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From: "Gary Fick" <GVString@msn.com>
Subject : Gong in Baltimore
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 96 00:19:50 UT

String of the Shoe Productions presents:
The Shapeshifter Tour stop in BALTIMORE
Daevid Allen* Gilli Smyth
Didier Malherbe* Mike Howlett
Pip Pyle* Steffy Sharpstrings
from the Trilogy to Shapeshifter and beyond

w/ BOUD DEUN opening

Doors 7:15, Show 8:00 p.m.
Saturday October 19,1996
at the Auditorium
The Baltimore Museum of Art
Art Museum Drive
near N.Charles St and 31st streets

Tickets $20.00, available in advance at The Golden Temple
2322 N. Charles Street 1-410-235-1014, cash pick-up only.

Out-of-Town reservations: 1-410-521-4520
Please arrive by 7:30 to pick up tickets, Tickets must be picked up by 8:00,
or they would be re-sold
Cash only, sorry, no checks or charges.

The above file is an excel copy of the poster for the show, enjoy!
Hope to see you there!  Please forward the message...



From: Marcelo Spindola Bacha <dronsz@gta.ufrj.br>
Subject: Caravan 1st reissue
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 23:43:49 -0300 (EST)

[In WR#24 A. Leroy wrote :]
>I'm happy to report that the reissue of Caravan's first album from 1968
>is now available. I received my copy from HTD yesterday. What can I say ?
>It remains (unfortunately IMHO) faithful to the original mix (lots of reverb,
>primitive use of stereo, etc.), has the best sleeve (IMHO again) of all the

Do you know which is the original cover ? My old LP copy is from MGM (blue
label), and the cover is all red and yellow, a drawing of a car (...avan?).
Also, it has an insert with the lyrics, but I think it's a copy from the
original one (it's marked 2/2 in the bottom, and there's no 1/2...)

> versions that were released (the one with the four guys standing on top of
> Greek marble columns)... and of course it's a great album and it's very nice
> to get a CD reissue 28 years after !
> There are liner notes by Pye Hastings, a few photographs, biographical
> details on each member (up to 1968 of course), but no lyrics (still can't
> get half of what Pye's singing - can anyone help ?).

As I said, the insert brings all the lyrics. I may transcribe them, if you
want, when I have some spare time. Any preferences ?

All the best,

[Lyrics of this - and of course other - Caravan albums (s) are always welcome, whether they come from "official" transcripts or are attempts at transcripting from fans. With everyone's amendments and corrections, I hope we can eventually come up with a referential collection of Canterbury lyrics - of which the lyrics page in CALYX is just an embryo - AL]


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Magma - upcoming French tour
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 9:44:26 +0000

Knowing that many WR subscribers may (like me) be fans of Magma as well,
I'm taking the liberty of mentioning the dates of the upcoming French
tour, courtesy of Seventh Records.

3rd - Strasbourg - La Laiterie
4th - Mulhouse - Noumatrouff
5th - Marseille - Espace Julien
7th - Montpellier - Rockstore
9th - Lyon - Le Transbordeur
10th - Dijon - Festirock
11th - Paris - Auditorium des Halles
12th - Paris - Auditorium des Halles
13th - Angers - Le Chabada
14th - Nantes - L'Olympic


From: "James Tonsager" <jtons@minn.net>
Subject: Wish I was there!
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 04:24:52 -0500

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I read about the upcoming concerts and drool. There are many times I wish I lived in Europe. We have a big music scene here, but alas, mostly the enervating "alternative" crap, geared for lusty teenagers. Anyway, I was truly interested about the possible Quiet Sun cd coming out: one of the truly great releases in the '70s!
James (jtons@minn.net)


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Dave Stewart autobiography
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 12:02:58 +0000

Some of you will already have noticed that Dave Stewart's autobiography
has been removed from CALYX. I removed it following a request from Dave,
whom I've just had on the phone, and gave the following explanation.
He is actually planning to write a book where all or part of these writings
will probably be used. While he has been, and still is, glad to give out
photocopies of this, he prefers it not to be as widely available as being on
the WWW makes it be. As a result, he granted me permission to use the facts,
but not the (typically stewartish and funny) way he presented them. This is
of course perfectly understandable, and I am glad this removal may somehow
pave the way for more great writing from Dave (one of the latest examples of
which being his sleeve notes for In Cahoots' "Recent Discoveries").

Dave also wanted to know if I would be interested to get Stewart-Gaskin info
although the duo is not strictly 'Canterbury' music. I said yes of course,
knowing many of you (including, of course, myself) are interested in the
current activities of our keyboard hero and one of our favourites Northettes.
Therefore we should have regular updates on this subject.

Finally, Dave mentioned that a UK version of "Missing Pieces" would soon be
made available on Voiceprint, with a slightly different cover design.


From: Ralph Cross (c/o WR)
Subject: More on the re-issue of Caravan's first album (on HTD)
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 12:14:58 +0000

[The following is an excerpt from Ralph Cross' excellent Caravan newsletter,
issue 4 / september 1996 - AL]

HTD Records have acquired the rights from Polygram to release Caravan's
very first self-titled album (although it apparently cost an arm and a leg
to achieve that). Barry Riddington of HTD tells me it will be digitally
remastered and the original picture sleeve used. Pye has written sleeve
notes which describe the early days living a spartan life in tents etc. !

Apparently, there is an 'unofficial' CD copy of the first album doing the
rounds, taken straight from the vinyl album. It is of inferior quality and
is identifiable by the front cover artwork which is a copy of the 1972
reissue of the first album i.e. a drawing of a caravan.

With the new of the long-awaited re-release, I asked Pye about the recollections of that first album. "It actually came out in early 1969. I remember taking the cover into hospital where my wife Cathy had just given birth to our son Julian. It was a very special moment to have your own ideas and music on an album and on sale in the shops. I also remember I was wearing pink flares as I walked into the ward with the sleeve under my arm !". The front cover showing the band members dressed in robes on columns was taken by photographer Richard Zeff. The sleeve notes were by Miles who wrote for the International Times. The album was produced by Tony Cox at Advision Studios in Bond Street. "We were pleased to see the album out but we were rather disappointed with the production - the mix was covered in echo. We didn't use Tony for the next album !".

Although the songs were credited to all the band, clearly each one had its main writer, with other members contributing. The line-up was of course Richard Coughlan, Dave Sinclair, Richard Sinclair and Pye Hastings with the help of Jimmy Hastings. The original bass player in Caravan was to be Dave Lawrence of the Wilde Flowers but after a week of rehearsals it was clear this wouldn't work out and Richard Sinclair, was was just leaving Art College, was signed up. At first Pye played bass on Richard's songs with Richard on guitar, and vice-versa. Pye adds, "He was so much better on bass than me that I put my foot down and insisted he played bass all the time !".

I am pleased to say Pye could recall the inspiration behind some of the tracks, so here goes :

Place Of My Own
"I was the main writer for this. I'd just managed to get a flat of my own : up until then I'd been sharing other people's houses and rooms. At last I was standing on my own two feet and this song was a reflection of that. Dave Sinclair came up with the middle solo idea".

"Traffic, a band I really admired, had a single out called "Hole in My Shoe". My response to the style of this song was to write this. It was my climbing on their bandwagon !".

"That was Richard's track and I can't tell you where the idea came from. I played bass with Richard on lead guitar".

Love Song With Flute
"My brother Jimmy was a jazz snob ! He used to despair at my musical direction, my songwriting and my guitar playing, but he agreed to help out on the album. I told him this song was a 'bossa nova' - which it was, but it began in 6/8 time. When he heard the opening ideas he started as usual to talk down to me and said, 'Hey this isn't a bossa nova', but when he heard the rest he enthused, 'I really like this, who wrote it ?'. When I said it was me his jaw dropped : I'd got my big brother at last ! He then contributed a brilliant flute solo to accompany the track".

Cecil Rons
"This was a play on words. I knew this girl Cathy Ross who hung around the Beehive Club. She came from Folkestone. We got on really well and I used to spend hours talking to her. She was involved in organising gigs at Folkestone Town Hall and she wrote to Hugh Hopper offering the Wilde Flowers a date there - I was in the band at that time. The signature on the letter looked exactly like 'Cecil Rons' rather than Cathy Ross. For some reason we all found the name Cecil Rons rather amusing and it inspired me to write this nonsense song for the first Caravan album a short time later. I ended up marrying Cathy of course !".

Magic Man
"I can't remember the inspiration for this".

Grandma's Lawn
"This was Richard's song so I played bass".

Where But For Caravan Would I
"I wrote this song in 11/8. The point of the title was that I had an active band that seemed to be going places. Without this band, where would I be ?".


From: Explora <explora@nettuno.it>
Subject: what's rattlin' mail list
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 14:25:56 +0200 (METDST)

This to let you know that I am very fond of Canterbury scene since 'If I could do it all over again ...' release (what a long time ago).
I am a radio producer from RADIO BASE Popolare network here from the broadcasting center in Venice.
If this may be interesting for all the Canterbury related artists, my own special radio show very often airplay their music.
If any news or if a special promotion seem to be useful, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

thank you very much
CIAO !!!

Alessandro PIZZIN
(Radio BASE Popolare Network FM)
(Venice broadcasting center)
Via Calabria 8
I-30030 Chirignago (Venezia)


From: Clay Gaunce <CGAUNCE@UKCC.UKY.EDU>
Subject: Canterburian Kindness
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 96 09:28:23 EDT

I recently wrote to you inquiring about U.S. sources for Canterbury releases
and, although I didn't intend it as a posting for WR, you included it there.
Good thing too.  I heard from three very kind and helpful Cant fans who provided very useful information (of course).  I have thanked each one of them personally, but I also want to acknowledge them "publicly" in your next issue...  Jose Douglas, Paul Barros, and John Reilly...you are princes.  And
Aymeric...you're a king, at least in terms of keeping prog rock fans reliably
informed.  My sincerest thanks!

[I left the part of the message about me because it's a very funny uninten-
tioned pun : "Leroy" means "The King" in old French ! - AL]


From: rvs@crosfield.co.uk (Robert Smith)
Subject: Solution
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 15:42:49 +0100 (BST)

Hi Aymeric.

You mentioned the great Dutch band Solution.I have some of their lps. Do you know what happened to them ? and if any of their stuff is available on CD. Sorry this isn't Canterbury related (or is it?).

[Well it is, now that their ex-drummer has played with Richard Sinclair.
I don't know anything at all about Solution, but I guess the organizers of
the Harlingen festival (hi, Teatse and Jacques !) can tell us more - AL]


From: cmeloche@julian.uwo.ca (Chris Meloche)
Subject: Caravan 1st album
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 11:46:52 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#24, A. Leroy wrote:]
>There are liner notes by Pye Hastings, a few photographs, biographical
>details on each member (up to 1968 of course), but no lyrics (still can't
>get half of what Pye's singing - can anyone help ?).

In addition to my UK pressing of the first album (which has the later cartoon cover), I also have a Japanese LP (original pedastal cover) with lyric sheet. Unfortunately, I've noticed a lot of errors in lyric transcriptions of Japanese albums over the years. I think that if original lyric sheets or sheet music was not available, someone (with English as a second language possibly) just listened to the songs and transcribed what they *thought* was being sung. Also, the last track on Side 1 - "Cecil Runs" - is entitled "Cecil Rons" on the Jap LP (and the lyrics also reflect this mistake). It's likely pointless for me to transcribe erroneous lyrics... plus, I don't have the time right now, anyway.


[As mentioned above in Pye Hastings' interview with Ralph Cross, "Cecil Rons"
is indeed the right spelling, although this may seem strange. Hasn't anyone
told you how Japanese people care about such details ? Concerning transcrip-
tions, I think there are enough people on this list with English as mother
tongue to correct any possible mistakes... - AL]


From: Fernando Arteaga <fredprog@server1.coqui.net>
Subject: Subscription
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 96 07:51:39 -0500

Hello Aymeric: I'm writing from the caribbean in Puerto Rico, where both
Camel and Caravan have quite an undeerground following. I discovered both
in 72. Land of Grey and PInk, Waterloo Lilly are two of my forever
classic albums! Kindly subscribe me to the Rattling newsletter, as we
would travel anywhere to see either of the bands. Saw Caravan play the
Beacon Theatre in NYC in 76 as opener for Fairport /Sandy Denny. Will
never forget as I sat in the third row!!!!!


From: "L.S. de Boer" <bibnaabu@euronet.nl>
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 02:52:49 -0700


Dear friend were you in Harlingen two weeks ago? And was it you who knew which Robert Wyatt song Richard Sinclair was singing when Heather Kinnear asked you. Well I was the guy who asked that question.

[I *was* in Harlingen but I'm not the person you're referring to. Maybe
he's among the readers of WR. Furthermore, the part of the event I attended
did not feature any Robert Wyatt song. Maybe Richard sang this song (was it
"Calyx" ?) during the "Church" concert with Dave Rees-Williams on church
organ ? Anyway, I was asked for the lyrics of "A.A. Man" when Richard wanted to cover it with Pleegzusters but they weren't on Calyx. They played it anyway, and Richard seemed to know most of the lyrics. Well, at least as much as he generally remembers the lyrics to his songs... - AL]

P.S. Last weekend I was in London were I attended a gig from Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin. I also met the duo backstage. It really was great.

Leendert S. de Boer


From: Bill Rosenblatt <billr@soliado.East.Sun.COM>
Subject: "Memories" cover
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 09:20:06 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#24 Gerald Purnelle wrote:]
>Hi. I've read interesting informations in recent WR about a song I like,
>Hopper's Memories, a song I'm collecting all versions of. Once I've
>heard on radio (maybe 10 or 12 years ago ??) a cover of it. Amongst the
>musicians, I just remember Annette Peacock and Don Cherry. Can somebody
>give me more information about that : name of the main artist, title of
>the album, date, and so on ?? Thank you.

I think the version you refer to is by the group Material, from their second
album, which came out around 1982.  I think the title of the album was "One
Down."  Don Cherry played on this album.  From what I remember, the vocalist
was not Annette Peacock -- it was Nona Hendryx (from Labelle).


- bill.


From: "Jose Douglas" <jpdouglas@hotmail.com>
Subject: Gong show at Birchmere's
Date:   Mon, 7 Oct 1996 07:49:38 -0700

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone on this list is going to the Gong show on 20 Oct at Birchmere's. The WR concert listing shows it as in Washington, but from the area code it's in Virginia.

Does anyone have info as to how to get tickets, proximity of D.C. airport, etc.? I'd be flying in from Atlanta, GA and could use all the info I can get. Please e-mail me at jpdouglas@hotmail.com, or at jose.douglas@turner.com.

Thanks in advance,



From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Spanish singing on Softs Vol. 2
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 23:15:16 +0000

I'm presently listening to Soft Machine's "Live At The Paradiso" (well, at least, one of the many bootleg, pre-Voiceprint pressings).

I know there are many Spanish-speaking subscribers to WR, so I think there will be someone to give us a transcription of what Robert Wyatt sings in that language on "Volume 2" ? I think the subvision of "Rivmic Melodies" in question is "Hulloder".


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: New In Cahoots albums
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 13:30:28 +0000

More details on the new In Cahoots album, taken from various sources including Facelift [pre-release review by Nick Loebner] and the Musart website.

- The line-up for that (and the upcoming London gig opening for Caravan) is
the sextet of Phil Miller (guitar), Elton Dean (saxello), Jim Dvorak (trum-
pet), Peter Lemer (keyboards), Fred T. Baker (bass) and Pip Pyle (drums).

- The album is entitled "Parallel" and will be released by Crescent Discs
sometime this month.

- It contains six new "progressive jazz" compositions from Phil Miller "written within the last six months and displaying a wide range of moods" : Miller considers two of these compositions ("Parallel" and "Half Life") to be among his very best ever.

- The title track features some fuzz-bass playing by Fred Baker in the vein of Hugh Hopper's (!).

P.S. : The new issue of Facelift (#15) is finally out ! Buy it ! For more information contact Phil Howitt : <phil@facelift.sonnet.co.uk>


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: Cuneiform : January new releases
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 09:13:52 -0400


Here is information on the NEXT batch of Cuneiform releases, which will be
released in mid to late January, 1997 [Note : I've only included those
relevant to this list, i.e. Canterbury related/influenced - AL]

GRITS "Rare Birds" (Cuneiform 55012)
A quartet that existed from 1970-80, Grits were the most locally popula Washington D.C. area "progressive rock" band, playing out constantly. Despit this, they never released any music during their lifetime. Personnel was: Rick Barse-keyboards, vocals, Tom Wright-guitar, viola, vocals, Amy Taylor-bass, violin, vocals, & Bob Sims-drums, vocals. Excellent live recording from the single best performance that I ever saw the band perform (& I saw them many, many times). I have been trying to get permission to release this tape since I started Cuneiform in 1984! This features long tracks & is more overtly "progressive" than "As The World Grits", & includes the 25' opus "Rare Birds", among others.

GARY WINDO "His Master's Bones" (Cuneiform Rune 89)
songs & personnel:

1. NTU (Windo)
GW-tenor, Mongezi Feza-pocket trumpet. Recorded 11 Jan 71, London.

Hugh Hopper
2. Minipax I (Hopper)
GW-tenor, Lol Coxhill- soprano,  Nick Evans & Malcolm Griffiths-trombones, Pye Hastings-guitar,  Hugh Hopper-bass, John Marshall-drums. Recorded summer '72 at Advision Studios, London. Alternate take.

Brotherhood of Breath
3. Funky Boots March (Windo/Evans) *
GW, Evan Parker- tenors, Dudu Pukwana- alto, Mongezi Feza, Harry Beckett, Marc Charig- trumpets, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti- trombones, Chris McGregor- piano, Harry Miller- double bass, Louis Moholo- drums. Recorded 27 Jan 73, Willisau, Switzerland.

Baden-Baden Workshop Band
4. Standfast (Windo)
5. You Ain't Gonna Know Me, 'Cause You Think You Know Me (Feza)
GW- tenor, Urs Leimgruber- sax, Mike Mantler- trumpet, Roswell Rudd, Albert
Manglesdorf- trombones, Bob Steward- tuba, Carla Bley- piano, Wolfgang Dauner- synthesizer, Cristy Doran- guitar, Hugh Hopper, Bo Stief- basses, Aldo Romano, Edward Vesala- drums. Recorded 25 Nov 76, Mainz, Germany.

Steam Radio Tapes
6. Watch Out For The Bones (Windo)
GW- tenor, Gerry Mobley-piano, Richard Brunton-guitar, Steve Hillage-lead guitar, Hugh Hopper- bass, Peter Van Hooke-drums. Recording dates unknown.
7. Letting Go (Pam Windo)
Julie Tippetts- vocal, GW- tenor, Pam Windo-piano, Richard Brunton-guitars, Bill MacCormick- bass, Nick Mason-drums. Recorded 20 May, 18 Jun, 1 Jul 76, 22 Feb 77
8. Is This The Time (Pam Windo) *
Robert Wyatt-vocal, Terri Quaye- backing vocal, Pam Windo- backing vocal, piano, GW-tenor, gong, Richard Brunton-guitar, Hugh Hopper, Bill MacCormick-
basses, Nick Mason- drums. Recorded 29 Apr, 7 & 13 May 76, 18 Nov 77, 23 Feb 78.

Three pieces from Gary's unreleased Steam Radio Tapes album, as recorded at
Pink Floyd's Brittania Row Studios with producer Nick Mason.

Gary Windo/Carla Bley
9. untitled (Bley)
10. Baby Fatele (Bley)
GW- tenor, flute, hand drum, Carla Bley- piano. Recorded Feb 78, Grog Kill
Studio, Willow, NY.

Gary Windo Quartet
11. Anglo-American (Pam Windo)
12. Peaches (Hugh Cornwall)
13. The Sun And The Moon (Pam Windo)
14. Radio Improved (Windo)
GW-tenor, bass clarinet, flute, vocal, Pam Windo-piano, Steve Swallow-bass, D. Sharpe-drums. Recorded 29, 30 July 79, Grog Kill Studio, Willow, NY.

Four tracks from the unreleased album Loaded Vinyl

Gary Windo Orchestra
15. Ghosts (Albert Ayler)
16. Dumb Waiter (Psychedelic Furs)
GW-tenor, Knox Chandler-guitar, Jack Robinson-bass, Steve Moses-drums. Recorded 4 April 84, WRPI Radio, Troy, NY by Aaron Heller and Brian Borchers.

Gary Windo
17. Patience (Windo/Chandler)
GW- tenor, Ann Sheldon-cello, Knox Chandler-guitar, Jack Robinson-bass, Steve
Moses-drums. Recorded May 84, Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY.

All recordings are previously unreleased except for those marked *


From: Steve.Pearce@octel.com
Subject: Caravan gig at the Astoria
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 11:35:09 +0100

I've just got round to booking a ticket for the Caravan/In Cahoots gig.
I was under the impression this was at the Astoria 2, however Ticketmaster
informed me it was actually at the main Astoria.


[All official documents mentioned "Astoria 2". I guess the move to the main
Astoria is good news - AL]


From: bc71445@binghamton.edu
Subject: Gong in upstate NY
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 15:41:36 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Aymeric,

I live in Binghamton NY.  I suggested to the Binghamton University concert board to put on a Gong concert for their spring US tour.  The guy didn't think they'd draw enough to make the tickets affordable.  The last few Gong tours, they played in Cleveland, OH, NYC, and Boston, all inconvenient venues given my work schedule and all.  There must be lots of other upstate New Yorkers in my predicament who'd really love to see Gong live.  Put this out over What's Rattlin' and see if I'm not the only one stranded out here in Gong free land.  I got to see Daevid and Kevin Ayers in Rochester a few years ago, and folks came from PA and all over NY (and I had a friend drive 7 HOURS from Amherst MA) to see it.

Maybe someone in Ithaca or Syracuse would know a way to get them to make a stop in this neck of the woods.  How about Albany?  If you're interested, I'm out here in the Triple Cities, and willing to do some legwork to get the Teapots to land!!!

Catch you on the flip side,

Jim Powers

PS Thanks to Bill MacCormack for the great interview for my Soft Machine "Goldmine" article!  If anybody has good publishable photos get in touch with me; good anecdotes as an audience member, supporting band member, childhood friend of one of the gys are also welcomed!


From: "Barbara M. Clay" <CLAYBM@A1.WMVX.UMC.DUPONT.COM>
Subject: Darryl Way
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 18:04:59 -0400

So sorry to bother you, I was given your name by Phil Howitt at Facelift.  In 1971 I spent the summer in London and became friends with Darryl Way  (Curved Air, Wolf).  As time and miles went by, as they are supposed to, we drifted apart.  I would very much like to tell him that he has always been fondly in my thoughts and that I hope he is happy.  I was able to find out via an Internet search that he most recently directed the London Symphony Orchestra.  My obstacle is where to reach him.  Phil thought that perhaps you may know of an address e-mail or snail mail that I may send him a message or, if you knew him could deliver this message to him. Your attention and assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

My name is Barbara (Sosinski) Clay and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.  My job is with the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware where I prepare presentions for upper management. If I can be a resouce to you in some way I would like to oblige.

Barbara Clay


[I hope someone on this list may be able to help Barbara. All I know of Darryl Way's recent activities is his arrangement work on Marillion's "Brave" and Procol Harum's symphonic album - AL]


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Geoff Richardson interview
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 1:34:27 +0000

As I said in the previous issue, I managed to meet and talk with Geoff Richardson (& Francois Ovide) backstage at a concert by French singer Renaud yesterday evening. Geoff was very nice, and of course, performed surpremely during the gig, playing viola, violin, mandolin, tin whistle and flute (only 10 seconds !). The resulting interview is currently being transcripted and translated (yes, Geoff speaks French !). I hope to include it in the next issue.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Oct 11 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 12 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 13 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 15 - Mama Kins, Boston [tel : 617-351-2581]
Oct 16 - Tramps, NYC (w/Percy Jones' Tunnels) [tel : 212-254-1725]
Oct 17 - Club Bene, Sayerville, NJ [tel : 908-727-3002]
Oct 18 - The Middle East, Philadelphia [tel : 215-922-1003]
Oct 19 - Museum Of Art, Baltimore
Oct 20 - Birchmere, Washington [tel : 703-671-0224]
Oct 22 - Cubby Bear, Chicago [tel : 312-327-1662]
Oct 23 - Seventh House, (near) Detroit [tel : 810-335-3540]
Oct 25 - Phantasy Club, Cleveland
Oct 26 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]
Oct 27 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]

[Pye Hastings-David Sinclair-Jim Leverton-Richard Coughlan-Jimmy Hastings]
Oct 28 - Palace Theatre, Newark (Notts) (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 163671156]
Oct 29 - Town Hall, High Wycombe (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1494461000]
Oct 30 - Pavillion, Bath (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1225448860]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (w/In Cahoots) [tel : 1714340403]
Nov  1 - Penytheol L.C., Swansea (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1792897039]
Nov  2 - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1902312030]
Nov  3 - Waterfront, Norwich (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1603632717]
Nov  4 - Assembly Halls, Royal Tunbridge Wells (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1892532072]

[line-up unknown]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (opening for Caravan) [tel : 1714340403]

Nov  7 - Barog, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov  8 - Noorderlicht, Tilberug, Netherlands
Nov  9 - L'Usine, Reims, France
Nov 11 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France
Nov 12 - MJC, Nice, France (TBC)
Nov 13 - Genoa, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 14 - Sonny Boy, Conegliaon (near Venice) (TBC)
Nov 15 - Totem, Vichenza, Italy (TBC)
Nov 16 - Milan or Turin, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 19 - Le Moulin, Marseille, France
Nov 20 - unknown, France
Nov 21 - Paris (Bataclan), France
Nov 22 - Aeronef, Lille, France
Nov 23 - VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

Nov  9 - Dizzy Debbie's Cafe, Los Angeles (Ca)
Nov 13 - The West End, Santa Monica (Ca)
Dec  2 - The Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica (Ca)
[more dates TBA - hopefully a dozen or so]

[Mark Hewins-Hugh Hopper-Shyamal Maitra + special guest Elton Dean]
Nov 26 - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 29 - Die (Drome), France
Nov 30 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France

[Daevid Allen-Graham Clark-Mark Robson]
Dec - UK and/or European tour (to be confirmed)

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                            END OF ISSUE #25

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