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Dear Rattlers,

2003 is shaping up to be a great year for Canterbury music. Exciting new releases are expected - new studio albums by Caravan, SoftWorks (the new alias for the 'supergroup' of ex-Soft Machine members Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper and John Marshall), Phil Miller's In Cahoots, John Greaves (his acoustic trio with Sophia Domancich and Vincent Courtois), the new Gong variant younGong (which, contrary to what I assumed in the last issue, doesn't mean the end of the 2000/01 Gong), and not least of all the great Robert Wyatt himself; a brilliant live set by PolySofts, the "Franglo" tribute band reviving the classic Soft Machine repertoire, featuring Hugh Hopper and special guest Elton Dean, various archive releases, including the Soft Machine and Caravan ones mentioned below, the reissue of Robert Wyatt's complete Peel Sessions, a superb double-live set by Nucleus from 1971 which nicely complements the recent reissue of their back catalogue.

As for the live front, the year began well with Caravan's first French tour for decades. I was lucky to catch the band on their penultimate date, in Riotord near Saint-Etienne. On this occasion they were down to a sextet, with original members Pye Hastings and Richard Coughlan, fellow 'classic era' bandmates Geoff Richardson and the returning Jan Schelhaas, and latest recruits Jim Leverton and Doug Boyle, now pillars of Caravan having been with them since 1995 and 1996 respectively. Percussionist Simon Bentall was absent, although I am informed that he is still technically a member of the live band when finances allow.

I found the concert particularly strong. Obviously it was heavy on classic material, and I guess that's what us "old fans" are really keen on getting, but it also included no less than four songs from the upcoming new album "The Unauthorised Breakfast Item" (initially slated for release in late February, it will now probably come out in the Spring), and only one from the previous effort "The Battle Of Hastings". "Newcomer" Jan Schelhaas was in fine form, playing well and adding an element of camaraderie among the band. Geoff was his usual brilliant self with some memorable viola solos, and Doug astonished everyone in the audience with his inspired and virtuosic guitar leads.

The concert began with a fine "Blind Dog" medley, beginning with the dreamy "All The Way", leading into the rockier "Grubby Little Oik", ending however on a very spacey flute solo by Geoff. "Liar" followed, the crowd pleaser from "The Battle Of Hastings", and next came the first true 'classic' of the set, a fine rendition of "The Dog, The Dog He's At It Again". With it came Jan's first opportunity to showcase his skills as solo keyboardist, but there was more to come - indeed, the epic "Nine Feet Underground" came next. We were treated to a very strong version, Jan's 'fuzz organ' leads a convincing echo of Dave Sinclair's original performance, with Geoff and Doug sharing the solo spotlight to excellent effect.

It was now time to hear two new songs, performed continuously with a subtle transition - "Tell Me Why" and "Revenge". As with most of the new album, which I have had the privilege to hear but will properly review in a future issue rather than now, these songs are more direct and 'pop' in style with with more substantial instrumental work than on "The Battle Of Hastings". It's worth noting that several songs, this time, clock in above the 7-8 minute mark, and there are fine solos particularly from Doug Boyle, and also Jan, Geoff and the usual 'special guest', brother Jimmy Hastings. A little later in the set came two more songs, "Right For Me" and the album's title track which benefitted from three-part harmonies by Pye, Jim and Geoff on the catchy chorus.

A highlight of the gig for me was "Nightmare", a beautiful song from the otherwise lacklustre "Better By Far" album from 1977. Geoff was the star of the show here, with a long and beautiful viola showcase in the middle section, which he began in pizzicatto mode until he reached for his bow and enchanted us with a very lyrical solo. Later on, Doug did the same on guitar to similarly enthusiastic response from the crowd.

The main set ended with what now remains from the 'Old Medley' of Caravan's recent tours - just the tail end with Mike Ratledge's superb "Backwards" theme and the final reprise of the "A-Hunting We Shall Go" 19/8 riff. This was followed by "the usual Caravan ending number", thankfully and surprisingly restored in its original, jazzier, arrangement - "For Richard". As with "Nine Feet...", the rendition was classic in style and quality. At the end the audience was literally on its feet. The encore consisted of what used to be the opening numbers of Caravan's sets - the rocking duo of "Memory Lain, Hugh" and "Headloss". A further encore was planned, "Golf Girl" (Geoff had his electric spoons ready !), but a misunderstanding led the audience to think the gig was irremediably over so the applause stopped prematurely. Too bad.

In any case, this was a very pleasant evening indeed for all present. Caravan put on a strong show, and are now looking forward to a year of substantial live activity. A return to America is expected for the Summer, with a possible headlining slot at the second edition of the "Progman Cometh" festival in Seattle, and other US and Canadian dates. Concerts are also planned for Europe, in particular a Paris date in October, and obviously UK dates when the album's release is finalised.

Other recent gigs included John Greaves' "rock trio" with drummer Manu Denizet and recent recruit, the youthful Jef Morin on guitar, and special guests David Lewis (trumpet), Scott Taylor (tuba, trumpet and accordion) and, playing bass on the encore, the legendary Joseph Racaille, with whom John did a special project (also with Chris Cutler) at last year's MIMI festival. The concert began with a few as yet unrecorded new tunes performed by John on piano; the main set focussed on the latest album "The Caretaker" and the usual classics ("Silence", "How Beautiful You Are"), but what would otherwise have been a very similar set to John's other recent concerts was greatly enhanced by the dual brass lines added to several of the songs by David and Scott - these were not improvs or mere "jamming" but actual brass arrangements, and to me this brought a whole new dimension to the pieces in question. I can only hope that the experiment will be repeated.

Lastly, although little can be confirmed at the time of writing this, I feel I must warn you long enough in advance that I am involved in programming what is shaping up to be a great festival of progressive music in Paris next May and June. A substantial part of it will be devoted to Canterbury music. Confirmed so far are two evenings with the PolySofts group (featuring Hugh Hopper and special guest Elton Dean), on the occasion of the release of their live album, on May 29th and 30th. We're hoping to confirm gigs by Richard Sinclair, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle and John Greaves' projects the following week, making the period of May 29th-June 6th a virtual "Canterbury music festival" inside the whole event - although non-Canterbury concerts will also take place during this period, such as the excellent Mats & Morgan band of Zappa's Universe fame on May 31st. The festival will open on May 21st with five evenings of Offering, the famous Magma offshoot, and will conclude around June 20th. It will take place on evenings only, so will not be a festival in the usual sense but should please those in attendance no less. So begin planning your holiday in Paris for late May and early June !! The programme should be finalised over the next few weeks.



From: "Kenneth Egbert" <invizzigoth@earthlink.net>
Subject: Richard Sinclair, David Rees-Williams, Tony Coe: WHAT IN THE WORLD
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 10:26:10 -0500

Hello, Aymeric:

Just to show that no kind OK goes unpunished, here is my bumbling opinion of the new Sinclair Rees-Williams/Coe CD.


It is not just a delightful 49 or so minutes we have here but a highly instructive window tossed open to show us Canterbury trainspotters one very deep stanchion in the British rock amphitheater. England has been maligned for years for its supposed lack of musical acumen (although Napoleon's crack about "a nation of shopkeepers" was not a rock critic talking); even Peter Townshend in a 1968 interview with ROLLING STONE ("Oh, it's gotta be true" - Frank Z.) listed famous European composers from other countries and then sniffed, "Who's England got? Purcell?"  Hardly. As has been pointed out in more considered opinions than this, the U.K. has a fine musical tradition if not as composer-oriented as other lands, and as far as rock music goes, Brit bands have a flair and a sense of the grand (not necessarily 'grandiose') many American bands, say, do not have. Happy The Man always got the feel of 'magnificent clockworks' right, for example, but for a sense of the Triumphant March Which Does Not Take Itself Too Seriously, one should look instead to, say, National Health's "Tenemos Roads" or the middle bit of Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin's "Henry and James."  I think this attribute of Brit rock, and Canterbury bands especially, derives from the Anglican church music tradition (and perhaps to a less extent the Salvation Army brass bands of a generation or so ago, which the Beatles so effectively lampooned and celebrated in SERGEANT PEPPER.  That the Canterbury bands have this underpinning is not overly surprising since Canterbury is the seat of the Archbishop, Anglican chief executive officer, and almost every child who attends  school since Henry VIII decided to start his own church has had to do time in a choir (this excepts the children of Freethinkers, I guess; certainly most of the early Soft Machinists may have been of that stripe given the greater influence on them of Schoenberg and Sun Ra). Every cathedral in the UK pretty much has a choir, unlike many on the Continent, so the tradition is there and we have seen it in the sculpted melodies of Caravan ("Virgin on the Ridiculous," "Magic Man") as well as in the Hatfields' quieter moments ("Fol de Rol" could be a canon if properly extended, I think; apologies if I have that wrong).

I hear somebody saying "On with the tunes, mate!" so let's.

Recorded during the Canterbury Music in Harlingen Festival held in 1996, the natty liner notes by Heather Kinnear (I assume) mention how at said celebration the Sunday morning involved an English breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans and toast (ah, to have such arteries again) for the audience of the previous evening's extravaganza (which included Richard, Hugh Hopper's Hooligan Romantics, and R.J. Stips' pop- prog trio) at which point Richard and Heather and cohort 'frogmarched [sic] them off to church for an unrehearsed set of favorite tunes."

Unrehearsed?  Hard to tell, as the air of this celebration is assured and reflective in a way that must at least somehow have been premeditated.  We open with "Out of the Shadows," originally to be heard on Sinclair's fine 1994 release R.S.V.P., featuring David Rees-Williams, recent collaborator of Richard's, on the Grote Kerk of Harlingen's 1776 "mighty and majestic" Hinsz pipe organ. We are used to the mathematical cadence of Bach's "Wachet Auf!" and heavy pedal-point when a pipe organ is involved, so Rees-Williams' arrangement does pay a certain coin to repetitive structures and sustained tonal centers but as we know Sinclair's melodies do not lend themselves to the grandiose so there is a certain humor interlaced throughout this and a near-funky later rendition of "Felafel Shuffle."

A similar humor is on display in Rees-Williams' recent piano trio CD, upon which subject an Email to <heather@sinclairsongs.fsnet.co.uk> will get you more info.

"For Absent Friends" establishes a link for us to another prog band with a certain alkaline humor (and further proof that critics tend to throw up walls where none are necessary or advisable); here, as in the original, the attitude is more towards the meditative, and Sinclair is in fine voice, nearly allowing us to forget (momentarily) Peter Gabriel's and Phil Collins' vocal on the Genesis take.  Coming within inches of actually acknowledging the Creator in this largely secular age without making most queasy is no mean feat, but Sinclair ditches his playfully raised eyebrow and does a fairly glowing job. Rees-Williams' digressions between choruses put him, to my mind, in a class with the late Alan Gowen.  As in Gowen's work there is a cerebral air, as contrasted with, say, Dave Sinclair's outer-directed countermelodies (see Dave's solo on coz Richard's CARAVAN OF DREAMS version of "Halfway Between Heaven and Earth" for a good example)

Probably most revelatory for myself are the duets between Rees-Williams and jazz clarinetist Tony Coe, as "Barefoot" and "Canterbury Song" (a Tony Coe original from his Lonely Bears days), both of which have a calm intelligence worthy of Vaughan Williams (no relation to Dave that I know of, but Ms. Kinnear will correct me if not), say around the time of "A Lark Ascending."  The echo in the church, I am led to understand, was one of the things which made this performance unreleasable in 1996 when it was first recorded but digital chicanery has dealt with all that and the miking of Coe's instrument is perfect. There is a questioning aura in his playing which is reminiscent of Wayne Shorter.

But Richard won't let his collaborators steal the show for too long, so there is an ecclesiastical take (in its air of reflection) in the Hopper-Sinclair tune "Long Lingers Autumn Time" - unsurprisingly - along with a similarly peaceful "What in the World" (pre-released on LIVE TRACKS), and very fine closing Sinclair/Rees-Williams meditations on "Calyx" and "Fol de Rol." I'd be remiss, however, not to mention the out-of-character but not at all diminished "What's Rattlin'" here, in which Sinclair again lists all those bands we chew over endlessly (no names need be mentioned) and states with his usual humor, "We're not part of that now..."  His fans, myself included, may never entirely let go of the obvious correlation, but in focusing on one block of the foundation which holds up the Canterbury School he and Rees-Williamsd and Coe have very neatly transcended it and reminded us that this music is as flexible to reinterpretation as it is eternally re-examinable.

Thanks to all the participants, to say nothing of the intrepid impresario Teatse Vogelaar, without which not. -K.E.  

P.S. No, I don't get paid by the word but you'd be forgiven if you were to think so.  Best to all Rattlers.

Kenneth Egbert


From: Absolute Zero <absolutezero@absolute-zero.net>
Subject: Hola!
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 21:29:02 -0500

Hello Aymeric!

Hope all is well.

Pip wrote regarding your request to pass along some information for the Subtropics festival in Miami. I will attach below the information we have
for your review.

As for the release of Crashing Icons we are very pleased and excited to say that we will be working with ReR and the release date for the CD now hangs on the manufacturing schedule. We look to the CD being in distribution soon after manufacturing. We are very appreciative of Chris Cutler for his interest and support.

Thanks for your interest and sorry to hear that you will not be making the trip to the Subtropics to see us play. It is our loss but perhaps some day soon we will be up your way.

Wonderful to hear from you and keep in touch.
Best wishes

* * * * * *

Abridged Version


Thursday, February 27, 2003 [10:00 p.m.] $8 ($6 SAW members)
PS 742, 1165 S.W. 6 Street, Little Havana

SUBTROPICS' OPENING CONCERT FEATURES MIAMI-BASED PROGRESSIVE BAND including new work created while in residence at SFCA's Sound Arts Workshop

Thursday, February 28, 2003 [10:00 p.m.] $10 ($8 SAW members) PS 742, 1165 S.W. 6 Street, Little Havana
For reservations write us at subtropics@earthlink.net Or call us in Miami at 305 981 0600
Mistress of Ceremonies: Elizabeth Hall, curator of Flarb
Special guests Chris Cutler and Alison Knowles will Interact with South Florida experimentalists, including Randall Beaver, Enrique Jardines, PIp PYLE, AISLINN QUINN, Jim Stewart, and more...

Space is limited... For reservations write us at subtropics@earthlink.net
Or call us in Miami at 305 981 0600

From: "vogelaar" <vogelaar@bart.nl>
Subject:  Review - Richard Sinclair "What In The World"
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 10:38:56 +0100

Hi Aymeric

This is a copy of a review in a Dutch newspaper. Nice to read!


* * * * *

WHAT IN THE WORLD: Canterbury Music in Harlingen. Richard Sinclair (vocals), David Rees Williams (church organ), Tony Coe (clarinet). RSS CD 004.

The title of the CD "What in the world" stirs one's imagination about what motivated the people into organising an unrehearsed concert, on a Sunday morning, while simultaneously a cooked breakfast with baked beans in tomato sauce was served on the side. Yet, this was a reality, in Harlingen, seven years ago. The CD is the live recording of the event entitled Canterbury Music in Harlingen. With the virtuous sound of the Hinsz Orgel of the Grote Kerk acting as the host, the sweet clarinet of Tony Coe, and the similarly melodious voice of Richard Sinclair doing the honours. In daily life, the organist, David Rees Williams, plays the organ of Canterbury Cathedral. The most enjoyable features of this recording are the ambiance itself and the feeling 'of being a part of it all'. The sympathetic acoustics of the building are excellently captured and even some noises of the audience are audible at times. The mild compositions of Sinclair of Canterbury are easy to digest, with improvisation and jazzy aspects. They are versatile and interesting to the ear. Yet, it is mainly the recording itself–its lovely balance–which creates an enchanting tension ranging from beginning to end. Fascinating. This CD may also be ordered via www.sinclairsongs.fsnet.co.uk.



From: "Stephen GOOD" <steve@goodies.fslife.co.uk>
Subject: Hatfield and the Health!
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:26:16 -0000

Hi Aymeric

Just - by luck - I came upon your wonderful "What's Rattlin'" pages, as I've recently just started to fill in some gaps of Hatfields and Nat Health stuff (I finally got hold of the fantastic NH "Playtime" CD too, which you provided notes for).

I played at the same festival that National Health played at Chiswick Park back in June 1977, and this was where I rather belatedly came across their fantastic music... and I'm glad to say that I've followed them ever since.

I wrote to Dave (Stewart) a few years back, and got a couple of real nice replies from him, reminiscing about that festival, amongst other things (it was a beautiful day when they played, and poured with rain for me!!).

I was pleased to have been recently sent some of the Hatfields' BBC Radio sessions (and also a recording of their Rainbow gig from '75), which sent me looking for more... a bit cheeky to ask, but do you know if there is there any way that I will be able to track down any more of these real rarities (and necessities) at all?  Are there any sites that I can subscribe to, to trace any rarities such as this?  Sorry if you think I am  being cheeky by asking such a question... but well, I am so keen to find all I can, to share this wonderful music, which (having heard some of the BBC  sessions) I feel should be readily available anyway! Hardly a week goes by without either of the brilliant Hatfields, or National Health CDs being  played at home.

Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for such a wonderful site .. do I need to subscribe to your pages to be able to add postings?  I have just had a quick look around it, but it looks fantastic!

Kindest regards from England,

[It has been documented in WR that the former Hatfields have been working on an official release of the BBC sessions and assorted live stuff. There is no release date yet nor do I get the impression that this is imminent, but hopefully it will all come out eventually... officially - AL]


From: Brian O'Reilly <brian@huxrecords.com>
Subject: Soft Machine - BBC Sessions
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:19:01 -0800

BBC Radio  1967 - 1971

Released: 31st March 2003
Format:    Double CD
Cat. No: HUX037

Soft Machine’s complete BBC sessions will finally see the light of day this year (except for one or two tracks, which have been lost at the BBC.) They will be released across two Hux albums, which have both been compiled with the help of the band, who have been fully involved at every stage of development.

This first volume contains all the sessions recorded for John Peel’s ‘Top Gear’ programme.  This features several previously unreleased recordings, including the 1967 session with Kevin Ayers on bass, guitar and vocals.  The running order is mostly chronological, but has been tinkered with by Robert Wyatt, “for reasons of aural satisfaction”.

The cover design features an abstract ‘photograph’ by Robert Wyatt and the booklet includes a liner note each from Hugh Hopper and Kevin Ayers.  It also has detailed liner notes by Mark Ellingham and several band pictures by the great photographer, Mark Ellidge.

Volume 2 (Peel Sessions 1971-1973) will follow later this year.

Track listing

Disc 1

1.  Clarence In Wonderland
2.  We Know What You Mean
3.  Certain Kind
4.  Hope For Happiness
5.  Strangest Scene
 Recorded 05.12.67

6.  Facelift/Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise
7.  The Moon In June
 Recorded 10.06.69

8.  Instant Pussy
 Recorded 10.11.69

9.  Slightly All The Time/Out Bloody Rageous/Eamonn Andrews
     Recorded 04.05.70

Disc 2

1. Virtually
2. Fletcher’s Blemish
 Recorded 15.12.70

3.  Neo-Caliban Grides
4.  Dedicated To You But You Weren’t Listening
5.  Eamonn Andrews/All White
 Recorded 26.06.71

6.  Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise/Esther’s Nose Job
 Recorded 10.11.69

More info: http://www.huxrecords.com


From: "mike dixon" <mlpltd@hotmail.com>
Subject: CARAVAN - NEW LIVE ALBUM details
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:52:36 +0000


Here is some information about our new release on MLP.

MLP Ltd (UK)

* * * * * *

New Album on MLP
              CAROLINE2  LTD  (London)

MLP announce their third release is out on Monday April 21st 2003.

76 minutes of LIVE Classic Progressive Rock from one of the originators of the Canterbury Scene.

In 2003, CARAVAN celebrate their 35th anniversary with a UK tour, new album and this rare live recording from their classic mid-seventies period. The LIVE set was recorded on 5th December 1975 at Nottingham Polytechnic for a live radio broadcast’ and features live versions of songs from the 1975 album "Cunning Stunts", plus several favourites from their earlier albums. The CD includes an eight page booklet with rare photos and liner notes.


CARAVAN line-up:

PYE HASTINGS (guitar, vocals)
GEOFF RICHARDSON  (viola, flute, guitar)
MIKE WEDGWOOD (bass, vocals)
JAN SCHELHAAS (keyboards, vocals)

Other releases on MLP:
(MLP01CD) KOKOMO - Live in Concert 1975
(MLP02CD) HOME - Live BBC Sessions 1972-73

EMAIL: mlpltd@hotmail.com    
FAX: UK  (44)  1295  258277


From: "Andrew Garibaldi" <Deadearnest@btopenworld.com>
Subject: CD Services website
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 01:03:41 -0000

Hi There,

Trust you are well. Andy G here, from CD Services Mail Order, on my home

After a long time coming, I can now inform you that the CD Services website is now up and running and the home page can be found at www.cd-services.com Please note that, due to the sheer wealth of data in the site and that what we have placed there initially is still very much just the beginning, each department has had to consist of more than one category of music. But we hope you will be impressed and take some time to view the site in

In addition, I would now be greatful if you could provide a  link from your website to either our home page or the specific page on which your genre is featured. As I stated, what we have created thus far is just the beginning and it is intended to reciprocate links as soon as all the departments and categories are complete.

I will be in touch again soon no doubt as interest kicks in and sales ensue,
but if you have any comments or queries, please direct them to me at this

Thanks for everything,
Andy Garibaldi (CD Services)


From: Heilobo@aol.com
Subject: OGWT
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 08:10:36 EST

Hello Aymeric,

I want to inform you (and the readers of WR) that there is a 2DVD of the Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC TV-Series) performances with Robert Wyatt performing "Shipbuilding". I can only recommend it, not only because of the Wyatt Performance.

Wolfgang Tiemann
From: Sakura Toyama <records@buckyballmusic.com>
Subject: Buckyball Music news & tour update
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 18:55:05 -0500

Hi everyone,

Tunnels, Sarah Pillow and her jazz quartet (quite a treat- Tunnels will be
backing Sarah interpreting music by Miles, Monk, Chick Corea, Mingus, and
more...) and her crossover project Nuove Musiche are all going on tour.
Tunnels will be in the south and the northeast starting February 26 through
March 4, then everyone will re-group in New York City for more dates with
all three groups starting March 20 through the first week of April. We are
still working on finalizing dates, but the bulk of it is now confirmed so we
would like to share those with you.

In addition, Buckyball Records will soon release the long awaited re-release
of the last two Brand X albums: Xcommunication and Manifest Destiny, with a
bonus third CD of a unique live recording of the band from 1979, which
features Phil Collins on drums and vocals; Robin Lumley on keyboards; Pete
Robinson on piano; John Goodsall on guitar and Percy Jones on bass. This
should be an irresistible album for any fan of great progressive music.

Here is the schedule:

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
Zig's Bar, (one set 9:30) cover $10
4531 Duke St, Alexandria, VA

Thursday, February 27th, 2003
Local 506 with Onomata (show start 9pm) cover $8
506 W. Franklin St.,Chapel Hill, NC

Friday, February 28th, 2003
The Hunter Gatherer (one set 10:30)
900 Main St, Columbia, SC
803 748 0540

Saturday, March 1st, 2003
Eyedrum, with Mantissa Cover $10
290 MLK Jr. Drive SE in Atlanta, GA

Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
The Sutler,
2606 Franklin Rd, Nashville, TN

Monday, March 3rd, 2003
udyard Kipling,
422 West Oak Street, Louisville ,KY

Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
The Greenwich, (two sets 8pm and 9:30pm)
2442 Gilbert Ave., Cinncinati, OH

Sarah Pillow Jazz Quartet:
with Marc Wagnon, midi vibes - Percy Jones, bass - Frank Katz, drums

Thursday, March 20, 2003 7:30 PM
Penn State Schuylkill, Morgan Auditorium
Schuyllkill, PA

Monday, March 24, 2003 7:30 PM
Penn State Scranton, Quiet Lounge (Sh!)
Scranton, PA

Tuesday, March 25, 2003 7:30 PM
Penn State Shenango Auditorium
Shenango, PA

Wednesday, March 26, 2003 12 noon
Penn State New Kensington Theater
New Kensington, PA

Wednesday, March 26, 2003 7:30 PM
Penn State Fayette, Swimmer Hall
Fayette City, PA

Monday, March 31, 2003 7 PM
Penn State DuBois, Hiller Auditorium
DuBois, PA

Tuesday, April 15, 2003 7 PM
Penn State Altoon, CAC
Altoona, PA

Sarah Pillow Nuove Musiche and Tunnels

with Marc Wagnon, midi vibes - Percy Jones, bass - Frank Katz, drums -
Herbie Maitlandt, guitar

Thurday March 27th
The Club Cafe 56-58 South 12th St. Pittsburgh, PA

Friday March 28th
The Tritone 1508 South Street, Philadelphia PA
(215) 545-0475

Saturday March 29th
The Milestones 170 East Ave, Rochester, NY

Tuesday April 1st (April fool's day)
The Haunt 702 Willow Ave. Ithaca, NY

more dates to come...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Feb 01 - RIS-ORANGIS [nr Paris] (France), Le Plan / Feb 02 - VERVIERS (Belgium), Spirit Of '66 / Feb 04 - LILLE (France), Le Splendid / Feb 05 - RENNES (France), Ubu / Feb 06 - BORDEAUX (France), Bourbon Street / Feb 07 - RIOTORD (France), Le Climax / Feb 08 - SIX FOURS LES PLAGES (France), Espace Culturel

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Jan Schelhaas, Richard Coughlan,
         Geoff Richardson, Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> John GREAVES <=======================================================

Mar 26 - TREMBLAY-EN-FRANCE (nr Paris), Festival Banlieues Bleues (supporting Louis Sclavis Quartet)

"JAZZSONGS" trio with Sophia Domancich (piano) & Vincent Courtois (cello)

==> Hugh HOPPER Franglo Band <===========================================

Mar 13 - LES LILAS [nr Paris] (France), Le Triton

with Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax), Patrice Meyer (guitar)
& François Verly (drums)

==> IN CAHOOTS <=========================================================

Apr 22 - LONDON, Vortex Jazz Bar / Oct 31 - LITCHFIELD, Garrick Theatre

Line-up: Phil Miller, Elton Dean, Jim Dvorak, Peter Lemer, Fred Baker, Mark Fletcher

==> Didier MALHERBE <====================================================

Feb 21 - PARIS, Fnac Montparnasse (5.30pm) [free in-store performance] / Mar 28/29 - PARIS, Sunset Jazz Club (10pm) / Apr 08-21 - LA REUNION, tour / May 04-16 - VIENTIANE (Laos), Residency / May 30 - GLOMEL (22), Festival des Clarinettes / Jun 14 - VISCOMTAT (63), Theatre des Voyageurs

HADOUK TRIO with Loy Ehrlich (hajouj, kora & keyboards) & Steve Shehan (percussion)

Mar 22 - LES LILAS [nr Paris] (France), Le Triton

DM QUARTET with Patrice Meyer (acoustic guitar), Loy Ehrlich (hajouj, kora & keyboards) & Philippe Foch (percussion)

==> MUJICIAN & SOUPSONGS <===============================================

Mar 15 - STAINS [nr Paris] (France), Espace Paul Eluard [Banlieues Bleues Festival]


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
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==> John ETHERIDGE <=====================================================

Feb 19 - MUSSELBURGH, Brunton Theatre / Feb 20 - DUMFRIES, Theatre Royal / Feb 21/22 - MONTROSE, Links Hotel / Feb 23 - GLASGOW, Tron Theatre / Feb 28 - NORWICH, Lakenham Leisure Centre

Mar 10->19 - ITALY with John WILLIAMS

Mar 22 - LONDON, Vortex Jazz Bar [JE Trio] / Mar 24 - BIDEFORD, Palladium Club [Ian Turner Trio] / Mar 25 - STIVES, Western Hotel [Ralph Freeman Trio]

Mar 27 - ALNWICK, Playhouse / Mar 28 - WAKEFIELD, Jazz Club / Apr 10 - BLACKHEATH, Concert Halls / Apr 11 - NEEDHAM, The Tythe Barn [Sweet Chorus]

Dates are by the Stephane Grappelli tribute band Sweet Chorus unless otherwise stated

==> KING CRIMSON <=======================================================

Feb 28 - ASHEVILLE (NC), Orange Peel / Mar 01 - ATLANTA (GA), Variety Playhouse / Mar 05 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Town Hall / Mar 06 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Town Hall / Mar 08 - BOSTON (MA), Orpheum Theatre / Mar 10 - QUEBEC CITY (Canada), Albert Rousseau Auditorium / Mar 12 - TORONTO (Canada), Massey Hall / Mar 14 - CHICAGO (IL), Park West / Mar 15 - CHICAGO (IL), Park West / Mar 20 - DENVER (CO), Fillmore Auditorium (w/The String Cheese Incident) / Mar 28 - SAN FRANCISCO (CA), Warfield / Mar 29 - LOS ANGELES (CA), Wiltern

Line-up: Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto

==> MAGMA <==============================================================

Mar 13 - TOULOUSE (France), Havana Café / Mar 14 - MARSEILLE (France), Espace Julien

Line-up: Christian Vander, Stella Vander, Emmanuel Borghi,
         Philippe Bussonnett, James McGaw, Isabelle Feuillebois,
         Antoine Paganotti, Himiko Paganotti


And many more on the CALYX website's concerts page


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