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From: Phil Franks <philfran@mur.hnet.es>
Subject: RE: Where is G.F. Fitzgerald
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 02:53:17 +0000

[In WR#26 Steve Feigenbaum wrote :]
> I have a friend who is trying to hunt down guitarist G.F. Fitzgerald
> [Canterbury pedigree, if needed: (1) performed on Guitar Solos II (2) solo
> album "Mouseproof" included reedman Lyn Dobson, of Soft Machine].
> If anyone has any ideas or leads, please email me.

Gerry is an old friend of mine, this summer I saw Simon Prestwich who shared
a flat with Gerry at the time of Mouseproof, and did the inside sleeve
photographic collage. I'm preparing a feature at the Philm freax Archive on
Gerry including a review I wrote of the album for Friends magazine, and
is writing a bio of Gerry for it. I'll ask Gerry if I can put you in touch
with him.

Phil Franks


From: "Jeffrey S. Kamil" <harryhat@wco.com>
Subject: Nat. Health
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 22:07:09 -0700 (PDT)

I've had the fortune to pick up the "Missing Pieces" CD today.
It's fantastic!

In the liner notes There is mention that the "Walking the Dog" track was
recorded at the Squat theater on Long Island. If my memory serves me well,
The Squat was actually in Manhatten.  Someone please correct me if I'm
wrong. It was a great show! They also played at the Bottom Line earlier that
week. What a treat! I got to see Pip and Phil twice in one week. These
performances being my first live experience with these two, it was quite a
thrill! The Squat was named this because there were no seats. You literally
had to squat or sit on the floor. It was well worth the discomfort.

Does anyone know if Caravan has any plans to try to tour in the states
again. It's been many years and I would love to hear them perform songs from
the "Battle of Hastings" album (are we still calling them albums?).
I know that this has already been mentioned on this list, but could someone
please give me a list of Short Wave's CDs, and which one would be
recommended to buy first. Is there info on the Calyx web page?

                   Thanks, Jeff (H" the H")

[I don't know about any plans for a US tour by Caravan, this seems pretty
unlikely, given that the members of the band have to free themselves from
their "proper jobs" to go out on tour. When I met him last week, Geoff
Richardson mentioned plans for a European tour in 1997, but nothing else.
As concerns Short Wave, only one CD has been released so far : "Live" from
1993, which actually is a mix of live and studio recordings made in France
in late 1992. The band is still active, but I don't know about any plans
for a second CD - AL]


From: bc71445@binghamton.edu
Subject: Re: WR#25
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 13:00:16 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Aymeric,

I just got a response from Hugh that will prove invaluable to my article.
I was wondering if you have any chart info for the Soft Machine, Kevin
Ayers, Matching Mole, or Caravan, as far as their records charting in
countries like France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, or anyplace
besides the US and Britain.

Thanks again,

Catch you on the flip side,


[No chart positions are given in Peter Frame's family trees, that's either
because the albums didn't chart, or because such info wasn't considered
necessary... I know a lot of books exist that compile chart positions, so
if anyone can be of help, please send this to WR. I for one would be inte-
rested to know... - AL]


From: nomad@netrover.com
Subject: Keith Tippett Group-"Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening"
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 19:01:44 -0700

Hi Rattlers!!!

If anyone in the U.S. or CANADA can tell me where I could find the
recording of THE KEITH TIPPETT GROUP-"Dedicated To You But You Weren't
Listening", it would be greatly appreciated. My friend Earl Rapp from
New Jersey is looking for it, but he hasn't been successful yet. The CD
format would be excellent. I would be willing to send money-order and
shipping if anyone can find it.

Thanks a whole lot.-----------JULIAN "Ranting Man" from CANADA


From: Clay Gaunce <CGAUNCE@UKCC.UKY.EDU>
Subject: "The Trip" playlists
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 12:04:38 EDT

[Following is some info that Clay Gaunce mailed to me about his radio
show "The Trip". It was originally for inclusion on Calyx, but as I know
some of you have no access to the WWW, I thought it could be interesting
to introduce potential listeners of its existence. Please don't flame
Clay for "advertising" his activities - it's my own initiative, so flame
ME... ! - AL]

"The Trip" (U.S.A.):  Prog journeyman Clay Gaunce began in 1972 hosting
progressive radio shows in Florida.  His current show is heard Saturdays
from 3:00-6:00 p.m. on WRFL (88.1 FM) in Lexington, Kentucky.  Canterbury
music has long been a staple of his broadcasts.

WRFL has just inaugurated a web page:


Playlists :

"The Trip" - 10/19/96:
Lancaster-Lumley  Take Off/Sail on Solar Winds         Marscape
Genesis           Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers/   Wind and Wuthering
                    In That Quiet Earth
Bo Hansson        A Journey in the Dark                Lord of the Rings
Bo Hansson        Divided Reality                      Magician's Hat
Bo Hansson        Waiting                              Attic Thoughts
Blue Oyster Cult  Screams/She's as Beautiful as a Foot S/T
Wishbone Ash      Queen of Torture                     S/T
Deep Purple       Into the Fire                        In Rock
Gentle Giant      Nothing at All/Why Not?              S/T
E.L.P.            Karn Evil 9, 1st Impression, Pt. 1   Brain Salad Surgery
Tony McPhee       The Hunt, Pt. 4                      Two Sides of Tony McPhee
Wilde Flowers     The Big Show                         S/T
Syd Barrett       No Good Trying                       The Madcap Laughs
Soft Machine      A Door Opens and Closes/10:30        Volume 2
                     Returns to the Bedroom
King Crimson      B'Boom/THRAK                         THRAK
Anekdoten         Where Solitude Remains               Vemod
Curved Air        Piece of Mind                        Second Album
Stomu Yamash'ta   Freedom is Frightening               Freedom is Frightening
Frank Zappa       Stink Foot                           Apostrophe (')
Robert Wyatt      East Timor                           Old Rottenhat
Robert Wyatt      N.I.O./Dondestan                     Dondestan
Robert Wyatt      Strange Fruit                        Nothing Can Stop Us
Pink Floyd        Echoes                               Meddle

"The Trip" - 10/12/96:
French TV         Vacilando                          After a Lengthy Silence
Caravan           Winter Wine                        In the Land of Grey & Pink
Camel             Chord Changes                      Moonmadness
Wishbone Ash      The Pilgrim                        Pilgrimage
Yes               Long Distance Runaround/The Fish   Fragile
French TV         Go Like This                       After a Lengthy Silence
Matching Mole     Gloria Gloom                       Little Red Record
Eno               Driving Me Backwards               Here Come the Warm Jets
E.L.P.            Promenade/The Sage                 Pictures at an Exhibition
Renaissance       Mother Russia                      Turn of the Cards
National Health   Dreams Wide Awake                  Of Queues and Cures
French TV         Friendly Enzymes                   After a Lengthy Silence
Kevin Ayers       Lunatics Lament/Pisser Dans un...  Shooting at the Moon
Colosseum         Bring Out Your Dead                Daughter of Time
Audience          Jackdaw                            The House on the Hill
Jethro Tull       Dharma for One                     This Was
French TV         ...and the dead dog leaped up...   After a Lengthy Silence
Gentle Giant      Mr. Class & Quality/Three Friends  Three Friends
Brand X           Nuclear Burn                       Unorthodox Behaviour
Frank Zappa       I Come from Nowhere                Ship Arriving Too Late...
French TV         A Tab in the Ocean                 After a Lengthy Silence

"The Trip:  Midnight in the Afternoon" - 10/26/96
Curved Air       Phantasmagoria/Whose Shoulder Are You  Phantasmagoria
                   Looking Over Anyway/Over and Above
Bob Johnson and  Witch                                  The King of Elfland's
  Pete Knight                                             Daughter
Louise Huebner   Witchcraft                             The Occult Explosion
Gong             ...witches spell/Witches Song/I am     Flying Teapot
                      your pussy
Peter Gabriel    Intruder                               S/T
Michael Mantler  The Hapless Child                      The Hapless Child
The Enid         Death/The Reaper                       In the Region of the
                                                          Summer Stars
Incredible       Witches Hat                            The Hangman's
  String Band                                             Beautiful Daughter
Gentle Giant     Edge of Twilight                       Acquiring the Taste
Eno              Energy Fools the Magician              Before & After Science
Beatles          Blue Jay Way                           Magical Mystery Tour
Black Sabbath    Black Sabbath                          S/T
Savoy Brown      Hellbound Train                        Hellbound Train
Strawbs          Ghosts                                 Ghosts
Rosemary Brown   Spiritualism/"Grubelei"                The Occult Explosion
P.F.M.           Photos of Ghosts                       Photos of Ghosts
Gentle Giant     The Moon is Down                       Acquiring the Taste
Caravan          C'thlu                                 For Girls...
Alice Cooper     Unfinished Sweet                       Billion Dollar Babies
Heldon           Psylocybine                            IV
King Crimson     One More Red Nightmare                 Red
Bill Bruford     Beelzebub                              Feels Good to Me
Anton LaVey      Satanism                               The Occult Explosion
Black Widow      Come to the Sabbat                     The Occult Explosion
The Enid         The Devil                              In the Region of
                                                          the Summer Stars
Audience         The House on the Hill                  The House on the Hill
Gentle Giant     The House, The Street, The Room        Acquiring the Taste
Michael Mantler  The Insect God                         The Hapless Child
King Crimson     THRAK/Fearless and Highly THRaKked     THRaKaTTaCK


From: Mark_Panagos@intersolv.com
Subject: Books
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 96 11:30:04 EST

In reading about the history of Gong, I saw mention of Daevid Allen's
autobiography, "Gong Dreaming."  I had my local bookstore do a search
for it and the search turned up nothing.  Does anyone know anything
about the availability of this book?

Also, in the liner notes for the Soft Machine album "Spaced," there is
a reference to the Robert Wyatt biography, "Wrong Movements."  Again,
no success when the book store conducted its search.  Anybody know


From: d-wayne@lanl.gov (Dave Wayne)
Subject: Isotope - current whereabouts
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 15:19:50 -0600

The news comes so fast & furious that latecomers like me have to be careful
not to present redundant information... therefore I've been ploughing
through the back issues of WR to see what people have been asking about. In
WR #2, there was an exchange regarding the whereabouts of some of the
members of Isotope:

Q: Hi. Someone mentioned that Hugh Hopper played in Isotope. Is this true? Did
anyone else connected with the Canterbury scene play in this band?

A: [Hugh Hopper was in Isotope from 1974 to 1976, playing on their second and
(part of) third album. It was through his involvement in Stomu Yamash'ta's
East Wind that Hopper first met Gary Boyle - a guitarist involved on the
British jazz/rock scene since the mid-60's, playing with Brian Auger's
Trinity and appearing on Keith Tippett's second album. The drummer in
Isotope was Nigel Morris, who worked again with Hopper on the "Hopper
Tunity Box" album of 1976, and in live context as exemplified by the
bonus tracks on Cuneiform's reissue of the Hopper-Gowen album. I under-
stand Boyle has released a comeback album recently. Anyone with more
info is welcome to submit them - A.L.]

Here are my 2 cents... Gary Boyle was very active in the UK music scene
while I was ther (1990 to 1992). He toured with at least 3 different groups,
only one of which I got to see. The first (...the one I saw) was a 8- or 10-
piece band with a horn section called "Crosstown Traffic" that played
exclusively the music of Jimi Hendrix. I liked what i heard, although the
vocals (by Gary Boyle) left a lot to be desired (...sorry). The other bands
I didn't see, but i sure wish that i had... one was a quartet with Eberhard
Weber on bass (I can't recall other band members). Evidently, Gary &
Eberhard met in a recording studio 20-odd years ago & struck up a friendship
which resulted in their musical collaboration. A CD was supposed to come of
this, but I've heard nothing about it since. The other band was a "power
trio" with ex-Andy Sheppard drummer Caroline Boaden (...i think the spelling
of her name is correct...).

...as for Nigel Morris, I recall a conversation I had with Paul Hession,
(who is one of THE finest drummers in the European free-improv scene) who
knew Nigel Morris. Paul told me that, after Isotope broke up, Morris joined
an avant-garde jazz band called "The Siger Band" (also featuring George
Haslam, Paul Rutherford, Pete MacPhail and others). Morris recorded a live
LP with this group in 1983 ("Live in Hungary" on Spotlite Records & probably
still available through Cadence / North Country). He then became a
'born-again' Christian (...or maybe he already was one... i can't recall
precisely) & eventually left the Siger Band & the secular music world
altogether shortly thereafter. Supposedly he was active for a time doing
"christian" music in the UK, but i can't confirm this. Anyway, Paul Hession
replaced Morris in the Siger Band & recorded at least one LP with them ("The
Healing" also on Spotlite).


Hope this is of interest to someone out there!!!!

Take Care,
Dave Wayne


From: Mark Hewins [forwarded to WR by AL]
Subject: GIG in Whitstable
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 00:32:34 +0100 (BST)

Just a short note to tell you  Hugh and I are gigging as a 'power trio' with
Vince Clarke in Whitstable on the 12 November... Just before the MASHU
mini-tour of France!


From: zolumbo@flinet.com
Subject: question about r wyatt lyrics
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 02:49:27 -0500


maybe you can help me regarding a r wyatt question. i remember a j peel
show, wyatt sang played piano & dubbed percussion. lyrics on first verse

and later we had coffee
and the cream spilled on the sheets
and you said leave it i can clean it when youve gone and
underneath the chaos of your hair
arond you pretty face & shoulders
you were thinking 'bastard you bastard'.

it is one of my favourite all time songs but ive never found it on cd.

do you know what it is called?  is it on cd?


[The song is called "Instant Pussy". It was recorded for a Top Gear session
on November 10th, 1969, and broadcast on November 29th. The info comes from
Mike King's "Wrong Movements" book. Wyatt performed this on "vocal, piano
and electronic bleeps". The full lyrics are included in the book. Actually
this was recorded during the same session as the septet performance of
the "Mousetrap" medley. It has never been officially released, as far as I
know... - AL]


From: "James L. Kirchmer" <jamesk@jamesk.seanet.com>
Subject: Soft Machine rarities?
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 23:04:47 -0700

Hello there -

this being my first post to this wonderful list, I suppose I should
identify myself.  I am 26 years old, and live in Seattle, WA, USA,
where I not too long ago graduated with a BA in International Business
from the University of Washington, and am currently pursuing a
certificate in Sound Production via the University's "extension"
program.  Someday I hope to integrate the two disciplines by starting
up a record label with a very sophisticated "global presence". (!)

Anyways, I post today not to provide information, but to ask for it,
so to speak.  I actually am in search of some Soft Machine rarities,
as an acquaintance of mine that collects Soft Machine music(owns ALL
the commercially available items, of course, and snaps up new ones
AS they come out...) would LOVE to hear any live tapes of Soft
Machine from their tour with Percy Jones on Bass(75?76?77?)
He also would LOVE to hear any tapes of the band with Steve Cook on
bass('77 tours or perhaps the Ronnie Scotts show from '84?).

[Percy Jones was the bass player of Soft Machine from september 1976 to
early 1977 when Steve Cook was recruited - AL]

PLENTY of interesting prog-rock/jazz rarities can be traded in return
for the above(or any other essential Soft Machine rarities for that
matter - the interest does not lie EXCLUSIVELY with the above tours...)

Btw, the individual in question (who cannot get enough of this music)
is Fred Chalenor, an extremely talented professional bass player....
Perhaps some of you are familiar with some of the projects he's been
involved in, such as Wayne Horvitz's Pigpen....

[Fred is also known for his work in Caveman Shoestore and in particular
the "Caveman Hughscore" CD with Hugh Hopper from last year - AL]

Thanks for putting up with this blatant grovel for "bootlegs" - and I
hope to add some quality info to the list, or perhaps pass along some
interesting info on Fred's behalf.  He is not "wired" yet.....

Sincerely yours,
James Kirchmer


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[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Oct 25 - Phantasy Club, Cleveland
Oct 26 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]
Oct 27 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]

[Pye Hastings-David Sinclair-Jim Leverton-Richard Coughlan-Jimmy Hastings]
Oct 28 - Palace Theatre, Newark (Notts) (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 163671156]
Oct 29 - Town Hall, High Wycombe (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1494461000]
Oct 30 - Pavillion, Bath (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1225448860]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (w/In Cahoots) [tel : 1714340403]
Nov  1 - Penytheol L.C., Swansea (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1792897039]
Nov  2 - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1902312030]
Nov  3 - Waterfront, Norwich (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1603632717]
Nov  4 - Assembly Halls, Royal Tunbridge Wells (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1892532072]

Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (opening for Caravan) [tel : 1714340403]

Nov  7 - Barog, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov  8 - Noorderlicht, Tilberug, Netherlands
Nov 10 - L'Abattoir, Lillier, France
Nov 11 - Atelier, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France
Nov 12 - MJC, Nice, France (TBC)
Nov 13 - Genoa, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 14 - Totom, Vichenza, Italy
Nov 15 - Novara (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 16 - Spilimbergo (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 19 - Nantes, France (venue TBC)
Nov 20 - Marseille, France (venue TBC)
Nov 21 - Paris (Bataclan), France
Nov 22 - Aeronef, Lille, France
Nov 23 - VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

Oct 20 - Cafe de Groot, Eindhoven, Netherlands [16.00 hrs]

Nov  9 - Dizzy Debbie's Cafe, Los Angeles (Ca)
Nov 13 - The West End, Santa Monica (Ca)
Nov 23 - Aron's Records, Hollywood (Ca)
Dec  1 - Poo-Bah Records, Pasadena (Ca)
Dec  2 - The Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica (Ca)
Dec  9 - The Baked Potato, North Hollywood (Ca) [2 shows]
[more dates TBA - hopefully a dozen or so]

Nov 12 - Whitstable

[Mark Hewins-Hugh Hopper-Shyamal Maitra + special guest Elton Dean]
Nov 26 - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 29 - Die (Drome), France
Nov 30 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France

[Daevid Allen-Graham Clark-Mark Robson]
Dec - UK and/or European tour (TBC)

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