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From: RAYMBEN@aol.com
Subject: Re: WR#22B
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 08:07:37 -0400

[I forgot to include Raymond's message in WR#23... Sorry for that. As long
as I run this manually, there's still a risk of something like that happe-
ning. It's the first time in 23 issues, though ! - AL]

Does anyone know anything about the reissue on CD of Aksak Maboul's FIRST
album?  That's great news about Robert Wyatt doing a follow up to "Dondestan"!  Can't wait!  And that's great news about Pip Pyle's solo album containing "Seven Sisters"-- one of my favorite Nat'l Health cuts from my bootlegged "Squat Theatre" concert from New York!

I don't see much mention of Mike Oldfield on this newsletter.  In a way, he's a Canterbury guy because of his relationship with Kevin Ayers in the early days and his "launching" of Virgin Records which was the stable for many Canterbury acts (for a while, at least!).  Anyway, I love Oldfield, I think all of his albums are great.  His new CD, "Voyager," is beautiful... mostly traditional Irish folk stuff with the Oldfield spin... sort of Mike Oldfield meets Enya.  It's very new age, but lovely, melodic, accessible.  Highly recommended!



From: Jean-Francois Verreault <amnesie@accent.net>
Subject: More on Dashiell Hedayat
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:30:55 -0400 (EDT)

[In WR#23 Malcolm Humes wrote:]
>By the way, hasn't Daevid at some time said that Dashiel took off with the
>master tapes of this and added vocals against Daevid's wishes? If so then
>the intended original release might have been quite different.

I think Obsolete is a fantastic album. "Cielo Drive" (the song that takes up all of side two) is one of my favourite gong-related tracks. Sort of like mixing "Blues for Findlay" and "Fohat digs holes in space", with added French lyrics! A good listen in a pair of headphones is a definite trip to the stars (very trance-inducing, mostly because of the bass riff).

I respect Dashiell Hedayat quite a lot (I also like Melmoth - "La Devanture Des Ivresses", but not as much). I don't think anyone could have harnessed a band such as Gong and come out with an album as good as Obsolete. And if the vocals were added, well I'm all for it! Being a francophone, it really pleases me to have a "gong-like" album that's all in french; and the lyrics are GREAT! There is such an intense paranoia in the words to "Cielo Drive" that the bass ostinato lifts up even more effectively. I also like the guitar solo in the middle part quite a lot, even though it's (technically) poorly played -- but it's intense!

If you like Camembert Electrique & Continental Circus, I recommend this album. I don't think you'll regret it!

Jean-François Verreault                    amnesie@accent.net
           --  Thinking is the best way to travel --


From: Marcelo Spindola Bacha <dronsz@gta.ufrj.br>
Subject: Serge Bringolf on the Hopper-Sinclair CD
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:57:56 -0300 (EST)

[In WR#23 Aymeric Leroy wrote:]
>The drumming, in particular, is terrible, and most of the times misses
>the beat. Well, when I asked Richard about it, he told me Serge Bringolf
>(otherwise a drummer of some note on the French prog scene of that time)
>had recorded his parts in just one afternoon, without any prior knowledge
>of the material. This can be heard...

Serge Bringolf is a great drummer and composer. I have four of his albums: Strave (double - this is also the name of his band), Strave Live, Vision and Agboville (a duo with Sigfried Kessler). All of them are very nice, fiery, with lots of zeuhl influences and great drumming, of course. Alain Eckert used to play with them by this time (early 80's).

It's a surprise to see that Serge also played with people from the Canterbury hall of fame...

All the best,

[I didn't mean to suggest that Bringolf is a bad drummer. But I think even he would agree that his drumming on "Somewhere In France", and in particular "Keep On Caring", is absolutely awful. Overall this recording sounds rather like a demo than anything else. It's understandable that Hugh and Richard didn't release it at the time - AL]


From: MykelC <mykelc@earthlink.net>
Subject: Forthcoming concerts
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:35:54 -0800

Regarding Gong North American tour:

The venue of the Philadelphia show has been changed to:
The Middle East  Friday October 18


From: (Bill Maccormick)
Subject: Quiet Sun CD release
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 17:30 BST-1


Could you put out a plea for help for me?  I've spoken to Phil Manzanera about releasing any back catalogue and 2 things have come up.  The first is the Quiet Sun album.  The only problem is that Phil does not have any masters for it (presumably they're with Virgin) and the label who look as though they'll be releasing either need a copy of the CD I understand was released in Japan or a DAT copy of it.  We're going to re-package it (apparently I get to write to sleeve notes!?) with the intention of releasing it in the New Year.  So, could you ask if anyone who has the Japanese CD would be prepared to lend it to me for a few days so that it can be re-mastered.   Not sure what I can offer in return except a free copy of the new one. If he/she wants it really messed up I'll get Phil to sign it :-)

The other thing, which could be a bit embarrassing if my memory serves me right, is a live recording of the second 801 tour (promoting Listen Now) from 1977.  Should be a warts and all recording, bum notes, flat vocals, general cock-ups, etc.   Should sell a million!  I get to write the sleeve notes for that too and supply the liner photos from my extensive (?) library.

What a lark.

If anyone says 'yes' I'll let you know where to send it.

Thanks for your help.



[I've already offered Bill to lend him my own copy of the Quiet Sun CD but I thought the contents of his message would be informative - AL]


From: Gérald PURNELLE <Gerald.Purnelle@ulg.ac.be>
Subject: Memories Cover
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 08:30:03 +0200

What's Rattlin'

Hi. I've read interessant informations in recent WR about a song I like Hopper's Memories, a song I'm collecting all versions of. Once I've heard on radio (maybe 10 or 12 years ago ??) a cover of it. Amongst the musicians, I just remember Annette Peacock and Don Cherry. Can somebody give me more information about that : name of the main artist, title of the album, date, and so on ?? Thank you.

Canterburishly yours

Gérald Purnelle


From: (Mark Hewins)
Subject: Forthcoming concerts
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 12:41:08 +0100

Here are three forthcoming live dates for:
MASHU (feat. Elton Dean, Saxello)

NOV 26th - Brussells [Belgium]
    29th - Drome (in Die) [France]
    30th - Jackie Barbiers [France]

Also a month tour to coincide with the release of the MASHU debut CD 'Elephants in your head?' (Voiceprint) is being arranged for Feb. '97.
Details later

< http://musart.co.uk/mashcd.htm >

MASHU are:
                                Hugh Hopper...  Bass & Fuzzbox
                                Shyamal Maïtra. Percussion & MIDI devices
                                Mark Hewins...  Guitar & MIDI devices

Thanks again...
Your pal, Mark.
Thingermebob the wassername


From: drashcraft@juno.com (DAVID R. ASHCRAFT)
Subject: Dave Stewart update
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 23:59:46 EDT

Talked to Dave this morning and he was quite enthused about the recent London gig. He & Barb did a bunch of old faves like Henry & James and Trash Planet mixed in with 'B' side obscurities like The emperor's New Guitar and the instrumental A World of Difference. They also debuted a track from their next CD (a cover version of Shakin' All Over). The CD should be finished sometime next year but it is uncertain if Rykodisc will be putting it out or not.

Dave expressed some frustration with the music business in general and ESD in particular as apparently some copies of the CD were released with a booklet that contained more than three dozen typos. Naturally this upset him since he had taken the time to review and correct the booklet. My suggestion would be to request a corrected booklet from ESD if in fact you received the typo-laden first draft. Dave also allowed that the Missing Peices CD was basically a labor of love and that the musicians didn't stand to profit financially from it. Hopefully all of your subscribers have bought it from ESD or Wayside or somewhere to enjoy the superb music and give the record company the message that there are still plenty of folks out there who value quality!

As an aside, I did ask Dave about the Clocks & Clouds personnel but he couldn't shed any light on our little mystery so we just left the matter alone.

Thanks again for taking the time to keep all of us up on the latest news...

               Regards, David


From: bigbang@alpes-net.fr (Aymeric Leroy)
Subject: Caravan/Geoff Richardson/Camel
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 22:04:19 +0000

I'm happy to report that the reissue of Caravan's first album from 1968 is now available. I received my copy from HTD yesterday. What can I say ?
It remains (unfortunately IMHO) faithful to the original mix (lots of reverb, primitive use of stereo, etc.), has the best sleeve (IMHO again) of all the versions that were released (the one with the four guys standing on top of Greek marble columns)... and of course it's a great album and it's very nice to get a CD reissue 28 years after !
There are liner notes by Pye Hastings, a few photographs, biographical details on each member (up to 1968 of course), but no lyrics (still can't get half of what Pye's singing - can anyone help ?).
Overall it's a very fine reissue, a must for all Canterbury fans and of course being released on HTD which is also the label that publishes current Caravan albums, it's one from which the musicians directly benefit.

Another good news is that I should be able to interview Geoff Richardson next week. He's touring with a French singer - Renaud - and knowing his guitarist (Francois Ovide, currently in John Greaves' band, and Mireille Bauer's husband) I'll hopefully be able to talk to both. As you know now Geoff will not be taking part to Caravan's upcoming tour due to other commitments that he could not escape from. But he's still very much involved in Caravan for future projects, and that's a good thing.

Finally, I would also like to report a recent contact of mine with Camel. This is to deny several rumours that have spread in the last few weeks, probably due to the fans' frustration not hear anything from the band, and not seeing any live dates announced. Here is what Camel Productions have to say on these subjects :
"The tour is being planned and rehearsals are expected to begin in January. There will be no performances in January. A Camel newsletter will be mailed out sometime in October and the confirmed tour dates will be announced in January. We are hoping Paul Burgess will feel more comfortable about leaving his young son, Christian, now that he is a few months old and more settled".

A keyboard player hasn't yet been decided. Andrew Latimer (of course) and Colin Bass will both be involved.

Knowing that a number of WR subscribers are interested in Camel, I will keep you aware of any future news I receive from Camel Productions, not taking care of rumours originating from other sources.



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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
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[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

[Bon Lozaga, Hansford Rowe, Vic Stevens]
Oct  4 - Middle East, Philadelphia, Pa.

Oct 11 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 12 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 13 - Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City [tel : 418-692-2263]
Oct 15 - Mama Kins, Boston [tel : 617-351-2581]
Oct 16 - Tramps, NYC [tel : 212-254-1725]
Oct 17 - Club Bene, Sayerville, NJ [tel : 908-727-3002]
Oct 18 - The Middle East, Philadelphia [tel : 215-922-1003]
Oct 19 - Museum Of Art, Baltimore
Oct 20 - Birchmere, Washington [tel : 703-671-0224]
Oct 22 - Cubby Bear, Chicago [tel : 312-327-1662]
Oct 23 - Seventh House, (near) Detroit [tel : 810-335-3540]
Oct 25 - Phantasy Club, Cleveland
Oct 26 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]
Oct 27 - Cabaret, Montreal [tel : 206-789-1184]

[Pye Hastings-David Sinclair-Jim Leverton-Richard Coughlan-Jimmy Hastings]
Oct 28 - Palace Theatre, Newark (Notts) (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 163671156]
Oct 29 - Town Hall, High Wycombe (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1494461000]
Oct 30 - Pavillion, Bath (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1225448860]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (w/In Cahoots) [tel : 1714340403]
Nov  1 - Penytheol L.C., Swansea (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1792897039]
Nov  2 - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1902312030]
Nov  3 - Waterfront, Norwich (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1603632717]
Nov  4 - Assembly Halls, Royal Tunbridge Wells (w/Be Sharp) [tel : 1892532072]

[line-up unknown]
Oct 31 - Astoria 2, London (opening for Caravan) [tel : 1714340403]

Nov  7 - Barog, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov  8 - Noorderlicht, Tilberug, Netherlands
Nov  9 - L'Usine, Reims, France
Nov 11 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France
Nov 12 - MJC, Nice, France (TBC)
Nov 13 - Genoa, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 14 - Sonny Boy, Conegliaon (near Venice) (TBC)
Nov 15 - Totem, Vichenza, Italy (TBC)
Nov 16 - Milan or Turin, Italy (venue TBC)
Nov 19 - Le Moulin, Marseille, France
Nov 20 - unknown, France
Nov 21 - Paris (Bataclan), France
Nov 22 - Aeronef, Lille, France
Nov 23 - VK Club, Brussels, Belgium

[Mark Hewins-Hugh Hopper-Shyamal Maitra + special guest Elton Dean]
Nov 26 - Brussels, Belgium
Nov 29 - Die (Drome), France
Nov 30 - Chez Jacky, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France

[Daevid Allen-Graham Clark-Mark Robson]
Dec - UK and/or European tour (to be confirmed)

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