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From: MandVPow@cs.com
Subject: Caravan / Canterbury Sound Festival News
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:53:18 EST

Hello Aymeric

Firstly, I'd like to say that the Caravan Gold disc presentation was a great success. The event took place at The Kings Head in Fulham, London. The great surprise of the day was Richard Sinclair joining the band on stage, singing on "Nine Feet Underground" and "Golf Girl". A great day was had by all and the band were most pleased with the numbers who turned out to join in the celebrations.

All of Caravan's Decca albums are now out, fully remastered with bonus tracks as listed below.............

+++ "If I Could Do It All Over Agin, I'd Do It All Over You"

- Available on CD for the first time in eight years
- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- Includes previously unreleased versions of :
    "A Day In The Life of Maurice Haylett"
    "As I Feel I Die"
    "And I Wish I Were Stoned"
    "Hello, Hello"

+++ "In The Land of Grey and Pink"

- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- Includes the previously unreleased track:
    "I Don't Know It's Name (Alias The Word)"
- The original studio version of "Golf Girl" with different lyrics
- The studio demo of "Winter Wine"
- A new mix of "Disassociation / 100% Proof"
- A previously unreleased version of "Aristocracy"

+++ "Waterloo Lily"

- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- Includes the previously unreleased tracks:
    "Pye's June Thing"
    "Looking Left, Looking Right"
    "Pye's Loop"

+++ "For Girl's Who Grow Plump In The Night"

- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- Includes the US Mix of "Memory Lain Hugh" / "Headloss"
- Previously unreleased Chipping Norton Studios sessions featuring Derek Austin & Stuart Evans including:
    "Memory Lain Hugh"
    "Be Alright" / "Chance of a Lifetime"
    "Surprise Surprise"
    "Derek's Long Thing"
    "Caravan and the New Symphonia"
- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- CD expanded to include the entire concert at the Theatre Royal, Drury
Lane, 28th October 1973 and restored to the correct running order
- Includes previously unreleased recordings of:
    "Memory Lain, Hugh" / "Headloss"
    "The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again"
    "A Hunting We Shall Go"

+++ "Cunning Stunts"

- Fully restored artwork
- Booklet includes an exclusive interview with Pye Hastings and previously unseen photographs and memorabilia
- Includes the previously unreleased track "Keeping Back My Love"
- The first CD release of "For Richard" recorded live at The Fairfield
Hall, Croydon 1st September 1974
- The single version of "Stuck in a Hole"


Also, I have news on the re-issue of the first album. I have located the  original master tapes of both Mono and Stereo versions in Verve's tape  library in New York and these will be used to in the remastering. This will be the first time original masters will have been used on a CD release of this album. The HTD release was made from a 15 ips copy master held in a British tape library. Also the forthcoming Universal release will contain both Stereo and Mono versions of each track.

Finally, I'm pleased to be able to announce details of this year's Canterbury Sound Festival.

The Canterbury Sound Festival 2001

Mount Ephraim Gardens, Hernhill, near Faversham, Kent
Saturday 18th August
11.00am - 11.00pm, Rain or Shine (first band on stage at 12.00 mid-day)
Capacity strictly limited to 3000

The line-up in order of appearance:

MC: Arthur Brown
The Hamsters
Porcupine Tree

Tickets £30 in advance. Children under 14 free of charge (if accompanied by an adult).

Postal applications:
(No Booking Fee) - By cheque / postal orders payable to: "Canterbury Sound Limited"
with an SAE to: Second Wave Promotions, PO Box 385, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5DZ

By credit card and in person from the following outlets (subject to booking fee):

The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury : 01227 787787
Ticketweb: 020 7711 2000 / Stargreen: 020 7734 8932
Way Ahead: 0115 912 9000 / Freak Emporium: 01753 893008

Book online:
http://www.ticketweb.co.uk / http://www.wayahead.com

For latest info check: http://www.canterburyfestival.com
(site under construction - due online by second week in March)

I hope everything is well with you. Thanks for all your help.

Best wishes

Mark Powell


From: "Kenneth Egbert" <invizzigoth@earthlink.net>
Subject: OGWT trainspotting
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:27:30 -0500

Hello Aymeric and all Rattlers:

Was very interested in Mike Johnson's recollection of the National Health appearance on the 1-9-79 BBC Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast (WR#176), and wanted to add a few details if I may (this is where the 'trainspotting' comes in!): he's dead-on accurate that the performance of "The Collapso" was 'ragged' and 'angry', and I'm thinking that since this was Dave Stewart's last appearance with the band before Alan Gowen climbed back on board, and given Dave's frustration with Health's relative lack of success as mentioned in his fine NATIONAL HEALTH COMPLETE (2CD set on ESD Records in the USA) liner notes -- most of a tour had fallen through in late '78, just to name one thing-- the anger may mostly have been his.

As additional detail, a friend who was living in the UK in the late '70s tells me that he had gone to see Health several times! p;in '78 and the screechy free-form improv which opens the OGWT take had been a standard intro for some time. I suppose it's also possible that since the post-Stewart Health was far more of a tendency to improvise than the one with Dave was, Stewart's completely written-out tunes having apparently less space in which to 'squiggle' could have resulted in something of a duel between the structure of "The Collapso" and the rest of the band's attempts to twist it out of shape on that performance.

I suppose that particular take of "The Collapso" could remain garaged with no major loss, but IMVHO I have a kind of grudging affection for it: after all, it's  as honest a portrait of a band in transition as I've heard.

Cheers to all, and keep up the good work, Aymeric!

Ken Egbert, TONE CLUSTERS --- TC Media --- Subversive Music & Media --- mailto:invizzigoth@earthlink.net


From: mitcheskenazi <mitchell@earthling.net>
Subject: Roger B.
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:45:54 -0500

Ya see, ya see [comprendez-vous] this is La Rogere at it's best name-dropping everyone on Gd's green earth [and Beyond].

I don't mind [je ne pense-pas] as long as IT is being smothered by it's "Things" and I literally mean, smothered.



From: Roger Bunn <policy.office@mihra.org>
Subject: Poseur politics of UK pop
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:43:17 +0000

Pop and posepolitics.

UK anti hunt protesters are to target "the boss that owes me". Bryan Ferry, the white voiced yodel artist of Roxy Music, a band, to use the term in its loosest sense, is about to go on the road with what he calls the "original band" of poverty strewn outa tune 3 chord merchants.

"Political activist" Ferry has pulled out of a pro hunt demonstration, due to the belief that he will anger protesters even more than at present. Ferry, more poser than artist told "Country Life" that that his son worked as assistant whipper-in at the Middleton Hunt. The singer, probably son of a church minister said. "Anyone who is interested in country life should support the pro fox hunting march."

LD Publicity the company which manages his press relations for the tour said he will not attend the march. While the protest group Deadline 2000 distanced itself from the issue saying. "Ferry who? Never heard of him."

When asked, Roger Bunn of the Music Industry Human Rights Association was quoted as saying. "Fking pop musicians? Are they actually human?"



From: Nick Loebner <loebner@synopsys.com>
Subject: Patrice Lemoine mini-review
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 10:32:29 +0000


Here's some words on a recent release...

Patrice Lemoine: "Riding my Rockin' Clock" (M10 141802)

Anyone expecting "Shamal mark two" will be very surprised by Patrice
Lemoine's new CD! Patrice's contribution to that LP, "Chandra", remains
a highlight of a great LP - sprinkled with Dave Stewart-esque organ
flourishes. But that was 1975.

25 (yes twenty-five!) years on and "Riding my Rockin' Clock" proves Patrice hasn't stood still. This is an album of modern techno styles and midi/sampling-based composing and recording techniques. And by these standards, it's pretty varied stuff; ranging from the dance-oriented to the ambient. The only reference to a Canterbury heritage comes at about the half-way point with the aptly titled "Canterbury Tree" which borrows heavily from Soft Machine's Terry Riley inspired sequence work (circa six and seven). Curiously, the sequencer work is closer to "A Rainbow in Curved Air" than Soft Machine achieved, but the melodies and sounds overlayed are clearly very much influenced by Hugh Hopper's lines (to my ears, anyway).

Perhaps not to the tastes of most traditional WR readers, it is recommended to those who've embraced the techno and dance developments of the last ten years.

- Nick.


From: Roger Bunn <policy.office@mihra.org>
Subject: Roxy : Original guitarist offers Olive Branch
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:48:35 +0000

The Foxy Roxy Tour Propaganda Machine

Thursday February 2001:

Roxy : Original guitarist offers foxy Olive Branch

I remember when I first asked Dr JPR Williams to come on board the Burma Out! campaign and asked him what was going through his mind on that day. When the whistle blew on the infamous Lions tour of S Af, and he charged the whole length of the rugby field and chinned his opposite number. His reply, after a short silence and in a divinely welsh accent said. "Well, it wasn't my greatest moment in rugby, but."

Having been contacted by a number of his musical comrades, one of which being well known author Claudia Cragg. Desiring to know whether the forthcoming "reunification" tour would welcome back Roger Bunn, original lead guitarist with Roxy Music And desiring to see whether Bryan Ferry had any interests in either the spirit of Copyright or Human Rights. The main reason for his resignation from the band being that his moustache would clash with the make up being rapidly forced in his direction. The guitarist / bassist, having nothing better to do at the time, called LD Publicity with an offer of help to the beleagered ex glam ensemble.

Previously, Ferry had pulled out of a pro hunt demonstration, due to the belief that he will anger protesters even more than at present. His son works as assistant whipper-in at the Middleton Hunt. The singer, said. "Anyone who is interested in country life should support the pro fox hunting march." Anti hunt protesters are supposed to be "targeting" the tour, although that may be only LD Publicity on the rant, and making its monthly wage cheque.

"Could I speak to the person dealing with the Roxy Tour?". Asked Bunn
"Who are you?" Was the voice of a LD Publicity reply.
"Oh, I was an early member of Roxy Music" The answer.

A few whole minutes later the receptionist returned to the phone. "The person you wish to speak to is on the phone". "What is it you want?"

"I would rather explain that to him if you don't mind". Answered yet another cheeky little flunky question. "Here is my number. I would like to help if I could". "It's also the telephone number of the Music Industry Human Rights Association"

Eventually I talked to Scott who said "this is not a political tour".
Oh yes, better tell that to the foxes huh?

Bunn put down the phone, and tuned his guitar, ripped off a few Weather Reportlike blues licks, covering a number of the more obscure scales. And never expected to hear from nor smell, a Roxy musician again.

1971 session fees or a few more thankees? ;-)
Same as feeble eeble white boy Bowie, not even a thanks for using my "stuff". argh!! Po-lice the music industry now!! Stop the mafia dropping ones sad butt outa 20th story windows!! Royalties? what are they!!? ';-)

If you would like to ask LD why Roger Bunn is not featured on the "Original Tour". You can always call LD on 00 44 207 439 7222

"Have a nice day" folks. ;-)

Supporting a Genuine war upon drugs and human rights abuse.
Music Industry Human Rights Association
http://www.mihra.org/2k Email: policy.office@mihra.org


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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Jul 22 - BURG-HERZBERG Festival (Germany)

Info: mailto:think.progressive@t-online.de

Held between July 19-22, 2001, the festival will also feature Magma, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, Anekdoten, Keef Hartley Band, Embryo, RPWL and Birth Control.

Aug 18 - CANTERBURY Festival [full details above]

Other plans for CARAVAN include dates in Italy and Southern France during the Spring, and an appearance at MexProg Festival (Mexico) in September 2001.

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Geoff Richardson,
         Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> GONG <===============================================================

Apr 15 - OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro / Apr 16 - TOKYO (Japan), Club Quattro /  Apr 17 - TOKYO (Japan), Star Pine's Cafe

==> DIDIER MALHERBE & HADOUK TRIO <======================================

Mar 09/10 - PARIS, Sunset / Mar 23 - VILLEBON-SUR-YVETTE, MJC Bobby Lapointe / Apr 05 - TRAPPES, Le Grenier A Sel / Apr 24 - QUIMPER, Theatre de Cornouailles / May 20 - MANTES-LA-VILLE, Festival Ventissime / May 31 - PARIS, Auditorium St.Germain

with Loy Ehrlich (hajaj & synth) & Steve Shehan (percussion)

May 06 - PARIS, Haute Foire (Fete des Jazz)

with Patrice Meyer (guitars), Philippe Foch (percussion)
     & Loy Ehrlich (synth)

More info: http://www.malherbedidier.com


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==> BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKS <==========================================

Info: http://www.bbprod.demon.co.uk/news.html

==> JOHN ETHERIDGE [ex-Soft Machine guitarist] <=========================

Info: http://www.johnetheridge.f9.co.uk

==> FRED FRITH <=========================================================

Mar 28/29 - PARIS, Festival Banlieues Bleues [world premiere of new choral composition, "Landing"]

Apr 05/06 - SAN FRANCISCO (CA), Yerba Buena Arts Center [The M'ad Din]

Apr 07 - OAKLAND (CA), Mills College [w.Amy Denio & Contemporary Performance Ensemble] / Apr 24 - OAKLAND (CA), Mills College [Contemporary Performance Ensemble, directed by Fred Frith & Steed Cowart]

May 21 - VICTORIAVILLE (Quebec), FIMAV [Frith-Zorn-Laswell-Lombardo]

May 23 - LONDON, Spitz [solo]

Jun 02 - PORTO (Portugal) [Frith-Drouet-Sclavis]

Jun 16 - BASEL (Switzerland) [with Arte Sax Quartet and Urs Leimgruber]

==> SCOTT McGILL's HAND FARM <===========================================

Apr 04 - NEW YORK CITY (NY), Wetlands Preserve / Apr 07 - BALTIMORE (MD), Orion Sound Studios

Line-up: Scott McGill (guitar), Michael Manring (bass),
         Vic Stevens (drums)

These shows coincide with the release of the band's new album "Addition By Subtraction", released on The Laser's Edge. (http://www.lasercd.com)

Band info: http://www.ghostland.com/handfarm

==> ALLAN HOLDSWORTH TRIO <==============================================

Mar 19 - VIENNA (Austria), Reigen / Mar 20 - NANCY (France), Academie Internationale de Musique / Mar 21 - HELLENDOORN (Netherlands), De Lantaarn / Mar 22 - ZOETERMEER (Netherlands), Boerderije / Mar 24 - BERLIN (Germany), Quasimodo

Mar 26-31 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's Club

Apr 01 - CORTEMAGGIORE PC (Italy), Fillmore / Apr 02 - INNSBRUCK (Austria), Treibhaus /  Apr 04-05 - ROMA (Italy), Big Mama /  Apr 06-07 - STOCKHOLM (Sweden), Fasching Jazzklubb / Apr 08 - GOTEBORG (Sweden), Nefertiti Jazz Club

with Dave Carpenter (bass) and Joel Taylor (drums)

Info: http://www.allanholdsworth.com

==> MAGMA <==============================================================

Mar 01 - PERPIGNAN (France), Le Mediator / Mar 02 - TOULOUSE (France), Le Bikini / Mar 03 - POITIERS (France), La Blaiserie / Mar 30 - FRIBOURG (Germany), Fri-Son / Mar 31 - VITRY LE FRANCOIS (France), L'Orange Bleue / Apr 19 -  NANCY (France), Salle Poirel

Apr 20 - St.PETERSBURG (Russia), Festival

Apr 27 - BORDEAUX (France), Salle du Vigean

May 27 - OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro / May 28 - KYOTO (Japan) / May 30/31 - TOKYO (Japan), On Air West

Jul 21 - BURG-HERZBERG Festival (Germany)

More info: http://www.seventhrecords.com

==> SOTOS <==============================================================

Mar 03 - PARIS, Guinguette Pirate / Mar 08 - PARIS, Olympic Cafe

Two rare Parisian appearances for this excellent zeuhl/avant group from Toulouse

==> SUPERSISTER <=========================================================

May 02/03 - DEN HAAG (Netherlands), Koninklijke Schouwburg / May 04 - GRONINGEN, Oosterpoort

Line-up:  Robert Jan Stips (keyboards/voc), Marco Vrolijk (drums),
          Ron van Eck (bass), Sacha van Geest (flute)

More info: http://www.stips.net

==> B.THOMPSON'S PARAPHERNALIA <=========================================

Mar 02 - LUZERN (Austria), Stadtkeller / Mar 03 - DORNBIRN (Austria), Conrad-Sohm-Halle / Mar 05 - INNSBRUCK (Austria), Treibhaus / Mar 06 - WORGL (Austria), Komma / Mar 07 - HALLEIN (Austria), Stadttheater / Mar 08 - KLAGENFURT (Austria), Kamot / Mar 09 - OSLIP (Austria), Cselley-Muhle / Mar 10 - St.POLTEN (Austria), Buhne im Hof / Mar 12 - VIENNA (Austria), Szene / Mar 13 - SPIELBERG (Austria), Kulturzentrum / Mar 14 - GRAZ (Austria), Orpheum / Mar 15 - LINZ (Austria), Posthof / Mar 17 - ZWETTL (Austria), Gasthof Dichter Hamerling / Mar 18 - BUDAPEST (Hungary), Darshan Culture Centre

Mar 20 - ROTH (Germany), Kulturfabrik / Mar 22 - TUBINGEN (Germany), Mensa / Mar 23 - STUTTGART (Germany), Liederhalle-Mozartsaal / Mar 24 - ELSOFF (Germany), Lasterbachhalle / Mar 25 - KARLSRUHE (Germany), Tollhaus / Mar 26 - FRANKFURT (Germany), Mousonturm / Mar 27 - WOLFSBURG (Germany), Congress Park / Mar 29 - KIEL (Germany), Pumpe / Mar 30 - HANNOVER (Germany), Pavillion

Apr 02-07 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's Club

==> THEO TRAVIS <========================================================

Info: http://www.travis33.demon.co.uk


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