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Hi all,

We certainly don't seem to be heading in the direction of a weekly newsletter again, even monthly looks hard enough, but we're still alive !!

Again, please write, share your thoughts, send concert reviews, etc. I have to thank my good friend Jasper Smit of the Continental Caravan Campaign in the Netherlands for getting us a review of Caravan's recent Japanese concerts from one of his local correspondents. I am also waiting to hear from someone who saw the recent Gongzilla tour in Germany, with both Moerlen brothers reunited. Thank you very much on behalf of those among us who couldn't be there - and there are many among us !!

Apart from that, this issue will consist mostly of concert dates. Many fine albums have come out, both new releases and reissues, particularly on Voiceprint. I will review some of them in due time, but you are of course welcome to submit reviews too !

Thanks for your support,


From: "Mitsunori Morita" <caa73090@pop06.odn.ne.jp
Subject: A review of CARAVAN in Tokyo, January 2002
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 12:50 PM

*** CARAVAN Live in Japan, 27th January, 2002 ***
at "Tribute to Love Generation" Odaiba, Tokyo


(1st set)
1. All The Way
2. Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik
3. Liar
4. The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again
5. Nine Feet Underground

(2nd set)
1. Medley:
a) Where But For Caravan Would I?
b) Better By Far
c) The Mad Dabsong
d) The Love In Your Eye
e) Backwards
f) A Hunting We Shall Go
2. No Way To Hide
3. Nightmare
4. I Know Why You're Laughing
5. For Richard

1. Memory Lain, Hugh - Headloss
2. If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You

Pye Hastings - Vo, G
David Sinclair - Key
Richard Coughlan - Ds
Geoffrey Richardson - Viola, Fl, Vo
Jim Leverton - B, Vo
Simon Bentall - Perc
Doug Boyle - G

Opening of the concert was "All The Way" and "Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik" continuously. Both songs are from the album "Blind Dog At St.Dunstans". I was surprised at this gentle and beautiful start - because these two songs are not known in Japan compared to famous songs like "For Richard" , "Nine Feet Underground" and so on. But I love these songs - I think they are 'hidden' masterpieces. Then the whole audience amused themselves singing along to the chorus of the following song, "Liar".

The first set closed with "Nine Feet Underground"  - in Japan too, this song is one of their most popular pieces. On the album "Land Of Grey And Pink", Richard Sinclair sings the vocal part of the latter half of this song. Obviously, Jim Leverton undertakes the same part nowadays. I think that his voice has other charms. Do you think so?

Since I had been aspiring to see Caravan in concert for so long, the first set seemed to end in no time. Thankfully, after a while, the band members came back to the stage.

The first song of the 2nd set was a medley of some of their most famous numbers - "Where But For Caravan Would I?", "The Mad Dabsong", "The Love In Your Eye" and more were played one by one. Unbelievable ! But true excitement came towards the end, the moment that song changed "Backwards" to "A Hunting We Shall Go" was the absolute climax of the evening.

The following song was a new tune called "No Way to Hide". The song was good, like cooling down the fever; it will be put on the upcoming new album.

I was impressed with Pye's gentle vocals in "Nightmare" - Pye is the face of Caravan as I expected.

And last tune of "2nd set" was "For Richard". When you say the name Caravan, most people will think of this song ! There were the highest emotions between the band and audience. The moment the concert finished, the applause and the shouts of joy, like a big storm, gushed out in the concert hall.

It never stopped - because we wanted an encore. Caravan came back on stage again and played more two songs for the audience.

Their stage was never luxury, but each member of the band is
familiar with his own part. They were excellent adult band. A big thank you to the Caravan guys for the big, big emotion that you brought to us !!

Sincerely yours
Mitsunori Morita


From: "Richard Sinclair" <richard@sinclairsongs.fsnet.co.uk>
Subject: 'Ears to The Music!
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:15:29 -0000

Dear Aymeric,

Greetings to you, for a Happy, Prosperous 2002. Hope this Email finds you well.

'Ears to the  Music!

A cross culture venture for Richard Sinclair is coming up in March 2002, with visits to Oslo and then Tokyo and Osaka. He'll be meeting up with local musicians and spending some time to play music for Workshop and Rehearsals and then a Concert, for audience. Interesting Tours Inc!

Oslo, March 16th is the date for the first live stage of a Richard Sinclair Solo plus Band TBA, including drummer Trond Gjellum  of 'Panzerpapa'. After some days working on the music for the show  and creating a band, for what will be a unique performance! We are hopeful to add more 'dates' to Oslo...

Poseidon Productions Present...
Email hma@mvj.biglobe.ne.jp

Tokyo. March 23rd. Richard Sinclair Solo Accoustic show. At the TLG in the afternoon.

Tokyo. March 24th. Richard Sinclair and Trio los  Opabinos. At The Manda La.

Osaka. March 27th. Music Workshop.

Osaka. March 28th. Richard Sinclair and Trio los Opabinos. At Patapata.

Such is our Information as at present! Compiling the Info for the website is still underway... And Richard is working on completing some new CD releases, to take along to those new audiences. To coin the New York phrase "We'll Keep You In The Loop"...

Best Wishes,
Love from Heather Kinnear and Richard Sinclair.                


From: MandVPow@cs.com
Subject: Re: Canterbury 2002
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 15:58:10 EST

Details of Canterbury 2002 can now be posted.
Canterbury 2002 will happen 23/24/25 August-with camping. Event will start early on the Friday evening. Initially only full weekend passes available rather than day tickets so we can balance the camping requirements. There will be passouts for those that prefer to stay in alternative accomodation.
Price will be £80 including camping - ticket price reflects restricted capacity and tight regulations. Children under 14 free. Further details wll be posted to the festival website shortly http://www.canterburyfestival.com  
Bands/acts confirmed so far include The Stranglers, Rick Wakeman, Pretty Things- The Damned, 21st Century Schizoid Band (Mike Giles, Peter Giles, Ian Macdonald, Mel Collins and Jacko Jakszyk) playing the music of King Crimson, Arthur Brown,Caravan, All About Eve, Kevin Ayres, Ozric Tentacles, Mostly Autumn, Man, Karnataka, Muffin Men, with three others to be confirmed including one major name.
If you want to pre-register let me know by email and we will alert you once tickets are available. We expect there to be a fairly strong demand this year due to the addition of camping.
Please reply to canterburysoundfestival@hotmail.com
Kind Regards
Canterbury Sound Festival



United Kingdom Gigs

No dates currently planned for 2002. The Autumn tour 2001 was a great success: all venues sold well, with a sell out at Southampton.

United States:

June 30th 2002 'Nearfest' held at Trenton War Memorial Theatre, Trenton New Jersey. Further information obtainable via www.nearfest.com THIS WILL BE CARAVAN'S FIRST APPEARANCE IN THE U.S. FOR 27 YEARS.

PLEASE NOTE: the gig sold out in 45 minutes when tickets went on sale. There is a possibility that one or two gigs may be added


WEDNESDAY 17th APRIL: ROME, Don Bosco Theatre, Via Publio Valerio 63 Tel. 347 636 1091... Tickets 18 Euros

THURSDAY 18th APRIL: SARZANA (La Spezia), Jux Tap, Via Variante Aurelia 159, Sarzana Tel. 0187 610 982... Tickets 13 Euros... Email: juxinfo@tiscali.net

FRIDAY 19th APRIL: RIMINI. Io Street Club, Via Vespucci 77, Rimini Tel. 335 6222 920 Tickets 13 Euros

SATURDAY 20th APRIL: ANCONA. Barfly, Via A. Grandi 3 (Zona Barracola), Ancona Tel. 0712 866 298... Tickets 13 Euros, Web site: http://www.barfly.it


Pye Hastings - Guitar / Vocals
Dave Sinclair - Keyboards
Richard Coughlan - Drums
Geoffrey Richardson - Viola/ flute/ mandolin
Jim Leverton - Bass/ vocals
Simon Bentall - Percussion
Doug Boyle - Guitar


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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Apr 17 - ROME (Italy), Don Bosco Theatre / Apr 18 - SARZANA [La Spezia] (Italy), Jux Tap / Apr 19 - RIMINI (Italy), Io Street Club / Apr 20 - ANCONA (Italy), Barfly

Jun 30 - TRENTON, NJ (USA), NEARfest 2002
website: http://www.nearfest.com


Line-up: Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Geoff Richardson,
         Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> Hugh HOPPER <========================================================

May 11 - St.JEAN-AUX-BOIS [nr Compiègne] (France), Les Naïades

HH 'French quartet' with Patrice Meyer, Jean-Rémy Guédon & François Verly

Jun ?? - LES LILAS [nr Paris] (France), Le Triton [details tba]

with POLYSOFT playing the classic Soft Machine repertoire

==> DIDIER MALHERBE & HADOUK TRIO <======================================

Mar 28 - BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT [nr Paris] (France), Médiathèque Landowski

HADOUK TRIO - Didier Malherbe, Loy Ehrlich & Steve Shehan

Jun 28/29 - PARIS (France), Les 7 Lézards

D.MALHERBE TRIO - Didier Malherbe, Patrice Meyer & Philippe Foch

More info: http://www.malherbedidier.com

==> Richard SINCLAIR <===================================================

Mar 23 - TOKYO (Japan), Mediage [afternoon solo acoustic show] / Mar 24 - TOKYO (Japan), Mandal-La [info: 03-5474-0411] / Mar 28 - OSAKA (Japan), Patapata [info: 06-6881-1111]

with Trio Los Opabinos: Kazuto Shimizu (keyboards) [Arepos], Natsuki Kido (guitar) [Bondage Fruit] & Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums) [Altered States]

Info: Poseidon Productions <hma@mvj.biglobe.ne.jp>


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*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

==> Bill BRUFORD's EARTHWORKS <==========================================

Apr 22/23 - OSAKA (Japan), The Blue Note [info: 03-5474-1395] / Apr 24/25 - TOKYO (Japan), Sweet Basil [info: 06-6347-5195]

May 05 - MAIDENHEAD, Norden Farm Arts Centre / May 06 - CHELTENHAM, Jazz Festival / May 08 - TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Trinity Arts Centre / May 09 - COLCHESTER, Arts Centre / May 11 - FAREHAM (Hants.), Ashcroft Arts Centre / May 12 - LONDON, Jazz Café

==> Chris CUTLER <=======================================================

Mar 26 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Tonic [with Iku Mori] / Mar 27 - RICHMOND (VA), Artspace Gallery [solo] / Mar 28 - CHAPEL HILL (NC), House Show [solo] / Mar 29 - WEST COLUMBIA (SC), The New Brookland Tavern [solo & local collaborations] - 7pm / Apr 05 - VANCOUVER, Western Front [solo]

Apr 18-27 - CORSICA (France), details tba [Cornelius Cardew1s Treatise project, with Helene Br, Daan Vandewalle & Jean Marc Montera] / Apr 28 - MARSEILLE (France), Treatise / May 15 - NANCY (France), Festival Musique-Action [solo]

==> LYDIA DOMANCICH <====================================================

Mar 23 - DOMPIERRE (61) [Andouma] / Apr 04 - PARIS, Olympic Café [Andouma] / Apr 05 - STAINS (95) [Andouma] / Apr 15 - ARGENTAN (61) [Andouma]

Trio Andouma: Lydia Domancich, Aïssata Kouyaté, Pierre Marcault

==> SOPHIA DOMANCICH <===================================================

Apr 27 - PARIS, Maison de la Radio [SD Quintet] / Jun 13 - AVIGNON, Théâtre du Chène Noir [Didier Levallet Quartet]

SD Quintet: S.Goubert, C.Tchamichian, J-L Capozzo, M.Marre

==> John ETHERIDGE / ZAPPATISTAS <=======================================

Apr 25 - OXFORD, Zodiac Club

==> Fred FRITH / MAYBE MONDAY <==========================================

May 16 - VICTORIAVILLE (Québec), FIMAV / May 18 - MARSEILLE (France) / May 19 - BRUXELLES (Belgium) / May 20 - VANDOEUVRE-LES-NANCY (France), Festival Musique-Action / May 21 - BORDEAUX (France) / May 22 - LILLE (France) / May 23 - FRANKFURT (Germany) / May 24 - CERKNO (Slovenia) / May 25 - INNSBRUCK (Austria) / May 26 - BIELEFELD (Germany) / May 27 - ZURICH (Switzerland)

MAYBE MONDAY: Larry Ochs (sax) & Miya Masaoka (koto & laptop)


                          END OF ISSUE 191

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