

Thank you



Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:13:25 +0000
From: Henry Potts <henry@bondegezou.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Jenkins/Adiemus

[In WR#38, Aymeric Leroy wrote:]
>Your mention of the Mojo article/interview is quite mouth- watering -
>could you sum it up for the non-UK citizens among us ? - AL]

The article in Mojo that Sid Smith mentioned is a review of the new Adiemus album, _Cantata Mundi_. The review includes a short interview with Jenkins in which he describes, among other things, how the music of Adiemus is just a return to his classical roots.

Cantata Mundi was performed at the live Adiemus performance at the Royal Albert Hall last year. It is very similar in style to Songs of Sanctuary, but with an expanded orchestra section. Although I am probably biased by the live experience, I think it was (even) better than Songs of Sanctuary, so certainly recommended if you liked the first Adiemus album.
Henry Potts


From: Ely Rabin <rabin@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU>
Subject: Mercy Dash cd
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 19:51:11 -0500

With the recent reissues of HH on the Culture Press label, I at last have heard "Mercy Dash" !  What a wonderful album!  However, the tracks listed (6) outnumber the tracks on the disc (5).  It doesn't seem that any of the CD tracks would be 'medleys' of the titles listed, since each piece sounds pretty unified.  It makes me wonder if there was a mastering error.  Can anyone possessed of the original shed any light on this matter?  

Thanks, Ely

[BTW, as pointed out by Steve Feigenbaum in a past WR issue, "Rogue Element" by Soft Head should be re-released on CD by Ogun Records sometime in the next few months - at last !  - AL]


From : Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject : Jeff Oliver
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:21:30 -0500

It is with sadness that I report the death of Jeff Oliver, one of WR's subscribers whose review of Stewart-Gaskin's London concert last Autumn some of you may remember. I have been informed of this sad event by a friend of his who is tidying up his business affairs. I don't know if any of you had established a personal contact with him, but in any case I felt I should pass on the news.


P.S. : Jeff's friend is Colin Hemming <HemmingCH@aol.com>


From : Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject : Camel tour
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 08:41:03 +0000

Courtesy of Brendan Newport, here are the few dates so far confirmed by Camel Productions for the forthcoming "Harbour Of Tears" tour of Camel. The line-up will be Andrew Latimer (guitar, vocals, flute), Foss Fatterson (keyboards), Colin Bass (bass, vocals) and Dave Stewart (drums - no relation !).

    DATE            VENUE                                   TICKET SALES
 6th    March   New George's, San Rafael, Ca.               415-457-8424
 7th    March   TBA
 8th    March   TBA
 9th    March   Great American Music Hall, San Francisco    415-885-0750
10th    March   Probably same as 9th
11th    March   TBA
12th    March   Billboard Live, W. Hollywood, Ca. (TBC)     213-480-3232
13th    March   Billboard Live, W. Hollywood, Ca            213-480-3232
14th    March   The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, Ca    714-469-8930
18th    March   Banana Hall, Osaka, Japan
19th    March   Bottom line, Nagoya, Japan
21st    March   On Air West, Tokyo, Japan
22nd    March   Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan
25th    March    Noorderlicht, Tilburg, Netherlands          31-13-5365587
26th    March    Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands             31-20-6241777
27th    March    Nighttown, Rotterdam, Netherlands           31-10-4363534
28th    March    Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands         31-50-3182333
29th    March    Vereniging, Nijmegen, Netherlands           31-24-3559887
30th    March    Trojan Horse, Den Haag, Netherlands         31-70-3600797
 1st    April    Altes Schultzenhaus, Stuttgart, Germany        49-711-236-4585
 2nd    April    Incognito, Munich, Germany                  49-711-236-4585
 4th    April    Sports Hall, Barnesov, Slovak Rep.          42-935-727224
 5th    April    Hala Wista, Krakow, Poland
 6th    April    Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland
 7th    April    Knaack Klub, Berlin, Germany                49-711-236-4585
 8th    April    Logo, Hamburg, Germany                      49-711-236-4585
10th    April    Luxor, Köln, Germany                        49-711-236-4585
11th    April    Theatre 140, Brussels, Belgium              32-2-733-9708
12th    April    Café de la Danse, Paris, France             33-1-42313131
13th    April    Astoria, London, England                    44-171-434-0403
14th    April    Waterfront, Norwich, England                44-1603-764-764
16th    April    Garage, Glasgow, Scotland                   44-141-226-4679
17th    April    TBA
18th    April    Rotherham or Mansfield, England (TBA)


From: jvdoever@worldonline.nl (Jacques van den Oever)
Subject: Richard Sinclair news
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 10:22:38 +0100


Richard and Heather say hello to you via this here medium. They've found a little house near Harlingen and Rich makes some money installing bathrooms, kitchens and other luxurious accomodations in rich people's homes. Musically nothing much is going on, but we keep him alert by organizing small musical events in pubs etc. Good luck to you hard working Canterbury Man from us all in Harlingen,



From: "William Hearne" <LHearne@msn.com>
Subject: Quantum Jump
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 17:10:28 UT

I am trying to locate CD versions of the two Quantum Jump albums from the mid-70's featuring John G. Perry.  Does anyon know if they are available,and if so where I could purchase them.  I live in the USA and do not have easy access to UK cds.

[To my knowledge, neither of the albums, nor the compilation issued later, have been reissued on CD so far. A shame as some of their material was quite good. BTW, the band's leader was Rupert Hine, vocalist/keyboardist who later made a name for himself as a producer for bands like Camel, Saga etc. and now lives near Paris. The line-up was similar to that of Sunset Wading, also featuring Hine but led by Perry. I'm still waiting for John's answers to my letter from last year (!)... - AL]


From: jrstercz@one.net (jrstercz)
Subject: I want to subscribe to your mailing list
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 14:02:52 -0400


I want to subscribe to your "What't Rattin?" newsletter that is about the Canterbury music groups (Caravan, etc.) of which I have been a fan of for many years (would you believe ? - since they first came out !). I am propably as old as some of them (44 yrs) and I miss it all a lot since it seems that they
have stopped recording and touring -- or maybe (hopefully) not ! I would definetely enjoy hearing any news related to all of this and also finding out where I can get any new, newer recordings.

[No ! The Canterbury scene is still alive ! Apart from a few people like Mike Ratledge, Karl Jenkins or Dave Stewart who have gone on to other areas of artistic expression, the musicians of Caravan and Soft Machine still play music and release records... Well, most of you WRers know this already, but I think it may be worth repeating that the C-scene definitely has a future as well as a past, and what a past ! - AL]

P. S. Do you know what ever happened to the excellent guitar player from the Dutch group called Focus that was around in the 1970's/80's. His name is Jan
Akkerman and He put out several recording, The last I know of was called "The Noice of Art" on I.R.S/no speak records, in 1990 ? I would appreciate any info.

Joe Stercz

[Focus is a bit off-topic here, but maybe there are fans of this band among you who can help Joe with the current whereabouts of Akkerman. Otherwise, there is a website devoted to Focus, the URL of which is : http://bosoleil.ci.umoncton.ca/~egb3977/focus.html - AL]


From : Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject : An Interview with Bon Lozaga
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:41:59 +0000

I e-mailed some questions to Bon Lozaga about the new releases by Bon ("To The Bone") and Gongzilla ("Thrive"). I hope to give both extended reviews in the next issue of WR. Meanwhile, the following should give you an idea of what they sound like :

Q : "To The Bone" is a quite different album to your debut release, "Full Circle (Coming Home)" from 1993. I would say it has much more of a 'live' sound and feel, and is based more on the interplay between the three of you ?

A : Yes, we feel that the new Bon is much more band-oriented and there is definitely more interplay between us. Where as all of the material from the first release was very old, this one had compositions that were created in the studio hence "On The Spot". We also have been playing quite a bit together now and some of the songs were performed live at shows before we recorded them. As far as being better, I feel that the first album has its place and this one will too since we are constantly moving on and trying create new things. I like them both for what they are. The first album was more composition-oriented and the second more playing-oriented.

Q : David Torn [a guitarist whom many WRers may already know for his solo work as well as with people like Bill Bruford] guests on both the Bon and Gongzilla albums. How did this collaboration come about ? Do you have other projects together in which he would possibly be more involved ?

A : David Torn is someone that we have wanted to work with for a while. I have known him for 2 years and we talked of doing shows together (Gongzilla & Polytown). We really like his style and musical direction but he is also a great human being. We met at a show in N.Y. and have been in contact ever since. I really enjoy his looping thing and asked him to add this to the BON record. Afterwards he did the Gongzilla tracks with us. As far as working together on other projects in the future, that is always a possibility. We also have mutual friends that live near him and I always stop by when I am in that area.

Q : There have been changes in Gongzilla too, with the arrival of Gary Husband as "full-time" drummer and, apparently, Benoit [Moerlen] taking a step backwards as he didn't compose for "Thrive" and is generally less heard than on "Suffer"... What is the current position of Gongzilla ?

A : Gary Husband joined us for "Thrive" and we all really hit if off. We will definitely be playing together and he is considered to be THE drummer for Gongzilla. The next record will probably feature some of his compositions. We were going to do some of his stuff  on "Thrive" but just ran out of time. Actually, Hanny had played with him and Holdsworth right after Allan left UK. Benoit, unfortunately had other commitments when we recorded "Thrive" and was less involved on this release. We really enjoy his writing and hope to have more of his stuff on the next release also. He is thinking about moving to Canada where Hanny lives and this would help our band situation greatly. He still is a very important member of Gongzilla.

Q : Again, I would compare "Thrive" to "Suffer" by saying it has more of a 'jamming' feel, and I would be tempted to say that, to my ears, it sounds more "American"... Do you agree ?

A : I feel that some of the stuff on "Thrive" is much harder-edged and darker. It may sound more "American" but you have to realize that each release is just a statement of ourselves at that point in time. Our next one may be totally different! I feel some of the material has more of a "tripping, spacey, sound" akin to early GONG. I also really enjoy the European flavor that we have produced in the past and maybe the next release with more involvement from Benoit will show it.

Q : A new element in Gongzilla's music on "Thrive" is Hanny's vocals on a couple of tracks. Do you think they fit in well with the music, and do you plan to use vocals more extensively within the context of Gongzilla in the future ?

A : We have always enjoyed vocal material and singers. The voice is a beautiful instrument. We don't write with that in mind, we just create songs and if they happen to have vocals they do, and if not,they don't! The next release will probably have vocal songs on it if we are satisfied with the material. I am currently in the studio now recording the new PROJECT LO with Happy Rhodes singing several songs. I did it because I personally enjoy her music and singing. This is why we play with the people we do (Torn, Percy Jones, Bobby Thomas, etc), because of their talent and ability to add their special "voice" to our compostions.

Q : The tour that was supposed to happen in late 1995 to promote "Suffer" was unfortunately cancelled. Will there be one this time ? Do you already have some details ?

A : Benoit, Gary, Hanny, and myself are committed to Gongzilla. We will be touring this year. I play a lot with Bon because we all live over here and it is easier to put things together, and because of it we have created a fan base for ourselves, but you will see a lot more of Gongzilla this year! Gongzilla should be in Europe in early spring and then we will tour the states. These will be some SPECIAL shows with guests (more on that later).


                        END OF ISSUE #39

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