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Dear all,

A brief introduction to apologise for the delay and the lack of the promised editorial stuff, due to lack of time these past weeks. Hopefully with the end of the summer holidays it will be back to normal with the next issue.



From: "David Ashcraft" <dashcraft@mindspring.com>
Subject: A holiday in London
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:25:23 -0500

While in London last month I had the opportunity to catch John Etheridge in a quartet gig that was a Grappelli tribute. The violinist was the very talented Chris Garrick and John played both acoustic & electric guitars. His fleet lines reminded me of the Soft Machine days despite the more straight-ahead context of the music.

John's most recent project is a band called Zappatistas which as you can guess plays Frank's music. He said that the band is a bunch of crack British jazzers and they've just recorded an album. I also read that John guested on the Ian Mosley album along with Steve Hackett and members of Ian's band, Marillion. The connection here is John's first band, Darryl Way's Wolf where Mosley was the drummer.

We talked about the re-release of the Second Vision album which to my ears was a brilliant disc with great compositions and playing. It was recorded just after John left Soft Machine and he brought Ric Sanders with him from that incarnation of the Softs. Ric is now in Fairport Convention...

I asked about the (Nigel) Kennedy disc and why the guitarists (John and Caravan's Doug Boyle) had so little solo space despite the Hendrix tunes which are obviously guitar-oriented. It's Kennedy's gig so he handles the solos. John said that Doug cut loose on a dobro solo that was eliminated when the track was faded out!

John also played with Pat Metheny on a BBC TV broadcast but once again Pat handled the solos. John talked about his tour with Andy Summers and the great acoustic album that they did together. Apparently Sting sat in one night and sang "Round Midnight". All of these fans came up afterwards for autographs...  from Andy! This of course blew Sting's mind as he is used to being sequestered backstage from the hordes of his admirers.

John is quite a nice chap and of course is a very talented and adventurous player. He plays very frequently in London so check him out if you are in town...

Regards, David


From: MoonJune Records <moonjune@moonjune.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 00:21:26 -0400

Dear "Whatsrattlinians".

MoonJune Records, New York (http://www.moonjune.com/) is proud to announce the release of the new record:

Bar Torque MJR001

Saxophonist Elton Dean has long been acknowledged as a supreme improviser in many musical contexts, starting with the Soft Machine in the early 1970s, through his large body of work with the cream of the British jazz scene (most notably with pianist Keith Tippett) as well as Carla Bley and most of the musicians associated with the famed 'Canterbury' scene. "Bar Torque" presents an improvised duo session with guitarist Mark Hewins, a longtime collaborator with a unique talent for atmospherics. The music on this release focuses on the most lyrical dimension of Dean's saxophone playing, his melodic outbursts inspired by Hewins' delicate, often abstract, harmonic base. The musical path treaded is unpredictable and utterly original. "Bar Torque" is improvisation at its most touching and universal.


Please visit MoonJune's website http://www.moonjune.com/ and sign our guestbook in order to receive excting news about future Canterbury related releases, and some of the news will be sensational.

Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune Records, New York
A division of MoonJune Global Media
New York, Los Angeles

A tribute website to one of the greatest sax players of our time.

The Soft Machine tribute website.


From: Jonny Greene <jonny@planetgong.co.uk>
Subject: Aug 2001 Gong News (PP)
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 00:34:32 +0100


Tour/Gig News

Daevid's University of Errors USA dates in August have had the obligatory last minute shuffle but have now settled down and are complete.

UK Gong Tour itinerary is just about complete as well but there may be some final bedding there as well. Not only is there the Royal Festival Hall Gong/Orb spectacular to kick the whole touring circus off, but there is now a brilliant ending to the UK tour as Gong and Hawkwind play together at Nottingham's Rock City on 7th November (I'd book that ticket if I were you).

Hurrah!...some French dates for the European leg of the Gong Tour have now come in (well they had, but we have to take them down because they are apparently all moving around... but they are coming back). We are still waiting for news of Italy (as always), Austria and a few other dates. Gong are possibly playing their first date in Spain at the Periferias Festival, Huesca near Barcelona.

A second date in Oslo on the 18th November is probably to be added as the first gig has already sold out.

Also listed below are some Didier dates later in the year and a big Theo Travis tour.


Daevid has once more packed up and put into storage the contents of his house (the landlord  rents it to someone else while he's away) and set off from Australia on his travels. Firstly to the States for the U of E dates, then to Europe to prepare for the Gong tours.

The War of Gilli's toe

Gilli is busy writing, transcribing lyrics (see the lyric section on the website), looking after children (big and small) and also working as Vice President of the local Progress Association which, "mainly works against the inappropriate encroachment of greedy developers on the natural environment full of endangered species". She has also broken her toe...I don't know whether the two things are connected.

Posters 1 (or) Gong 'Treasures'
(or) How the Past can transform the Future?

From her collection Gilli is to sell some very rare Soft Machine and Gong type artifacts. Early Soft Machine posters and PR pamphlets from '66/67, Gong posters from the early 70's, day-glo Live Floating Anarchy Posters from '77, Floating Anarchy LPs and more. I'll have a look at their condition and take some advice to work out the prices for her.

Solvent collecting type folks:
- If you are interested, drop me an e- mail and I'll send you a complete list of what there is in advance of it appearing on the website.
The rest of us:
- I will photograph everything and put it on the site sometime.

Posters 2 - Vienna 2000

There is a special limited poster offer in the Kasbah. Ace designer Peter Hartl had printed 150 beautiful mandala posters for the Gong gig in Vienna last October. Most of them were used to promote the gig and stuck up all over the city. However I brought back a few to sell to help a very special Austrian Gong friend. These are definitely posters destined to move into the 'ultra' rare Gong items category in the near future and in 30 years time your children can sell them for 20,000 Martian Fumits and buy themselves a pair of new improved turbo legs with built in ambitronic, sensu-sound aroma entertainment centre and holographic cod-piece... or throw them on the fire to keep warm in their cave.

Posters 3 -  Gong gigs - Your Planet Needs You

The third part of this trilogy of poster biz is that Daevid has provided fabulous drawings for the Autumn Gong tours poster - some of his best artwork since the Family Jewels. The posters, when printed, are to be sent to promoters and venues to promote the gigs, but I also had the idea of putting up simplified downloadable versions for those of you who would like to print out and place in locations where the most Gong sympatheticio beings gather...your local coffee shop, club, police station... wherever. The more Gong friendly bods that come to the gigs the better time we all have. As soon as corral Wes for a 'site-session' we'll get the poster posted.

French Sonnets Bloom

There is news of Didier's book of poetry, L'anche Des Metamorphoses,
on his website: http://www.didiermalherbe.com

Gong Tour Buses

If you want to find out what the Gong tour bus used in the States looks like (or even hire it for your own band's US tour) then have a look at the good Dr Wolf's website all about it. http://homepage.mac.com/thandoy/

For the first time we will be using a large sleeper bus on the forthcoming Gong Tours (apparently it works out cheaper than Hotels). So many a long mile and hour more than usual will be spent in each other's company. Time to meditate on the future of the Gong, conjure up wild plans, rebuild websites to someone's (anyone's?) satisfaction, sketch out 3 albums, decide the one true travel-scrabble champion of the Universe (actually we play the harder, mind-only, travel -scrabble), and build useful paper-maché artifacts made out of the small mountain of newspapers accumulated on tour (I think it's a nest building thing).

Shamal Sample

Another sample from the Gong album Shamal is to be used on a dance release. It's been used on a track called Hadili by a combo called Black Lodge who are on the UK Mo'Wax label. The sample comes from Didier's composition, 'Bambooji'. Now you know just about all that I do on the matter, except that the sampleling 'budget' for Black Lodge's album (what they spend on paying publishing advances, the legalities etc.) was 10,000 pounds! Different world, eh?

Wee Pixies

Meanwhile back in the real world... A couple of months ago I got a request for some Flying Teapot cards from a teacher in a junior school. It was to help stimulate those budding fertile imaginations. Of course I was happy to do this and sent all the children  a postcard each.  I also told Daevid all about it. Then the other day I got this note.

Dear Jonny,

Thank you so much for the post cards, the children thought they were great. They especially loved the card from Daevid with the drawing of the pixie on it. The children have written some wonderful stories about the pot head pixies. They have designed their own pixie and done a collage of their planet gong. I hope to get some pictures digitized for you. They have written a thank you letter for you.

I cannot explain how wonderful the children find the fantasy of the Planet Gong. It is something that they have not seen on T.V. and there is not a Disney video of it!  This makes it far easier for the children to use their own imagination in a way that is not possible if you have seen images before.

Thanks again for taking the time to send the things to us.

Beverly Radley
and all the children in year 1 from Windmill Hill Primary school.

I'll start some web pages of all the artwork sent in over the years (some of it's wonderful) and the children's work seems like a good place to start. So when it arrives I'll begin.

Hillage images

Last week I was sent about 25-35 very good slides of Steve in action in '79 at Hammersmith and Bolton. Now just got to find a slide scanner then we can all see them.

Theo's new CD

Theo Travis' new CD 'Heart of the Sun' should be available in a few days time. Daevid guests on on track. I'll get it into the Kasbah as soon as I have copies.



Most of the words to Gilli's Mother album have been posted on the website in English and French. And thanks to Benoit Godfroy (who also helped with the French Mother lyrics) all the words of Gilli's new CD,  It's All a Dream, have also been posted in French.

Also there:-
She Made The World - Mothergong
Even As We - Glo (most of them)
Fairy Tales - Mothergong
some of Daevid's Brainville lyrics.
Anyone else wanna help with this large.

Note: Since I wrote the above Benoit has forged ahead and started on Flying Teapot in French. If you are up to the task in any other language or for any other albums that would be most welcome...Klingon anyone?


Still plugging away making improvements to the entries in the Kasbah, getting more details in each entry and making sure all the jpgs work etc. There are also loads  of new items including a new tape section and an expanded book section, see the bottom of  this e-mail for all the recent additions and returns.


Just about in chronological order.

THEO TRAVIS QUARTET - Heart of the Sun Tour 2001
Theo Travis - Tenor sax/flute, Phil Peskett - piano/organ, Andy Hamill - double bass, Marc Parnell - drums

Sat 1 Crondall, Surrey - The Pit, Itchel Lane. 01252 850789
Mon 3 to 8  - London - Ronnie Scotts, Frith St, Soho. 020 7439 0747
Sun 9 - Barnet,  Bull Arts Centre, 68 High St. 020 8449 0048
Wed 12 - Teignmouth, London Hotel
Thr 13 - St Austell, Cliff Head Hotel. 01726 68532
Fri 14  - Launceton, Golf Club
Sat 15  - Falmouth, Arts Centre, Church St
Sun 16 - Bristol, Albert Inn, 1 West St, Bedminster
Thr 20 - Nottingham, Bonnington Theatre, Arnold
Fri 21 - Boxford,  The Fleece
Sat 22 - London, 606 club, Lots Rd, Chelsea
Sun 23 - Lincoln, Jazz at the Lawn
Mon 24 - Watford - Pizza Express
Thr - 27 Coventry, Biggin Hall Hotel
Fri 28 - Cambridge, Sophbeck Sessions
Sun 30 (1pm) Ascot, JAGZ at the Station, Station Hill, Ascot
Thr 4 - Edinburgh, venue (tbc)
Fri 5 - Montrose, Links Hotel
Sat 6 - Paisley, Arts Centre
Sun 7 - Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree
Mon 8  - Durham, University, Dunelm House. 0191 374 3331
Information - http://www.theotravis.com

GONG - Greek gigs, October
Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett, Chris Taylor, Gwyo Zepix
Sat 6 - Athens, Radon
Sun 7 - Salonika, Mylos

GONG - UK Tour, October/November
The tour starts with a spectacular gig not to be missed at the Royal Festival Hall with the Orb and from Japan the Acid MothersTemple...and as an added bonus (if such a thing be needed) this will be one of those rare, and wonderful occasions with both Didier and Theo will be in the band.

Didier will then be on board until the gig in Macclesfield, while Theo is busy finishing off his own tour, but from 14th onwards the Theodoplilus Acidopholus one will blow the Gong horn.

And then to finish the UK tour in Nottingham...'Gong with the Wind' (to wheel on  an old cliché)... something people have been wanting to see for years.

Wed 3 - London, Royal Festival Hall. With Orb and Acid Mothers Temple.
tel 0207 960 4242  http://www.rfh.org.uk
Thr 4 - Exeter, Phoenix Arts Centre. 01392 667 080
Wed 10 - Brighton, Concorde 2. 01273 772 770 http://www.concorde2.co.uk
Thu 11 - Southampton, The Brook. 023 8055 5366 http://www.the-brook.com
Fri 12 - Aldershot, Princes Hall. 01252 329 155
Sat 13 - Harlow, The Square. 01279 305 000
Sun 14 - Macclesfield, Bar Cuba. 01625 669 944 http://www.barcuba.tv
Mon 15 - Norwich, Arts Centre. 01603 660 352 http://www.norwichartscentre.co.uk
Wed 17 - Leicester, The Charlotte. 0116 255 3956
Thu 18 - Wolverhampton, Robin 2. 01384 637 747 http://www.therobin.co.uk
Fri 19 - Sheffield, Boardwalk. 0114 276 6356
Sat 20 - Milton Keynes, Wavendon Stables. 01908 280 800
Sun 21 - Bath, Window Arts Centre 01225 463 362
Mon 22 - Penzance, The Acorn Theatre. 01736 365 520
Wed 24 - Derby, Flowerpot 01332 834 438 http://www.rawpromo.co.uk
Thu 25 - Leeds, Irish Centre. 0113 245 5570
Fri 26 - Manchester, University. 0161 832 1122 http://www.ticketline.co.uk
Sat 27 - Widnes, Queens Hall. 0151 424 2339
Sun 28 - Crewe,  Limelight. 01270 251 929 http://www.thelimelightclub.co.uk
Tue 30 - Blackburn, King George's Hall 01254 582 582
Wed 31 - Newcastle, University, Student Union. 0191 261 2606

Fri 2 - Glasgow, Renfrew Ferry 0141 287 5511
Sat 3 - Aberdeen, Glow 303. 01224 648 000
Sun 4 - Edinburgh, Liquid Room. 0131 226 7010 http://www.ticketweb.co.uk
Wed 7 - Nottingham, Rock City with Hawkwind 0115 941 2544

DIDIER MALHERBE - French Dates, October/November/December
with Loy Ehrlich and Steve Shehan

16/17/18 - Paris, Satellit Café
Thr 25 - Limoges, Centre Culturel

22/23/24 - Paris, Sunset

Tue 4 - Strasbourg Festival, Mediterranee
Wed 5 - Strasbourg Festival, Mediterranee L'anche Des Metamorphoses
(Music & Poetry)

GONG - European Tour, November/December
Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Theo Travis,  Mike Howlett, Chris Taylor,
Gwyo Zepix. Didier may possibly appear on some of the French dates.

Thr 1 - Spain, Huesca, Periferias Festival (tbc)
Thr 8 - Netherlands , Zoetermeer, De Boerderij.
Fri 9 - Germany, Karlsruhe, Substage.
Sat 10 - Germany (tbc)
Sun 11 - Germany, Hildseheim, Vierlinden.
Mon 12 - Germany, Berlin, Knaak.
Tue 13 - Germany, Hamburg, Logo.
Thr 15 - Norway, Kristiansand, Rave. http://www.vaskeriet.hia.no
Fri 16 - Norway, Stavanger, Folken. http://www.folken.no +47 51 56 44 44
Sat 17 - Norway, Bergen, The Garage. http://www.garage.no
Sun 18 - Norway, Oslo, So What! http://www.sowhat.no +47 22 33 64 66
Mon 19 - Norway, Oslo, So What! http://www.sowhat.no +47 22 33 64 66
Tue 20 - Norway, Skien, Park Biografen
Wed 21 - Sweden, Gothenburg, Musikens Hus.
Thr 22 - Denmark, Copenhagen, Stengade 30
Fri 23 - Denmark, Odense, Rytemposte.

Sat 8 - Switzerland, Winterthur, Gaswerk. http://www.gaswerk.ch

Still to come in Italian dates, French dates, Austrian dates and one or two others.

THOM THE WORLD POET - UK 'Resurrection' Tour, Sept/Oct
Thom will be in the UK and available Sept 20 -Oct 20.
Dates so far:-
Fri 05 - Bristol International Poetry Festival, Cube Cinema, with jazz band
Sat 06 - Dewsbury, Art and Soul, Gallery Opening
7/11 - Cornwall, Schools
12/14 - London, Paddington International Poetry Festival
Mon 15 - Yorkshire, Arts Circus. All day poetry workshop
19/20 - Cheltenham, Voices Off Festival
Sat 27 - Dewsbury, Art and Soul, Farewell Show
Thom contact http://www.geocities.com/worldpoet_2000

If you can help by booking a gig for any of the bands or musicians, or in any other way please contact us and we will connect you with the exactly the right people.

Elton Dean/Mark Hewins - Bar Torque (MoonJune Records) MJR0001
Beautiful new album by a couple of old friends on this new Canterbury  musician friendly label. Get it direct from http://www.moonjune.com

* * * * *

e-mail: info@planetgong.co.uk

website: http://www.planetgong.co.uk


From: "Roger Bunn" <policy.office@mihra.org>
Subject: Mihra Records goes KLUNK.
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 00:31:36 +0100


To say the least, Mihra Records has got off to an unusual beginning.

It must have been 8 months ago when Daevid agreed to let Mihra release this 1968 Paris, Elson and Ziska "historians album. Then came the major glitch in that the condition of the album was not going to be "up to scratch" and we wondered what on earth we should do. Lifting the copyright of an important (to us all) video off the KKK is one thing, but not giving Daevid Allen fans value for money was a completely different matter.

In the end we decided to create a few copies for those gnomeish Allen historians whom we knew would not try at take Princess Sunshine and the Moonbeams' "The magic of your Maya" to the top of the alternative music charts..  And then another wait arrived while those who decided they still wanted the album contacted us to say yea or nay.

We know that Louis (Crohinga Well magazine) has paid for 2 albums. And that some others have also sent orders. But now as the album is being burned over the next week. As its been so long in production. It may be advisable for those who sent monies for Maya to send us the details of your orders and again your address. Just to jog our memories so to speak.

But, having only a single brain cell, one digresses from the point. Mihra Records has agreed a wonderfully courageous arrangement with Stan Tracey OBE, a real first in terms of the roots of Euro jazz. Mihra Records, in an attempt to gain funding for its rather disestablishmentarian activities in terms of human rights abuse and the hard drug marketeers, will release his major album of 1958. With Europe's numero uno drummer of his generation Phil Seaman, guru of Ginger Baker, and Sax ace Tubby Hayes, "LITTLE KLUNK".  We are very pleased to say that we have obtained a pristine copy of the vinyl. And that the Tracey family, including Clark Tracey drummer of no mean ilk Blue Note period have been thinking for quite some while that such an important album would be best reissued rather than gather dust that by rights belongs to far lesser deserving creative works.

Phil Seaman was the first pro jazz musician I met when I came to seek work and a "boy jazz musician" in London of the 50s. Then working with altoist extrodinaire Jamaican Joe Harriot, Seaman had a handshake like steel and swore like a trooper. One of the greatest drummers of our generation, Phil was more than a couple of handfulls of trouble to the average bandleader. Some of his extraordinary life we hope to tell when we re-release of Stan Tracey's "LITTE KLUNK". The predominant UK avant jazz album of its decade, bar none.

Roger Bunn

Music Industry Human Rights Association


From: Adam Levin <alevin@darkaether.net>
Subject: Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Fall 2001 Series
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 22:26:33 -0500 (EST)

          The Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
                          Orion Sound Studios
                         2903 Whittington Ave
                            Baltimore MD
                      Fall 2001 Series Schedule

-These are all-ages shows.
-Advance tickets for all shows (except for the Aug 25th show) will be
 available from Ticketweb at http://www.ticketweb.com/

- * - * - * -

September 8th 8pm - $15 tickets on sale Aug 20th
-Arsnova - http://www.progconcepts.com/arsnova/
 Japan's symphonic rock godesses return to Orion
-Cerebus Effect
 Baltimore's own symphonic rock/fusion power trio

- * - * - * -

September 15th 8pm - $15 tickets on sale Aug 20th
-Present - http://www.totalzoo.com/present/
 Founding member of Univerz Zero, Roger Trigaux returns with the
 new 8 piece lineup of his dark chamber rock outfit

- * - * - * -

September 29th 8pm - $10 tickets on sale Sep 3rd
-Gregg Bendian's Interzone
 Progressive jazz percussionist Bendian who has worked with everyone
 from Pat Metheney to Derek Bailey lays down the vibes in this modern
 progressive jazz fusion group featuring brothers Nels and Alex Cline
 (guitar and drums) and Kermit Driscoll (bass)

- * - * - * -

November 3rd 8pm - $15 tickets on sale Oct 1st
-An evening of progressive fusion with Brand X's Percy Jones, John
 Goodsall, Frank Katz and Marc Wagnon performing in the ensembles Nuove
 Musiche with vocalist Sarah Pillow and Tunnels with guitarist Van Manakas

- * - * - * -

Dec 1st 8pm - $10 tickets on sale Nov 5th
 The gothic heavy progressive rock band returns to Orion to promote their
 new release featuring new vocalist Peter Cornell
-The Dark Aether Project - http://www.darkaether.net/
 Baltimore's own dark, dissonant (yet often spacey) polyrhythmic quintet
 returns to active duty featuring music from their new album

- * - * - * -

For directions, see http://www.progrock.net/shows/showcase/


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Canterbury related releases
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 11:30:17 -0400

Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop Newsletter is out and you'll find it in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>. Here are some excerpts for Canterbury fans:

Coming soon from LoLo Records <http://www.artist-shop.com/lolorec>

Gongzilla/Gongzilla Live!
Gongzilla Live! has been mastered at Sterling Sound by Chris Muth. Watch here for the release date. Pre-order now! Recorded at an open air festival in Québec, Canada the show features Hansford Rowe, Bon Lozaga, VicStevens, Benoit Moerlen and David Fiuczynski.

After having been out of print for a couple years, "Suffer", the first Gongzilla CD, will finally be re-released this summer!!! Allan who? That's Allan Holdsworth's great playing on this and many other tracks. Gongzilla is the latest generation in the Gong extended family and the most vicious. Pulse Magazine rated this album as the #3 Fusion album for 1995. The core of this album is Allan, Bon, Hansford, Benoit Moerlen and Bobby Thomas of Weather Report with some special guests.

Coming soon from Cuneiform <http://www.artist-shop.com/cuniform>

Picchio dal Pozzo/Camere Zimmer Rooms
Founded in Genoa, Italy, in 1972, Picchio dal Pozzo were one of the few Italian progressive rock bands influenced by the 'Canterbury' Sound. They released two highly regarded - and still sought after - albums in their lifetime before disbanding in 1980. In 1977 the band decided to set up a live concert in the studio to test their newly purchased tour equipment. Camere Zimmer Rooms is an incredible archival find; a high quality, live-in-the-studio recording of all previously unheard material by a rightfully legendary band. Essential for their fans as well as fans of groups such as Caravan, Hatfield and the North, Henry Cow and Soft Machine.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/cuniform/camere.ram>

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath/Travelling Somewhere
The Brotherhood of Breath was founded in 1970 by expatriate South African pianist Chris McGregor. McGregor had previously led the racially mixed Blue Notes, who had fled South Africa's oppressive laws and eventually settled in London. Joining him in the Brotherhood were members of the Blue Notes as well as some of the top names of the British jazz avant garde - Harry Beckett, Mark Charig, Nick Evans, Harry Miller, Evan Parker, Gary Windo and more. This previously unreleased radio concert from their peak years adds to their still growing legacy and will bring their music to a new generation of fans.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/cuniform/travel.ram>


                          Gary Davis
The Artist Shop                              The Other Road
http://www.artist-shop.com          artshop@artist-shop.com
phone: 877-856-1158, 330-929-2056       fax:330-945-4923
     Artist Shop Radio <http://www.artist-shop.com/radio>
       Check out the latest Artist Shop newsletter at


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Sep 08/09 - MEXICO CITY, Mex Prog Festival

Oct 10 - GREECE (details tba)

Oct 26 - CHIDDINGFOLD (Surrey), Chiddingfold Live Club [01428 682949] / Nov 03 - LONDON, Astoria LA2 London [support: Colin Bass (Camel bassist)] / Nov 08 - MACCLESFIELD, Bar Cuba [01625 669944] / Nov 09 - DEAL, Astor Theatre [01304 366077] / Nov 15 - WOLVERHAMPTON, Robin 2 [01384 637747] / Nov 16 - MILTON KEYNES, Stables Theatre [01908 280800]

Jan 26/27 - TOKYO (Japan), TLG
(The addition of a third date on Jan 28 is a possibility, depending on ticket sales for the first two)

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Geoff Richardson,
         Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> GONG <===============================================================

Oct 03 - LONDON, Royal Festival Hall [also: The Orb & Acid Temple Mothers] / Oct 04 - EXETER, Phoenix

Oct 06 - ATHENS (Greece), Rodon / Oct 07 - SALONIKA (Greece), Mylos

Oct 10 - BRIGHTON, Concorde II / Oct 11 - SOUTHAMPTON, The Brook / Oct 12 - ALDERSHOT, Princess Hall / Oct 13 - HARLOW, The Square

Oct 14 - MACCLESFIELD, Bar Cuba / Oct 15 - NORWICH, Arts Centre / Oct 17 - LEICESTER, The Charlotte / Oct 18 - WOLVERHAMPTON, Robin / Oct 19 - SHEFFIELD, Boardwalk / Oct 20 - MILTON KEYNES, Wavendon Stables / Oct 22 - PENZANCE, Acorn Theatre / Oct 24 - BLACKBURN, King George's Hall / Oct 25 - LEEDS, Irish Centre / Oct 26 - MANCHESTER, University / Oct 27 - WIDNES, Queens Hall / Oct 28 - CREWE, Limelight / Oct 29 - STOCKTON, The Arc / Oct 31 - NEWCASTLE, University Student Union / Nov 02 - GLASGOW, Renfrew Ferry / Nov 03 - ABERDEEN, Glow 303 / Nov 04 - EDINBURGH, Liquid Room

Nov 08 - ZOETERMEER (Netherlands), De Boerderij

Nov 09 - KARLSRUHE (Germany), venue tbc / Nov 10 - GESEKE (Germany), venue tbc / Nov 11 - HILDESHEIM (Germany), venue tbc / Nov 12 - BERLIN (Germany), Knaak / Nov 13 - HAMBURG (Germany), Logo

Nov 15 - KRISTIANSAND (Norway), venue tbc / Nov 16 - STAVANGER (Norway), venue tbc / Nov 17 - BERGEN (Norway), The Garage, venue tbc / Nov 19 - OSLO (Norway), So What! / Nov 21 - GOTHENBURG (Sweden), Musikens Hus / Nov 22 - COPENHAGEN (Denmark), venue tbc / Nov 23 - ODENSE (Denmark), venue tbc

Nov 25-26 - Austria
Nov 27-28 - Switzerland
Nov 29-Dec 04 - Italy

Dec 08 - WINTERTHUR (Switzerland), Gaswerk

Dec 05-15 - France & Spain

Notes: Gigs up to HARLOW (Oct 13) will feature Didier Malherbe (with Theo Travis on the RFH gig of Oct 03), then Theo Travis will take over.

Info: http://www.planetgong.co.uk

==> IN CAHOOTS [SEXTET] <================================================

Sep 25 - NEWCASTLE, The Cluny / Sep 27 - NOTTINGHAM, The Bonnington Centre / Sep 28 - HULL, Adelphi Theatre / Sep 30 - COLCHESTER, St Mary's Art Centre / Oct 03 - LEEDS, The Wardrobe / Oct 04 - BIRMINGHAM, Jazz and Spice / Oct 06 - OLD HARLOW, St John's ARC Market Street / Oct 08 - LONDON, Vortex Jazz Bar

Dec 08/09 - TOKYO (Japan), TLG

Line-up: Phil Miller, Peter Lemer, Fred Baker, Pip Pyle
         Elton Dean, Jim Dvorak

If you can help with bookings in Europe, please contact me and I'll forward your details to the band.

Info: http://www.philmiller-incahoots.co.uk

==> DIDIER MALHERBE & HADOUK TRIO <======================================

Oct 16/17/18 - PARIS, Satellit' Cafe / Oct 25 - LIMOGES, Centre Culturel / Nov 22/23/24 - PARIS, Sunset / Dec 04/05 - FESTIVAL STRASBOURG MEDITERRANEE

More info: http://www.malherbedidier.com

==> DAVE STEWART & BARBARA GASKIN <======================================

Sep 14/15 - TOKYO (Japan), TLG


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*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

==> SOPHIA DOMANCICH <===================================================

Oct 20 - BORDEAUX[S.Domancich Trio] / Dec 12 - ANGERS [S.Domancich Quintet] / Dec 14 - ARGENTEUIL, Cave Dimiere [S.Domancich Quintet] / Apr 27 - PARIS, Maison de la Radio [S.Domancich Quintet]

SD Trio: C.Tchamichian, S.Goubert
SD Quintet: S.Goubert, C.Tchamichian, J-L Capozzo, M.Marre

==> JOHN ETHERIDGE [ex-Soft Machine guitarist] <=========================

Sep 06 - TODMORDEN [with Jim Mullen & Gary Boyle] / Sep 07 - BOXFORD Fleece (Suffolk) [with and Lianne Carroll] / Sep 08 - PONTYPOOL Festival (Wales) [Sweet Chorus] / Sep 13 - WOBURN Festival [Sweet Chorus] / Sep 14 - LONDON, Vortex Jazz Bar [JE Quartet feat. John Marshall]

Info: http://www.johnetheridge.f9.co.uk

==> THEO TRAVIS QUARTET <===============================================

Sep 03-08 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's [also: Georgie Fame] / Sep 09 - BARNET, Bulls Arts Centre / Sep 12 - TEIGNMOUTH, London Hotel / Sep 13 - St.AUSTELL, Cliff Head Hotel / Sep 14 - LAUNCETON, Golf Club / Sep 15 - FALMOUTH, Arts Centre / Sep 16 - BRISTOL, Albert Inn / Sep 20 - NOTTINGHAM, Bonnington Theatre / Sep 21 - BOXFORD, The Fleece [guest: Roger Beaujolais, vibes] / Sep 22 - LONDON, 606 Club / Sep 23 - LINCOLN, Jazz at the Lawn [guest: Roger Beaujolais, vibes] / Sep 24 - WATFORD, Pizza Express [guest: Roger Beaujolais, vibes] / Sep 27 - COVENTRY, Biggin Hall Hotel [guest: Roger Beaujolais, vibes] / Sep 28 - CAMBRIDGE, Sophbeck Sessions [guest: Roger Beaujolais, vibes] / Sep 30 - ASCOT, JAGZ at the Station / Oct 04 - EDINBURGH, venue tbc / Oct 05 - MONTROSE, Links Hotel / Oct 06 - PAISLEY, Arts Centre / Oct 07 - ABERDEEN, The Lemon Tree / Oct 08 - DURHAM, University  

Line-up : Theo Travis (tenor sax & flute), Phil Peskett (piano/organ),
          Andy Hamill (double bass), Marc Parnell (drums)

Info: http://www.theotravis.com


                          END OF ISSUE 187

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