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Hi all,

Just a few words to kick things off - the Tritonales festival began last night, and the Canterbury-related stuff will begin in earnest late next week. I hope to see as many of you at the shows. Everything's looking great and I'm sure some memorable moments will take place. Expect a full report in the next issue. Meanwhile, do check out the festival website for info, soundbytes, etc. -




From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: In Cahoots
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 09:38:43 EDT

Cuneiform Records is very pleased to announce that in September, 2003, we will be releasing the new CD by Phil Miller/In Cahoots "All That"

The lineup of the band is the same as the band that blew everyone away at their US debut in Seattle late last year:

Phil Miller - guitar
Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Jim Dvorak - trumpet
Peter Lemer - keyboards
Fred Baker - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums

The band will be performing all of this new album at their show at "Les Tritonales" Festival on June 4th.

Cuneiform Records


From: caravansongs.co.uk
Subject: Caravan new studio album.
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 07:47:57 EDT

Hi Aymeric

Caravan Songs are pleased to announce a pre-release special edition of the new studio album "The Unauthorised Breakfast Item" is now available for pre-order and will be delivered in early July. This is a limited edition press of 2,500, fully signed by all the band and will comprise of a 2CD set. The studio album, plus a bonus CD of tracks live off the album and the orchestrated version of For Richard at Quebec last year. It will be a case of first come, first served and will be a web and gig release. Cost will be £16 and this includes postage to anywhere in the world.

To order please go to http://www.caravansongs.co.uk.

The albums official release will be in late September and this will be widely available.

A reminder as well that the next UK dates will be 1st August at the Astor Theatre - Deal and at Whitchurch Festival on the 2nd August. Whitchurch is a 3 day event but day tickets are available.

Kind Regards


PS: The band had a fantastic time in Japan, many thanks to Smash West for the impeccable organisation.


From: H Rowe <hrowe@videotron.ca>
Subject: Gongzilla - East Village Sessions
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 17:13:43 -0500

Press Release

East Village Sessions

April 1st, 2003 CD / Vinyl release!

New studio recording from the monster group!

Hansford Rowe - bass (ex-Gong)
Bon Lozaga - guitar (ex-Gong)
Benoît Moerlen - vibes, marimba (ex-Gong)
Phil Kester - percussion
Gary Husband - drums (Allan Holdsworth, Level 42)

With special guest
David Fiuczynski - guitar (Screaming Headless Torsos)

Gongzilla has been in the studio. But not just any studio. Dangerous Music in Manhattan's alphabet city is the only facility they considered. State of the art analog gear at its pinnacle was required and nothing else - no programming, no synths, no syncing, no sequencing and no sampling or digital editing. Press record and play.

Americans Bon Lozaga and Hansford Rowe, Frenchman Benoît Moerlen and Englishman Gary Husband are Gongzilla's core. Brooklyn's Phil Kester adds his vast percussion array. Their history together can be traced back to the legendary jazz-rock group GONG and their work with Mike Oldfield and Allan Holdsworth.

Gongzilla's first two CDs, "Suffer" and "Thrive", have become cult hits in the              fusion world. They featured monster guitarists Allan Holdsworth and David Torn.

"East Village Sessions" continues that tradition with frequent collaborator David 'Fuze' Fiuczynski whose magic fretless guitar playing can also be heard on Gongzilla's "Live!".

Visit LoLo Records http://www.lolorecords.com for the latest info...


From: "Kenneth Egbert" <invizzigoth@earthlink.net>
Subject: Hugh Hopper Takes Over My Listening Room (with help)
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 15:55:21 -0400

Hello, Aymeric:

Since you keep forgetting to forbid me to write for WR I'm taking this opportunity to pass on a few new reviews of recent goodies, all this time from the fearsomely fuzzboxed Mr. Hopper's OUT box. Or OUT fuzzbox, whichever makes the most sense. With assistance, of course.

To wit:

BONE - Uses Wrist Grab
Nick Didkovsky/Hugh Hopper/John Roulat
Cuneiform - USA (CD)
Label Web Site: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com

The Cuneiform label has become, since they released However's CALLING! in the mid 1980s (get that one if you find it in a USED bin somewhere), America's best-known answer to ReR Recommended, Chris Cutler's label: a refuge for intelligent rock/avant/whatever/string cheese. The latter will play a part later on in this review. In a chat with Richard Wolfson of ReR some years back, I thanked him for keeping it up and not trying to go out there in the Industrial Midlands and attempt to find something trendier. His even-handed reply was, "We'll continue until they stop us". Joyce and Steve of Cuneiform would say the same, I'm sure.

Now via Cuneiform comes a virtual power trio (largely because this was a case of multi-MP3/MP4 file swapping), since the members of which have never occupied the same room together. If so, I have yet to find the seams, and I did look. Bone is a stellar exercise in just how far one can push the guitar/bass/drums ethic, and there is to be found here Fred Frith Guitar Quartet skronk, seductive atmospherics, heavy riffing (albeit in strange time signatures), fuzz basses run amok, even an intelligent drum solo. But percussionist John Roulat hails from a fine American trio called Forever Einstein (http://www.forevereinstein.com) and if he can keep up with them, acting as foil for Hopper and Didkovsky should not break too much of a sweat. Not too much. Hopper we all know quite well, and I would not presume to write an introduction for him as a result, while Nick Didkovsky, founder of a crack musical Special Forces unit known as Doctor Nerve, is a guitarist of frenetic technique and viciously mischievous humor. He's also a member of the FFGQ, possibly one of those about whom the semidivine Frith has been heard to sigh, "I tour with these people for months at a time...". Full disclosure department: Nick D. and myself  became friends back in '96 after I interviewed him. He was also kind enough to appropriate a song title for this CD from some stream-of-consciousness Email I sent him ages ago. I beg forgiveness of one and all.

The end result of these three gentlemen Emailing nameless outrages back and forth for several months at a clip is a CD somewhere between the trio cut on Frank Zappa's 1974 solo project APOSTROPHE (the title jam featuring Frankie, Jack Bruce and Jim Gordon) and King Crimson's RED with Eno at the knobs instead of the semidivine Fripp. No pun intended. The chill-out coda, Hopper's "Little End Or Beginning," has some of that edge-of-sense Uncle Brian ambience: there's a whispering of crinkled paper (John R. making out checks to the phone company and power company, putting them in envelopes...?) under repeated multi-tracked Didkovskys essaying gentle flourishes and arpeggios and your classic Hopper slow buzzsaw theme. And now the CD rejects and we get to hear Ditty One. Hit that Play button! "To Laugh Uncleanly At the Nurse" (also in the FFGQ fake book) sounds like it was going to be a flamenco until Arnold Schoenberg got hold of it. Didkovsky's use of fuzz here owes some small debt to Fripp but one thing I've noticed about these two guitarists is that they both have equal command of studio wizardry but Fripp will stick rather closely to what can be duplicated in a live situation with a minimum of cloning. Nick D. sees no ethical problem putting four of himself on the same tune; to his credit, as on the crunching "Foster Wives, Trophy Hair" (don't ask. Please), he refuses to drown out his compatriots; Hopper disconnects the bass afterburner for this one and I can still hear him roaring like a primitive saurian, landing in all the right places between Roulat's precise 5/8 time downbeats.

Hopper favors us hereupon with the Toho Monster lurch "Big Bombay" (analogous with his treatment of "Miniluv" on HOPPER TUNITY BOX many generations ago; basically an immense chord change mowing down all in its path), at the end of which a drone passes through The Riff and disappears going the other way, taking the track with it (nice Roulat working out on the cymbals a la Al Foster); and the tasty "Jungle Rev," a distant view of tonal and atonal snakes in a sort of tonic aspic. Drifting Didkovsky arcs and swoops, Roulat disassembling a washing machine and making a cyclotron out of the spare parts in the far foreground, and a patented Hugh speeded-up bass theme. Ethereal. Ah, but we haven't even touched on the rumbling "Overlife Parts 1 and 3" (hopefully they're saving Part 2 for the next release), the "carousel-missing-most-of-its-horses"-like "Green Dansette", or for that matter "Chaos, No Pasties" which might be the STARLESS-era Crimso covering a Claude Vivier mazurka. And more. Hit that Play button again!

Cleverly, Didkovsky mixed this CD's tunes to have a minimum of silence between them so you would have to check the cover to see where you are. Only increases the pleasant sense of being overwhelmed. Assault with a friendly weapon, it might be called. The madness herein is very catching. Avail yourself of it soon. Oh, yes, string cheese is good for you in moderation, but BONE you can have as much of as you like.

HUGH HOPPER Jazzloops - Burning Shed, UK (CD)
HUGH HOPPER/ MIC GIDON Flight And Shade - Burning Shed, UK (CD)
Label Web Site: http://www.burningshed.com

Thanks kindly to London's Burning Shed Records for giving us two new peeks into Hugh H.'s many-faceted creativity. Mic Gidon is a French guitarist and vocalist who dabbles in the many methods of sampling, and his voice occasionally recalls Charles Aznavour, of all people. But that Europeans have a better sense of history than Americans is well documented! Gidon actually pushes Hopper in a pop direction, albeit a very odd one; short, punchy tracks with buzzing high-speed bass patterning, R&B guitar whang, cabaret slouch ("On the Watch"), even a bit of snicker now and again ("East West", with some nice piano by Frances Knight, features Gidon occasionally singing through his nose). But everywhere can be heard Hopper's delightfully if purposefully meandering melodies, which will (as could be heard on Hopper's two collaborations with poet/ singer Lisa Klossner) keep this CD nice and far away from any Hit Parade we would prefer not to frequent. But then, Robert Wyatt's last CD was reviewed favorably in PEOPLE Magazine, so who knows what's pop and what's not any longer? Hoary old Canterbury trainspotters like myself will shed a quiet tear at "For Alan", a reflective midtempo instrumental with a slow-reaction melody like those at which we all recall the late A. Gowen excelling. If Phil Miller helped compose this one, I wouldn't be surprised. So, a very fine go overall, no dearth of pleasant surprises.

JAZZLOOPS may grow out of the avenue of Mr. Hopper's impetus that produced 1984: apparently assembled from existing sources, this CD is a series of eleven different flavored stews of varying source material. One can hear the definite contributions of Elton Dean, Didier Malherbe, Frank van der Kooij, Patrice Meyer, Simon Picard, and Nigel Morris (the credits admit to further assistance from Robert Wyatt, Pierre-Olivier Govin, Steve Franklin, Kim Weemhoff and Christine Janet), and the method used is to blend varying sections of longer jams and unfinished pieces into more focused compositions. Hopper is certainly a master at this, given past efforts like his collaborations with Kramer (especially HUGE), and you can't fault either his always-fresh bass runs or his choice of saxophonists. "1212" is an arid R&B workout with steady drumming, a detailed funk riff and tasty van der Kooij alto, for example, and the first-up"t3" sports a more experimental cast, snaking near-Arabic guitar lines about a detailed lattice of cymbals and liquid-lead bass. But several of these tracks seem to demand a context they can't supply themselves.  Jungle drums and drones lift up "sfrankl" but there is no real lead voice. "calmozart"'s drum patterns are interesting and the horn lines are pretzelly in a "Chloe And The Pirates" kind of way but again it's as if the musicians are waiting for something to happen that never really does. "digwot" has no such problems, though, what with Malherbe's snake-charming tenor undulating above shifting tectonic-plate like sheets of  sustained tone, and the closing "Nigepo" has a very ambiguous but still driving beat, echoed Wyatts enveloping a rhythm track reminiscent of Miles Davis' "Red China Blues." And no, part-way through the recessional, your CD player is not malfunctioning. Crafty Hugh!

This is probably a case of the artist catching the critic off guard (easier than it sounds); one doesn't expect ambient music of Hopper but that was probably the point. Let's not forget "Oyster Perpetual" or "1983", after all.

Merci encore,


From: Jonny Greene <jonny@planetgong.co.uk>
Subject: GAS NEWS 05/03 (pp)
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 21:51:00 +0100


A beaming big fat full moon to you, and you, and of course you. Here's all the basic info on the Gong Family comings and doings, forthcoming tours, events and releases, plus a wee bit of news. Use the links to jump to the web-pages and sites to see much more detail - you know the form.

Full-folly we go into the valley of "it'll never work", charging up the tilt-yard of "unrealistic expectation" to discover the still sleeping be-jewelled pigmy shrew of fun - Lets wake him shall we?

(I'll shut up now)


All that Errors energy would be treat enough by themselves, but add Here & Now, who join them on the UK tour, and we can expect some very special gigs indeed.

Here & Now are Keith the Bass and Steffe from the original band, more recent H&Nower Steve Cassidy on drums, and Joie Hinton of Eat Static! They are all so fired up I just know these gigs are going out there and beyond....

Thr 22 UK, Oxford: Zodiac. http://www.the-zodiac.co.uk/
  190 Cowley Rd. £8/£9. 01865 420 042

Fri 23 UK, Glastonbury: Assembly Rooms. http://www.assemblyrooms.org.uk/
  High St. 01458 834 677

Sun 25 UK, Ashton under Lyme: The Witchwood.
  152 Old St. £8/£9. 0161 344 0321

Mon 26 UK, Bristol: Academy. http://www.bristol-academy.co.uk
  Frogmore St. (UofE only supporting Hawkwind) 0117 927 9227

Tue 27 UK, Crewe: Limelight. http://www.crewe-limelight.co.uk
  High Town. £8/£9. 08700 600 100/01270 251 929

Wed 28 UK, Sheffield: Boardwalk. http://www.theboardwalklive.co.uk/
    Snig Hill. £8/£9. 01142 798 090/517 000

Thr 29 UK, Leeds: The Roscoe. http://www.newroscoe.co.uk/mainframe.htm

Fri 30 UK, Northampton: Roadmender. http://www.roadmender.org
  1 Lady Rd. 01604 604 603

Sat 31 UK, London: New Mean Fiddler. http://www.meanfiddler.com
  Charing Cross Rd. Early start-7.00pm, as must end 10.30pm.

Expect the full rampaging glory with extended sets as there's no Here & Now
on these final few dates.

Mon 02 UK, Worcester: Marr's Bar. http://www.marrsbar.co.uk/
  12 Pierpoint St. 01905 613 336.

Tue 03 UK, Cardiff: Toucan. http://www.toucanclub.co.uk 95 Mary St.

Wed 04 UK, Bath: Windows Arts Centre. Lower Borough Walls. 01225 421 700

Fri 06 UK, Bristol: Fleece. £7. 12 Thomas St. Tel: 0117 945 0996

Daevid Allen with two members of the Acid Mothers Temple, Cotton and Makoto, in their free-wheeling 'beyond' psychedelic trio.

Thr 05 UK, London: Kosmiche@Spitz. TBC
Sat 07 UK, Brighton: The Freebutt. TBC
Tue 10 France, Paris: Les Lilas (93), Le Triton. Festival Les Tritonales.
  Metro-Marie des Lilas. 9pm (doors 8.30pm)

The only 100% certain Guru and Zero gig is the one in Paris on 10th June which is part of Aymeric Leroy's marvelous Canterbury Festival (see the Le Triton  web-site for all the details of that) - the rest of the plan is that Daevid will appear at all the Acid Mother Temple gigs, wherever a University of Errors gig does not take precedence. Good luck in working this all out by looking at the Acid Mothers Temple Tour details at

A rare event indeed! Daevid with Here & Now (Steffe, Keith, Steve Cassidy and Eat Static's Joie), aka Planet Gong - and it's on the Solstice! Mark Robson and Jerry Bewley of Kangaroo Moon are also on the bill so a grand time will be had by all. The gig is limited to 250 though - so I would book. Details about how to get there and where to stay are on the Planetgong web-site gigs page:-

Tue 21 Jun UK, Isle of Wight, Ventnor: Winter Gardens.
  From 9pm. 01983 555080. e-mail david@digitalcolour.fsnet.co.uk
  Tickets available from the Winter Gardens, Ventnor.
Pie in the Sky,    3 Church Street, Ventnor -
and Skintrade, St. Thomas Square, Newport.

Fri 30 May France, Glomel. Hadouk Trio: Festival des Clarinettes

Sat 31 May France, Glomel. Didier Malherbe: L'Anche des Metamorphoses. Festival des Clarinettes

Sat 14 Jun France, Viscomtat. Hadouk Trio: Theatre Voyageurs
  63250 Viscomtat (near Thiers)

Something different for Graham: a new venture. He'll be performing solo violin improvisations as support for the No Neck Blues Band, on their May European tour.
Details at:- http://www.grahamviolin.com
Sat 17 May - Belgium, Hasselt: Belgie
Sun 18 May - Netherlands, Amsterdam: Paradiso
Mon 19 May - France, Paris: Les Instant Chavires
Wed 21 May - UK, London: Gallery 291
Thr 22 May - UK, Brighton: Catfish Club
Fri 23 May - UK, Leeds: Termite Club @ The Brundell

More gigs on the way, Big Green, Glasto etc. Full Kangaroo Moon tour Oct/Nov.

Sat 17 May - Stroud, Rodborough, Prince Albert. 01453 764 274
Mon 26 May  - Somerset, Bruton, Packhorse Fair.  11.30am

Kingston green Fair - 5ish

Fri 30 May - Glastonbury, King Arthur, Benedict St.  01458 831 442
Sat 7 Jun  - Glastonbury, Chalice Well Gardens
             supporting  Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer

Daevid is definitely a most happy old alien poet with the arrival of copies of his first book of poetry to be published since 1962. And I must say I'm rather pleased myself. It's been quite a struggle but the final result is deeply rewarding.

All of you who subscribed to Poet For Sale, and made it possible, should by now have your signed and dedicated copies (if it hasn't arrived yet I'm sure it will do in the next few days). A thousand blessings on you all for supporting a branch of the arts most resistant to the rampant viral capitalism which infects the others (i.e. 'they' can't work out how to make big bucks out of it).

Have I ever explained to you my theory of the on-going esoteric battle between business and artistic creation? No? Oh well we must have a drink and a smoke sometime.

Meanwhile back in what is most amusingly called the 'real' world...

The planed May release of re-mastered, bonus tracked reissues of Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg, You and Live Etc have now been re-scheduled for October. Don't ask why, it's way too complicated to explain. However this delay means there is now some serious talk of Live Etc being expanded even further from the planned double CD to a 4 CD box-set!

A completed overhaul of Steve's back catalogue is also planned for later this year, complete with previously unheard bonus tracks.
Re-mastering/bonus track work on the Space Shanty album he recorded with Khan in about 1805 has also recently been completed, but no release date has yet been set.

Released on 19th May are Shooting At The Moon, Toy of a Joy, Bananamour and Whatevershebringswesing in newly remastered, bonus be-tracked splendor.

Both Daevid and Steve Hillage feature prominently in the second part of BBC Radio 2's History of Psychedelia. You can listen to the programme for the next couple of days at:-

http://www.vintagetickets.co.uk has some complete old '70's Gong and Steve Hillage tickets for sale. Unfortunately I don't think they come with a time machine - but perhaps with the right substances and live CD...

Much more info, track listings etc in the Kasbah entries

CD: Tim Blake: Caldea Music II - SRCD 55303
His best album for years. If you like Tim of old you'll love this.
UK/EU £ 13.50 - USA/Rest of World £11.49

CD: Theo Travis: Slow Life - escd001
The effect of all those Flute Salads hits home with this solo flute
CD from Theo.
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.46

CD: Pierre Bensusan & Didier Malherbe: Live au New Morning -
Pure masters of their instruments beautifully recorded.
UK/EU £ 13.50 - USA/Rest of World £11.49

CD: Gong: Camembert Electrique - SNIP 405 CD
Replica mini gatefold LP sleeve reissue from Snapper.
UK/EU £ 13.50 - USA/Rest of World £9.50

CD:  Various: Future World Funk 3 - OCHOCD011
Great world beats collection featuring exclusive Hillage remix track.
UK/EU £ 13.50 - USA/Rest of World £11.49

CD:  Planet Gong: Floating Anarchy 77 - SNAP 101CD
Charly Records coloured cover version re-catalogued by Snapper.
UK/EU £ 8.50- USA/Rest of World £7.23

LP:  Gong: Magick Brother - GET 305
Beautiful 180 gm reissue of 1st Gong album in original BYG gatefold sleeve
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

LP:  Gong: You - GET 621
180 gm reissue in a gatefold sleeve
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

TAPE:  Silver on the Tree: Eye of the Aeon - SB.23001
First album of Celtic chants and ballads from 1990 by Glastonbury favs.
UK/EU £ 6.50 - USA/Rest of World £5.53

TAPE:  Silver on the Tree: Mystic Spiral - SB.23002
2nd beautiful album from 1992.
UK/EU £ 6.50 - USA/Rest of World £5.53

CDs listed below are available to pre-order in the Kasbah. Credit cards
will not be debited until orders are sent.

CD:  Dipstick vs.: Don't Rewind - Weed 7909
One I missed - marvelous collection with two mesmeric Daevid collaborations..
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

The final four re-mastered System 7 CDs are released on Monday 26th May on
Steve and Miquette's own A-wave label.

CD:  System 7: 777 - AAWCD001
UK/EU £ 9.99 - USA/Rest of World £8.50

CD:  System 7 : Point3 Fire - AAWCD002
UK/EU £ 9.99 - USA/Rest of World £8.50

CD:  System 7: Point3 Water - AAWCD003
Price - UK/EU £ 9.99 - USA/Rest of World £8.50

CD:  System 7: Golden Section - AAWCD006
Price - UK/EU £ 9.99 - USA/Rest of World £8.50

Till the next full moon (perhaps?) - May teapots fly across the room and Flounders ignite spontaneously in your presence.


8< :^) >

PO Box 871

tel: +44 (0)1458 833 040
fax: +44 (0)1458 833 894

email: info@planetgong.co.uk

url: http://www.planetgong.co.uk


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=> CARAVAN ==============================================================

May 30 - MADRID (Spain), Sala Caracol / May 31 - BARCELONA (Spain), Luz de

Jul 19 - BURG-HERZBERG (Germany), Burg Herzberg Festival [festival website]

Aug 01 - DEAL, Astor Theatre (tbc) / Aug 02 - WHITCHURCH (Hampshire),
Whitchurch Festival

CARAVAN : Pye Hastings (guitar & vocals), Richard Coughlan (drums), Geoff
Richardson (viola & flute), Jan Schelhaas (keyboards), Jim Leverton (bass &
vocals), Doug Boyle (lead guitar) & Simon Bentall (percussion)

=> GONGZILLA ============================================================

Jun 27 - ARLINGTON (MA), Regent Theater (DVD filming) [also: TriPod, Flash]
/ Jun 30 - PHILADELPHIA (PA), North Star Bar [with Quickstep John] / Jul 01
- TRENTON (NJ), The Conduit [also: Quickstep John] / Jul 02 - NEW YORK CITY
(NY), The Bottom Line [with Happy Rhodes]

GONGZILLA : Hansford Rowe (bass), Bon Lozaga (guitar), Benoît Moerlen
(vibes & marimba), Phil Kester (percussion), Gary Husband (drums), with
special guest David Fiuczynski (guitar)

=> CAMEL  ===============================================================


Jun 28 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), The Bottom Line Cabaret Theatre / Jun 29 -
TRENTON (NJ), NEARfest / Jun 30 - WASHINGTON/ALEXANDRIA, Birchmere Music
Hall / Jul 01 - ATLANTA (GA), Variety House / Jul 04/05 - MEXICO CITY
(Mexico), Foro Las Americas

CAMEL : Andrew Latimer (guitar, flute & vocals), Colin Bass (bass &
vocals), Denis Clément (drums) + keyboard player tba

=> The MUFFINS ==========================================================

Jun 21 - PHILADELPHIA (PA), Sedgwick Cultural Center (with The Red Masque)


                          END OF ISSUE 202

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