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From: geg@water.waterw.com (Rich Rapp - Grey Eye Glances)
Subject: Richard Sinclair USA
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 23:00:00 -0400

[In WR#25, Mark Cose <Mark@megabytecoffee.com> wrote:]
>Subject: Concert info for Richard Sinclair in Los Angeles, Nov/Dec 96
>We now have three confirmed dates (hopefully, we'll have ten or twelve in
>the end).

Tell Richard the East Coast is dieing to see him!!!. Phila., Boston, NY.,
Baltimore, etc. are all "close" gigs with heavy fan base. Come on over to
the East Coast!!!!



From: Eric Rutten <Eric.Rutten@irisa.fr>
Subject: "Memories" cover
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:51:21 +0200

[In WR#25, Bill Rosenblatt wrote:]
>I think the version you refer to is by the group Material, from their second
>album, which came out around 1982.  I think the title of the album was "One
>Down."  Don Cherry played on this album.  From what I remember, the vocalist
>was not Annette Peacock -- it was Nona Hendryx (from Labelle).

I have that album, and Nona Hendrix does sing on it, but on Memories it is
Whitney Houston singing (yes, THE Whitney Houston, who wasn't as well known
then). It is quite a bit strange to imagine Whitney Houston doing a cover of
Robert Wyatt, indeed, but well, those things happen ...



From: "Jamie Mellway" <jamie.mellway@space.gc.ca>
Subject: WR: phone number
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 96 9:09:59 EDT

Jose Douglas mentioned that the phone number for the Gong show was for the
wrong state, the Montreal number you gave is in Washington State.

Oct 26 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]
Oct 27 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]

BTW, Montreal's area code is 514.


From: dshaw@tiac.net (David G. Shaw)
Subject: Material's "Memories"
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:32:05 -0400

I thought this had been hashed out on this list already, but I'll correct
Bill Rosenblatt's reply:

The version of "Memories" on Material's "One Down" is sung by Whitney
Houston. It is her first recorded appearance.


From: richard <normdeplume@megabytecoffee.com>
Subject: Update on Richard Sinclair concerts in Los Angeles, Nov/Dec 96
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 18:48:18 -0700

We have yet another confirmed date!

Monday, 9 December 96
two shows - 9.30 pm and 11.30 pm
The Baked Potato North Hollywood
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North Hollywood

There is also a Baked Potato in Pasadena; we may been adding a date
there as well.

Till next time,
Richard Derrick
(I had to use someone else's user name to get online; please ignore
whatever name appears at the top.  Thanks!)


From: LOLOREC@aol.com (LoLo Records)
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 09:57:29 -0400

LoLo Records has just wrapped up production on the latest Gongzilla record
"Thrive". This record is the follow-up to their debut release "Suffer", voted
#3 fusion record of 1995 in Pulse! Magazine by Bill Milkowski. The band
consists of ex-Gong members Bon Lozaga...guitar... Hansford Rowe...bass...
Benoit Moerlen...mallets/vibes... and new comer to the group, Gary Husband.
Gary is perhaps best known for his work as the drummer for Allan Holdsworth,
Level 42, and Gary Moore. Gary has recently been playing drums and keyboards
with Billy Cobham. Also lending his unique talents to the record is guitarist
David Torn. The group began recording at TMP Recording Studio in Berlin, N.J.
in August and the record will hit store shelves in October. Watch for a
European and American tour in early 1997.

Another LoLo Records album slated for release on Sept. 6 is "Standing In
Stereo", the debut album from guitarist GENO WHITE. This instrumental rock
album features Geno White along with guitar legend Harvey Mandel. Hansford
Rowe plays bass and Bon Lozaga guests on a few tracks.

BON "To The Bone" was released on Aug. 1. The album features Bon Lozaga,
Hansford Rowe and Vic Stevens on drums with special guests David Torn, Caryn
Lin, and Geno White.

Contact LOLO RECORDS for further information:
Ph: 609-829-1536
Fax: 609-829-8421
e-mail: lolorec@aol.com


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: Where is G.F. Fitzgerald
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 11:24:24 -0400


I have a friend who is trying to hunt down guitarist G.F. [Gerald] Fitzgerald
[Canterbury pedigree, if needed: (1) performed on Guitar Solos II (2) solo
album "Mouseproof" included reedman Lyn Dobson, of Soft Machine].

If anyone has any ideas or leads, please email me.


Steve F.


From: cj078@freenet.carleton.ca (Scott Kuntze)
Subject: Missing Personnel
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 13:17:45 -0400

I've been following the recent discussion on the personnel of Nat.
Health's _Missing Pieces_; I've had my copy for about a month now, and
have been studying it closely.  I would say that whoever is playing bass
on "Clocks and Clouds" is also on "The Towplane & the Glider", based
(bassed?) on style alone.  Additionally, I would say that this person is
indeed Neil Murray by comparing his playing on _NH_ to both "C & C" and

Bare with me, I'm not a musician (although I'm trying to change that):
Murray has a "complimentary" style that is soft but "picky", he tends to
do more within the bassline than Campbell who is more of a sustainer.  If
my last sentence doesn't make any sense, I suggest listening to the two
songs off _MP_ and "Borogoves" or "Elephants" to hear what I mean
(particularly the way strings tend to be plucked and the fine picking).
Besides the style of the mystery bassist, his sound is also very close to
that of Murray.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone agrees with me, that is that
Murray is on both "C&C" and "TT&tG".  Maybe it's impossible due to the
times at which the pieces were recorded.  Again, I'm relying on my ability
as a listener and familiarity of NH, not as a musician.

Wishing that Gong would stop by in Ottawa,


[I for one totally agree with you : Murray's playing is far more "funky"
than Campbell's, and it certainly seems obvious that he's playing on
"Clocks And Clouds". Then... about "The Towplane And The Glider" : I have
several questions on this track. First of all, it's supposed to be written
by Alan Gowen - but some of the melodic patterns are the same as those on
"Clocks And Clouds"... Strange, isn't it ? Secondly, the Murray similarities,
which you mention. Another mistake ? - AL]


From: Rob Illingworth <ri001@netgates.co.uk>
Subject: murder in the air
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 17:38:02 -0400 (EDT)

just listened to the version of "we did it again" on "singing the bruise"
(kevin ayers BBC sessions) and pissed myself laughing! surely one of the most
manic performances ever to (dis)grace the airwaves.
at one point, for no very good reason, lol coxhill and david bedford launch
into their playlet "murder in the air"- i'm sure i've heard this before (on
a lol coxhill album?) can anybody else remember?- course u can!
and continued thanx 4 the newsletter


From: RUDY A PYATT <r.pyatt1@genie.geis.com>
Subject: mailto:bigbang@alpes-net.fr
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 23:27:19 -0400

Just a short note on Gong's U.S. tour. In a word, fabulous.
Having only gotten deeply into Canterbury music over the past year (earlier
encounters with Camel, Bruford and NH notwithstanding), I was eager to hear
some live.
In their show at Tramps in New York last night, Gong did not disappoint.
Fortunately, they were doing mostly stuff I knew;
It was literally being there for "Gong Live, Etc." As mentioned in WR, the
line-up was Allen, Smyth, Pyle, Howlet, Sharpstrings and Malherbe.
While they did play mostly the old stuff ("Oily Way" being a real
highlight), they did premiere a song from their new album, "Shapeshifter".
I believe the song was called "Heaven's Gate". A very compelling mix of
Flying Teapot-era sounds with modern power. And Malherbe was in top form on
this cut. Fool that I was, I neglected to bring enough cash to take
advantage of the merchandise table, i.e., a copy of the new disc. That will
have to be corrected by a trip to Other Music this weekend.
Gong will be in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. over the next
week. Get there if at all possible. Do buy the CD.
Back soon,


From: richard derrick <normdeplume@megabytecoffee.com>
Subject: 17 OCT 96 - update on R.Sinclair L.A. concerts
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 21:59:50 -0700

Saturday, 23 November 96 - 3-6 pm
Aron's Records
1150 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood

Sunday, 1 December 96 - 3-6 pm
Poo-Bah Records
1101 East Walnut Street, Pasadena
(corner of Walnut Street and Wilson Avenue,
between Lake and Hill Avenues)

I'd also like to recommend both stores as places where Canterbury-
related music is most welcome.  Rudy Carrera, the buyer at Aron's, has
created what is considered THE prog selection here in L.A., and Poo-Bah
has been very "Canterbury-friendly" over the years -- even through the
"lean years" when it wasn't as cool to be "into prog again"!


Richard Derrick


From: "c.g." <100332.2173@compuserve.com>
Subject: What's Rattlin?
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 11:53:07 -0700

I have been a fan of the 'Canterbury Scene' for as long as I can remember.
Certainly since If I could.. by Caravan came out. (saw them twice around
this time in Penzance Cornwall). One of my first Albums was Egg by Egg,
which I obtained for 50P in Woolworths (might even have been 10/-).
In 1974, I had the privilege of being involved in a Soft Machine
Workshop at the Newcastle Jazz Festival. Mike Ratledge was have great
trouble in getting the keyboard players to get the timing right on the
Riffs to Gesolreut, myself included. I still have the notation in a
manuscript book that he wrote down for me of the Riffs to Pennyhitch.

Keep up the good work!

Colin Grose


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Richard Sinclair news from Heather Kinnear
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 23:05:52 +0000

Richard Sinclair has been spending a lot of time in the Netherlands,
before and after the "Canterbury Music In Harlingen" event of September
21/22. Actually, Richard and his girlfriend Heather plan to resettle
there after their US trip of next month.

A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail from Heather, courtesy of
Jacques van den Oever (Pleegzusters / co-organizer of the "CMIH" event).

- She confirmed that there are plans to release one or several CD's of
recordings from the festival, but details have yet to be worked out
("we have not yet listened to the recordings of the music").

- Heather is also planning to make a Richard Sinclair Home Page in the near
future, with regularly updated information on Richard's activities.

- Richard will be playing a solo concert in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on
Sunday, October 20th, at Cafe de Groot, at 16.00 hrs.

That's it for now... watch out for more in future WR issues...



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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
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[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Oct 19 - Museum Of Art, Baltimore [tel : 410-235-1014 or 410-521-4520]
Oct 20 - Birchmere, Washington [tel : 703-671-0224]
Oct 22 - Cubby Bear, Chicago [tel : 312-327-1662]
Oct 23 - Seventh House, (near) Detroit [tel : 810-335-3540]
Oct 25 - Phantasy Club, Cleveland
Oct 26 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]
Oct 27 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]

[Pye Hastings-David Sinclair-Jim Leverton-Richard Coughlan-Jimmy Hastings]
Oct 28 - Palace Theatre, Newark (Notts) (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 163671156]
Oct 29 - Town Hall, High Wycombe (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1494461000]
Oct 30 - Pavillion, Bath (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1225448860]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (w/In Cahoots) [tel : 1714340403]
Nov  1 - Penytheol L.C., Swansea (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1792897039]
Nov  2 - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1902312030]
Nov  3 - Waterfront, Norwich (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1603632717]
Nov  4 - Assembly Halls, Royal Tunbridge Wells (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1892532072]

[line-up unknown]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (opening for Caravan) [tel : 1714340403]

Nov  7 - Barog, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov  8 - Noorderlicht, Tilberug, Netherlands
Nov 10 - L'Abattoir, Lillier, France
Nov 11 - Atelier, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France
Nov 12 - MJC, Nice, France (TBC)
Nov 13 - Genoa, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 14 - Totom, Vichenza, Italy
Nov 15 - Novara (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 16 - Spilimbergo (Nr Turin), Italy
Nov 19 - Nantes, France (venue TBC)
Nov 20 - Marseille, France (venue TBC)
Nov 21 - Paris (Bataclan), France
Nov 22 - Aeronef, Lille, France
Nov 23 - VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

Oct 20 - Cafe de Groot, Eindhoven, Netherlands [16.00 hrs]

Nov  9 - Dizzy Debbie's Cafe, Los Angeles (Ca)
Nov 13 - The West End, Santa Monica (Ca)
Nov 23 - Aron's Records, Hollywood (Ca)
Dec  1 - Poo-Bah Records, Pasadena (Ca)
Dec  2 - The Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica (Ca)
Dec  9 - The Baked Potato, North Hollywood (Ca) [2 shows]
[more dates TBA - hopefully a dozen or so]

[Mark Hewins-Hugh Hopper-Shyamal Maitra + special guest Elton Dean]
Nov 26 - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 29 - Die (Drome), France
Nov 30 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France

[Daevid Allen-Graham Clark-Mark Robson]
Dec - UK and/or European tour (TBC)

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