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From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: Gong 1978
Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 18:21:07 -0400

Aymeric wrote :

>[1978 ? This must have been either New York Gong or Planet Gong !
>Any Gong freaks on the list who knows the answer ? I'm pretty sure
>Steve Hillage wasn't playing with Allen anymore in 1978 - A.L.]

This was around the time when Allen relocated to the NY area and hooked up
with Giorgio Gomelsky(again) and used Bill Laswell and bunch (Material) as a
backing band...it became known as New York Gong...he played a well received
show at Irving Plaza with Gilli in attendance...he became involved around
a club on 23rd Street loosely run by Giorgio called Squat (who also staged
shows by Nico, Sun Ra and Cale) ...the culmination being an all-day show in
a semi abandoned theatre (the intermedia?)...the event was billed as the Zu
Manifestival and was litterally broken up by the New York City police
-Allen himself was the guitar player (Hillage was long gone) in question
playing glissando guitar...a technique  perfected by him, though derived
from Syd Barrett
-Allen wound up playing solo shows to pre-recorded tapes in places like
Verna Gillis soundscapes and a short lived "new wave" club called
Tier3...unfortunately the latter was attended by about 5 people...needless
to say, his ny period was just about over...next stop oz

"all my mistakes were once acts of genius"



From: Julian Christou <christoj@plk.af.mil>
Subject: WR: Canterbury Experiences
Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 17:00:15 -0600 (MDT)

Since we seem to be sharing here. Sounds like a 12-step group for
Canterbury affeciandos doesn't it. I'll throw in a little of my personal
Canterbury history.

I was first introduced to them via the amazing telecast of the Soft
Machine at the Proms way back when in 1970 on the Beeb. I was 16 at the
time and very impressionable. Soon after that I picked up "Third" - most
unlike any music I'd ever heard before. (Pop stuff basically!). I was
immediately hooked. I started getting the music press, "Melody Maker"
predominantly and learnt about the family tree of the Softs and started
listing to Kevin Ayers and Gong. I heard Kevin on an "In Concert", the
one released by Windsong and Gong on a Top Gear Session. I also haerd
the Softs on the famous Top Gear session with the reworked "Moon In
June". I was hooked at this point. I picked up "Camembert Electrique"
special ordered - the French BYg release with the inserts, found
"Bananamoon" and "Shooting At The World"  used (in Cob in Porthmadog -
I lived in N. Wales then) picked up "Fourth" (actually ordered it before
its release and taped anything I heard on the radio with an old
reel-to-reel and a mic in front of the speaker.  Somewhere back in my
mum's attic, there are some tapes still sitting there!

Of to college in London I was in Nirvana Bananaland. I saw the Softs on
the "six" tour at Sadler's Wells. I met a girl at college from
Canterbury and she turned me onto Caravan. I saw Caravan and Kevin many
times in Canterbury, including the Decadance and 747 line-ups of Kevin's
bands including Steve Hillage. I didn't know who he was then. I also saw
the Softs on the "Seven" and "Bundles" tours as well. I hovered around
used record shops especially Virgin on Notting Hill Gate where I found
the Carol Grimes & Delivery "Fools Meeting". Went to Drury Lane and saw
the Caravan & the New Syphonia. Interestingly enough, Caravan played a
set before the one which was relaesed sans orchestra. I wonder if that
was ever recorded. Unfortunately I no longet have any recollection of
what was played. Anyone else? My applause also shows up on the
(in)fanous June 1 album as well. I managed to see a early line-up of
Hatfield and The North (w. Dave Sinclair) open up for the Softmacine at
the Rainbow and was at the same time introduced to Ivor Cutler who
entertained the audience with his harmonium and drollness between the
two bands. Ah! the good old days.

Of course I'm still hooked. After having nearly every vinyl Canterbury
release, I'm expanding my CD collection every month with new, old, and
rereleased stuff.

Now for some questions for the rest of you. I have a couple of Kevin
Ayers' singles on the Island label, the tracks of which have never made
it to CD. Or have they or are they likely to? The singles are:

After The Show/Thank You Very Much              1974            WIP 6201

        The b-side has been rerecorded by KA and appears on "Still Life

The Up Song/Everybody's Sometime And Some ...   1974    WIP 6194

        The b-side is on "Confessions of ..."

Of course the vinyl is well worn by now. I was hoping they'd appear on
the BGO rereleases but haven't. Anyone got any ideas?

Also a question for the genral assembled multitude ... How do you define
a CAnterbury band? This was prompted from a discussion with Aymeric.
Obviously, Soft Machine, Caravan, Hatfield & The North but where do you
draw the line? Camel had Richard Sinclair - are they? Isotope had Hugh
Hopper? How about Nucleus with whom Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Roy
Babbington and Allan Holdsworth have played. And speaking of Holdsworth,
what about Bruford which featured him and Dave Stewart. Are Egg and
Delivery Canterbury bands or pre-offshoots? I think you catch my drift.
I'll leave this open for discussion.

BTW check out my Canterbury page at



NP: Soft Machine "Seven"  - One Way CD

Are there any live recordings from this period or with Holdsworth. The
shows were real killers.

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to me is far more dangerous than a little pornography on the Internet"
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From: "Lisa Shannon" <lisanico@access.digex.net>
Subject: Gong 1978
Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 22:38:27 -0400 (EDT)

Bonjour-- thanks for WR#2, looking eagerly for that Cuneiform Soft Machine

Speaking of Gong, as many people did in #2, has anyone ever mentioned
anything being released from the recordings that were made at the NYC Zu
festival in 1978?  (Perhaps Steve F. might know-- I think I remember him
being there, though that was so long ago....  I know the Muffins were
there).  It was Gong only with Yochko Seffer on sax, Chris Cutler on
drums... turned into a predawn jam that the police pulled the plug on, but
then they
continued to play on whatever they could without electricity, with
photographers' lamps illuminating the stage.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa Shannon / DC, USA


From: rvs@crosfield.co.uk (Robert Smith)
Subject: Hillage
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 14:27:00 +0100 (BST)

Hi. Does anyone know who plays the brilliant keyboard solo on Earth Rise off
Steve Hillage`s `Open' album? Apparently, he had both Dave Stewarts' guesting
on the album which is pretty bizarre. For all I know, the two Daves took
it turns to play each solo bit. Just to add to the confusion, Steve Hillage is
also credited in dabbling with the ivories!

Robert Smith - Technical Author
Crosfield Electronics Ltd
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From: Julian Christou <christoj@plk.af.mil>
Subject: New releases
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 08:31:33 -0600 (MDT)

Thanks for the great job with the digest. I sent in a contribution for
the next one, I hope you got it. It's good to see lots of new stuff
coming out, i.e. the Softs and National Health stuff. On the CALYX page
why not put in a page for recent and upcoming releases? If possible give
the release date and also full details, label etc. That way those of us
in cyberspace can check in periodically and see what we've missed and
what we have to save our pennies for. And it's all in one place. Example
would be the upcoming Softs & NH releases, as well as the Caravan
acoustic set, the recent One Way reissues of Softs 4,5,6,7 & Cockayne as
well the NEW release of Live in France. I know there's more I can't
think of right now.

[Good suggestion. I've tried to list the releases I've heard of, but
restricted myself to the CDs of previously unreleased and material, and
the first-ever reissues on CD of old albums. I'm not aware of One Way's
releases of 4,5,6,7 - naturally in France only Land Of Cockayne is in
the shops, because it was previously unavailable on CD. For the rest,
I'll do my best to update the list, but I have to rely more than you
seem to think on the help of other people - A.L.]

Glad to hear that Wyatt is on the mend and look forward, as always, to
his latest material.

Best Regards



From: Jose.Douglas@turner.com
Subject: Gong 1978
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 10:22:14 -0400

Hi all,

In my previous post about seeing Gong in 78 in Los Angeles,
they were booked as "Gong" and not "Planet Gong", or "New York Gong"
I'm pretty sure it was Daevid Allen. His wife (ex-wife?) was also
there. They played mostly the trilogy songs.

[It seems sure this didn't involved any members of the 'classic' lineup
of Gong apart from Daevid and Gilli. Can anyone give the exact line-up ?
Was it New York Gong under the name of Gong, or a special line-up such
as the one with Yochk'o Seffer and Chris Cutler mentioned earlier in this
issue ? - A.L.]

There was no tour they were doing, I think they just did L.A. and that
was it, but I might be mistaken.

Regarding Caravan, I thought Battle of Hastings was a compilation
album; was not aware that it was new material. Anybody have any
comments on that album, I'd like to hear some before I order it.

[Don't expect a return to a more "progressive" approach. Actually this
is quite a disappointment after the very good "Live 1990" CD. This is
really another collection of Pye Hastings' pop songs, which can only
be compared with Caravan's late 70's/early 80's output. Of course,
Caravan fans will still like Pye's voice and melodies, Geoff & Jimmy's
nice solos, David Sinclair's brief solos, some with his trademark organ
sound, but none of the tracks, all under 5 minutes, escapes the conventional
song format - A.L.]



From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: WR: Hoppertunity Box/Gary Windo
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 11:30:52 -0400

RAYMBEN@aol.com  writes:

> Anyone know release dates for the National Health Virgin >Demo album and
Hugh Hopper's "Hopper Tunity Box"?  They're >supposedly coming out on East
Side Digital.

The National Health set *is* coming out on ESD, but Hopper Tunity Box is
definitely NOT coming out on ESD.

Hugh's 1st 3 solo discs ("1984", "Hopper Tunity Box" & "Monster Band") are
all "owned" by a guy named Enzo Hamilton. He licensed 1984 to Mantra Records
a few years ago (although that license has expired & it's now out of print).
I've been trying to get the rights to Hopper Tunity Box for several years, &
even though theoretically Enzo's rights have expired because he didn't do
anything with these releases in the time period stated in his contract with
Hugh, Hugh is somewhat reluctant to take the rights back  via legal means,
when Enzo *did* pay him in good faith. [Hugh's a very honorable fellow & a
great, patient-kinda guy]

So, he's been in touch with Enzo (a hard guy to reach) recently & Enzo
promises that Hopper Tunity Box will be released in the next year or so on a
new label he's setting up. We'll see.

At very worst, I feel confident that if Enzo doesn't do something, it will
come out in some other fashion on some other label.

In other "Canterbury" news, we're releasing a CD in January, '97 of all
unreleased Gary Windo material - this CD was started about 4 years ago before
Gary's death & he knew about it & had some input into it. It's mainly the
[hard] work of Mike King [of "Wrong Movements" fame], & will feature tracks
with many Canterbury "stars", including Gary's "Steam Radio Tapes" unreleased
lp (with Hugh Hopper, Nick Mason, Steve Hillage, etc etc etc ) and a fabulous
outtake from Hugh's "1984" lp).

Raymond also writes:

> Any Ivor Cutler fans out there? [snip] (You know he's Chris
> Cutler's father?)

Ivor is NOT Chris' father. Chris' father was in the foreign service, which is
why Chris was born in America (Washington D.C.) & why Chris is able to hold
dual citizenship & dual passports.

Certainly an interesting rumor though!!

Over & out until next time.

Steve F.
Cuneiform Records


From: "Gary C Hodkinson" <Elysys@dial.pipex.com>
Subject: Re: WR#?
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 18:08:09 +0000

Thanks for organising What's Rattlin'.  It is really re-assuring to
know that I am up to date with what's available and who's doing what.
I don't know whether or not I can contribute anything interesting to
the magazine, but here's my "memoirs" of how I got into my
favourite bands, namely National Health and Hatfield and the North.

As a teenager, I quickly discovered that listening to the 2-hour
John Peel radio program each night was a perfect way to find out what
I liked in the way of music.  I was born in 1960, and so missed many
of the bands in their early years whom I began to appreciate in their
later stages, but in the early to middle 1970's John Peel began to open
my eyes.

I started to make compilation cassettes of the tracks which
interested me, but made the fatal error (in the early days), of not
recording the names of who was playing.  This has come back to
haunt me for many years since I still listen to the "John Peel
Cassettes", trying to work out which bands are playing the tracks
that I like.

(Does anyone out there know who recorded a track entitled "Midnight
on the Bay", sometime around 1976?)

As fate would have it, one night I was recording tracks and waiting
patiently for John to stop waffling on about a track he was about to
play.  I mis-timed the point at which I pressed the "Play" button,
and recorded John explaining that the notes he had for this
particular track said that "Brujo" was Spanish for "Sorcerer" or
"Soccer" - he claimed he could not read the writing (was it Alan
Gowen's scrawl, I wonder?)

Either way, the music started and I decided that it was good enough
to listen to.  By another amazing fluke, I actually failed to press
the "Stop" button when the track ended (probably because of the
abrupt ending), and recorded John saying that it was by a band called
National Health.

Thus started my love affair with their music.

I waited months and months for the first album to come out, and when
I spotted Neil Murray on the cover wearing a red National Health
t-shirt, I went straight out and made one just like it.  Well, I was
only 17........

Shortly after the album was released, they did a tour backing Steve
Hillage and I was there to see them in Birmingham.  Unfortunately
(for them), Steve was late turning up and the band were jeered for
coming on late.  I was confused by the fact that Neil had been
replaced by some stranger on the bass, not yet realising what a fine
subsitute John Greaves made.

The set was perfect - at least that's how I remember it.  As a
drummer first, then a pianist, my attention was firmly focused on
Pip's drumming but I couldn't ignore Dave.  Who can?

When the gig finished, I got a brief few moments talking to Phil who
explained that they were recording a new album, but then I had to
leave to get the last train. This was the last time I saw National
Health playing live - something I still regret.

During the gig, they introduced a track which I had not heard before
which they said was about the "Spaghetti Junction" near Birmingham (a
large motorway interconnection).  I can't remember the name of the
track, but wonder now if it was "Zabaglione".  Can anyone else help
me with this?

In the intervening years, I have telephoned both Dave and Pip and
learnt to like the music they made with Hatfield and the North, but
my heart still belongs to the Health.  Even today, I still listen to
the Complete CD and discover something new to thrill me.  I cannot
for the life of me understand how *anyone* could write and play music
as consistently brilliant as that.

I have noted the date of the forthcoming National Health CD release
in my diary, but have no idea where I am going to get it from.  I
also still look for the first Hatfield and the North CD, but cannot
find it anywhere.  Any help on this would be welcome.

So there we are.  I hope no-one finds this old hippy too boring, but
at least I know there is someone out there who understands why I find
this music so completely absorbing.

Gary Hodkinson


From: MARTIN WAKELING <marwak@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: WR Archie Leggett
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 19:23:45 +0100

Dear Rattlers

>BTW whatever happend to Archie Legget? I have his Virgin single "Jamaican
>Jockey" - no idea who plays on it though.
>[Archie Leggett died in July 1994 - don't know what he'd done since
>leaving Kevin Ayers' band though - that's a long period of time ! - A.L.]

I include Archie's obituary from WAWS #6 hoping it clarifies a few things.



All other events in this issue were overshadowed by the sad news just
received that Archie Leggett had lost the battle against throat cancer and
had passed away during the last week of July (1994). Our immediate
sympathies go to his wife Jenny and his family. Archie came from the same
Glaswegian streets as Maggie Bell and Alex Harvey and started his musical
career with a stand up string bass in a jazz quartet. After a spell with the
Big Six, Archie moved down to London and enjoyed regular work with visiting
American stars who were prohibited from bringing their own bands to the UK -
Brenda Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wilson Pickett, Lee Dorsey, Smokey Robinson and
the Miracles amongst others. The inevitable stint in Hamburg followed in the
early Sixties, playing with Tony Sheridan after the Beatles had left him.
Back in England, Archie played with Beryl Marsden and the Crew before a
month's holiday in Paris turned into a stay which lasted seven years. Work
with Sylvie Vartan, Charles Aznavour, Stan Getz, Eddie Lewis and Francoise
Hardy followed before a more settled period as rocker Johnny Halliday's
bassist. In the UK again, Archie helped to form Wonderwheel with Spooky Tooth
keyboardist Gary Wright and it was this connection which took him into the
1971 'Bananamoon' sessions with Daevid Allen. Readers will know how he came
to meet Kevin as fellow lodgers in Lady June's Maida Vale flat......
Throughout 1972 Archie was Kevin's right hand man in the Archibald duo and
the Banana Follies review, culminating in the much loved 'Bananamour' album.
Throughout the whole of 1973 and 1974 the pair were rarely separated as a
succession of 747 and Soporific line-ups toured. It is a pity that recorded
works by these bands independently of Ayers have still never seen the light
of release. Archie did not record either the Dr Dream or Sweet Deceiver
albums, although he toured to promote them - his schedule during 1974
recording with John Cale, Carol Grimes, Tim Rose and the Coxhill/ Miller duo
stands as a testimony to his desirability as gifted musical director.  In
1975 he joined forces with Kevin Coyne and also released his own 'Jamaican
Jockey' single. Greater reward for his prowess finally came as he rejoined
Gary 'Dream Weaver' Wright in America.....

The story might have finished there but for the wonderful surprise when
Archie was back touring with Kevin again in Europe during November and
December of 1992. Ayers' best work has always needed a strong musical
direction on stage to add depth to what is essentially a very fragile
talent. Kevin Armstrong had rekindled the spark after Ollie's sad death -
Archie was there once again to encircle his old friend's fallibility when
he most needed a bedrock on which to start building again....Those who were
privileged to see Archie on that tour recall his instant geniality and
friendliness, his gentle protection of Kevin's vulnerability when things
were not going quite so well. A musician of crafted artifice,  born with
that slightly stooping, impassive stature that God created uniquely to hold
a bass guitar, slender fingers that could conjure the rhythm of an earthquake
or a single leaf fluttering to the ground..... Loyalty and love and talent
like that can never be bought or sold.  And never forgotten....

                            from 'WHY ARE WE SLEEPING #6  AUGUST 1994)


Regards MARTIN


From: duplanet@global2000.net (David Greenberger)
Subject: Re: WR
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 14:50:19 -0400

Thanks for getting this going. I got the first Caravan and first two Soft
Machine albums when they were released, with money from a paper route.
That's all I'd do with the money - buy albums. This was in Erie, PA and
there was a DJ on the Top 40 radio station who'd bring the albums home and
sell them out of his house for a buck each. And off I went. Those Soft
Machine albums especially (along with Bonzo Dog Band, Captain Beefheart and
Frank Zappa) grabbed ahold of my 13-14 year old brain and taught me that
rules could be broken and then was more than one way to consider anything.

David Greenberger


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Old Rottenhat's Journal
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 12:27 -0200

I've just been reading an old issue of Manfred Bress's "Canterbury
Nachrichten", and found an ad for "Old Rottenhat's Journal - The Newsletter/
Fanzine Aimed At The Fans of Robert Wyatt". This is supposedly run by a
guy named Terry Valderas from Portland, Oregon (USA).
Does anybody know about this ?



From: Jeffrey Melton <Jeffrey_Melton@hysoft.com>
Subject: Re: WR#2
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 04:58:22 -0400

Glad to see that the newsletter has some people who've seen the classic
Canterbury bands whom I've loved for a longtime. I'm completely and utterly
envious of course!

A few questions:

1. Does anyone have a live tape of the joint Gilgamesh/Hatfield show which
was done in 74/75 time frame ? I believe there is a review of it from Melody
Maker I saw somewhere: possibly in Facelift. I may have a few rarities to
offer in return.

[As far as I know the joint Hatfield/Gilgamesh gigs took place in November
1973. I don't think any bootlegs of these are in circulation. But I'm
pretty sure the Easter '74 concert by Hatfield, celebrating the release
of their first album, which had countless guests such as Robert Wyatt,
The Northettes, Alan Gowen, Jimmy Hastings, Geoff Leigh etc. was recorded.
With good sound ? I don't know. After all, most of us thought the Drury
Lane concert by Wyatt in '74 hadn't been recorded until a version of
'Calyx' with perfect sound emerged on a recent compilation put out by
Virgin... - A.L.]

2. Is there interest in posting press release info? I have a pretty rare
press release from Visa records in 77(?) for the first National Health which
was some neat/funny band bio stuff I could post.

[If you think it's interesting and/or entertaining, please do ! - A.L.]

3. Does anyone know where I can find a CD copy of Gilgamesh's first album?
I saw one once in Berlin in 91, but not since then. Any Mail order reference
pointers would be appreciated.

[It's only been released in Japan, several years ago, and is now very hard
to find. I bought my copy two years ago from Mike Lloyd Mail Order in
England, but I seem to remember it was their last copy - A.L.]

FYI: Sean Ahern has been talking about trying to get Caravan to tour the
states this year based on his success with the recend Gong Tour. Maybe if
Sean's out there, he chime in a let us know what's going on. If not, I'll see
if I can find out what's rattlin'

Jeff M.


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: News from Mark Hewins
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 13:51:57 +0300

Most of you will already be familiar with Mark Hewins, who has been one
of the most active Canterbury-related musicians in the last 20 years.
He is also the man behind the Musart website, which one year ago was the
very first site devoted to Canterbury music.
I have selected parts of a message Mark sent me regarding his current


Soft Heap recently rehearsed in London. The line-up has been the same
since Mark took over from Alan Gowen in 1981 : Elton Dean (sax), Mark
Hewins (gtr), John Greaves (bass) and Pip Pyle (drums).
There are no solid plans at the moment, although they would "love to do
some concerts". Any promoters in the WR readership ?
Later this year, Impetus will release a double CD of two Soft Heap concerts
from 1982 and 1988 at the Club Dunois, a very nice venue in Paris. "All the
Music is very consistant; though 6 years apart, it's still the same band and
chemical reaction (evident at the rehearsal!)".
The other good news is that Impetus want to do a 'CD release party' at the
Jazz Cafe in London. "Finances permitting it's likely, but the way finances
are, I don't know...".


"Voiceprint have now scheduled the release of the Polite force CD for the
Autumn (definitely) - Yes; the name was 'borrowed' from D. Stewart. We could
have easily called the band the 'Civil surface' - an equally great

"I mastered and compiled the CD myself after Rob had rescued the tape and
I'm more than pleased with the result. It sounds as if it was recorded
yesterday! I will also make sure the cover is interesting for everyone too.
Is this what they call total artistic control?... Yeah!".

"Jerry Darby (who incidentally is doing the sound for Lou Reed on his current
world tour - a v.v.small world we live in!) is in the UK at the moment. He
engineered and produced all the original Polite force recordings,  at the
same time we were doing Dave Sinclairs 'Moon over man'".

"Jerry was always a member of the band really, although there wasn't much
mention of his very large and altruistic (now) contribution on Dave's
thing..... Nor anyone else... Ha!... I'll certainly get Dave's name in BIG
letters on the 'Polite' CD cover.... FEATURING, FROM CARAVAN!!! etc.etc."

"I can't believe both albums were recorded at the same time with the same
equipment, (and mostly the same people). They sound so totally different;
There again; Dave had >'total artistic control'< and he decided to change
Jeremy's expert engineering himself to suit a style he wanted to project.
Anyway 3 days ago I played Jerry the CDR master of Polite force and he
reckoned it sounded BETTER than when we did it ("we can afford better
monitors these days", he pointed out!)".

"I still havn't decided on the name of the Polite CD yet; probably
"Canterbury connections" or some such thing mentioning the good 'ol town!
(Can't really call it Polite force after all... Ha ha ha he ho...)"


"John Greaves asked me to stay on in Paris to help with his new recording,
as did Faton Cahen (I have a standing invitation to play at his regular gig
at the 'Duc des Lombards'). Shyamal suggested we could record too; but I had
to be back in London for a previously arranged meeting (Lou Reed, concert
at Wembley). But I'll definitely be doing some Music with John. Probably
when he gets back from Copenhagen...".

[Note : Faton Cahen (ex-piano player in Magma and Zao) has a residency at
the Duc des Lombards in Paris. I saw his band last Autumn, and they were
incredible ! This has Patrick Tilleman (previously of Zao, Forgas, Gwendal),
and a brilliant young drummer, Charly Doll - A.L.]


"Voiceprint are releasing the MASHU CD in Sept-Oct. We are about 2/3 of the
way through the compilation stage at the moment. Impetus also will release
selected MASHU improvisations (recorded at the same time) in 1997".

MASHU will be recording in Paris in June, and touring Benelux and France
in the Autumn (Sept/Nov).

[Good news that label problems seem to have been solved !]

Thanks very much to Mark for all these exciting news. Mark has just finished
redecorating his home studio. The first visitor will be a fellow named
Richard S., with whom MH last worked with 5 years ago...

A. Leroy


                             END OF ISSUE #3

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