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Dear Rattlers,

Due to major problems with my computer - thankfully now solved - this issue has again been preceded by a long silence, for which I apologise. The situation is back to normal now and, depending on the amount of e-mails I receive, there may well be another WR quite soon.

The last couple of months have brought a mixture of good and bad news for the Canterbury scene. Early last month I was particularly shocked to hear of the untimely death (at 49) of French guitarist Francois Ovide. Many of you will know Francois from his work with John Greaves over the last two decades, most recently on John's latest album "The Caretaker". Francois was also a longtime collaborator of Albert Marcoeur, an avant-rock legend in his own right; he had also played with Weidorje and Gwendal; and also a very in-demand session player who had worked with some of the most famous French mainstream pop singers. He was also married to ex-Gong percussionist Mireille Bauer, with two children. I had first met Francois in 1996 when, a few months after seeing him play with John Greaves for the "Songs" concert in Paris, I interviewed him with Geoff Richardson (Caravan) when both were touring with Renaud. I was struck at how modest Francois was regarding his ability and talent as a player, even to the point of being self-deprecating. It is something of a tragedy in itself that he never got around to making his own album, although there were a couple of attempts. Last autumn, after Patrice Meyer left John Greaves' live trio, Francois returned for a one-off gig in Paris. As usual, he performed splendidly on both acoustic and electric guitar. We will miss you, Francois.

I was in London when I heard the news. My reason for being in London wasn't the Queen's Jubilee; it had a lot to do with the recording sessions for the upcoming SoftWare album. As many of you will know by now, SoftWare is a 'supergroup' of former Soft Machine members - Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper and John Marshall. The name was first used in 1999 when Dean, Hopper and Marshall played a one-off gig in Germany with Keith Tippett on piano. It has now been reactivated thanks to a recording contract with Universal Music Japan, no less, and plans for international touring and more recording. The album recorded in London in early June, which I understand will be entitled "Abrakadabra", will be released in Japan in September. The quartet will make their live debut at the Progman Cometh festival in Seattle in mid-August, and will tour Asia (mainly Japan) beginning late October, with plans for live album to be recorded there.

Actually I have some fresh news as, since writing this last paragraph, I've met Elton by chance (!) just a few streets from here, outside a free open-air Herbie Hancock concert (of all places)... Elton told me he's preparing for a rather busy summer - he's going to Austria soon to work on a new project by drummer Joe Gallivan; then rehearsals for the In Cahoots (with a new drummer following the departure of Pip Pyle) and SoftWare gigs in Seattle; then a performance by Keith Tippett's 'Tapestry' big band in Barcelona; and the two gigs by PolySoft, playing the classic Soft Machine repertoire, in Paris on September 13/14. I asked Elton what SoftWare would play apart from the album material (more on that below), and he said that, since he would be rehearsing Soft Machine pieces for the PolySoft gig, they would probably pick two or three such compositions to play with SoftWare, including "Slightly All The Time" and, I would guess, "Facelift"...

As for the album... Well, although I was there for most of the duration of the rehearsals and sessions, I wasn't actually *inside* the rehearsal/recording room the whole time, so I only really got one opportunity to hear the whole thing, at the playback session on the last day of studio work. My general impression is that this band has successfully avoided what could have been expected from them - a sort of "Soft Machine 5 meets Soft Machine Bundles"... I has neither the complex and angular compositions of Mike Ratledge or the fusion leanings of late-period Softs. Instead, the band sounds remarkably close to Hugh Hopper's recent bands; probably in part because the instrumentation is the same (oh, I didn't release, but since there hasn't been a WR since, I didn't even review Hugh Hopper's French gig from May...) - sax, guitar, bass and drums. Elton actually played (a real) Fender Rhodes on a couple of tunes, in one case using a Leslie cabinet to obtain a suitably 'vintage' sound...

As for the material... Well, the general concept was really the formation of the band itself, since they had never played all together before the first day of rehearsals; getting to know each other, in other words. So they've relied largely on existing material, although chances are most of you will only be familiar with a couple of pieces - Elton's "Seven For Lee", and Phil Miller's "Calyx" (already played by Elton and Hugh in the second Hopper Dean Tippett Galliven album).

Elton brought two pieces he did (very well, incidentally) on his recent Cuneiform album "Moorsong" - the gorgeous ballad "Baker's Treat", and the funky "Willie The Knee". And Hugh resurrected two overlooked pieces from his rare "Odd Friends" EP - "Elsewhere" and "First Trane". Both clock in around 10 minutes so you can see they've been rather extended. Apart from a spontaneous duo jam by Allan and John, the only new compositions are Hugh's "Spans" and Allan's "Al Frazela". Even so, because most of the other tracks are not well-known, it does sound like a new project, and anyway the ensemble playing is superb. It's particularly fascinating to hear Allan Holdsworth play outside his usual "technical fusion" mode; I guess he hasn't played other people's music a lot in the last two decades, and it's certainly refreshing. The unbelievable thing is that, since he doesn't read music, Allan has to rely on sheets of pen-drawn chord sketches... Yet, even on pieces he wasn't too familiar with, he came up with his usual pyrotechnic lightning-fast solos... only to ask the sound engineer to trash them immediately after recording them because they were "crap"... In Mr. Holdsworth's case, I guess "self-deprecating" is a major understatement. An impromptu meeting with Kenny Wheeler at the rehearsal studio provided a classic example of his (and Wheeler's) modesty.

Back to Elton's news for a minute... He told me Pip Pyle is starting rehearsals for his band Pip Pyle's Bash tomorrow (Monday) - this will feature Patrice Meyer on guitar, Fred Baker on bass, and Alex Maguire (a frequent cohort of Elton's, incidentally) on keyboards. I met Patrice a week ago at a Didier Malherbe concert (which included a rather unexpected cover of Steve Hillage's "Dervish Riff" from Fish Rising!), and he told me that, in addition to new material composed by Pip over the last couple of years - some of which I heard during the process, and it was certainly very promising!! - they will play some of his own stuff, including "Carousel" and the rarely performed full-length version of "No Long Solos", both from the Hugh Hopper Band repertoire.

Well, I guess that's about it for now, except to mention a couple of Caravan newsbits, courtesy of Mark Powell. First, I have finally gotten hold of the last two reissues in the Decca/Universal series - of two albums that weren't actually released by Decca in the first place, but thanks to the octopus nature of Universal Music they've somehow fallen back into the same catalogue. And there's no complaining with that in this instance, since "Caravan", the very first album from 1969, and the mythical "Best Of Caravan Live", a French-only release from 1980, have been given the same superb treatment as the Decca/Deram back catalogue (more good news are the reissues of the Camel albums, including "A Live Record" with quite a lot of bonus material featuring the voice and bass playing of Mr. Richard Sinclair).

In the case of the first album, this means we finally have the entire mono version, which is such an improvement on the terrible stereo mix (which is also included, of course). At last you can actually hear Richard Sinclair singing on "Policeman" and "Grandma's Lawn"! Sadly, the drum sound is still much too hollow and echo-ey, but it's still something of a re-discovery. Great liner notes and rare photos again, and a further bonus track - the 'single version' of "Hello Hello", a song which belongs on the next album, only the master for this hadn't been located in time for its reissue last year. In any case, not an essential find anyway, hardly distinguishable from the album version - for completists.

The "Live At Fairfield Halls 1974" CD is superb. This is the new title for "Best Of Caravan Live" - and if that isn't enough of an improvement, check out the specially commissioned cover design which adorns this reissue. A token of the care and respect which went into the whole reissue process... Another being that the CD clocks in at 79:58 (!!!) - yet there was somehow room for a bonus track, "Chance Of A Lifetime". This rendition, like all the other tracks on this album, is superb, easily better than the original; I second the general opinion that this is the best-ever live document of Caravan ever made. The repertoire is strong, the band tight and energetic (Geoff Richardson was a great compere!), and there's that bit of extra magic that's unique to the time period. Classic epics like "For Richard", "A Hunting We Shall Go", "The Love In Your Eye" and "Virgin On The Ridiculous" have rarely sounded that good. A must-have!!

Caravan fans are also in for an extra treat - read the following, from Mark Powell -

"I would be really grateful if you could publicise a new CD by Caravan available on limited edition . This is at the moment a web and gig release only and is not available in the shops. It is entitled 'Green Bottles for Marjorie': the Lost BBC Sessions. This will consist of the following material, never before released: 4 songs recorded on 31/12/1968 and broadcast on the BBC on 5/1/1969- Green Bottles for Marjory, Place of My Own, Feelin' Reelin' and Squealin', Ride, 3 songs recorded on 16/5/1971 but not released- 9 Feet Underground, Land of Grey & Pink, Feelin' Reelin and Squealin' (recorded in concert to promote the album L of G & P), 1 song recorded on 11/4/1972 and broadcast on 2/5/1972- Love in Your Eye. The CD is 62 minutes long, with art work by Phil Smee and remastering by Paschal Byrne. Please make Chqs with card details on the back or postal orders for £13.25 including postage and packaging payable to M Powell (Caravan Account) and send to Caravan Songs, 56 Alexandra Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 3AZ. Delivery will be within 21 days. If anyone has any queries they can email caravansongs@aol.com"

I have just received a copy of this CD, and I urge all Caravan fans to buy it. Firstly, although it is a self-produced release by the band, it has the same quality of packaging as the Decca remasters. It is musically a great complement to the two volumes of BBC sessions put out by Hux Records a few years ago. Of course, the sound quality isn't quite as good, although in some case surprisingly decent. It's great to have a live rendition of "Nine Feet Underground" from the period when the original was released. And to hear the Steve Miller-era line-up for an extra 12 minutes is great too.

As far as I know, pretty much all the BBC sessions Caravan ever did have been released - expect "Waterloo Lily" from the 11/4/1972 session. The November 1970 Top Gear session was included (but not properly credited, or credited at all for that matter) on the Mooncrest Records 1998 release "The Show Of Our Lives" - including a great version of "For Richard". I understand more releases are planned from the Caravan Songs label - I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us.

Well, I guess that's really it now. In closing I can only urge you to do your best to attend the two major festivals that will take place in August - the official "Canterbury Festival", in Kent, which is more of a 'classic rock' festival than an actual 'Canterbury music' event, although names like Caravan and Kevin Ayers are probably enough to make it qualify as such. Anyway, there's so many great bands appearing (ranging from prog to punk/new-wave!) that it's worth going for everyone! Secondly, there is of course the "Progman Cometh" event in Seattle; this isn't a purely 'Canterbury' event either, although it has more Canterbury music that you would dare to dream of ever seeing. All in all, appearing will be Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, Richard Sinclair, Kevin Ayers, Daevid Allen, Allan Holdsworth, John Marshall and Patrice Meyer. I understand even Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt were asked to appear, but both declined (how surprising...)!! Details of both on the website.

I wish you all a very fine summer... But don't forget to write, especially if you are lucky enough to attend these great festivals. I'm not sure I will be able to, so...



From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: Nucleus
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:11:37 EDT

Cuneiform Records has licensed a live 1971 German radio broadcast by the UK  fusion ensemble NUCLEUS, which we will release sometime in 2003.

Unfortunately we have not been able to come up with photos to use for the  booklet of the band/musicians

If anyone has usable photos or leads for photos of Nucleus or the musicians who made up Nucleus in that period of time [Ian Carr, Brian Smith, Ray Russell, Karl Jenkins, Roy Babbington & John Marshall], please contact us.

Thank you

Cuneiform Records


From: "Stefano Cicale" <s.cicale@keposnet.com>
Subject: Caravan in Italy (Sarzana and Rimini)
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 01:56:27 +0200

Dear Aymeric,

I made it to be present at two out of the four concerts that Caravan gave in Italy. Rome was too far and Ancona was not compatible with family needs, but I could be present at the shows held on thursday 18th in Sarzana and Friday 19th in Rimini.

The band (left to right):
Geoff Richardson, Jim Leverton, Pye Hastings, Doug Boyle, Dave Sinclair; on the back end, Richard Coughlan, of course.

The programs:

o All the way
o A very smelly, grubby, little oik
o Liar
o The dog, the dog, he's at it again
o Nine Feet Underground
o Travelling Ways
o Medley:
 All Aboard (only few seconds...)
 Where but for Caravan would I
 O Caroline
 The dabsong conshirtoe
 The Love in lour Eye
 A hunting we shall go (reprise)
o Nightmare
o Nowhere to hide
o I know why you're laughing
o For Richard
o Encore: Hoedown

o All the way
o A very smelly, grubby, little oik
o Liar
o The dog, the dog, he's at it again
o Nine Feet Underground
o Travelling Ways
o Medley:
 All Aboard (only few seconds...)
 Where but for Caravan would I
 O Caroline
 The dabsong conshirtoe
 The love in lour eye
 A hunting we shall go (reprise)
o Nightmare
o Nowhere to hide
o For Richard
o Encore: If I could do it all over again I'd do it all over you

The first concert (Sarzana) was given in a nice pub, in front of a quite large and very enthusiastic audience. The second one (Rimin) was held in an underground disco, in front of an audience a little bit colder, probably because of the venue, which was really under-ground, with a ceiling very low which made the band seem a little bit far from the audience, and mainly because, starting from about half past twelve, many pepole came in  waiting for the usual disco program to start: most of them probably didn't even know that the band who was playing was CARAVAN!!!

I was in Sarzana in the late afternoon and I found Caravan waiting for the personnel to give them the chance to do the usual sound check and final rehearsals. Unfortunately there were some troubles with the keyboards and Dave Sinclair had to spend about two hours before he could get the right sounds. This caused a little delay in the beginning of the show, which began at 22:45.

Caravan chose to start the show not with the usual lively Memory lain, Hugh, but with the slow and beautiful All the way, from the Blind Dog at St. Dunstans album. The same beautiful album, which deserves better attention - someone writes it's a minor effort - has been represented by A very smelly, grubby little oik, another song that is very good in its live version too. As you can see from the list, the set of songs that Pye and fellows have chosen can satisfy both the occasional listeners and the loyal fans: some songs that can never miss and some songs not very often performed live.

It's very hard for an old time fan of Caravan to tell which ones were the most remarkable songs, but at least we must spend some words about Nightmare, the great ending song of Better by far, it's been played superbly, with beautiful voice (needless to say), beautiful arrangement and beautiful Viola solo. I think that Better by far is probably the album in which Geoff Richardson gives it's best and mature contribution to Caravan, and I'm not forgetting great albums such as For girls who grow plump in the Night.

Travelling Ways saw Jim Leverton voice even better than in the former performances that we know from recordings (Utrecht, Astoria) and an astonishing mandolin solo by Geoff Richardson. The long medley made a young man somewhere in front of me in the audience say "Tomorrow I'm going to buy all their CD's!". What can I say more? A pleasant surprise was Oh Caroline (if you remember it had already been performed by Caravan of Dreams) this time beautifully sung by Doug Boyle, who has a voice that, if it's not powerful, really fits the song. Unfortunately the audience in Rimini could not enjoy this, because of some errors at the mixing console.

We should not forget NOWHERE TO HIDE, written by Dave Sinclair and probably present in the forthcoming Caravan studio album, which - as promised by Pye Hastings - will be available in autumn. As many Caravan fans probably know, five songs have already been recorded. Nowhere to hide is a long beautiful song, sung by leading Jim Leverton, often doubled by Pye and Geoff. The song is rich and very good. It contains, at least in the live performance, a quite long instrumental part with the best Dave Sinclair playing what we like him to play. Personally I didn't need to listen to this song to begin to wait impatiently for the album, but after having listened to it, I think that many people who were there at the shows, will regularly ask their record sellers: When the album is available?

...And what else... Hoedown and For Richard have been played at the highest levels, and would have deserved a live recording. Nine feet underground, as usual played by Dave Sinclair differently each time, and different from the Grey and Pink version, unfortunately suffered  by the lack of knowledge of Caravan music of the people at the Mixing console, so sometimes you could hardly hear the first notes of the keyboard solos, because the volume was often raised with some delay. Anyway the performance by the band was very good both in Sarzana and in Rimini.

In summary, trying to forget I've always been a Caravan fan: two very good shows that would have pleased anyone who likes good music and well played. Caravan get together very well, showing of course to have rehearsed much more than when I could see the band in Utrecht. The music is played precisely and with enthusiasm by the band. Richard Coughlan and Jim Leverton are a very good rhythmic support (and not only this, of course). Doug Boyle has changed the guitar, finding a warmer sound which probably better fits the usual Caravan sound. His solos are always technically astonishing and perfect, but not for this empty or useless.
Some errors at the console unfortunately made the powerful Jim Leverton backing vocals surpass the leading voice of Pye Hastings. Caravan have three great solists (Boyle, Sinclair, Richardson) and in these italian shows the balance between them have been improved if compared with former performances.

Caravan like the music they play and we like it too; at the shows there were people coming from very far italian towns, and I'm sure it's been worth travelling for all of us. We hope Caravan play again in Italy!

A final thing, that I'm even shy to tell: after the show Pye Hastings, who's a very friendly and kind person, was available to tell us something about the new tracks, but I was four hundred kilometers far from home, it was later than two A.M. and I knew that even if I arrived at home at six in the morning (and that's what happened), one hour later my little child son would have kidnapped his father, as it's his own right... so I had to leave. Sorry for this, Rattlers, and thanks Pye: you know that you and Caravan have friends here in Italy.

P.S.: As formerly announced, at the italian shows the remastered version of the first Caravan album and the Fairfields show CD's were available. If you like Caravan you will of course enjoy the first album, which, besides being compiled in both the mono mix and the stereo mix, is free from the error at the beginning of Grandma's Lawn, present in a former CD release. And even if you are not between the most enthusiastic Caravan fans, you will love the Fairfields Hall live. If compared with the original LP (The best of Caravan live), the sound is greatly improved, Be Allright is not rudely interrupted, but is followed, as nature laws dictate, by Chance of a Lifetime, Caravan are very warm and it's definitely the best Caravan official live recording. It's incredible that it was the first Wedgwood live performance playing bass with Caravan! Here you will find a 15 minutes long version of The Love in Your Eye with great Hastings and Sinclair performances, beautiful Hastings songs, Virgin on the Ridiculous played without the orchestra, a beautiful version of the Hunting we shall go/Backwards suite, and a great 19 minutes long performance of For Richard!

Stefano Cicale.

P.S. : Aymeric, thanks again for all your work, please hold on!


From: rcarlberg@aol.computer  (Robert Carlberg)
Subject: Seattle Prog Festival, Part II
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2002 08:41:32

This just gets better and better!  

We're having a Canterbury reunion in Seattle!

In addition to SOFTWARE (the new group featuring Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth & John Marshall, all ex-Softies), a few other bands have been announced for the "Progman Cometh" Festival on August 16th & 17th at Seattle's Moore Theatre. Here's the updated link with all the new info:

HUGHSCORE (Hugh Hopper, Fred Chalenor, Elaine DiFalco, Tucker Martine & Steve Moore in what I think is their first festival appearance anywhere?)

KOPECKY (brothers Joe, Paul & William Kopecky, hot off a blazing performance at BajaProg!)

PHREEWORLD (Dave Wheeler, Mark Phraner, Brian Phraner, and Donovan Michaels
-- not familiar with 'em)

And get this, Pip Pyle's new band, "PIP PYLE'S BASH" which includes Patrice Meyer (long-time Hopper bandmate), the great Fred Baker on bass, and Alex Maguire on Hammond, Rhodes & synths!

And let's not forget GLASS, who are putting this whole thing together.

Mellotron also promises to debut their first new instrument in 15 years, the Mellotron Mark VI.

Shoot, this is pretty incredible. The last time anybody Canterbury played Seattle, it was SEVERAL years ago (1993?) when Richard Sinclair played a very poorly-promoted solo show, in the (no kidding!) basement banquet room of a Chinese restaurant. He ended up sitting and sharing a pint with every one of the 16 of us who showed up.

As Jeff Sherman (GLASS) puts it, "Did you ever in your wildest imagination think something like this would ever happen?"

[There have been further additions since this message - check the festival's website for more info - AL]


From: "Steve Foster" <stevefoster.london@virgin.net>
Subject: Martin Wakeling / WAWS
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 17:39:32 +0100

Dear Aymeric

Thanks for the latest What's Rattlin'? - great to hear the latest news.

Have you any news concerning Martin Wakeling and Why Are We Sleeping? That trail seems to gone very cold of late. What with Manchester City getting promotion, a new(ish) Kevin Ayers cd and a handful of gigs this year, I would have thought Martin would be delirious and eager to spread the news. Is he OK?

I imagine you will be at Canterbury 2002 - hope to catch up with you there.

All the best



From: "Simon Knights" <simon@bridge-village.org.uk>
Subject: Rotters Club book.
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:21:43 +0100

Hi Aymeric and fellow Rattlers,

In issue 192 Rick Chafen took time to mention a novel called 'The Rotters Club' by Jonathan Coe. When I first saw this book last year it practically jumped of the shelf in the shop - well with a title like that, it would be hard for a rattler not to notice it. But the hardback price was more than my meagre pocket could manage - so it stayed in the shop. The good news is that it is now available in paperback - £6.99 in the UK....but £2.00 discount in Waterstones.

As Rick said, it tells the story of what it was like to be a teenager during the 1970's in England. The ineffectiveness of Edward Heath's Government, the re-election of Labour under Wilson and then Callaghan - a time when things were not as they are now - it all seems strangely distant. The main character of the novel is introduced to the music of Henry Cow, Hatfield et al by his older sisters boyfriend (The Hairy Guy).

Personally, I found my self identifying with much of what happened. All my own teenage years were in the 1970's and I spent a lot of time listening to the like of Soft Machine, Henry Cow, Hatfield etc etc (well, you'd guessed that didn't you ?). I have to say, that I am quite enjoying the book. Rick found the writing disjointed - to be honest, I don't. The chapters do alternate (at least up to the point where I am now) between the life of the teenagers  - which tell of the growing pains, finding their way, exploring and experimenting and contrasting with the life of their parents, which covers more of the political background etc.

For me, the book is a 'must' simply because of the period in which it is set, and the events and lives of the individuals. I grew up in Kent and not Birmingham (as in the story) so my area was country towns and villages and not the sprawling city.

Keep rattlin',

Simon Knights

ps: Richard Sinclair's new CD 'Live Tracks'...great stuff...get one today !


From: Jonny Greene <jonny@planetgong.co.uk>
Subject: Gong Bong - June 02 (PP)
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 01:35:57 +0100

Whether it is your longest day or your shortest a very celebratory, auspicious and magical Solstice to you. I hope and trust that however and wherever you are, your higher elf rests assured that you're doing the right thing in the right place - of course it does.
News A GO-GO ahead with details of what's happening, what's about to happen, what did happen and what may never happen in this lifetime/dimension... Plus some deep fantasies that we may make real together.
As we joyously spin even further out of the rather crooked alignment with the 'powers that be'  in mu-sick land, direct contact with you becomes ever more real, deep and precious.

I can't really start this Gilli newsbit without once more commending all the hard work she and Orlando put into the live 'OK Friends' Gong CD (details of which are in the New Release section further on) which many of you are enjoying - maybe even right now.
Never one to put her feet up much after completing one project Gilli has also almost finished a collection of satirical poems (a sequel to 'Godly Talk')... called 'Vagaries of Godly Thought'. It's a 60 page collection that deals with the marvellous absurdities and contradictions in spiritual practices of all kinds, including organized religion. Could be out by September.

The two San Francisco based projects involving Gilli also seem to be nearing the end of their protracted gestation period. The latest word  is:-


Gilli will be in San Francisco in September to finish the Gong Matrix album, 'It Just Is'. This was started before September 11th but because of those events it was felt that some things had to be rewritten for a changed world. The Matrix band is Pierce, bass player and composer, with James, of the music for this CD... Aryeh is the musical tug your heartstrings player, on electric violin, harp, mandolin, flute. Gilli wrote the structure and the lyrics, which she is still working on. But still could be out before Christmas.


DVD by Jen of Keltic Designs is almost up to release date. It really gives full value to the beautiful designs of ancient and modern Celtic life that Jen sells all over the world... On this project Gilli recorded voices of all kinds, some for ancient Celtic poems, some for her own poems on the same subject. Unbeknownst to each other, Gilli and Jen have been working in the same area of ancient myth for years, though they only met a couple of years ago when this project came up.  (Gilli wrote and recorded the Taliesin /Ceridwen story for the 'Mother' album in l979). And of course Taliesin himself has recorded an ancient song from the Book of Taliesin (circa 6OO A.D.) for Gilli's 'It's all a Dream'  album.

Talking of which, there are plans to re-release 'It's All A Dream' in a new edition. Taliesin has made great new designs for it which will be worked into new layout, and it may be re-mastered, now that miraculously Gilli and Orlando have acquired some state of the art mastering software.

Gilli is also now working on some film music (producing and writing). One of her first loves, since early Gong days, when the band made made the music for several films, Gilli did many voice overs such as 'Barbarella' (bet you didn't know that) and 'Le Chat' (Marcial Reysse). So anybody out there with ongoing film projects...contact the website - http://www.gillismyth.t2u.com


After getting on famously at the Royal Festival Hall Gong/Acid Mothers Temple/Orb bash last year Daevid is getting together with Acid Mothers, Kawabata Makoto and Cotton to perform in what I'm sure is destined to be a new-psychedelic-defining, wild improv trio at the Egg Lake Faire in the States in August. I do wish I could be there coz it'll be very 'different'.

Gauguin said "There are only two kinds of artists: the plagiarists and the revolutionaries." I know which category the University of Errors falls into! So rekindle that inner spark of adventure and wildness I know to be inside each one of you, and join them either in person, at one of the rapidly evolving tour dates (see gig section), or with your ears via the miracle of modern digital recording technology. Or then again you could just get out there and make your own 'errors'... Oh, I see... you are.
Actually events are really Errorizing into existence all over now (Their time has come). Plans for the extensive touring from August through October are now almost complete and every gig is shaping up to be something special.
It all kicks of in August in Seattle at the Progman Festival when Kevin Ayers, no less,  joins Daevid and the band for what just has to be a unique event. Being a Festival there are of course loads of other performers - find out all about it  at:-
Two other UofE performances will also be taking place in the Pacific Northwest the week following the festival. On Thursday August 22 at I-Spy in Seattle and at the the Egg Lake Music Faire on a bill with the Daevid/Acid Mothers Trio (see above), Richard Sinclair, and Damo Suzuki.
There are possibilities of one or two shows in the San Francisco area at the end of August and early September - we'll be sure to keep you posted on those. On Sept. 7 the Faculty will be flying to Paris to begin a 5-8 week tour of the Europe (Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark). Dates are coming in confirmed every day now, but to avoid too much confusion, we won't release all the details until next month, although a few of the dates listed below in the gigs section.
"What about the UK?" I hear you cry. Well with Glen (the Gong agent) up to his credit cards in the Canterbury Festival (Pretty Things, Caravan and all), and the joys of sorting out the recent Arthur Lee of Love tour there seems to be no-one to bridge the gap. We are still looking at the possibilities - any ideas?
Finally, CDs - the third album 'Ugly Music For Monica' has been finished and Daevid will be completing the cover artwork soon. The CD is scheduled for release in France with our friends on Audiocrash Records in August and of course will be available from GAS. Their rather remarkable second album, 'e2x10=tenure' has been repressed and is now back in the Kasbah after being unavailable for several months.
For further info contact <profpeterperplexed@universityoferrors.com>

The two Da(e)vid's (Allen and Gregson) put aside work on the opus to complete work on the Subterrania DVD and new From Here To Eternitea covers - so not too much progress on the book layout front. Because of that I decided to postpone the website subscription page promised over the past couple of months. However with those two items ticked off the 'to do' list I've been busy HTML-ing the subscription page once more.


Well even though the cover and menu pages have been finished by Daevid and David Gregson in Australia (you can see a version of it in the news on the website), and it was scheduled for an end of July release, 24th I think,  due to a few technical hitches and a further improving of the fabulous (so I'm reliably informed) 5.1 surround-sound mix, this date no longer will be met. I'm not sure when a new release date will be revealed, but I''ll let you know as soon as I can.

Daevid has also completed the new alienized 'From Here To Eternitea' CD cover to replace the rather grim first pressing one. But once again I have no information when, or even if, Snapper are going to use it. I suspect that it will just happen with the next pressing whenever that will be. However, if it isn't used I will make it available on the website for anyone who wants to download it, print it out and give their copy of  from 'Here To Eternitea'  the cover it deserves. Maybe I'll just do that anyway.


After his trip to Russia Pierre Moerlen tells me that he has been recording an album with some Russian musicians. No further details. Maybe there's some more info on his web-site - if there isn't right now I'm sure there so will be. http://www.geocities.com/pierre_moerlen/
Just between you and me - there is a 'reclaiming the heritage' Gong Family release which has been bubbling away on a secret back-burner in deepest outback for some time now. It's not too far off 'unveiling' will be cause for much rejoicing - I know you'll like it, and it's ethic - Beyond these few semi-buried words I can say no more. I have been sworn to secrecy and death by tickling if any more leeks out.
Brian Zero has another band on the go called 'Space Bandits' - "can you see what it is yet?". We are promised Devonian and SW UK gigging in the not too distant future.
I can't remember if I have asked you about this before but does anyone know anything about this release?

OR011   Allen Daevid     Manatee's              Snackinwith

That's how the listing was sent to me. Is it a Daevid bootleg, a homage by the Manatee's,  or what? Any help solving the riddle would be appreciated and disseminated to all. And if you are a Manatee and it has got something to do with el alien - go-on, send us a copy.
Gong friend Chris Cambridge came and digitally videoed some of the Gong gigs last year and is currently having a go to make some choice cuts internet ready - so perhaps we can get some moving pixies on the site sometime in the future
Keith tha Bass is embarking on some serious Here & Now live tape listening with a view to compiling a new live CD collection.

After their successful appearance at one Grant Showbiz's Sunday Mellout events recently Cipher will probably contribute a couple of tracks to a compilation CD Grant will be releasing.

Ending the general news is - well...the beginning - Oh these joyful personal events come wizzing in and in the afterglow of my happiness for the participants I sometimes forget to pass on the news. So belated congratulations to Tim Blake, who became a father last year, Brian Zero and Jackie Juno, whose little Sapphire came 2 months ago (very nearly at our house - but that's another story), and future blessings on Pip Pyle who is to become a dad again in, I think, October.
* * * * *

Links updated, checked and added to.
Info Now Gigs updated.
There's a bit of a backlog of half-built pages to be completed and added over the next couple of weeks including a simply wonderful piece of writing by Monty Oxymoron about one of the Self Initiation Workshops, loads more lyrics, Gilli's Gong rarities, and the GAS subscription page - which will be first.
* * * * *


Calling all you web-fishers - the usual request. If you find any Gong related pages or links out there please let us know so we can all have a look, listen, laugh, groan or whatever

There is a good little recent interview with Daevid on the Mescalina website in Italian and English.


Daevid has also been recently been interviewed by BBC Online about the Glastonbury Festival. It should be posted on their site sometime this week 


Theo Travis has a page on his web-site with a complete list of all the Gong gigs he has been involved with since joining the band in May 1999.

Luc Pilmeyer has fully updated both the sites he is webmaster of:-
University of Errors site. http://www.universityoferrors.com
Gilli's site - http://www.gillismyth.t2u.com
The System 7 has been updated with all the latest gig and release news. - http://www.a-wave.com/system7
Tim's site seems to have a new nicely changing front page and I'm sure there's much more newness inside - http://www.a-wave.com/system7
3 more Psyquest mp3s from Mad Stoff at http://newom.fr.st
* * * * *

KANGAROO MOON - European/UK Summer Dates

Thr 04 Jul   UK, Leeds, The Grove. Tel 0113243 9254                 
Fri 05 Jul   UK, Telfords Warehouse, Chester 01244 390 090 http://www.telfordswarehouse.com
Sat 06 Jul   UK, Trades Club, Hebbden Bridge 01422 845265
Thr 11 Jul   UK, Shrewsbury, Buttermarket. 01743 231 142. http://www.jazzandroots.com
Fri 12 Jul   UK, Hitchin, Rhythms of the World Festival. 01462 457326
Sat 13 Jul   UK, Cardiff, Toucan Club. 02920 372 212
Sun 14 Jul   UK, Bath, The Bel. Tel 01225 446975
Tue 16 Jul   UK, Brighton, Komedia. 01273 647100. http://www.komedia.co.uk
Fri 19 Jul   UK, Glastonbury, Assembly Rooms. 01458 834677 http://www.assemblyrooms.org.uk
Sat 20 Jul   UK, Sesiwn Fawr Festival, Dolgellau, Wales. http://www.sesiwnfawr.demon.co.uk
Sun 21 Jul   UK, Glossop, Lift Festival. 01457 853821 http://www.theliftglobalmusicclub.com
Tue 23 Jul   UK, Hartlepool, The Studio. 01429 424440
Thr 25 Jul   UK, N. Someset, Big Green Gathering.
Fri 26 Jul   UK, Bridport, The Bull. Tel 01308 425713. TBC
Sat 27 Jul   UK, Swanage, Worth Matravers, Square & Compass. Tel 01929 439229
Tue 30 Jul   Germany, Cologne. TBC
Wed 31 Jul   Germany, Geissen, Domizil.
Thr 01 Aug   Germany, Berlin, Tacheles Cafe Zapata. TBC
Fri 02 Aug   Germany, Nurnberg, Barden Tree Festival.
Sat 03 Aug   Germany, Tubingen, Sudhaus.
Sun 04 Aug   Switzerland, Open-air Emmen, Luzern, Tel 041 2604460. http://www.comaluzern.ch
GRAHAM CLARK - New residency.

The first of new monthly residency. Gentle jazz with Neil Frost singing and playing guitar.
Thr 04 Jul   UK, Poyton, The Foyer Cafe Bar, 10a London Rd. Tel 01625 879 577

TIM BLAKE - UK, Hawkwind Festival.

The Hawks' very own special 'mini festival' with all manner of friends and relations including Tim B. Find out about the requirements you need of comply with to be there (some kind of Hawkwind passport  apparently?) - here
19-21 Jul    UK, Nr Devon coast somewhere.  

Professor Emeritus of the College of Pataphysics Kevin Ayers will be joining Daevid and the Errors for a one time only performance at the Progman Festival, and at the Egg Lake Faire there will be a Daevid/Acid Mothers Temple members line-up as well as an Errors performance.
Sun 18 Aug   USA, Seattle, Progman Cometh Music Festival
Thr 22 Aug   USA, Seattle, I-Spy
Sat 24 Aug   USA, San Juan Island, Egg Lake Music Faire

Daevid together with Acid Mothers, Kawabata Makoto and Cotton to perform as what is destined to be psychedelic-defining improv trio.
Sat 24 Aug   USA, San Juan Island, Egg Lake Music Faire
UNIVERSITY OF ERRORS - European Tour, Sept-Oct

Dates coming in France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands. Below are some of the confirmed dates - more in the gig news as they come in, I think 5 or 6 gigs in Norway are also now confirmed but I don't have details of those yet.

Mon 9 Sep    France, Paris, Nouveau Casino
Tue 10 Sep   Belgium, Vervier, Spirit of 66
Thr 10 Oct   France, Paris, New Morning- with James Chance & Terminal City http://www.newmorning.com
Fri 11 Oct   Switzerland, La Chaux de Fonds, Le Bikini Test - with James Chance & Terminal City

The long range poet forecast - a lifeforce returns.
Sat 12 Oct   UK, Cheltenham, Voices Off Festival.
Available for professional poetic possibilities in October 2002. Contact us or Thom.
http://www.geocities.com/worldpoet_2000 for THOMTOURS
* * * * *


Prices shown are in UK Pounds Sterling and are P&P.
CD:  OK Friends - Gong (Gas AGASCD017)
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

This is a delightful sonic 'postcard' gathered from from all those remarkable gigs at the end of last year. It captures the essence of that strange Gong adventure perfectly. Gilli and Orlando (great mastering and editing), with the very odd spare ear from Daevid, have compiled the most wonderfully, Gong affirming live CD from recordings made in Norway, France and the UK.
The brief they set themselves was to compile a release using only the most scintillating solos and the most atmospheric passages from the recordings they had - the parts of concerts that remain with you long after it's all over - not serving up yet more versions of much too well known songs. And they have succeeded admirably, it certainly made these somewhat over-Gonged ears sit-up, take notice and smile... if you would like smiling ears as well then look no further. All the musicians involved are well represented There's a beautiful, photograph-rich booklet produced by Daevid and 'Gong Dreaming Book I' designer David Gregson in Australia.

CD:  e2x10=tenure - Daevid Allen's University of Errors
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

Thanks to Michael Clare the new pressing of the shockingly good second UofE CD means it is back in stock again after a bit of a gap. And as the original pressings (the GAS members and the regular ones) have all gone, the relationship with the US label has come to an amicable end, then we may well be soon the only place to get this CD.

For me it's an album that just grows and grows in stature and contains a couple of my all time favourite Daevid compositions ever. It may be sacrilege to say so, but Gong would be a force and a half, not just the wonderful twinkling secret society that we seem to be, if it could but take on board some of the sensibilities of this lot. But hey it's great to have both - but we definitely need both.

CD:  Reflections In A Radio Shower - Spirits Burning (Gazul)
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

Daevid has written and plays on 6 tracks of this CD by a spontaneous band composed of the best of some older and current musicians, working in the fields of Progressive Rock, NeMusic, Nu-Psychedelic and Krautrock. The project initiator is keyboardist Don Falcone, an eminent 'Trap' & Spaceship Eyes member. The miracles of technology even allow the participation of the legendary Robert Calvert (Hawkwind). It's all rather strange, atmospheric and wonderful.

CD:  Kangaroo Moon - Between Two Worlds (Klangbad)
UK/EU £ 13.50 - USA/Rest of World £11.49

This new Moonie CD is not for the celtic/folk-diehards amongst their followers as it's often rather more akin to Planet Gong, albeit it smoother and funkier, than what we have become used to from them. Loads of Steffe-ish guitar, clean, clear production and and some wonderful Mark Robson melodies mark this  release out as a major step in the Moonie's saga - whether you think it's up or down depends on your addiction to whistles, violins, jigs and reels (although there are a couple).
CD:  Blake's New Jerusalem - Tim Blake (Voiceprint)
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

Horray! The long promised Voiceprint edition of one of Mr Blake's best is finally with us. If you've worn out your old copy (can you wear out CDs?) or have never heard it before then 'get them while they're hot'.
LP:  Angel's Egg - Gong (Get Back GET 613)
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

The vinyl junkies that walk amongst us continue to be well served by the Italian reissue label Get Back with this unexpected (well they didn't tell me) release of the second part of the Gong trilogy on 180gm virgin vinyl in it's wonderful, original gatefold sleeve and with 24 bit re-mastering to boot.
As with their Flying Teapot, Camembert Electrique and Bananamoon vinyl reissues this looks and feels great...but I haven't actually heard it yet. However the inclusion of 'Ooby Scooby Doomsday' as a 'new' last track calls into question what masters were used for this release, as that track was not on the original LP.  The track listing actually follows the Virgin CD release where 'Ooby Scooby' was included as a 'bonus' track. Strange and disturbing... And I still can never understand how, as with the Japanese 'mini-LP' sleeved Gong CDs, something 'licensed' from Charly Records, as this is, can come in a Virgin sleeve? So an oddity in many respects - but still way cheaper than hunting down an original mint copy.

Leaving aside the imponderables, this release would of course have benefited from the inclusion of the legendary 'Blue Book' insert - but maybe that's a gap in the market that we can fill with a reprint? Oh yeah, remember - buy anywhere other than from GAS and no Gong musician benefits in any practical way whatsoever (they won't even get the publishing royalties)...but whatever, if you need it, you need it and anything I say isn't going to stop you. And it is still glorious music.
Finally back in stock are most of the Gong and Steve Hillage Virgin titles - Angel's Egg, You, Gazeuse, Expresso II, Shamal, Fish Rising, Green, Live Herald and the first System 7 CD.
* * * * *


This release will be available to pre-order in the Kasbah after the weekend. And as with he pre-ordering of 'OK Friends' cards will not be debited until the CDs are sent out.
CD:  One Who Whispers - Cipher (Gliss CD007)
UK/EU £ 12.50 - USA/Rest of World £10.64

The, by turns deeply mysterious and jewel-like, fruition of what we have been calling until now the 'Alien/Cipher' project in past news is complete. The ambient, gliss guitar, sax and flute concept was inspired by some wonderful pre-Gong gig sound checking between Theo and Daevid. Daevid appears on 6 of the 9 tracks alongside Cipher, who for the record are Theo Travis on flutes, soprano sax, wah-wah sax and samples and Dave Sturt, on just about everything else.
The deep ambient experimentalists Cipher  morph their live flute, sax and bass with rich soundscapes and layers of looped instrumental atmospherics. Following their acclaimed debut 'No Ordinary Man', and recent performances with silent films, 'One Who Whispers' further explores Cipher's unique soundworld, this time with six of the nine tracks incorporating glissando guitar textures of Gong's inimitable Daevid Allen and a further track made in collaboration with synth texturalist Richard Barbieri (Japan/Porcupine Tree). Perhaps the closest thing to a follow up to Daevid Allen's beautiful.'22 Meanings' that has yet been released.

Beautifully recorded sound - recorded by Toby Robinson (Gong/ Derek Bailey), mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and mastered by Andy Jackson (Grammy winning Pink Floyd engineer).
* * * * *

CD: Ugly Music For Monica - University of Errors (Autocrash)

I haven't heard the final mix of this, the third UofE release yet, but by all reports it is as major a step as 'e2x10=tenure' was from 'Money Doesn't Make It' (and Money was great to start with) so I expect off the wall magic, painful joy and joyful pain, sounds that happily challenge my perceptions of the participants - in short expansive reward a plenty. Really looking forward to it. To be released in August in time for the tours.
CD: Mysterious Traveller - System 7 (A-Wave CD009)

The new System 7 releases, due in July, are a celebration of their long, exciting working relationship with original Godfather of Detroit techno, Derrick May.
"Meshing funky lush Detroit techno soundscapes and tuff beats with System 7's haunting spacey grooves, this album showcases new mixes of rare and unreleased tracks from both System 7 & Derrick May, together and solo. It joins the dots from early deep and unbridled funky 90's techno through to today's more eclectic technoid soundscapes.
There are 10 tracks in all including vintage highlights such as Rhythim Is Rhythim's 'Icon' masterpiece (the full version never released on CD before). The unreleased electro-tinged 'Prototype 1', 'Altitude', here in its rare Mayday mix, and the lush live jam, 'Fractal Liaison' which come from the first System 7 album, and were produced over 10 days in September 1990 and the exclusive new System 7 track 'E-merge'."
Also released around the same time will be a limited 4 track doublepack sampler.

Both will of course be in the Kasbah - can't wait.
* * * * *

CD:  Soft Machine - Soft Machine (Metrodome)

The early Softs demos featuring Daevid repackage once more. You know Daevid wouldn't have to hold some of his his aging gear together with Gaffa tape, Robert could have brought a bigger seaside chalet, Kevin had his bar-tabs cleared and Mike not had to produce all that 'incidental' music had they but had any kind of slice of the monies generated by the oh so regular release of these tracks. How much do you get for a French Granny these days?

From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Canterbury related releases
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:30:57 -0400

Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop newsletter is out and you'll find it in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>. Here are excerpts for Canterbury fans.

First a reminder that The Artist Shop is giving away a free pair of tickets to NEARfest 2002, but time is running out.  May 1st is the last day to enter.  You'll find all the information to enter at

Available now from Discipline <http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln>

Bill Bruford's Earthworks/Footloose & Fancy Free ....double CD
"Over hundreds of nights and thousands of concerts, the imperceptible removal of grime and accretion will, you hope, let your light shine forth more brightly," says Bill Bruford. Bruford has, by his own count, played some 2800 concerts since his light began shning in the early 1970's as a singularly brilliant art-rock drummer with Yes and King Crimson. Now on this double live album, Footloose and Fancy Free, with tunes drawn mainly from studio albums A Part and Yet Apart and The Sound of Surprise, this composer and master-drummer polishes the diamond on his current instrument of choice; the acoustic sax-piano jazz quartet. Plucked from London's jazz scene, the quartet includes Patrick Clahar on tenor and soprano saxophones, Steve Hamilton on piano and Mark Hodgsonon double bass.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln/footloos.ram>

Available now from ESD <http://www.artist-shop.com/esd>

Henry Cow/Western Culture (Deluxe Edition) ....CD
Formed in 1968, Henry Cow evolved into one of the most imaginative and provocative British bands that trailblazed their own individualistic music which sounded like nothing had ever sounded before. They drew upon rock, free jazz, experimental, and modern classical music with Fred Frith's unmistakable guitar playing, Tim Hodgkinson's creepy electronic organ, and Chris Cutler's percussion. "Western Culture" is the "swan song" of the Henry Cow legacy, recorded just before the band split up in 1978. To many, it is their best work, marked by total focus and group cohesion. This new "Deluxe Edition" includes 3 never before released tracks in addition to the original LP. The 8 page color booklet includes many rare photos and the conclusion of the HC saga, as documented in ESD's recent remastered repackaged CDs.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/esd/western.ram>

From Exposé <http://www.artist-shop.com/expose.htm>

Exposé #24 is at the printer now! Some of the features in this issue:

JOHN ETHERIDGE: John Etheridge epitomizes the Englishman journeyman guitarist. From his first few bands where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Darryl Way (ex Curved Air), Karl Jenkins (ex Soft Machine and later Adiemus), and the late jazz violinist, Stephané Grappelli to his high profile accompaniment with Stephané Grappelli and Nigel Kennedy, Etheridge has proven his adaptability to forms of rock and jazz and in between. Jeff Melton caught up with John prior to a pub engagement with his trio featuring ex-Soft Machine mate, John Marshall.

REVIEWS, REVIEWS & MORE REVIEWS: Our four regular reviews sections
(Roundtables, New Releases, Archives & Reissues) are packed to the limit with Hundreds of the most knowledgeable and informative reviews you will find in any English language music publication anywhere. 84 pages in all.

Recently released by Musea <http://www.artist-shop.com/musea>

M. W. pour Robert Wyatt/M. W. pour Robert Wyatt ....import CD
As the title clearly indicates, "M.W. pour Robert Wyatt" is a compilation issued by Jean-Michel MARCHETTI to make a tribute to the drummer-singer of SOFT MACHINE & MATCHING MOLE, now in a wheelchair due to an unfortunate accident. His most famous tracks were adapted, changed, destroyed by a band of happy weirdos led by Pascal COMELADE, Chris CUTLER, Jean-François PAUVROS, L'ENSEMBLE RAYE, Dominique REPECAUD, Jean-Marc MONTERA, TOUPIDEK LIMONADE, LOOK DE BOUK, KLIMPEREI, JAGGER NAUT, KAFKA, An PIERLE and even Dominique GRIMAUD. This work was issued in 2001 on the label Gazul, in collaboration with In PolySons. The sympathetic Robert WYATT himself is present with his comments and other sounds...
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/musea/mw.ram>

Various Artists/NO MORE... No Mouroir ....import CD
Delicate... Very delicate... Bombs, wars... Everywhere, everybody expressing his own violence. All that for pieces of lands that could be shared. Could we avoid wars and bombs ? Yes. Utopias ? Yes. Though... Wars are present in our allday life, as soon as our personal vital space seems threatened. Despite all of this, artists wanted to stand up. Musicians (Pascal COMELADE, KLIMPEREI, Pierre BASTIEN, Robert WYATT, Jean-Michel MARCHETTI, Denis TAGU...), poets (texts written by Albert MARCOEUR) and illustrators (MOULINEX, Robert WYATT...) has rapidly proposed freely their works to compile "No More... - No Mouroir" (2002), the profits of which will be given to independant organisations helping civil victims of war and bombing. Utopia ? Yes. Because these benefits won't save the Earth. Utopia ? No. Because we have to show our disagreement with this violence. Artistic struggle, the place of art in geopolitics. A complicated struggle, involved and necessary ! So, together ! Urgently exploding...

On our import preorder page
The updated book dedicated to the great Robert Wyatt includes memories and various interviews from 1980 to 2001. Complete discography and pictures plus the book contains a free CD single with music composed by Walter Prati - 3 variations on music by Wyatt with Wyatt on vocals. The tracks are previously unreleased. 96 pages with text in Italian and English.

On our new import releases page
Japanese remastered reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1968 album, packaged in a limited edition miniature LP sleeve. Includes the bonus track 'Hello Hello' (single version).


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