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A free jazz/improvisation 9-piece band with humour, sensativity and nice grooves which features:
 Lol Coxhill, Saxophone.
 Peter Lemer, Keyboards.
 Phil Miller, Mark Hewins, Hag, Guitar's.
 Dave Hammer, Trombone, Vibraphone, Percussion.
 Steve Ash, Nick Biggins, Bass's.
 Paul Dufore, Drums.
 On      12 May 2001
 At      St Johns Arts & Recreational Centre (01279 442447)
         Market Street
         Old Harlow


From: Jonny Greene <jonny@planetgong.co.uk>
Subject: May Gong News (PP)
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 22:34:54 +0000

No six month gap this time by jingo...Hip, hip Hurrah!

Copies of Gilli's great new CD have finally arrived. An exclusive GAS release and available in the Kasbah on the Planetgong website right now.

I heartily recommend it to all of you, not only long-time admirers of Gilli's work with Goddess T, Mothergong and Glo not forgetting Gong. But I urge all Gong fans to sample because in the mix are fascinating sonic clues and insights from producer Orlando with his uniquely intimate understanding of all things Gong.

We will get some samples up on the site in the next week.

The recent Japanese trip was a great success. After just half an afternoon's rehearsal the band locked back into that familiar Gong groove as if the gig were in mid-tour and not their first concert after a 4 month lay off. Everybody performed wonderfully, but particular mention has to be made of Mr Howlett's bass playing at the first gig in Osaka, brilliant. I have rarely heard him better.

The deity-like genius of Mike Howlett is acknowledged in the June issue of the UK music magazine Mojo as one of 100 'Sonic Pioneers'. He is amongst such august company as Phil Spector, Lee Perry, etc (Oh...I seem to have chosen two mad ones there). And although his membership of Gong is name-checked it is for his work with bands such as OMD in the early 80's that he is feted. The only rather bizarre mistake in his entry is that the photograph is of a young Pierre Moerlen?  Ah...the transitory nature of fame.

The Gong album Shamal seems to have been ripe picking for samples over the past few months. Bits appear the last Fun Loving Criminals CD and something called 'Oochie Valley' (apparently a very sexist rap thing I think), but I'm afraid I don't know who that's by. If you hear any Gong samples on anything drop us a line as the only station I listen to is Radio Free Hebrides and their music of choice consists mainly classical bagpipe laments.

Snapper Music, producers of both Zero and Live to Infinity are deciding whether to take up their option to release a Gong DVD of the 'Zero 2 Infinity' CD launch gig/party at the Subterranean last April. If it is to happen I presume a release would coincide with the Autumn touring schedule. I'll keep you posted. (And no I don't have a DVD player either).

I'm afraid I missed out telling you about Pierre's Russian adventure on the 20th April in St. Petersburg at The 5th Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival. Apparently it was billed as a Russian line up of PM's Gong with Pierre performing with Russian musicians.

"I am currently working with Afghan refugee star maestro Khalil Gudaz on a CD of mixed songs and melodies from Australia and Afghanistan with Angel guitar, vocals, and interesting drums, tabla and other percussion, with a view to playing live around Oz later in the year. Also doing a Seca (Indian ocean) dance music album and some more new songs with some great local musos."

I finally got round to listening to the recent, exquisitely packaged, but oh so expensive,  Japanese mini LP sleeved Gong CDs. Although they proclaim '20-bit mastering' on the front cover strip or 'obi' I have to say that the sound quality is noticeably  not as good as that other CD releases of the same albums. The levels have been boosted and the CDs are 'brighter' in sound, but oh that hiss...

If only we were able to produce CDs from the copies of the master tapes of various Gong albums Graham Hinton and I have been listening to while continuing with the Gong Archive Project work. They are warm, rich and clear, with a tremendous depth that invites a total rediscovery and appreciation of albums you thought you knew so well. And I'm sure nowadays we could approach if not duplicate that sound quality on CD. So if we think we could, why can't these pricey reissues?

The first thing to be midwifed from this huge on-going project is Gong's contribution to the legendary 1972 Glastonbury Fayre album.

Graham Hinton and I have unearthed and remastered the original tapes used by Daevid to compile Gong's side of the now very expensive collectors triple album.

The sound quality of this classic mix of live early Gong and tape collage is fantastic, light years ahead of the original vinyl, or the bootleg CDs that appeared a few years back (which were themselves were pinched from the vinyl). We have also deciphered the Alien's strange liner notes so that all the Gong elements of the original LP can be yours in the best quality possible.

And this release is only the beginning...

If you bump into anything Gong related while surfing around please do let us know so we can spread the word.

Finally I've got round to getting myself together with a bit more webpage building/updating  knowledge and so there will be more regular updates and improvements from now on.

Eugene last year http://www.pauserecord.com/events/Gong_900.html

Thanks to Ron Christley for telling me about this strange page

Further delving into the Pooterland site as revealed a host of good pages. Interesting stuff on famous Light shows including Acidica would were such an integral part of the live Zorch experience in the 70's

grouped by band or artist and then in chronological order.

ZORCH - UK gig, May
A rare not to be missed gig for the UK's first all synthesiser band, Zorch, featuring Basil Brooks, who went on to play with Steve Hillage and Gwyo Zepix, now of Gong. With 'Mental Projections', 'Striking Lighting' and the re-emergence after 20 years of Jem's natural crystal light projection apparatus. An evening of live electronic music that will transport you on a scintillating ride to the edge of beyond.
Saturday 12th May - Glastonbury, Assembly Rooms, High St. 8.pm 01458 834677
More info:  http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk/assembly-rooms/
More info:  http://www.zorchmusic.com

KANGAROO MOON  - UK/European Tours, May/June/July
Thur 10th May - Shrewsbury Buttermarket, , 01743 231 142
Fri 11th May - Uley, Dursley, Gloucs Prema Arts Centre
Sat 12th May UK - Forest Row Village Hall, E. Sussex 01342 718 730
Sun 13th May UK - Putney, Half Moon  http://www.halfmoon.co.uk
Fri 18th May UK - Aberystwyrth Football Club 01970 627 926
Sat 19th May UK - Bath, Window Arts Centre 01225 421 700
Fri 25th May - Switzerland, Thun, Café Mokka http://www.mokka.ch
Sat 26th May - Switzerland, Delemont, SaS http://www.hugo.ch/clubs/sas
Sat 2nd June - Switzerland, Wetzikon, Kulti Wetzikon 01 932 6602
Thur 14th June - Austria, Hochst, Q-V Stadel Festival  http://www.stadel.at
Fri 15th June - Austria, Breitenbach, Kulturzeldt
Sat 16th June - Austria, Vienna, Szene http://www.szenewien.com
Thur 28th June - UK, Sussex, Stone Circle Camp 01825 713 692
Fri 29th June - UK, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms  01458 834 677
Sun 1st July - UK, Bridport, The Bull  01308 425 713
Tues 3rd July - UK, Exeter, Cavern 01392 495 370  tbc
Wed 4th July  - UK, Bristol, Fleece and Firkin 0117 927 7150
Thur 5th July - UK, Upton Cross, Liskeard, Sterts Arts Centre 01579 362 382
Fri 6th July - UK, Winchester, Tower Arts Centre  http://www.towerarts.co.uk
Sat 7th July - UK, Wiltshire, Larmertree Fest   http://www.larmertree.co.uk
Wed 11th July - UK, Brighton, Komedia 01273 647100
Sat 14th July - UK, Hebden Bridge, Trades Club 01422 845 265
Sun 15th July - UK, Ashton under Lymne,  Wychwood 0161 344 0321
Fri 20th July - UK, Chester, Telfords 01829 752005
Sat 21st July - UK, Sheffield, Lakeside Festival, tbc
And you know there'll be more!
More info:  http://www.kangaroomoon.com

THEO TRAVIS - UK gigs, May/June
Friday 11th May - London, Royal Festival Hall. w/Roger Beaujolais Quintet 5.15pm
Tuesday 15th May - Norwich, Red Lion. w/Mike Capocci trio
Thursday 7th June - London, Lauderdal House (Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill) w/Theo Travis Quartet
More info:  http://www.theotravis.com/

Very tentative plans, subject (of course) to Error.
Faculty - Daevid Allen, Josh Pollock, Michael Clare, Jason Mills
Friday 17th Aug - Seattle with Kinski, venue tba
Saturday 18th -San Juan Island, Wa, Egg Lake Shake
21st Aug-1st Sept - Philly, Athens, Chicago, also touring with Analogue, tba
2-8 Sept  - Detroit, NY also touring with Need New Body, tba
Kinski info:  http://www.kinski.net/
Analogue II info:  http://www.fakejazz.com/interviews/analiv.shtml
Need New Body info:  http://www.cenotaph.org/audio/006.html
More info:   http://www.universityoferrors.com/

GONG - USA/Canada and South America Dates, September
A slim possibility of a return to the land of plentybigallthings despite  the money quirks of last time. We will know one way or another in the next few weeks.

GONG - Israel, September and/or November
Being booked now, confirmed dates as they come in. At least one, perhaps two trips.

GONG - Irish gigs, September
Strong possibilities of a visit both North and South.

GONG - Greek gigs, October
Booked but unconfirmed
Friday 5th Oct - Athens
Saturday 6th Oct - Salonika

GONG - UK Tour, October/November
Ah ha! Finally some dates to put in your diary. Familiar friendly venues revisited and some new ones as well. Like I've said before if you sit still long enough Gong will be playing just down the road from you one day. All sorts of new show plans bubbling around.
Wed 10th Oct - Brighton, Concorde II
Thu 11th - Oct Southampton,The Brook
Fri 12th Oct - Aldershot, Princess Hall
Sat 13th Oct - Harlow, The Square
Mon 15th Oct - Norwich Arts Centre
Thu 18th Oct - Wolverhampton Robin
Sat 20th Oct - Milton Keynes, Wavendon Stables
Wed 24th Oct - Wrexham, Central Station
Thu 25th Oct - Leeds, Irish Centre
Fri 26th Oct - Manchester, University
Sat 27th Oct - Widnes, Queens Hall
Sun 28th Oct - Crewe, Limelight
Mon 29th Oct - Stockton, The Arc
Wed 31st Oct - Newcastle, Opera House
Fri 2nd Nov - Glasgow, Renfrew Ferry
Sat 3rd Nov - Aberdeen, Glow 303
More dates to be confirmed.

GONG - European Tour, November/December
Being booked now. A full on jaunt around Europe including visits to:
7th/8th Nov - Holland
9th-14th Nov - Germany
Fri 17th Nov - Norway, Oslo, So What!
Sun 19th Nov - Norway, Bergen, The Garage
20th-23rd Nov - Sweden/Denmark
25th/26th Nov - Austria
27th/28th Nov - Switzerland
29th Nov-4th - Dec Italy
5th-15th Dec - France/Spain
Confirmed dates as they come in

The planned ending for this mega bout of touring is either a big Gong
bash in London, or an all day/night festival type thingy with other
bands. We'll let you know about this as it wobbles into existence...

Updated and revised list, in alphabetical order, of the progress and planning of various recordings...and boy do they keep shifting before your eyes.

Absolute Zero with Pip Pyle
Status - mastering/artwork
Release - when a good deal is found (for musicians do such things exist?)

Alien Cipher - Theo Travis and Daevid Allen
Status - finishing recording
Release - in time for the Autumn tours
An ambient gliss guitar, sax and flute project that was inspired by some wonderful pre-Gong gig sound checking between these two. So off they went to the studio. I haven't heard any yet but I bet it's something else.

Bubbled Up On Dub - Vol 2
Status - recording
Release - later this year
The BUOD Tribe have been recording new tracks for Vol 2 of this psychedelic dub series. About half the tracks have been completed.

Daevid Allen - Seven Drones (Gliss/2032)
Status - artwork, liner notes being compiled by Daevid
Release - gonna stick my neck out and say before the Autumn...Yikes!

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 3rd studio CD
Status - planning
Release - unknown
The idea is to record at least some of this album this around the time of the planned UofE American dates in Aug/Sept.

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - Live CD
Status - mastering/artwork
Release - End of July

Didier Malherbe/Faton Cahen - Faton Bloom (Voiceprint VP217)
Status - unknown
Release - unknown
Reissue of Didier's 1987 collaboration with Francis 'Faton' Cahen.

Didier Malherbe - Bloom (Voiceprint VP218CD) 1st time on CD
Status - Didier's writing new liner notes
Release - Autumn

Gong Matrix - It Just Is
Status - final mixes
Release - Autumn
The debut CD of Gilli's new US based band is being mixed in San Francisco by Pierce. A completely different style of music than that on 'It's All a Dream'

Glissando Orchestra - Untitled
Status - growing
Release - 2002

Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet (UK) - Open For Is-ness
Status - final mixing and mastering.
Release - unknown
Last bit of mixing being completed in May

Kangaroo Moon - Between Two Worlds
Status - artwork
Release - beginning of June
Major development in the Moonie sound with this new studio album recorded in Australia this Winter. A much more rocky, guitar-oriented and very well produced album which is being released on Faust's label. Has a great guest appearance by Daevid on gliss guitar and vocals. In fact there's something very Gongy about the whole thing!

Lady June/Mark Hewins and loads of 'Canterbury' museos - Rebela
Status - artwork
Release - we're talking about it
The late, and much missed, Lady June's final mistresswork brought into musical being by Mark. Guests include Pip, Daevid, Elton, Gilli, Theo, Keith tha Bass, Mike, Phil, John, Uncle T. Cobbley etc, nearly everyone in fact. A wonderful album with a modern mythological theme that is itself reaching mythological status.

Mark Hewins/Elton Dean - Bar Torque (Magnet Music)
Status - completed
Release - May
Recorded live at the Jazz Café in London, 1992.

Mark Hewins/Theo Travis - Coldec
Status - recording
Release - not scheduled yet
Ambient melodic album of flute, sax and guitars.

Pip Pyle/Philippe-Marcel Iung/John Greaves - P.I.G. (Voiceprint VP225CD)
Status - completed
Release - June

Soft Machine - Turn On (Voiceprint VP231CD)
Status - Brian Hopper's writing the liner notes.
Release - unknown
Double CD of 1967 era Softs recorded live. No details of if it's before or after Daevid's departure. [But aren't any live recordings by SM with Daevid known to exist? - AL]

System 7 - New Recordings
Status - recording
Release - 12" in August, album in September.
If you want to see what direction the new work is taking there are been a couple of mp3 files on the System 7 site. The reissue of System 7's  back catalogue on the new a-wave label will resume next year.

Theo Travis -Heart of the Sun (33 Records)
Status - recording
Release - August
Varied progressive jazz, a follow-up to Theo's rather marvellous 'Secret Island'.

Various - Taliesin: Beyond The Ninth Wave
Status - mixing/editing/building
Release - before Christmas

Visitation (Steffe and Cheryl) - Arena
Status - final mixing/artwork
Release - unknown

Zorch - Retrospective CD
Status - compiling
Release - before the Autumn Gong Tours
Still discussing what should actually go on the CD

All prices in UK Pounds Sterling

Probably Gilli's best album since Mother. Produced by Goddess T's Orlando and featuring Daevid and Harry Williamson.
UK/EU Price 12.50
USA/Rest of World Price 10.46

And... definitely the very last 15 copies of this gentler souly/Glo-like dancey CDR by Steffe and Cheryl. And again all of the mixes and some of the tracks on this release are exclusive to this release.
UK/EU Price 6.50
USA/Rest of World Price 5.53

Definitely the very last 15 copies of this trancey CDR. All of the mixes and some of the tracks on this release are exclusive to this release.
UK/EU Price 6.50
USA/Rest of World Price 5.53

UNIVERSITY OF ERRORS-e2x10=tenure (innerSPACE 7715)
The second Daevid Allen's UofE album has just  been given a Stateside release with a new-(ish) cover, which  includes on the inside pages a nice little Alien-drawn sort of UofE enrolment scroll. The music remains the same mix of off the wall psychedelia with attitude and "wild-eyed incantations" as on the unavailable GAS issue. If you missed it first time round I dare you to emerse yourself and come out unscathed.
UK/EU Price 12.50
USA/Rest of World Price 10.46

The Statics follow their own wonderfully unique path in dance world with this new CD featuring Steffe's lead guitar on 4 of the 11 tracks. His blistering work on track 5 is worth the entry price alone! But it's all good intelligent, quirky techno with feeling stuff.
UK/EU Price 13.50
USA/Rest of World Price 11.49

Lady June's 1974 cult album has been deleted for a couple of years now but I have recently managed to get the last 30 copies from the label at a good price which I'm happy to pass onto you. If you have always wondered what the fuss was all about with this release featuring Kevin Ayers, Eno, Pip Pyle and others here is the ideal  opportunity to find out. Now or never I guess.
UK/EU Price 10.50
USA/Rest of World Price 8.93

Odd fact : A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why
(Actually if any duck owners out there would care to experiment under
a bridge or something I'd be pleased to hear of the results)


From: "Wyatt Moss-Wellington" <wyattmw@hotmail.com>
Subject: A bloody good idea
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 11:15:24 +1000


I have recently sat down to work out the chord progressions for "Golf Girl" and the Ayers song "Ghost Train", so that I could tackle a version on my battered old acoustic guitar. I also found a version of "In The Land Of Grey And Pink" the other day, and have had "O Caroline" and a bundle of Greaves/Blegvad tunes for a while.

If there is anyone interested in fiddling around with music like this - playing some of these songs etc, could you please drop me a line at wyattmw@hotmail.com - and ask questions, post transcriptions, whatever... Any Canterbury music at all. Thanks. In the name of fun and adventure, you  know?

with everything,

Thanks Aymeric!


From: "Rodney L. Kline" <rlkline@chesterwater.com>
Subject: National Health "Playtime"
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 12:56:20 -0400


I don't know if you are aware of this, but the May Issue of Jazz Times has a very favorable review of Playtime. I was shocked that they even reviewed it much less liked it. I was quite excited when I saw it. If you already know about it, then disregard this message.

Rod Kline


From: "Lake Hearne" <lhearne@shreve.net>
Subject: John G. Perry
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 14:01:48 -0500

The Caravan re-masters are wonderful, particularly For Girls Who Grow Plump. John G. Perry's bass work and background vocals really stand out.  Does anyone know his current musical activities, if any?

Lake Hearne


From: Jacques <jacques@pleegzusters.myweb.nl>
Subject: The Rotter's Club
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 22:04:09 +0200

Guess what!

There's this writer in England named Jonathan Coe who recently published a novel called The Rotter's Club. I haven't read it, but I did read a review which states "Music is an important element in the lives of the main characters. Even the title of the book is a hint. In 1975 an album of the same name by a Canterbury group called Hatfield & the North came out." Anyway, undoubtedly without a doubt this very book might be of some interest to some of us. "Music functions as a sign of the times in this book", the review continues. "Progressive rock music was after all about to be dethroned by the disillusionist punk just like the power of unions or imagination was to be broken by economic recession and Thatcherism". That punk thing reminded me of a conversation with Richard Sinclair I once had in which he also bitterly stated that most of the good musical progressive atmosphere was destroyed by punk music.

Could this book be about the dream many of us Rattlers are chasing? Something like wanting to have a new Hatfield & the North album, which will never happen. Going back in time?

So Rattlers - read it & weep & let us know if it's good & if we should discuss it in public on this very medium.
(Viking ISBN 0670 89252 1; in the Benelux imported by Penguin)



From: Fireflies in the Dark <fireflies@fireflies-in-the-dark.net>
Subject: Jonathan Coe book
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 20:08:20 +0100

A couple of quotes from the aforementioned J.Coe book:

(p. 46)
"There's a guitarist called Fred Frith, Malcom continued. Plays with a band called Henry Cow. Does amazing things with a fuzzbox. Imagine the Yardbirds getting into bed with Ligeti in the smoked rubble of divided Berlin".

(p. 58)

They were thirty seconds into the first track on the album : an angular, two-part melody was being stated on guitar and saxophone, while the rythm section kept delicate hold on some tricksy time-signature Benjam had still not been able to identify. The music was confident, brainy, slightly deranged. "What do you think of this, then? "It sounds like they're tuning up", said Philip. "Who are they ?". "They're called Henry Cow", said Benjamin.
He looked in puzzlement at the album cover, where the stark, unexplined image of a chain-mail sock gave little indication of the contents. "Is it like this all the way through? "It gets weirder", said Benjamin, proud of his new discovery. You have to open you ears, Malcolm says. Apparently they're very influenced by Dada".

(p. 98)

"My sister's boyfriend [...] is taking me along to see Hatfield and the North".
"Never heard of them. Can I come too?"
"No", said Benjamin decisively. "You wouldn't like the music. It's very complex and difficult. A bit like Henry Cow".
"Never heard of him either".
"It's just not the kind of thing girls like, I'm afraid".
"Just as I said", said Claire [...]. "Snooty and arrogant".

"The crowd was ninetyfive per cent mazle. They had already heard to first two acts, a singer called Kevin Coyne and the piano/saxophone duo of Steve Miller and Lol Coxhill. The music had been strange in both cases, but often beautiful, with a skewed logic of its own. The audience had listened in respectiful silence, their brows furrowed with concentration. Malcolm had told him the next band, Hatfield and the North, would probably be more accessible, more fun, but Benjamin could still understand, on the whole, why Lois had decided to stay at home".

"How could anyone hope to master those things. It was not like music. Music always made sense. The music he had heard that night was lucid, knowable, full of intelligence and humour, wistfulness and energy and hope. He would never understand the world, but he would always love this music. He listened to this music, with God by his side, and knew he had found a home."

Hélène Collon



From: GHodges223@aol.com
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:35:21 EDT
Subject: Amy Denio @ Mills College 4/7/2001

I went to the concert 4/7 mentioned in several WR's - just reporting that it was brilliant - Amy Denio played a solo set first (her songs self-accompanied by bass guitar, electric guitar and accordian alternately), then a  wind/string/percussion ensemble section where she, at one point, conducted a drone chord, directing different sections of the ensemble to push the chord up or down in pitch, softer and louder, while the rest of the ensemble kept the original drone chord going. Her conducting style used her whole body,  with leg extended behind her, to be better able to go up and down and  towards/away...very amoeba-like (or if you don't like biology...  sculptural)...stunning music.

During the intermissions, tapes were played of versions by Mills College  music students of her poem (7,500 Kisses) Amy had given them to try to score. Many styles of music, all very well-done. It shows how much talent exists in the world, almost none of which makes it into the media.

The final set was a 5 pc band- Amy on guitar/vocals,with Fred Frith on violin and guitar, Jonathan Segal on bass (formerly w/Camper van Beethoven) and  Chris Brown on piano, Ches Smith on drums. They ended by premiering this band's rendition of "7,500 Kisses"- the original version. Very energetic  music from all - with Fred Frith's violin very present, and guitar stepping  back, playing a supporting role (He even stacked chairs after the ensemble section).

A great evening of music
Thanks to the WR upcoming concert listings.


From: "Stefano Cicale" <s.cicale@keposnet.com>
Subject: National Health liner notes
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 22:45:48 +0200

[Mike Sary wrote:]
>I just got the National Health cd "playtime" yesterday, and I just
>wanted to compliment you on the extensive liner notes & history you
>wrote -  simply fantastic! I've always wondered about the Gowan
>period, especially  since I found out about a Chicago show
>[& appearance at a local record  store] THREE WEEKS after it
>happened! I kicked a lot of inanimate objects for  days.

I don't know why I did't write first. I deeply agree with the contents of Mike Sary's message. Same must be said about Gilgamesh Arriving Twice. Both CD's carry great music to our ears and your notes are really a very good job.

Ciao, Stefano.


From: Dan Shapiro <dshapiro@jps.net>
Subject: New Releases from Clearlight Music!
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 10:58:04 -0700


Clearlight Music is excited to announce the release of two CDs by pianist/keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux. Verdeaux is probably best known as the mastermind behind Clearlight and the Delired Chamelon Family, but he has also developed a prolific solo career as well starting in 1980. These two CDs illustrate the musical innovation and sensitivity that Verdeaux has brought to the table as a pioneer in Electronic, Ambient, Progressive Rock, Trance, Minimalism and New Age. Verdeaux's wizzardry
breaths life into electronics, using them as a tool to illustrate his fertile musical imagination.

This is the second chapter/chakra of the famous "Kundalini Opera", an ambitious seven CD conceptual work. Tantraland features pulsating synthesizers which are layered to create an environment of deep space. Comparisons include Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and ENO, but Verdeaux's work remains singular. Essential listening for fans of electronic minimalism.


Cyrille Verdeaux's ambition has always been Symphonic combined with nature. With the release of Nocturnes Digitales, he has created electronic chamber music that echoes Debussy, Bach and Mozart and still retains a distinctly modern sensibility. Rarely have electronics been used in such an organic fashion. This is music which is both melodic and challenging, possessing a harmonic and musical sophistication that stands out uniquely.

Available directly from Clearlight Music:


Thanks to all

Dan Shapiro
Clearlight Music


From: Jyrki Myllylä <octopus@saunalahti.fi>
Subject: Re: Wigwam
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:05:15 +0300

I would really recommend Wigwam to any Canterbury prog fan. I saw them last night live in Tavastia Club, Helsinki and they were absolutely GREAT! One of the top concerts I've ever seen! Maybe we will see that concert on video some day because there was a five man army with cameras around the stage.

The first five Wigwam albums were somewhat dominated by the organ player/vocalist Jukka Gustavson and they are mostly quite complex and jazzy but beautiful and extremely skillful and unique music. Their style changed a little when Gustavson and bass player Pekka Pohjola left the band to start their solo careers in 1974. Since then their sound and style has been built on vocalist/composer Jim Pembroke and guitarist/composer Pekka Rechardt (he was really stunning last night!). Their music became a little bit simpler but they managed to develop their style and compensate the lack of great organ player with the great guitar player.

From Gustavson era Wigwam I recommend the album "Being" as a starter (I think it's very Canterburyish music, complex but beautiful) and from later Pembroke era I recommend "Nuclear Nightclub". But remember: all their records are worth listening!

Best Regards,

Jyrki Myllyla


From: "Anthony Shaw" <tonyshaw@clinet.fi>
Subject: WigWam Concert
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:29:22 +0300

To those of you interested in farflung attributions to the Canterbury Movement, you may be interested to hear that WigWam were on stage last week (Wed 18th) in Helsinki, playing a venue familiar to them from their halycon days - Tavavstia Club. Though I didn't make the gig myself, the review in  the main Helsinki daily was very positive, with offerings from classic albums  like Fairtport, and Being, as well as Pembroke's solo material viz Just My Situation. My neighbour's comment was that a few more improvised solos would  have helped along the swing. However Messrs Pembroke, Rechart, Gustavson and Groundstoem acquitted themselves well, and no doubt are looking forward to some summer festival exposure - sorry don't know any gigs - maybe Scandinavia?? - this on top of the  release earlier this year of 'Highlights' by Warner/Chappel Finland.

Regards from Up North


From: "Eric Van Monckhoven" <eric.vm@pp.inet.fi>
Subject: wigwam(suite)
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 22:42:36 +0300

Dear Friends,

I dropped you some lines about Wigwam in the previous newsletter. Some people reacted very nicely with more detailed  information, links and questions.

Here two more weblinks:
One for those who want to know more  about the band, members, history, etc.  http://cc.joensuu.fi/~mmerilai/wigwam/
The other for those who asked me where to find Wigwam and family members CDs. http://www.lovemusic.fi

I also got the chance to see them playing in Jyvaskyl‰ (Central Finland) on the 21th of April. For their come-back, the band is in superb form. "Definitely not busy dying" as someone said.

The line-up was the following: Jim Pembroke (piano, vocals) is doing very fine, MÂns Groundstroem (bass), Pekka Rechardt (guitar), Essa Kotilainen (keyboards), Jari Kettunen (drums, percussion).

About the songs, I can't give you the details - not being an expert of the band - but they surely played Marverly Skimmer, Just my Situation, A Better Hold, No New Games, Wardance (I suppose)...

I wish you'd been there... We got extensive maestro guitar riffs, two beautiful solos from Esa Kotilainen and a terrific drums suite. The concert hall at Tabasco Hot Club was completely filled up with almost three generations of fans. It was a good surprise to me and to many people I think.

I spoke a bit with Jim and asked about the future. He said they are not making special plans at the moment. They'll make some festivals this summer in Finland like Imatra and Helsinki. I think they would welcome any  proposal for playing in some other countries. Get in touch with their agent (<mika.j‰rvinen@rocktops.fi>) if you have ideas and opportunities. It's really a band worth seeing live where they reveal the best of themselves and of their instruments.

Hope you feel this useful and that maybe other people could say more and better.



From: nemea <nemea@evoe.com>
Subject: Looking for Music
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 02:08:54 -0700


I am wondering if you have any advice for me as I search for certain musics. In particular I am interested in Gilly Smyths 'Fairy Tales', and  Feeling Reeling Squeeling from the first proto Soft Machine single. Do you   do trades of CD's? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Nemea Arborvitae


From: "Charles Kilgour" <C.Kilgour@btinternet.com>
Subject: Hatfield tour dates
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 13:02:59 +0100

I remember seeing Hatfield and the North at Dundee University and due to connections with the local support band was able to have a concert program autographed by the four members, which I believe I may still have. This would have been after the Rotter's Club was released, and would probably have tied in with the other Scottish dates mentioned. As time permits,  I will try to find it amongst the "archives" in my attic. At the end of the  concert I remember discussing the organ sound with Dave Stewart and cheekily "singing" the fuzz solo from mumps to him. For the record, the sound was  achieved with a Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz, and as he was disconnecting the equipment  at the time, he showed it to me, at the front edge of the stage.

Charlie Kilgour


From: TravisNLeah@aol.com
Subject: Gong
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 15:04:49 EDT

I'm looking for the lyrics of the Bananamoon album by Gong.
If you could  help me out, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you for your help.


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Canterbury releases
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:49:38 -0400

Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop newsletter is now out and you'll find it in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>. Meanwhile, here are some excerpts for Canterbury fans.

Available now on our Crescent Discs page <http://www.artist-shop.com/crescent>

Phil Miller In Cahoots/Live '86-'89  
Live '86-'89 is a classic Canterbury release from Phil Miller and In Cahoots now made available to us from Phil!  Joining Phil on this recording are Elton Dean, Fred Baker, Pip Pyle, Pete Lemer, Hugh Hopper and Steve Franklin.
soundbite <http://www.artist-shop.com/crescent/live8689.ram>

New releases from Voiceprint and associated labels

Peter Blegvad/Choices Under Pressure
Peter Blegvad formed Slapp Happy with Dagmar Krause and Anthony Moore in 1971. A witty and eccentric act, they soon became cult favourites in avant garde circles, working with Faust and Henry Cow. Slapp Happy recorded several albums for Virgin and found themselves respected by Robert Wyatt, John Peel and an influential section of the music press. Once the band split in 1975, each of them embarked on various collaborations and solo projects. Blegvad collaborated with Faust, John Greaves, Andy Partridge and The Golden Palominos, releasing the critically acclaimed "King Strut & Other Stories" on Silvertone in 1990. The following year saw Peter start his successful cartoon strip "Leviathan" in the Independent On Sunday newspaper. A new book of Leviathan cartoons has just been issued and Matt Groening, who created the Simpsons, stated that it was 'one of the greatest, weirdest things I've ever stared at'. Choices Under Pressure is an acoustic retrospective of some of Peter's finest songs and includes two unreleased tracks written with Andy Partridge. The album features other musicians including Jakko, John Greaves and Danny Thompson.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/choices.ram>

Keith Tippett/Blueprint  
Keith Tippetts 1972 album "Blueprint" is a complete contrast to the big band explosion of the highly acclaimed Centipede which was his previous release. Blueprint is a small chamber piece hovering somewhere between music and silence. Although the initial calm of the album is baffling, Tippett and the other musicians take a microscope to music examining the details to be found in the small inner worlds which exist between the notes and the players and the listener. If Centipede's "Septober Energy" was principally Keith Tippett's vision of what a Jazz orchestra might achieve then the key to Blueprint lies in its democratic, collective view of playing. Tippett, with bassist Roy Babbington, drummer and percussionists Keith Bailey and Frank Perry, along with his wife and vocalist, Julie, laid down a series of improvisations in London's Command Studios over a couple of days. Working quickly and without fuss the team (with King Crimson's Robert Fripp in attendance as a trusted pair of ears) produced a series of clean uncluttered pieces which are possessed with a disarming simplicity. If this suggests an album of spartan, earnest austerity then prepared to be surprised. Emerging from the shimmering gossamer of bells and tones (alternately provided by Bailey and Perry) are moments of crystalline beauty where traces of haunting ballads are fleetingly outlined, underscored by Babbington's poignant, inquisitive bass. It is hard not to be impressed as one hears Julie Tippetts conjuring a haunting half-song from the air. The urgency with which she issues her breathless dispatches is nothing short of thrilling. They glide and soar in a cascading gush of hybrid syntax, twisting and turning the ensemble in unexpected directions. Unbound, uncompromising and free of stylistic constraints this is music of real commitment and humility. Historically, "Blueprint" marked the passage of a truly gifted player and the musicians of his choice, moving from one area of interest to another, and in doing so, laid the foundations for what would become Ovary Lodge and beyond.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/bluprint.ram>

Harry Williamson/Life in the World Unseen
Harry Williamson has worked with great talents over the years and this album includes a good representation of these musicians. From Harry's earlier years during the Mother Gong days there is Didier Malherbe, Guy Evans and from later years Gilli Smyth, Rob Calvert, Rob George (Mother Gong) and Conrad Henderson (Mother Gong). More recent projects have included Liz Van Dort (Faraway) and Miles McNicholl and Harry's daughter Bee who also contribute to this brilliant album. Harry left Gong in 1993 and has pursued his own musical career and this CD is a collection of previously unreleased tracks which he has gathered together covering a 20 year span. The Highlands suite for example captures the Australian landscape with its beauty in desolation quite unlike the European experience. Tibetan instruments, combined with a didgeridoo and angel guitar create a unique mood which is developed by the haunting simple guitar melody. This is by and large an ambient carefully crafted and unusual CD, mainly instrumental and quite unlike anything Harry has released before musically. There is however a few elements from the later Mother Gong recordings and from Tarka the album he recorded with Anthony Phillips.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/unseen.ram>

Future releases from Voiceprint and associated labels (pre-order now)

John Etheridge/Ash
John Etheridge has been at the top of the jazz and contemporary guitar world for over 25 years. His background includes stints with Darryl Way's Wolf, Soft Machine and Stephane Grapelli. His career has also included touring and recording with many great musicians including Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Dizzy Gillespie, Miroslav Vitous, Tony Williams, Pat Metheny, John Williams, Nigel Kennedy and Andy Summers. 'Ash' was recorded in 1992 and is now made available on compact disc with new artwork on the new Jazzprint label. This quartet led release sees Etheridge embrace a number of idioms, including acoustic, classical, jazz - rock fusion and cover versions. All emphasise his all round playing ability, highlighting influences for Django Reinhardt to John McLaughlin.  Line Up - John Etheridge - guitars; Steve Franklin - keyboards; Henry Thomas - bass; Dudley Phillips - double bass; Mark Fletcher - drums

Brian Hopper, Robert Fenner/Virtuality  
Brian Hopper has played saxophone with The Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine, Zobe, Beggars Farm and others. More recently he has taken an interest in getting to grips with music sequencing on the computer and has written some new material partially using his earlier jazz and rock roots which also reflect ethnic music and synthesised sounds. Robert Fenner had played with 'Runestone' which had a somewhat new age-ist appellation and he was keen to include jazz inflenced saxophone into his ambient music. Brian and Robert then proceeded to make 'Virtuality' which they describe as a musical journey, a sort of imaginary Cook's tour with suggestions of exotic locations blended into the soundscape. There are also the jazzier, rhythmic elements, which provide a contrast, and serve to anchor the exotic into a space that is perhaps unexpected. Some of the music is also designed to relax by, incorporating as it does biorhythmic factors that harmonise with essential elements of our own organic functions. The rock jazz fusion will appeal to soft machine fans who will also appreciate the lovingly chosen artwork.

Happy Accidents/Scitatics  
The legendary Canterbury Music scene is alive and well with The Happy Accidents. The band was instigated by Graham Flight the brilliant musician formerly of the Wilde Flowers and The Polite Force. Not only did Happy Accidents give concerts, they also performed theatrical improvised radio plays! Operas without words!
The band members have always had a wonderful sense of camaraderie and have never taken themselves too seriously injecting plenty of humour and weirdness into both their music and live gigs. Increasingly the sounds made by conventional instrumentation were becoming blurred as they experimented and incorporated modern electronic sounds and devices into their music. This lack of distinction began to be apparent with the release of their CD 'Phenomenon' in 1998, and has continued with this latest release 'Scitatics'.  This album contains structured songs interspersed with many moments of ordered mayhem and with sonic textures blending and distorting the traditional instrument sounds with those produced by modern technology.
Graham's keyboard playing is at its best with the combined talents of Alexi Nonis (guitar) Marvernie Fuller, (vocals), Will Glanfield (sax, clarinet), Mick Grierson (guitar), Nigel Hobbins (bass), Robert Jarvis (trombone), Neil Sloman (soprano & tenor saxes) and Matt Williamson (drums). This line-up results in a synthesis of the many musical styles which have evolved into this complex, rhythmic, multi-layered music. Lovingly chosen artwork makes this album a real gem for followers of the Canterbury Scene.   Another fan of the band is the great Robert Wyatt who upon hearing 'Scitatics' for the first time announced "I want to be in that band!" - so knocked out was he by the rhythmic precociousness of what was happening.

Andrew Downes/Concerto for Two Guitars  
The Concerto for Guitar, Bass Guitar and Strings by Andrew Downes was commissioned by the two eminent guitarists Simon Dinnigan (acoustic guitar) and Fred T. Baker (of Phil Miller's In Cahoots) playing on a fretless electric bass guitar, breaking new ground in bringing this 'rock' instrument into a 'classical' medium. They are accompanied on the CD by players who are mainly from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.  This new release comprises the first recording of Andrew Downes' Concerto for Guitar, Bass Guitar and Strings, and Cool Largo by the same composer, the Usher Waltz for solo guitar by Koshkin, and three exciting transcriptions of works by Bach and Mozart. These latter works show the two soloists, Simon Dinnigan and Fred T Baker at their most brilliantly virtuosic. The Concerto derives much of its influence from rock music and jazz, but at the same time there are strong elements of non-western (particularly African and Native-American) melodic and rhythmic styles blended with sounds from European renaissance, medieval and folk music. It represents, in musical terms, a real fusion of many different cultures. After its first performance in Birmingham in 1997, the Birmingham Post critic wrote "Andrew Downes' Concerto was full of delightful music."

Available now from DGM <http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln>

Bill Bruford's Earthworks/The Sound of Surprise  
Following a gruelling, profitable, well organised and frequently hilarious 18 date tour of the UK, covering, remarkably, some 3000 miles, Bill took the band into Livingston Studios in London for four days to record " The Sound of Surprise". With essentially the same team as recorded "A Part and yet Apart", the new CD has nine full-blooded tracks of hard-hitting acoustic jazz weighing in at some 63 minutes, and represents the fruit of some 9 months focussed endeavour, with work starting on the writing in January 2000.
soundbite <http://www.artist-shop.com/discipln/surprise.ram>


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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
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        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> KEVIN AYERS <========================================================

May 24 -  DONOSTIA, Paraninfo UPV / May 25 - ONATE (Gipuzkoa), Gazteleku  / May 26 BILBAO, Palacio Euskalduna

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Jul 22 - BURG-HERZBERG Festival (Germany)

Info: mailto:think.progressive@t-online.de

Held between July 19-22, 2001, the festival will also feature Magma, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, Anekdoten, Keef Hartley Band, Embryo, RPWL and Birth Control.

Aug 18 - CANTERBURY Festival

Other plans for CARAVAN include dates in Italy and Southern France during the Spring, and an appearance at MexProg Festival (Mexico) in September 2001.

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Geoff Richardson,
         Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> JOHN GREAVES TRIO <==================================================

May 28 - PARIS (France), La Maroquinerie

Line-up: John Greaves (vocals, bass), Patrice Meyer (guitar)
         Manuel Denizet (drums)

==> IN CAHOOTS [QUARTET] <===============================================

Jun 01 - LILLERS (France), Theatre de l'Abattoir / Jun 02 - ST.JEAN-AUX-BOIS [nr Compiegne] (France), Les Naiades

Line-up: Phil Miller, Peter Lemer, Fred Baker, Pip Pyle

==> IN CAHOOTS [SEXTET] <================================================

Sep 25 - NEWCASTLE / Sep 27 - NOTTINGHAM / Sep 28 - HULL / Oct 03 - LEEDS / Oct 04 - BIRMINGHAM / Oct 08 - LONDON, Vortex Jazz Bar

+ dates in France, Italy and the Netherlands (all dates tbc)

Line-up: Phil Miller, Peter Lemer, Fred Baker, Pip Pyle
         Elton Dean, Jim Dvorak

If you can help with bookings in these countries, please contact me and I'll forward your details to the band.

==> DIDIER MALHERBE & HADOUK TRIO <======================================

May 20 - MANTES-LA-VILLE, Salle Jacques Brel (Festival Ventissism) / May 31 - PARIS, Auditorium St.Germain (Festival l'Esprit Jazz à St Germain)

with Loy Ehrlich (hajaj & synth) & Steve Shehan (percussion)

Jun 10 - HYERES, Auditorium du Casino (Festival de l'Anche)

with Patrice Meyer (guitars), Philippe Foch (percussion)
     & Loy Ehrlich (synth)

More info: http://www.malherbedidier.com


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*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

==> BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKS <==========================================

May 29 - BOSTON (MA), Sculler's / May 30/31 - NEW YORK (NY), Bottom Line / Jun 01 - DETROIT (MI), Magic Bag, Ferndale / Jun 02 - CHICAGO (IL), Martyrs / Jun 03 - MILWAUKEE (WI), Shank Hall / Jun 04 - MINNEAPOLIS / St.PAUL (MN), Dakota Bar And Grill / Jun 05/06 - SEATTLE (WA), Jazz Alley / Jun 07 - PORTLAND (OR), TBA / Jun 08/09/10 - LOS ANGELES (CA), Catalina's Bar And Grill / Jun 11 - SANTA CRUZ (CA), Kuumbwa Jazz Centre / Jun 12-13 - SAN FRANCISCO (CA), Yoshi's

Jun 20-24 - LONDON, Pizza Express Jazz Club

Info: http://www.bbprod.demon.co.uk/news.html

==> CUNEIFORM NIGHT <====================================================

Jun 26 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Knitting Factory

Sponsored by the Downtown Music Gallery

==> SOPHIA DOMANCICH <===================================================

May 18 - ARLES, Festival [SD Quintet] / May 24 - ATHENS (Greece) [SD Trio] / Jun 01-02-04 - PARIS, Duc des Lombards [S.Goubert Quartet] / Jun 29 - VITROLLES [Didier Levallet Quartet] / Jul 19 - MONTPELLIER, Festival [S.Goubert Quartet]

SD Trio: C.Tchamichian, S.Goubert
SD Quintet: S.Goubert, C.Tchamichian, J-L Capozzo, M.Marre

==> JOHN ETHERIDGE [ex-Soft Machine guitarist] <=========================

May 10 - LONDON, Lauderdale Hotel (Sweet Chorus) / Jul 20 - MAIDENHEAD, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts (Sweet Chorus)


May 16 - TRURO, The Hall for Cornwall / May 17 - CARDIFF, St David's Hall / May 18 - POOLE, Arts Centre / May 20 - READING, Concert Hall / May 21 - BATH, Forum / May 23 - NOTTINGHAM, Royal Concert and Conference Hall / May 24 - BIRMINGHAM, Symphony Hall Birmingham / May 25 - SANTO TIRSO (Portugal), Teatro do Instituto Nuno Alvares / May 26 - BARCELONA (Spain), Palau de la Musica Catalana / May 30 - DARLINGTON, Civic Theatre / May 31 - PRESTON, Guildhall / Jun 01 - MANCHESTER, Bridgewater Hall / Jun 02 - OXFORD, Sheldonian Theatre / Jun 07 - LONDON, Royal Festival Hall / Jun 08 - SALISBURY, St Thomas Church / Jun 25 - PARIS, Palais des Congres

Info: http://www.johnetheridge.f9.co.uk

==> FRED FRITH <=========================================================

May 17 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Roulette [solo]
May 21 - VICTORIAVILLE (Quebec), FIMAV [Frith-Zorn-Laswell-Lombardo]
May 23 - LONDON, Spitz [solo]
May 25 - LEEDS, Termite Club [solo]
Jun 02 - PORTO (Portugal) [Frith-Drouet-Sclavis]
Jun 04 - MOERS (Germany), Moers Festival [solo]
Jun 16 - BASEL (Switzerland) [with Arte Sax Quartet and Urs Leimgruber]
Jun 17 - LONDON, Mini-Meltdown Festival [Massacre]
Jun 24 - KREMS (Austria), Donau Festival [with Attwenger]

==> MAGMA <==============================================================

May 27 - OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro / May 28 - KYOTO (Japan) / May 30/31 - TOKYO (Japan), On Air West

Jul 21 - BURG-HERZBERG Festival (Germany)

More info: http://www.seventhrecords.com

==> THEO TRAVIS <========================================================

May 11 - LONDON, Royal Festival Hall [Roger Beaujolais Quintet], 5.15pm / May 15 - NORWICH, Red Lion [Mike Capocci trio] / Jun 07 - LONDON, Lauderdal House (Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, N6), 8.30pm [Theo Travis Quartet]

Info: http://www.travis33.demon.co.uk


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