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From: Vernon Fitch <Vernon_Fitch@notes.cch.com>
Subject: some interesting videos
Date: 29 Oct 96 16:02:34

A while back, there was some discussion about the Daevid Allen New York Gong
tour of 1979. I recently acquired some interesting video footage from the tour.

The video is from the Los Angeles Manifestival on May 12, 1979. The infor-
mation I was given about this video is that a woman brought in some video
equipment to the festival and shot five reels of footage from right in front
of the stage. It was all shot in black and white and her motivation in
shooting it was to test out her new video equipment, and not to shoot any
particular artist.
Due to the fact that she had little interest in the artists, she erased four
of the reels and only one is left. The total time of the video I have is 19
minutes and shows Daevid up close along with other members of the group.
Unfortunately, the quality of the video is lacking (songs are not complete and
there are dropouts). But it remains an interesting documentation from the

I also just got in a video of Caravan performing Magic Man in 1969. The video
is in black and white and appears to be from a TV show. Although I expected
it to be from the Bremen Beat Club in Germany, there is no evidence that it
may be from this show. Anyone know where it might be from?


From: Guy Jeffrey <guy@sol.com.au>
Subject: various
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 18:35:06 +1000

I wonder if the WR readers share my feeling... do you think that Gentle
Giant qualify as a Canterbury Sounding band. I know that there do not share
band members from other Canterbury bands, but their sound!... sensational...
and time changes etc. mark them very similar to lots of C bands.
What do you think?

Lastly, am I wrong, but is C music (& prog rock generally) getting more
popular recently. I wonder if National Health for instance, have sold more
CDs that they did records?

Kind Regards



From: nickl@lsi-logic.co.uk (nick loebner)
Subject: InCa/Caravan Gig
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 96 11:55:12 GMT

In Cahoots last night were superb! It was great to see them in front of
such a large appreciative audience. They concluded with a totally
awesome rendition of "Half Life" from the new disc. I hear they sold a
hatful of CDs too. Excellent. If you like the new CD (and you really
should), you should do everything possible to catch them live in the
new year. The extra dimension added in live performance is a

Caravan's set had a heavy bias towards Pye's more recent songs. But
included an excellent rendition of Nine Feet Underground, embellished
to great effect by a virtuoso guitarist (Doug ---?). This was a seven
piece lineup - Pye, Richard, David and Jimmy, augmented by new bassist
Jim Leverton, the new guitarist and percussionist (again I missed the
name). They opened strongly, the second guitar providing a fuller
soundscape compared to other recent performances. The conclusion to the
set revisited old faves "For Richard", "Golf Girl" and "If I Could..."
in the new arrangements showcased on "All Over You" (should have been
"Caravan Unhitched"!). However I think I should leave a detailed review
to someone more enthusiastic for Pye's more "pop song" orientated

*** In Cahoots new CD "Parallel" is now out. Reach for your wallet! ***

Still enthusing!
- Nick.


From: drashcraft@juno.com (DAVID R. ASHCRAFT)
Subject: Live Tapes
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 1996 00:40:25 EST

[In WR#28 Syd Schwartz wrote:]
>I am looking for some live Canterbury music [...]

I may have some things of interest for you. There are also several legit
(ie non-bootleg) sources that I urge you to try as at least the artists
will get some income out of those. An example of this is the Steve
Hillage shows available from GAS USA taped from the BBC during the
Motivation Radio tour. Both are excellent. As far as Stevie goes I've
never seen Khan boots but I do have a fairly decent show from the Marquee
club featuring most of Fish Rising.

My real gem is a superb National Health boot from Hull U. (where I went
to school in 1977) featuring most of the 2nd LP played live plus Tenemos
Roads. Quality is excellent for a stereo mike (non-soundboard) tape. I
have the master tape so hiss is minimal. I also have 12 other Health
tapes including several with nice recording quality from the 1979 U.S.
tour (without Dave Stewart). I've got some Hatfield stuff too but the
quality is rather questionable.

One real find was the Hatfield and caravan BBC tapes that Richard
Sinclair sold during his U,S. tour. Quality on both is excellent! I also
have a great video of Richard's show in Chicago at the Abbey Pub in 1994.

Your taste is very similar to mine--quality instrumental music with a few
quirks. I would be most interested in what you have to trade. I must
confess that I'm a bit of a stickler for good quality recordings as i've
come to believe that life is too short for bad (or even mediocre) boots.
Having said that, I do have lots of tapes of historical significance that
are of interest to true collectors. I just find that I prefer radio
broadcasts or soundboard quality tapes these days.

I'd be happy to arrange a few trades if you've got some stuff that sounds
like it would fit the bill. If you're one of those organized folks who
has a list please e-mail it or send it to me at: 1323 Ada Lane, Naperville,
IL 60540.

Long live great music!!
                          Cheers, Dave


From: Phil Howitt <phil@facelift.sonnet.co.uk>
Subject: various
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 96 21:54:50 +0000


Did you know that John G Perry was on Top of the Pops II at the weekend, with
Quantum Jump from years and years ago?

A couple of things from WR - a good source of info for GF Fitzgerald might be
contacting Lady June (her address is in the latest Facelift). Also, I couldn't
agree with your correspondent re Billy Jenkins at the QEH which also included
Stewart and Gaskin - it was one of the most hilarious musical events I've
seen, and that's coming from someone who was mainly there for Stewart/Gaskin.
A huge pisstake played by consummate musicians. I'm sure Dave Stewart himself
would have approved.


From: Daniel Ray Phipps <"phipps@3rddoor.com"@3rddoor.com>
Subject: Peter Blegvad material!!
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 23:38:31 -0800

Hello from America! --

Saw your Canterbury web-page on the Net (very, very nice!!) and am
DESPERATE for some of your Peter Blegvad material!  For example:  "The
Naked Shakespeare" and "Knights Like This" on CD!  DOES IT EVEN EXIST
ANYMORE???  I keep coming up on dead ends whenever I try to obtain it
from somewhere!  Do you know of any connections that could be made so I
could get these discs?  Any information would be appreciated, of course!

I'm also interested in the fact that Blegvad has put out what seems to
be a German-language album with John Greaves.  (Could this be another
"arty" project along the lines of "Unearthed?")  Do you have access to
this recording, too?  Please inform me as to what to do here as I stated
before I AM DESPERATE!!!

Thank you for any help you can supply (from one Peter Blegvad fan to
another)...You may have saved a life today.

Most sincerely,

-- Danny Phipps

[Fellow WRers - your help is requested ! - AL]


From: nickl@lsi-logic.co.uk (nick loebner)
Subject: Pip Pyle
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 96 15:10:00 GMT

Hello Aymeric, hello all,

I have just finished annotating an interview I did with M. Pippovich, the Pipmeister (okay Pip Pyle) in 1993 (which first appeared abbreviated in Facelift Eleven). Mark Hewins has posted this on his very wonderful website. Follow the appropriate links from the Musart site or Calyx or go directly to:-


Don't forget, Pip's long-awaited solo effort should be completed in the
new year. There will be an accompanying article in Facelift with Pip
himself introducing each track!

Groove groove,
- Nick.


From: Vernon Fitch <Vernon_Fitch@notes.cch.com>
Subject: Peter Blegvad Ensemble
Date:  7 Nov 96 10:51:27

I have a question for the group. In 1980, the Peter Blegvad Ensemble played
some shows in New York. Does anyone know who the musicians in the band were?

[I'd also welcome info on any gigs performed by Blegvad and John Greaves at
the time of "Kew.Rhone", in 1977-78 - AL]


From: Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject: various
Date: 7 Nov 1996 18:53:48 +0000

Just a few things before I send this issue out to you :

- I was in London last week, saw the In Cahoots/Caravan concert in London,
interviewed Pye Hastings (will transcript this soon) and had John G Perry
on the phone who promised he would soon send me the replies to a list of
questions I'd sent him long ago... Great !

- I am currently putting together new pages for the CALYX website. My idea
is to make things clearer by having one page for each band/musician. So
there will be individual profiles of Dave Stewart, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle,
as well as pages on Egg, Henry Cow, Soft Heap etc.
What I need is any biographical info on the musicians, like birthdates,
"family trees" (like Peter Frame's), and any interesting trivia. I've already
added some of these new pages, and in a matter of weeks, CALYX will be comple-
tely reorganized, and will hopefully be more convenient to consult.
Please keep sending me suggestions, corrections, etc. !

Aymeric L.


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[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Nov  7 - Barog, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov  8 - Noorderlicht, Tilberug, Netherlands
Nov 10 - L'Abattoir, Lillier, France
Nov 11 - Atelier, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France
Nov 12 - MJC, Nice, France (TBC)
Nov 13 - Genoa, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 14 - Totom, Vichenza, Italy
Nov 15 - Novara (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 16 - Spilimbergo (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 19 - Nantes, France (venue TBC)
Nov 20 - Marseille, France (venue TBC)
Nov 21 - Paris (Bataclan), France
Nov 22 - Aeronef, Lille, France
Nov 23 - VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

Nov 12 - Whitstable

[Mark Hewins-Hugh Hopper-Shyamal Maitra + special guest Elton Dean]
Nov 26 - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 29 - Die (Drome), France
Nov 30 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France

[Daevid Allen-Graham Clark-Mark Robson]
Dec - UK and/or European tour (TBC)

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