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From: "David Ashcraft" <dashcraft@mindspring.com>
Subject: Gigamesh CD/Rare Bird
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:16:19 -0500

Greetings, Aymeric!

I enjoyed the last "issue" of WR and wanted to respond to two items.

First of all, the Gilgamesh ("Arriving Twice") album is superb and I'd highly recommend it to any fans of Canterbury music! The music is both released AND unreleased and the recording quality is surprisingly good. It was done mostly by the BBC so it's a live in the studio approach that features some very hot playing by Phil Lee in particular on guitar. It has a looser feel than the studio albums that suits the jazzy nature of the  compositions very well. The packaging is also excellent and Aymeric did multiple interviews that are printed in the liner notes. Once again cuneiform has done us all a huge public service by releasing this. The live National Health is up next from the 1979 U.S. tour (w/Gowen instead of Dave Stewart) so there's more good stuff on the horizon... Now if only they'd put out something from the 1977 English tour WITH Dave Stewart! At any rate, the Gilgamesh album is essential if you already have their two studio albums

It was very interesting to see Rare Bird mentioned. I heard their version of "Dollars" (which included themes from Ennio Morricone's "A Few Dollars More") on the late great radio show "Rock Around the World" in  the 70's and was blown away! That track featured John Wetton on bass and Nic Potter of VDGG played on the album as well. I eventually picked up their first four albums and was impressed by the twin-keyboard approach and by Steve Gould's soulful vocals. I never understood why they didn't achieve more success.Their first album was on Tony Stratton Smith's Famous Charisma label (explaining the Genesis connection) but later they migrated to Polydor. Perhaps some of your readers could fill in some of the rest of the story including whatever became of these guys after the mid-seventies. I for one am rather curious...

All the best, David


From: Age Rotshuizen <age@cable.a2000.nl>
Subject: New CDs
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:46:03 +0200

I'd like to mention a couple of great new albums released in the last couple of months:

First there's two new CDs by Hugh Hopper: The Swimmer, with Frances Knight, Vince Clarke and (female) vocalist Jan Ponsford. This album is similar to The Mind in the Trees; totally improvised and with the same musicians except that Elton Dean has been replaced by Ponsford. The second CD is Cryptids, with Lisa S. Klossner. Like Different it's very song-based but on their second duo-album there are a lot of "real" musicians added, including Frank v/d Kooij (sax-player in the Hopper Band), Elton Dean, Pip Pyle & Gary Smith on stereo guitar. I haven't had time to listen to this CD more than once, but it sounds great at first hearing.

Of course there's the new Gilgamesh CD. A great new release by Cuneiform.  It should be in everyone's collection.

Last (but not least) there's a new album by Elton Dean on Voiceprint called QED. It is a collection of improvisations recorded over a period of four days, both live and in the studio. On two of the studio tracks you'll find Elton playing the Fender Rhodes piano, something he hasn't done since his first solo-album (if I'm not mistaken). Musicians include Alex Maguire, Tony Bianco, Mark Sanders, Paul Rogers, Nick Evans, Jim Dvorak, Paul Dunmall and Roberto Bellatalla.



From: "ANDREW GARIBALDI" <andygee@dial.pipex.com>
Subject: Gilgamesh review
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 14:29:28 +0100

In answer to the guy who wanted to know what the new Gilgamesh album is like, here is the review I have done for the free CD Services Canterbury Mail Order Catalogue update.

GILGAMESH: Arriving Twice

With all the praise heaped on Hatfield And The North, Soft Machine,Matching Mole & National Health, you sometimes feel that this band got somewhat overlooked, which is a shame because they were just superb. Their first album was full of classic fusion tracks as only the 'Canterbury' classification of musicians can deliver, yet it was a pretty mellow affair, and, while a great album, never really had the edge to reveal the genius behind it. The follow-up album, 'Another Fine Tune', had the edge but not quite the depth and emotional content of composition. Then the band split, Gowen, the main man and keyboards/synth player, formed National Health with Dave Stewart, Steve Hillage, Phil Miller, etc, then sadly passed away a year or two later. However, like so many bands of that period, Gilgamesh unwittingly delivered their finest work let loose live in the studio. This CD is taken from such sessions, faithfully restored from the original masters, and sounds just heavenly. The band, with the core trio of Gowen, Phil Lee on guitars, Mike Travis on drums, with appearances from Neil Murray (bass), Peter Lemer (electric piano/synths), Steve Cook (bass) and Jeff Clyne (bass, later Turning Point), have never sounded better, partly because the playing on the tracks, largely from the first album but much extended, is just totally spot on, but also because the production has revealed the qualities of individual musicians to the maximum, so that the bass work really comes across as vibrant and punchy, while the rest of the band positively shine, with some exquisite keyboards work and magical lead guitar. The compositions themselves are melodic, relaxed and varied so that the mix of quite bits allied to the louder, more direct sections gives the music a dimension that makes it still sound so utterly incredible stuff, the playing being full of expression and emotion. As far as Canterbury fusion music goes, this is one of the finest albums to come from the vaults so far, possibly even eclipsing the phenomenal Soft Machine reissues on the same label, in sheer enjoyment and accessibility terms. With nearly seventy minutes on the Japanese import and sixty on the USA release (the fifth track on the Jap version is not on the USA release), this is amazing stuff by anyone's standards.

Andy Garibaldi


From: "Stephen Yarwood" <stephen@syjy.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Simon Ainley aka Sharkstation
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 07:11:08 +0100

Sharkstation is the musical nom de plume of Simon Ainley, his were the lead  vocals on Phil Manzanera's late 70s "Listen Now" album, performing the same role  in the Roxy Music guitarist's 801 touring band. In search of a new sound Simon  then joined Random Hold a dark musical adventure that never quite fulfilled its  potential despite a major recording deal with Polydor. The music was dramatic  and exciting but internal politics loomed large and the band imploded under the  strain, a disillusioned Simon promptly quit the music business. That was all a  long time ago, now he has the day job that pays the mortgage and his own studio  facilities. To keep the two sides of his life apart the music goes out as  Sharkstation, the first release is Calling Cards, ten original compositions in  the rock/alternative pop vein.

Go to http://www.btinternet.com/~stephen.yarwood/sharkstation.htm for a detailed review.

It is basically a one man band set up, the only help comes in the shape of a guest bass player on a couple of tracks, and occasional backing vocals from family and friends. Simon Ainley's guitar playing is never less than excellent, embellishing the songs by playing what is  appropriate rather than what is flash. The songs range from Supergrass style pop songs about every day life and how to survive it, to more substantial progrock influenced tales that add shade to the light. Lyrics are a serious business, plenty of quality control here, four of the songs have words by Simon Burne and evidently there's lots more where they came from, looks like a promising partnership.

Listen or download selected songs at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/69/chef1.html.
or contact the man himself at sharkstation2000@hotmail.com

Stephen Yarwood

UK Website:                       http://www.btinternet.com/~stephen.yarwood/index.htm


From: "David Voci" <david_voci@tcibr.com>
Subject: File Under:Canterbury
Date: 26 Oct 00 15:31:22 -0700

Hello Friends,

I truly believe in the broad focus given here and in general regarding the musical term Canterbury. While very few bands can rightly call CB their physical birthplace, the branches that have grown from the very early seeds of this area's music tree are staggering.

Quiet Sun's only release, Mainstream, comes to mind.

This has always represented one of those long awaited, elusive items(like so many that now are available on CD)from a given musicians catalogue that took a long time to finally get and more importantly, hear.

Excellent Manzanera here but the sound on side 1 isn't really his solo or 801 signature sound... Sounds more like Matching Mole (Bill Macormick plays bass on Mainstream) or Hatfield progressions in many places and other erstwhile Canterbury structures from that golden age (68-78).

The second side however shows us more of Manzanera's individual style and there's a long track ridden with vocals that is pretty leaky but the rest of the side is exceptional with definite references to later 801 pieces.

The music on the whole comes off with more of a band composition feel rather than a soloist's dream.

I think Phil Manzanera's 'Primitive Guitars' is one fine release also. Almost experimental and pushing that 'how can i mistreat the guitar now' envelope a bit.

Oh yeah, how's our friend Mark Hewins doing? When can we expect the next Research CD?

Stay well,



From: "Dan Cowan" <dccowan@earthlink.net>
Subject: Dyonisos "Makakilo Sky"
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 13:04:34 -0700

Dear Rattlers:

I'm pleased to announce the release of my latest Dyonisos cd, "Makakilo Sky". As with my previous release, I am totally to blame for all the writing, recording, playing and singing on this one! You may preview the songs (streaming mp3s) for free at http://www.mp3.com/dyonisos. The cd may be purchased online at $6.99 (plus shipping).

Dan Cowan


From: Tom Landon <landon-raskine@chello.fr>
Subject: Soupsongs review
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:46:57 +0330

Dear all,

With a long train journey ahead of me on Saturday 28th October, I by chance bought the British daily newspaper The Guardian and was delighted to stumble across the following article which I thought might interest all you Rattlers out there:

"What kind of spider understands arachnophobia?" sings Ian Maidman in the uncompromisingly English accent of the young Robert Wyatt. There may be people out there with no comprehension of Wyatt's oddball oeuvre, or even with a phobia for anything from the art-jazz-rock phase of pop culture, but that's of no concern to anyone at the Queen Elizabeth Hall tonight. The former Soft Machine drummer/vocalist has amassed a generous sprawl of music that wraps itself comfortably around the good-humoured performers Annie Whitehead has assembled for this tour under the banner of Soupsongs: the Songs of Robert Wyatt.

Friendly ghosts at the banquet included the late Mongezi Feza, whose tune Sonia opened the show. There were tributes to saxophonist Gary Windo and any number of impeccable influences, from free jazz and the Liberation Music Orchestra to several flavours of South American music. Yet Wyatt's songs are as English as tea and toast, with a political sting. "Simplify, reduce, oversimplify," chant Julie Tippetts and Maidman at the head of Left on Man. "What we call freedom in the north/means our freedom to use you," he croons over a gentle Latin groove. "And if you don't co-operate/we'll cut off your supply lines/but you'll be free to reconnect/if you beg our forgiveness." The critique of global capitalism doesn't limit the power and warmth of Wyatt's music - there's more affection in a couple of his lopsided chord changes than the entire back catalogues of Elton John and Neil Diamond.

The first Soft Machine single was Love Makes Sweet Music (written by Kevin Ayers but sung by Wyatt) which bombed, but sounds so much like a hit you wonder what would have happened if they had gone to number one in 1967. Instead, the Softs became a cult progressive outfit, injecting the influence of jazz and systems music into the rock mainstream before splintering in several contradictory directions. Wyatt's accent, his explosive drumming and his questioning nature have been hugely, quietly influential.

The Soupsongs band doesn't include Wyatt, though he was installed happily on the front row. It is based around Whitehead regulars Liam Genockey (drums) and Steve Lamb (bass) plus Janette Mason (keyboards) and Julie Tippetts (nee Driscoll) sharing lead vocals with Maidman. The horn section is completed by trumpeter Harry Beckett and saxophonists Larry Stabbins and Lol Coxhill, all on superb form. Tippetts is as wonderful, particularly on the spine-chilling Alliance, which develops from an eight-note phrase straight out of The Maids of Cadiz (in the Gil Evans version) into ecstatic heavy blues with the horns coming on like the Brotherhood of Breath. A favourite moment was hearing Beckett play the simple tune of Left on Man and then splashing joyous squiggles of sound all over the chord sequence: the trumpeter played like a dream all evening.

Dondestan was an opportunity for everyone to show off, with virtuosic brushwork from Genockey and a brief, hilarious bass solo from Lamb. Whitehead is the perfect hostess for what felt like a big family party. All the anger and fire embedded in Wyatt's music seems to come from a love of people rather than a hatred of oppressors. And the elliptical originality of the early work hasn't been dimmed by time and the disappointments of life. Perhaps he knew it all at the beginning: love really does make sweet music."


Quite nice, eh? For us Frog-based people, does anyone know if there's a chance of them coming to France?

Apart from that, Ian Chippett (another Rattler - we even met via WR) are looking for a drummer - not necessarily to play "Canterbury" music - for a long-term musical project in the Paris region. Any Rattlers out there who might be interested and nearby?

Regards to all

Tom Landon

[Soupsongs performed at Nancy's Jazz Pulsations festival in October 1999 sharing the bill with Gong and Magma. I don't know of any plans for other French appearances - AL]


From: "Sid Smith" <sid.smith@virgin.net>
Subject: Tippett's Blueprint
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 20:20:23 -0000

Hi Rattlers,

In light of the recent post about Keith Tippett's work with Ovary Lodge you might be interested that Voiceprint are going to be re-issuing his post Centipede/pre OL album Blueprint.

It features beautiful bass work from Roy Babbington, percussion from Keith Bailey and Frank Perry and vocals and sundries from Julie.

I had this album not too long after it came out and played it til it wore out. An album that is both lyrical and challenging in equal measure and well worth buying when it's available. Keith has been involved in the re-issue process and so will receive royalties - unlike the situation with the recent re-issue of Septober Energy.

Enjoyed the Hugh Hopper interview as well !

Best wishes


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Canterbury related releases
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 23:02:09 -0400

Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop newsletter is out and you'll find it in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>. Here are some Canterbury related releases I think will interest you.

New releases from Voiceprint and associated labels

Various Artists/Soupsongs Live: The Music Of Robert Wyatt
From his early days in Soft Machine and work with the likes of Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield, Kevin Ayers and Scritti Politti, to remarkable interpretations of Elvis Costello's 'Shipbuilding,' Peter Gabriel's 'Biko' and The Monkees' 'I'm A Believer,' Robert Wyatt has become a legendary, lyrical figure in British music. Wyatt has not appeared on stage for over twenty years, but he and musical director Annie Whitehead have organised an exceptional group of musicians who have played with him over his long career to celebrate his work. She and Robert selected the music, which Annie then shaped and arranged for the band, many of whom have contributed to Robert's records. The Soupsongs project was commissioned in 1999 by the London Jazz Festival and Nottinghamshire Live & Direct and had two performances, both received to great acclaim by critics and with warmth and affection by audiences. This live recording from Nottingham, features work from Robert's solo albums, ranging from 'Rock Bottom' and 'Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard' to his most recent album 'Shleep.'  Participants include Annie Whitehead - musical director, trombone; Julie Tippetts - vocals; Ian Maidman - vocals, guitar, ukelele, accordion; Harry Beckett - trumpet; Larry Stabbins - saxes; Didier Malherbe - saxes and flute; Phil Manzanera - guitar; Janette Mason - keyboards; Steve Lamb - bass; Liam Genockey - drums.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/soupsong.ram>

Hugh Hopper & Lisa S. Klossner/Cryptids
Legendary Canterbury musician Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) and magical singer Lisa L. Klossner combine forces once again for their second album. 'Cryptids' features even more extreme musical voyages: Maserati Mountain climbs through the dream valley panoramics of Lisa's works and vocals. These are underpinned by Hugh's fuzz bass, guitar and keyboards.  Supporting musicians drummer Pip Pyle (Gong, Hatfield And The North), Elton Dean (Soft Machine) and extreme stereo guitar stylist Gary Smith.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/cryptids.ram>

Peter Blegvad & John Greaves/Unearthed
Peter Blegvad is a cartoonist, surrealist and musician, a maverick storyteller and song philosopher with a vivid imagination.  He is an original member of the legendary avant garde, cult favourites Slapp Happy. John Greaves was the original bass player for radical 70's collective Henry Cow. This spoken word examination of the human condition, with musical assistance from Greaves first surfaced as a limited pressing in 1995. This rarity has now been remastered, with new artwork by Blegvad and is now available as a commercial release for the first time.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/unearth.ram>

Dagmar Krause, Harold Schellinx, Ronald Heiloo/Commuters
Commuters has long been a mysterious and unavailable collectors item amongst the cult of worldwide Slapp Happy fans. Ronald Heiloo and Harold Schellinx were Dutch musicians skirting the fringes of the avant-garde in Amsterdam in the late seventies and early eighties. They recorded this one-off collaboration with Dagmar Krause in 1982. It was issued on a private limited edition vinyl pressing and then deleted. It is a collection of ten, short and highly concentrated songs, in which Ronald's piano accompanies Dagmar's unique singing. Dense, sparse, built from single notes and chords, but always allowing enough space for Dagmar's beautiful and touching vocal performance.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/commuter.ram>

Ex Wise Heads/No Grey Matter
The Ex Wise Heads are Geoff Leigh of Henry Cow (sax, flute, vocals, keyboards, kalimba), Vincent Salzfaas (bookaraboo, bells, shakers, talking drum) and Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree (fretless bass, guimbri, double bass, sas). Together, they create a refreshing exotic brew of pure undiluted ingredients. From ethnicity to post - modernism, their sound is by turns lyrical, spacious, funky, angular and melodic, earthed by subtly atmospheric grooves. They have recently played the summer festivals at Womad, Bracknell and at Brighton alongside a full Gamelan Orchestra.   Their next album will be heavily based on Indonesian Gamelan music.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/nogrey.ram>

Various Artists/Hidden Art Sampler
Hidden Art was founded in 1995 as a vehicle for the more ambient and atmospheric side projects undertaken by various members of the bands Porcupine Tree and No-Man. Hidden Art Sampler is primarily a collection of tracks taken from each of the first seven releases on the label.  In addition, this specially priced compilation includes over twenty minutes of unreleased material and rare performances from the likes of Richard Barbieri (Japan), Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow) and Robert Fripp (King Crimson). With a consistency of musical vision that echoes such labels as ECM, All Saints and EG, despite superficial differences, the releases on Hidden Art possess a distinctive filmic quality and a seductive rarefied atmosphere that suggest a strong label identity.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/sampler.ram>

Tim Blake/Tide Of The Century
Innovative keyboard player, Tim Blake has been a key member of both Gong and Hawkwind. He has played on some of their most popular albums, including Flying Teapot, You, Live '79, and Levitation. Tim's solo projects include the pioneering albums Crystal Machine, (VP211CD) and New Jerusalem. Tim Blake headlined Glastonbury in the early 80's, surrounded by banks of synthesizers and a stunning light show. This had a profound influence on Jean Michel Jarre, who developed these ideas onto a world stage. Tide Of The Century is a brand new album with stunning production and brilliant artwork which will find great appeal with both the Hawkwind and Gong fanbase.
soundbite - <http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt/tide.ram>

Future releases from Voiceprint and associated labels

Steve Plews Trio/Secret Space
Secret Spaces features Steve Plews (piano), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Trevor Tomkins (drums). This is the debut album of the Steve Plews Trio with Steve playing with a light, delicate touch. The music is probing and reflective as he teases out new melodies from his own improvised lines. His work refers to both the twentieth century classical idiom and the language of modern British jazz but has a voice of his own recognised by reviewers at the highest level. Steve's primary influence seems to be the early Bill Evans trio from 1961 but he is expanding the format with his own idosyncratic methods of writing and performing.

Howard Riley/Inner Minor
Howard Riley is one of the originators of the British Free Jazz Movement and is a contemporary of the likes of John Stevens, Elton Dean and Tony Oxley. This solo recording shows Howard at his technical best. There is a clear and assured sound quality which supports the inventiveness of this controlled pianist who has of course dueted both in concert and on CD with that other legend Keith Tippett. Inner Minor features 12 original tracks with Howard mingling free improvisation with sections that briefly visit orthodox chord changes and even swing. He has been making solo recordings since 1972 and he describes his overall aim as "achieving feeling through spontaneity". Howard performed with Elton Dean at last years London Jazz Festival and has a forthcoming broadcast in November on Jazz On Three. His latest double CD 'Short Stories' is about to be released on ESProductions and Columbia have recently re-issued 'The Day Will Come' and 'Angle'.

Steve Plews Ensemble/Anywhere
Composer and pianist Steve Plews, won the Peter Whittingham Award for composition. He is joined on this album by Mike Walker (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Trevor Tomkins (drums).  'Anywhere' features 11 orginal tracks and is an excellent showcase for these brilliant musicians. Steve's outstanding talent combined with Mike Walker's soaring virtuosic fretboard forays fills this recording with charm and mystery. Highly acclaimed musicians combine to provide plenty of down to earth excitement in this brilliant album.

Forthcoming import import releases

Japanese Gong Reissues
Japanese reissues of the progressive rock act's back catalog packaged in
miniature LP sleeve reproductions of the original artwork.

ABOUT TIME + BONUS TRACK - Originally released in 1994.
ANGEL'S EGG (RADIO GNOME INVISIBLE, PT.2) - Originally released in 1973.
CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE - Originally released in 1971.
FLYING TEAPOT (RADIO GNOME INVISIBLE, PT.1) - Originally released in 1973.
MAGICK BROTHER - Originally released in 1970.
YOU (RADIO GNOME INVISIBLE, PT.3) + BONUS TRACK - Originally released in 1974.
PLANET GONG LIVE FLOATING ANARCHY 1977 - Originally released in 1990.

GONG-LIVE TO INFINITEA - 12 tracks of jazz, rock and r & b mingling effortlessly with Arabic, Indian and European folk influences.


                          Gary Davis
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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
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        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <===========================================================

Nov 17 - Chiddingfold Club

Nov 25 - PARIS (France), Le Bataclan

Line-up: Pye Hastings, Geoff Richardson, David Sinclair,
         Richard Coughlan, Doug Boyle, Jim Leverton, Simon Bentall

==> F.FRITH/C.CUTLER/T.DiMUZIO <=========================================

Nov 12 - LOS ANGELES (CA) / Nov 13 - SAN FRANCISCO (CA), Great American Music Hall

==> F.FRITH/I.MORI/Z.PARKINS <===========================================

Jan 12 - PARIS (France), Sons d'Hiver [solos evening] / Jan 13 - PARIS (France), Sons d'Hiver [Traffic Continues w. Ensemble Modern]

==> GONG <===============================================================

Nov 04 - ATHENS (Greece), Radon Club / Nov 05 - SALONIKA (Greece), Mylos

Nov 20 - LONDON, Hackney Empire / Nov 22 - SHREWSBURY, Music Hall / Nov 23 - WHITLEY BAY, Dome / Nov 24 - ABERDEEN, Lemon Tree / Nov 25 - GLASGOW, Renfrew Ferry / Nov 26 - EDINBURGH, Liquid Rooms / Nov 27 - BIRMINGHAM, The Foundry / Nov 28 - SHEFFIELD, Boardwalk / Nov 29 - CAMBRIDGE, Junction / Nov 30 - NORTHAMPTON, Roadmenders / Dec 01 - ALDERSHOT, West End Centre

Line-up: Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett, Theo Travis,
         Gwyo Zeprix, Chris Taylor + Didier Malherbe [on selected dates]

[Note: Although Gong's French tour was cancelled, it turned out that one gig remained, in Nancy on October 28th. The news was posted very late and couldn't be included in WR. I hope no-one missed the gig because of that - AL]

==> GONGZILLA <==========================================================

Dec 12 - PITTSBURGH (PA) / Dec 13 - BUFFALO (NY) / Dec 14 - CLEVELAND (OH) / Dec 15 - CINCINATTI (OH) / Dec 18 - DETROIT (MI)

Line-up: Bon Lozaga, Hansford Rowe, Benoit Moerlen & Vic Stevens

==> HUGH HOPPER & LISA S.KLOESSNER <=====================================

Nov 14 - LONDON, The Garage [supporting JAPAN'S ATOM MOTHERS]

with Phil Miller (guitar) and Charles Hayward (drums)

==> DIDIER MALHERBE / HADOUK TRIO <======================================

Nov 28 - EPINAL, Theatre Georges Brassens / Dec 18 - PARIS, New Morning

with Loy Ehrlich (hajaj & synth) & Steve Shehan (percussion)

More info: http://www.multimania.com/malherbedidier/


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*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
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==> JOHN ETHERIDGE <=====================================================

Nov 02 - London (Stoke Newington), Vortex Jazz Bar (with New Noakes Quartet) / Nov 03 - Brentford, Waterman Arts Centre

==> MAGMA <==============================================================

Nov 03 - GENEVE (Switzerland), L'Usine / Nov 04 - VERNOUILLET (France), La Scene / Nov 10 - EVREUX (France), L'Abordage / Nov 17 - LYON (France), Le Kaos / Nov 18 - MARSEILLE (France), Espace Julien / Nov 23 - MULHOUSE (France), Le Noumatrouff / Nov 24 - NANCY (France), Salle Poirel / Dec 22 - RENNES (France), Salle de la Cite

==> SUPERSISTER <========================================================

Nov 30 - TILBURG (Netherlands), 013 / Dec 03 - AMSTERDAM (Netherlands), Paradiso

==> BARBARA THOMPSON'S PARAPHERNALIA <===================================

Nov 01 - BANBURY-OXON, Mill Arts Centre / Nov 02 - POOLE, Arts Centre / Nov 03 - BATH, Arts Theatre / Nov 04 - NARBETH, Queen's Theatre / Nov 05 - HAYWARD'S HEATH, Clair Hall... followed by tours in Germany, Austria & Switzerland... and... Dec 01 - NORTHAMPTON, The Roadmender

Paraphernalia will be promoting their latest CD – "Thompson's Tangos & Other Soft Dances"

Line-up: Barbara Thompson (saxes & flute), Jon Hiseman (drums),
         Peter Lemer (keyboards), Billy Thompson (violin),
         Paul Westwood (bass)


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