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From: Downtown Music Gallery <BGallanter@aol.com>
Subject: Downtown Music Gallery - review of NATIONAL HEALTH "Playtime"
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 11:10:42 EST

The first wave of so-called Canterbury bands consisted of Soft Machine, Caravan and then Gong - all from the late sixties. There were other groups from this era whose members would be future members of this scene like Egg, Khan and Delivery. The next wave from Canterbury included solo careers Kevin Ayers, Daevid Allen, Robert Wyatt as well as bands like Matching Mole, Isotope, Hatfield & the North and eventually National Health. Henry Cow - who were obviously not from Canterbury, but were quickly adopted by members of this scene by working with Robert Wyatt, Hatfield and National Health. And when Fred Frith (formerly of Henry Cow) moved to NY in 1980, it was he who introduced many of us to the early members of the downtown scene. You might be asking why DMG is always mentioning and promoting music from 'Canterbury' - simple, it is our favorite music and holds a special place in our hearts forever. This why we get so excited when any new or unreleased Canterbury releases come our way. Unfortunately, only a few of these special bands made it to our shores - Soft Machine (four tours), Caravan (twice in the mid 70's), Isotope (one short  tour), National Health (a few dates in '79) and Kevin Ayers (also later). No Gong (until much later), no Hatfield and no Henry Cow.

Matching Mole were Robert Wyatt's last band before his tragic  accident. They recorded two marvelous records and out of their ashes rose Hatfield & the North who were perhaps even better and included Mole guitarist Phil Miller, keyboardist Dave Stewart from Egg, bassist/vocalist Richard Sinclair from Caravan and Pip Pyle once of Gong on drums. They recorded two magical records for Virgin ('73 & '75) which me and my college buddies played every day for months. They too also broke up, but soon National Health was born with three of Hatfield's four members. National Health were more ambitious (often a double quartet on record) and mostly instrumental, one of the last of intelligent 'fusion' bands. They also recorded two fine lps in '77 & '78 and lucky for us, they played NY twice in 1979 as a quartet at the Bottom Line and Squat Theatre. They also recorded two posthumous releases as well, both well worth seeking out.

Which brings us to 'Playtime' - their first-ever live release recorded 1979 in France and at the Main Point near Philly & close to where I went to college.  This version of the band was a quartet once again with the same personnel that I heard in NYC - Alan Gowen on keyboards (replacing Dave Stewart), Phil Miller on guitar, John Greaves on bass and occasional vocals (formerly of Henry Cow) and Pip Pyle on drums. The first (French) half of this astounding cd also includes guest guitarist Alain Eckert. While their studio records often utilized twice as many players to flesh out their complex pieces, as a live quartet/quintet they are somewhat looser but even more on fire! The extensive liner notes by Canterbury website (Calyx) coordinator Aymeric Leroy are almost too much to take in, but this music is a true joy!

The first tune is Gowen's "Flanagan's People" which flies and soars at an impossibly fast pace, the band is ever so tight - the piece is so intricately laid out yet actually has short freer sections which are completely focused and sharp. Gowen is a master of prog/jazz/rock compositions which are filled with many changing sections, hairpin turns with burning solos on top of inspired rhythm team work-outs. Alan plays a strong, long and winding synth solo on "Nowadays a Silhouette" which tells an interesting story from an intense first half to a more mellow ending.

I recognize "Dreams Wide Awake" from the second National Health lp with its explosive beginning, ever-inventive synth, el. piano and el. guitar soloing in and around the quick and spunky rhythm section. It doesn't get much better than this. Pip's "Pleaides" also goes through a variety of difficult short sections which constantly shift between busy parts and even some sparse and mellow bits. John Greaves get a short vocal on "Rose Sob" showing what a fine voice he has which leads into Alan's "Playtime" one of the classic fusion salvos and truly magnificent tunes that this classic electric quartet ever played.  Wow!! Greaves' "Squarer for Maude (parts 1 & 2)" closes out this incredible live offering by this amazing Canterbury all-star quartet and of course the piece is a throttling mini-epic which goes through a variety of well-connected hills and valleys - jazz-rock el. guitarist extraordinaire Phil Miller plays a number of outstanding solos throughout this entire cd and should be applauded for his unflagging energy and taste!  What else can I say?!?


[Downtown Music Gallery is a NYC record shop specialising in innovative music of all kinds. Don't hesitate to pay Bruce a visit!]


From: "Rob Ayling" (Voiceprint)
Subject: Keith Tippett @ Jazz Cafe
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 23:55:39 -0500


Keith Tippett - piano
David Le Page - violin
Chris George  - violin
Malcolm Allison - viola
Philip Sheppard - cello

Keith Tippett - piano
Tony Levin - drums
Paul Dunmall - saxes, pipes


Tuesday 6th February 2001

Doors open 7 PM
Credit Card Hotline Tel 0207 344 0044

For further information on all Keith Tippett related projects and forthcoming dates feel free to call Janinka or Chris at 'Mind Your Own Music' (01643 862272); info@myom.fsnet.co.uk; http://www.raremusic.org.uk


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: in memoriam - Rick Barse [from avant-prog mailing list]
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:58:14 EST

Rick Barse, the founder, leader, composer and keyboardist of the very first  Washington, DC area progressive rock band, GRITS, died on Sunday, January
21st. He had cancer.

While not very well known outside of DC, even now, due to the fact that the  band never released any recordings during the band's 10 year lifespan (1970-80), Grits was tremendously popular locally during the early to mid  1970s, and actually earned a living (meagre as it was) as musicians. This despite the fact that to *earn* that living, they mostly played at bars &  nightclubs - yet were somehow able to transcend the fact that they played all original music of EXTREMELY high musical quality and sophistication. They played wonderful music - and people actually listened and responded to them!

If not for the inspiration provided by the music of Grits and The Muffins  (whose leader, Dave Newhouse, has gone on record that Rick's work with Grits  were a tremendous source of inspiration to him), I would not be here in my  office typing these words. There would be no Cuneiform Records and no Wayside Music.

I didn't know Rick particularly well - when I began to gently pester him in the mid 80's about the possibility of releasing some of the old Grits material on Cuneiform, he *might* have recognized me as "that kid who was often in the audience, staring with his mouth open in disbelief"! When he finally *did* allow me to release some of the material, I got to know him a little better, but he was always rather a private person to me - I think that even though he was rightfully proud of his musical work, the pain of all those years of struggle never left him, and he was of two minds about their release: both extremely proud that they *finally* came out, but still pained by the years of work that were ultimately for naught - at least as far as a "career" inelt I owed Rick's memory and inspiration these few moments.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Steve Feigenbaum


What follows is the review I wrote in WR#41 (February 1997) about "Rare Birds", Cuneiform's second archive release by GRITS:

"From the prestigious Cuneiform label comes yet another gem. Grits were a Washington-based progressive band which existed from 1970-79 but never got the opportunity to record, let alone release, an album. Yet they gained a cult following and a widespread reputation as one of the hottest live acts around. This CD, recorded at what the band consider, in retrospect, to have been one of their very best gigs [in the Muffins' backyard, FYI], sets the record straight. In three words : they were *great* !

Some of you may have heard the first Grits CD, released in 1993: "As The World Grits". This was a collection of demos from the early 70s. It showcased two radically different aspects of the band's music: a parodic side, which saw them running through pisstakes of various musical genres (50's style rock'n'roll/ballads, glam/metal rock etc.); and a "serious" side, apparent in sophisticated, Canterbury/prog compositions that displayed the quartet's abilities. Let's note, at this point, that guitarist Tom Wright and bassist Amy Taylor also play, respectively, viola and violin. Rick Barse mainly plays electric piano and organ. The line-up is rounded up by Bob Sims on drums.

On this live release, the focus is on the second category. Those who may have been disappointed by the more "accessible" part of "As The World Grits" will find plenty to enjoy here. Four of the tracks are very long (& instrumental) : 13, 12, 14 and 26 minutes. Three shorter songs, in the 3-4 minute range, have been added, two of which were already [in studio incarnations] on the first CD.

Wow - this band cooks ! For my money, this is surely one of the best Canterbury-related recordings to have emerged in recent years. The prominent use of electric piano makes for Hatfield similarities, but there is a rockier side to the rhythm section, less British eccentricity, and the occasional use of violin/viola breathes fresh (& lyrical) air into the line-up, and gives the band a sound of its own, especially on the highlight title suite.

The compositions are superbly arranged, and while giving frequent opportunities for the band to improvise, they never get out of control or too 'free' (well, maybe they could have handled this anyway). Six years into the band's existence, you can feel the tightness from countless gigs and rehearsals. You're hooked to the music from beginning to end.

Should I say more ? I guess not. Hear this for yourselves. Highest recommendation!!!


From: Nick Loebner <loebner@synopsys.com>
Subject: Good Price on Gong Jap Remasters!
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:22:30 +0000

From Jed <jkl2000@my-deja.com>:

http://www.towerrecords.com has the Japanese remastered limited-editions of Gong's Flying Teapot trilogy CDs (w/ mini LP sleeves) for $26.99, which is a lot better that the $36.99 being charged elsewhere. $10.00 better in fact!!


From: Nick Loebner <loebner@synopsys.com>
Subject: Old Grey Whistle Test
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:35:07 +0000


"The BBC is planning to mark the 30th anniversary of `Old Grey Whistle Test' with a short series of television re-runs on BBC 2 in September 2001. At the same time, the BBC will be releasing a four-hour DVD, featuring highlights from the show, new and archive interview footage, performances and information.

Please tell us about your favourite `Whistle Test' moments. From the one-off bands who faded into obscurity to the million-selling superstars... let us know which bands you most enjoyed, where you were, what impact 'Whistle Test' had on your life, etc. etc.

Which interviews do you remember and for what reason (there were some great ones and some horrors!). Which were the most memorable of the cartoons and films that accompanied the album tracks?  We don't want to leave anything out, so please make your suggestions."

I am lobbying for:-

1. Brand X: "...and So To F..."/"Dance of the Illegal Aliens" (circa Sept 1979)

Phil Collins' other band! Captured at their peak, performing one Collins piece (with scat vocals) and one of their best compositions "Dance of the Illegal Aliens" in a radically different arrangement to the LP versions. Sadly my old cassette tape of this (shh) is barely listenable.

2. National Health: "The Collapso"

I've read so much of this, (i.e. flying trays of cutlery) but never saw/heard it.

Other Rattlers should certainly vote for the National Health. There's some great stuff in them BBC vaults.

- Nick.


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Canterbury related releases
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:52:17 -0500

Hi, folks:

Sorry to be late in getting news out. My wife and I have just brought home a brand new baby boy, William Wallace Davis, and that's made me a tad behind in a lot of things. As ususal you'll find the latest Artist Shop Newsletter in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>.  But here are some excerpts for Canterbury fans.

Available now from Camel Productions <http://www.artist-shop.com/camel>
Camel/Gods of Light Live 73-75
In response to an impending release of live Camel performances from 1973 to 1975 - a release NOT authorized by all the original members of Camel and for which those members were NOT going to get a single penny(!) - Camel Productions has come to the conclusion that not only could they do a better job of it, but they could also do so in such a way that all the members would get their fair share!  Hallelujah!
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/camel/gods.ram>

Coming soon from Kit Watkins <http://www.artist-shop.com/linden>
Kit Watkins/Rolling Curve
Rolling Curve is Kit Watkins' release for 2001 as he jumps headlong into the world of ambient music with the help of such friends as Steve Roach and Brad Allen. This special release also contains multi-media material and mp3's of all tracks.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/linden/curve.ram>

Kit Watkins/Beauty Drifting
Beauty Drifting was Kit's release for 1996 now newly remastered for 2001! This is a collection of contemplative piano works, generally mellow in flavor, but ranging from dark to light. Superb music, suberb artwork, superb release! This one is really outstanding, I love the acoustic piano and the VL1 parts. ... I'm struck by perfect balance of all elements: notes, space, tone color, and ambience. Please continue to rain these stunning works of art down upon us from your mountaintop in Virginia! -- John A. Trevethan, Antarctica Media
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/linden/drifting.ram>

Coming soon from Crescent Discs <http://www.artist-shop.com/crescent>
In Cahoots/Out of the Blue
Brand new album from Phil Miller and In Cahoots!  Also features Doug Boyle guesting on a couple tracks so expect a fair bit of guitar! More information on this release will be forthcoming!

Important Note!!!
Phil Miller and Pip Pyle are currently working on setting up a European tour for In Cahoots around May and June of 2001. If you're in a position to be able to organize a concert in your area, by all means, drop me a note and I'll forward it directly to Phil Miller!

Available now from Materiali Sonori <http://www.artist-shop.com/materiali>
Claudio Babbiani with Chris Cutler, Roberto Musci, Jon Rose/Nightnursing  Italian underground musician Claudio Gabbiani's guitar and electronics go up against a trio of avant strategists Chris Cutler brings along percussion and electronics, instrument inventor and musical eccentric Jon Rose plays cello and tenor violin, and Roberto Musci throws in some sampler and synth.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/materiali/nursing.ram>

Recently released from Voiceprint <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt>
Hugh Hopper/Parabolic Versions
Hugh Hopper is a legendary figure within the "Canterbury Scene," as bassist with the mark 2 line up of Soft Machine. The Softs were one of the most innovative acts to emerge from the late 60's Underground Scene.  They were regulars at Middle Earth and UFO clubs, played and hung out with Hendrix, were supported regularly by Pink Floyd and employed Damon Albarn's father! This record reflects the work Hugh has achieved with various creative singers and lyricists, from 1983 through to 1999. Featured musicians include Lisa S Klossner, Richard Sinclair, Rick Biddulph and Robert Wyatt. Features the original and unreleased version of "Was A Friend" with Robert Wyatt on vocals and Hugh on keyboards and bass. Wyatt included a new version of this cut on his most recent album "Shleep."
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/parabol.ram>

Keith and Julie Tippetts/Couple in Spirit 2
Keith and Julie Tippett(s) are the first couple of improvised music. Prior to her marriage to Keith, Julie was a well-known performer in her own right. As Julie Driscoll she performed with many top artists including Brian Auger. Couple in Spirit is recorded live and captures the whole unique interplay which transcends the the written musical page. Their ethereal bond works not just as husband and wife, but also as they become one to create the most harmonious music. This is an excellent follow up to the very popular Couple In Spirit on the EG label.  This recording has been specially mastered for CD with artwork by Inca Tippett the talented daughter of this husband and wife team. Both Julie and Keith tour extensively which keeps their profile high, and Julie is also involved in the Soupsongs tour which is the Robert Wyatt project.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/couple.ram>

Keith Tippett/Friday the 13th
Anybody who knows anything about the UK Jazz scene will have heard of the uniquely talented Mr. Tippett. However Keith's talents haven't just been hidden in the tight knit community of the jazz scene. He has crossed over into the rock arena by working extensively with King Crimson, during what has been described arguably as their finest hour. Friday the 13th captures Keith at his best at the height of his most recent Japanese tour. A breathtaking performance by one of Britains finest musicians!  This recording has been specially mastered for CD and it is the first time it has been issued outside Japan. The album comes complete with deluxe sleeve artwork which is both interesting and striking. A must for all Keith Tippett's fans and for those who enjoy interesting and stunning music.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/friday.ram>

Annie Whitehead/Naked
Annie Whitehead needs no introduction... but for those of you who really should know better... She has her own band, has played in the Penguin Café Orchestra and has been dubbed the first lady of British Jazz. Naked was Annie's first studio album and this was issued by FCZ and received stunning reviews at the time. Due to the record company disappearing Naked was lost until now. This brilliant album has been re-issued with stunning new deluxe full colour artwork. There is a huge surge in Annie's profile due to her touring with both Soupsongs (Robert Wyatt project) and her own band. She has also just released a new solo record The Gathering on the Provocateur label.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/naked.ram>

Elton Dean/Q E D
Elton Dean, Canterbury legend and Soft Machine horn allegory is back better than ever with a stunning new album!! The CD has brilliant artwork and the sleeve notes are personally written by Elton. Voiceprint is pleased to announce Elton's latest studio opus which is the result of over three decades of producing the most interesting and unique music. Elton's music has matured with age and the quality and delivery is better than ever. Musicians featured on QED are Alex Maguire (piano, Hammond organ), Tony Bianco (drums), Roberto Bellatalla(bass), Mark Sanders (drums), Paul Dunmall (tenor sax), Simon Picard (tenor sax), Jason Yarde (alto sax), Paul Rogers (bass), Nick Evans (trombone) and Jim Dvorak.(trumpet/pocket trumpet). 'Sax.Com', 'Sheepdogs' and 'Deep Crease' were recorded as part of the Wireless Festival at the Red Rose Club.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/qed.ram>

John Etheridge & Ric Sanders/2nd Vision
Former Soft Machine members John Etheridge and Ric Sanders (currently in Fairport Convention) unite to produce a breathtaking album, originally released in 1980. John Etheridge has played acoustic guitar with great jazz violinists such as Stephane Grappelli and performed with Yehudi Menuhin in 1972 in Darryl Way's Wolf. Ric Sanders and John Etheridge were both in Soft Machine with Ric also being involved with The Albion Band and Fairport Convention. Mickey Barker (drums), Dave Bristow (keyboards) and Jonathan Davie (bass) joined Etheridge and Sanders to form Surrounding Science, and they gave hugely successful concert performances which started in 1978 with the Riverside Jazz Festival. George Wein was so impressed that he issued a personal invitation to the band to perform at Alexandra Palace London in 1979. The reception was so enthusiastic that the band decided to record 2nd Vision. The combination of influences rock, jazz and folk, gives a most personal flavour to the band's album. The opening track 'Ice Bells' for example includes Sanders playing on multi-tracked electric violin which is very much in the line of Soft Machine. In 'Star Dance' Sanders' violin chatters and chops with Etheridge's dazzling guitar runs and Davie's bass suggest the intricate polyrhythms of Brazilian music. 'Wynsmead' however is pure folk.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/2vision.ram>

Geoff Richardson & Jim Leverton/Poor Man's Rich Man
Jim Leverton is in the current line up of Caravan and was Steve Marriott's right hand man. Geoffrey Richardson has played with Caravan, Quantum Jump, Rupert Hine and Anthony Phillips. Rich Man's Poor Man is the second studio album by this duo and is full of Canterbury Scene sounds. The music is filled with rich textures and the fine playing by Jim and Geoff make this a stunning album. Jim and Geoff are currently on a nationwide tour with Caravan which coincides with the reissues of Caravan back catalogue by DECCA. All this will increase the profile of both artists dramatically with press and radio interest. Digitally mastered for CD with great artwork this album is a must for Soft Machine and Caravan fans.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/poorman.ram>

On our forthcoming imports page

Japanese edition of 2001 album for the renowned progressive rock drummer, founding member of Yes who later joined King Crimson. According to the artist's site this release will include one bonus track possibly on an enhanced CD with live footage and earlier release.

Budget price compilation for the cult British progressive rock act.

Remastered reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1975 album.

Remastered reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1973 album. Seven tracks including the 'Memory Lain, Hugh/Headloss' and 'A Hunting We Shall Go'.

Remastered reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1971 album. Tracks include, 'Golf Girl', 'Winter Wine', 'Love to Love You', 'In the Land of Grey and Pink' and 'Nine Feet Underground, Nigel Blows a Tune'.

Remastered reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1972 album. 11
tracks including the marvelous 'The World Is Yours'.

UK reissue of two highly acclaimed albums from the ever expanding Gong family tree in a special 2 CD set, showcasing thee talents of Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, the 1991 release, 'Australia Aquaria-She' and Mother Gong's 1991 release, 'Wild Child'. Featuring Robert Calvert on tenor and soprano sax, as well as long time collaborator Harry Williamson. Brand new artwork.

2001 compilation featuring the very best of this classic British progressive rock band. 26 digitally remastered tracks on two compact picture discs. A great mixture of classic live and studio material which traces the band's varied musical history. Over two hours of music. Eight page booklet includes detailed liner notes by the artist.

And now let's get to information on the latest releases to be found at

Japanese reissue of British art-rock act's 1972 debut album. Remastered and repackaged in a miniature LP sleeve.


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From: "Anthony Shaw" <tonyshaw@clinet.fi>
Subject: Didier Malherbe/Hadouk concert review
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 18:59:25 +0200

With apologies to language purists, my version of Stephane Fougere's report of the Didier Malherbe/Hadouk´s concert in Choisy-le-Roi near Paris 19/01/01, at a festival billed as Sounds of Winter. It was kindly offered on the French language Canterbury digest backwards@egroup.fr !! Check it out!

The concert wasn't actually in Paris proper, but a suburb to the east - in fact just 200 metres from my window. No way I'd miss this!

The name Hadouk is a contraction of hajouj and doudouk. The first is an acoustic bass used by the Gnawas of Morocco; the second an Armenian reed instrument made from bamboo. The doudouk is Didier's main instrument (as featured on Gong's latest Live to Infinitea) but he varies this with ocarina, indian flute, clarinet, and even sax! The hajouj is played by Loy Ehrlich (ex-Crium Delirium and long-term Gong associate), as well as keyboards and kora (African harp). Ehrlich is long familiar with the African music scene, conjuring sounds and effects both strong and mesmerising. On percussion of multiple types is a master of the genre American Steve Shehan. This dude has a touch to match the others, powerful but poetic - surely now one of the world's best percussionists.

Trio Hadouk excells in the ability to conjure exotic atmospheres which are at the same time meditative and groovy: This is no collage of the ethnic and cheap new-age. More so, from one piece to the next the influences change from a tour of Africa to India, the middle-east to South America. The group really defines itself by its unity of purpose, and cohesion in performance. There is no one else in the 'jazz-world' with a sound like theirs!

The concert on Friday 19th was excellent, but too short (1 hour plus some) with Hadouk providing the first part of an evening with Akosh S. Unit (with Gnawa from Tangier). In all honesty they could have headed the bill. Their set included mainly instrumental pieces from their last album Shamanimal (which I urgently recommend), plus a piece from the previous album Loukoumotive, a much richer version here. What is palpably obvious is their ability to explore pieces live on stage, and particularly develop new dimensions. The cohesion of the group was really extraordinary. Didier Malherbe was especially on form, extending his repertoire to playing the fool (or rather the gnome!), and the other musicians also offered inspired solos.Obviously it's a  way from Gong (although GongMaison was close to many ethnic origins), but it didn't stop Didier suggesting allusions like Flying Teapots to Salsamovar.

So although this concert was a fair remove from typical Canterbury fare, for the curious listener there was something there that would be familiar, stirring memories of other bands. (Malherbe has over the years worked with many stalwarts of this scene, from Steve Hillage and Dave Stewart to Robert Wyatt). It's enough to be prepared to adapt to these instruments rarely heard in Western music. After all renewal of any genre predisposes one to be curious.....


From: Stephen Yarwood <stephen@syjy.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Mont's Bass
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 10:42:37 -0000

In answer to the following query by Ely Rabin in WR 173:
"In an interview Mont Campbell talks about his bass having a thin neck and how that was a boon to his playing. Sure enough, on the back of the first Egg album, there he is holding something that looks like a detergent box with some pillboxes and a pool cue stuck to it. What sort of bass is that?"

I got in touch with Mont (or Dirk as he prefers these days) and asked the question. His answer was very simple "I don't know what kind of a bass it  was either, but yes, it's the one in the photo."

See original interview at http://www.btinternet.com/~stephen.yarwood/dirk.htm

Stephen Yarwood


From: think.progressive@t-online.de (kalle becker)
Subject: Caravan at Burg Herzberg 2001
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 21:48:59 +0100

Think Progressive

Movement of the Hippies/Think Progressive present:

Hippies unite against racism
Four days of love and peace
11. Burg Herzberg Open-Air 2001/Germany

19.- 22. Juli 2001

Line Up:  Mainstage

Thursday/Donnerstag  19. Juli
Galaxy Transport - Nova Drive - Ozric Tentacles - Magma tbc

Friday/Freitag  20. Juli
Neues Glas aus alten Scherben - Sunya Beat - Alvin Lee/Ten Years After - Porcupine Tree - RPWL

Saturday/Samstag  21.Juli
Living Blues - Keef Hartley Band - Pretty Things - Donovan tbc - Roger Chapman - Late September Dogs

Sunday/Sonntag:  22.Juli
Fiddlers Green - Caravan - Anekdoten - Embryo - Birth Control

Line Up Prog Stage:
Golden Buddah, Harkan Türk Özil Trio, Kampf gegen den Schlaf, Korai Öröm, Trial, Kampec Dolores, Bud, and others

GOA-Stage: Performed by Free-Form Hamburg (4 DJs and 3 live-acts)

Advance tickets: 76 DM + 10% P&P


From: "Rebecca's  Cafe Burlington" <rcburlington@mindspring.com>
Subject: Robert Wyatt LP Collection
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 17:05:34 -0500


I have a collection of Robert Wyatt related vinyl that I am searching for a good home for. I thought you might be interested.

The collection comprises:

UK CBS The End of an Ear
US Virgin Rock Bottom
UK Virgin Ruth/Richard
UK CBS Matching Mole Little Red Record
US Grammavision Old Rottenhat
UK 12" PS EP The Animals Soundtrack
UK 12" PS EP Ship Building +2
UK 12" Rough Trade Works in Progress
UK Rough Trade Nothing Can Stop Us

All are in very good to excellent condition, they've been kept in heavy plastic sleeves since the 70's. I'd also be willing to throw in a cassette recording of a 1983 BBC radio interview with Wyatt that includes his 1974 Top Gear appearance. If you're interested, or know anyone who is, please let me know, and I'm sure we can work out something fair.

Rick Howell


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

CARAVAN will be appearing during the BURG-HERZBERG festival, held between July 19-22, 2001 in Germany. Other bands appearing include Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, Anekdoten, Keef Hartley Band, Embryo, RPWL and Birth Control. Other plans for the band include the second edition of the Canterbury Festival, dates in Italy and Southern France during the Spring, and an appearance at MexProg Festival (Mexico) in September 2001.

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Geoff Richardson,
         Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> GONG <===============================================================

Apr 15 - OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro / Apr 16 - TOKYO (Japan), Club Quattro /  Apr 17 - TOKYO (Japan), Star Pine's Cafe

==> DIDIER MALHERBE & HADOUK TRIO <======================================

Mar 09/10 - PARIS, Sunset / Mar 23 - VILLEBON-SUR-YVETTE, MJC Bobby Lapointe / Apr 05 - TRAPPES, Le Grenier A Sel / Apr 24 - QUIMPER, Theatre de Cornouailles

with Loy Ehrlich (hajaj & synth) & Steve Shehan (percussion)

More info: http://www.malherbedidier.com


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==> BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC <==========================================

Feb 22 - PORTLAND (Maine), Center for Cultural Exchange
("2001 New Music Odyssey" series)

==> BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKS <==========================================

Feb 09-11 - TOKYO (Japan), Mediage Theatre, Minato-ku

Info: http://www.bbprod.demon.co.uk/news.html

==> AMY DENIO, with FRED FRITH and others <==============================

Apr 05 - OAKLAND, CA (USA), Mills College

==> JOHN ETHERIDGE [ex-Soft Machine guitarist] <=========================

Info: http://www.johnetheridge.f9.co.uk

==> FINISTERRE <=========================================================

Feb 25 - MEXICO City [with Peter Hammill] / Feb 27 - HERMOSILLO / Mar 02 - MEXICALI (CA/Brazil), Baja Prog Festival / Mar 04 - TOLUCA / Mar 05 - LEON / Mar 07 - TORREON / Mar 09 - MONTERREY / Mar 11 - CHIHUAHUA

This Mexican tour has been arranged by Leonardo Pavkovic, who will release CDs by Elton Dean/Mark Hewins and Soft Heap during 2001.

The band has recently been augmented by a female vocalist/flautist and a violinist, providing a lush sextet sound.

==> FOREVER EINSTEIN <===================================================

Feb 07 - NEW HAVEN (CT), Cafe 9 / Feb 10 - MARBLEDALE (CT), Sweet Harmony Coffee House - Episcopal Church

==> FORGAS BAND PHENOMENA <==============================================

Mar 05 - PARIS, Le 287 Paris (33, avenue de la Pte d'Aubervilliers)

There will be further appearances on all Mondays during March if the first one is well-attended. Please do your best to attend!

Line-up: Patrick Forgas, Denis Guivarc'h, Gilles Pausanias
         Philippe Talet, Mathias Desmier

Official site: http://perso.club-internet.fr/calyx/forgas
MP3s: http://www.multimania.com/musiciensenscene/forgas.htm

==> HAPPY THE MAN <======================================================

Mar 02 - MEXICALI (Mexico/California), Baja Prog Festival

Line-up: Stanley Whitaker, Frank Wyatt, Rick Kennell,
         Ron Riddle, David Rosenthal

(Other bands performing: Le Orme, Finisterre, Iona, Solaris, Landmarq,
Priam, Cast, Sylvan, Discus, Ankh, Azigza, Eclat and more)

Festival info: http://www.1russ.com

HTM info: http://www.happytheman.com

==> HAMSTER THEATRE <====================================================

Feb 10 - DENVER (CO), Mercury Cafe [CD release party]

==> ALLAN HOLDSWORTH TRIO <==============================================

Mar 26-31 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's Club

==> MAGMA <==============================================================

Feb 23 - SAINT-ETIENNE (France), Hall C / Feb 28 - SETE (France), Theatre / Mar 01 - PERPIGNAN (France), Le Médiator / Mar 02 - TOULOUSE (France), Le Bikini / Mar 03 - POITIERS (France), La Blaiserie / Mar 30 - FRIBOURG (Germany), Fri-Son / Mar 31 - VITRY LE FRANCOIS (France), L'Orange Bleue / Apr 19 -  NANCY (France), Salle Poirel / Apr 20 - DIJON (France), La Vapeur / Apr 27 - BORDEAUX (France), Salle du Vigean

May 29 - OSAKA (Japan), Club Quattro / May 30/31 - TOKYO (Japan), On Air West

More info: http://www.seventhrecords.com

==> MARSHALL - TRAVIS - WOOD <===========================================

Feb 28 - LEEDS, The Wardrobe [info: 0113 2742486]

==> MUJICIAN <===========================================================

Feb 06 - LONDON, Jazz Cafe / Feb 14 - LEEDS, The Wardrobe / Feb 15 - BASINGSTOKE, The Anvil / Feb 21 - TOTNES, Dartington Arts / Feb 22 - SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, The Cliffs Pavillion / Feb 23 - MANCHESTER, The Royal Northern College of Music

Line-up: Keith Tippett (piano), Paul Dunmall (sax),
         Paul Rogers (bass), Tony Levin (drums)

==> NEARFEST 2001 <======================================================

Jun 23/24 - BETHLEHEM, PA (USA), Lehigh University

Featuring: PFM, Porcupine Tree, After Crying, The Underground Railroad, Under the Sun, Deus Ex Machina, California Guitar Trio, Djam Karet, White Willow and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

More info: http://www.nearfest.com

==> Shawn PERSINGER [ex-Boud Deun] <=====================================

Feb 08 - BALTIMORE (MD), Cafe Tattoo / Feb 09 - STERLING (VA), Borders / Feb 10 - WARRENTON (VA), Drum & Strum / Feb 16 - TOWSON (MD), Barnes & Noble / Feb 18 - NEW YORK (NY), The Living Room / Feb 22 - GLENS FALLS (NY), Luna's Underground / Feb 23 - ALBANY (NY), Professor Java's / Feb 25 - NORTHAMPTON (MA), Fire & Water / Feb 27 - SYRACUSE (NY), OPL / Feb 28 - BUFFALO (NY), The Coffeebean / Mar 01 - ALLEGANY (NY), The Hickey Tavern / Mar 02 - BUFFALO (NY), Barnes & Noble (8pm) / Mar 02 - BUFFALO (NY), Stimulance (10.30pm) / Mar 03 - MONROEVILLE [nr Pittsburgh] (PA), Borders / Mar 04 - ERIE (PA), Borders / Mar 08 - WASHINGTON DC, The Malt Shop / Mar 09 - FAIRFAX (VA), Barnes & Noble / Mar 31 - SPERRYVILLE (VA), Blue Moon / Apr 06 - WASHINGTON DC, Soho Tea & Coffee

Info: http://home.talkcity.com/LyricLn/persinger/abc.html

==> B.THOMPSON'S PARAPHERNALIA <=========================================

Austrian/German/Hungarian Dates

Mar 03 - DORNBIRN, venue tba / Mar 05 - INNSBRUCK, Treibhaus / Mar 06 - WORGL, Komma / Mar 07 - HALLEIN, Stadttheater / Mar 08 - KLAGENFURT, Kamot / Mar 09 - OSLIP, Cselley-Muhle / Mar 10 - St.POLTEN, Buhne im Hof / Mar 12 - VIENNA, Szene / Mar 13 - SPIELBERG, venue tba / Mar 14 - GRAZ, Orpheum / Mar 15 - LINZ, Posthof / Mar 17 - ZWETTL, Gasthof Dichter Hamerling / Mar 18 - BUDAPEST, Darshan Culture Centre

+ GERMANY 20th-30th March (dates tba)

Apr 09-14 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's Club

==> THEO TRAVIS <========================================================

Feb 06-10 - LONDON, Ronnie Scott's Club [T.T. Quartet] / Feb 18 - KINGSTON, Surrey Boaters [with Simon Carter Trio] / Feb 23 - BRISTOL, Bebop Club [with Andy Hague Quartet] / Mar 29 - OXFORD, Wheatsheaf Hotel [with Pete Oxley Trio]

Info: http://www.travis33.demon.co.uk

==> VOLAPUK <============================================================

Feb 19 - GRENOBLE (France), Le Ciel / Feb 20 - GENEVA (Switzerland), Cave 12 / Feb 21 - ZURICH (Switzerland), Moods / Feb 22 - ANNECY (France), Le Brise-Glace / Feb 23 - COUSTELLET (France), La Gare


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