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                         THREE WEEKS LATER...

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since the previous issue of WR. I've simply been away from home, but still as close to the Canterbury world as possible. Here are a few words about various gigs I attended, records I've listened to etc.

* 29th September : HADOUK TRIO - Paris, Satellit' Cafe

This gig was a sort of "release party" for Didier Malherbe's new album, "Shamanimal". This is the follow-up to his rightly acclaimed "Hadouk" of 1995. The duo of Didier and Loy Ehrlich (who plays Hajouj, a traditional instrument comparable to a bass, and keyboards) has now been expanded to a trio with the addition of percussionist Steve Shehan, and goes under the collective name of Hadouk Trio. Those familiar with Didier's recent solo work will know what to expect : a delightful mix of musical styles from all around the world, played on as many different wind instruments (soprano sax, flute, alto clarinet, ocarina, bamboo flute, and his latest discovery, the Doudouk), very much a continuation of his seminal contribution to Gong's "Shamal" album, "Bambooji". Bloomdido's mastery of all these instruments is fascinating : a true magician of sounds and melodies. Loy Ehrlich more than adds his own touch to the music : one of the pieces is his own composition, and he is featured as a soloist on keyboards. And Steve Shehan is the perfect counterpoint to his colleagues, performing on a vast array of percussion instruments (djembe, congas, sanza, derbouka, hadgini...). Seeing them perform live is a treat. I'd only seen Didier perform his own music at a 1993 duo gig with Shyamal Maitra, so I couldn't miss this opportunity to hear him again. For my money, "Shamanimal" is Didier's best album to date, along with "Fluvius". Get it !

* 1st October : CARAVAN - London, The Astoria

A showcase for HTD Records' roster of artists, this concert also featured Amazing Blondel, performing their unique blend of acoustic music, and a trimmed-down version of Renaissance, featuring mainstays Annie Haslam and Mike Dunford with new recruit Mickey Simmonds (Mike Oldfield, Fish, Camel, and currently Mastermind) on keyboards (and past drummer Terence Sullivan in the audience).
Caravan was present in its current incarnation, with veterans Pye Hastings, David Sinclair, Richard Coughlan and Geoff Richardson, and more recent recruits Jim Leverton, Doug Boyle and Simon Bentall (all three have been part of the live line-up since Caravan resumed gigging in 1996). The setlist was amended compared to previous years, in order to support the band's new release, "All Over You Too", a collection of 'revamped' versions of old classics.
The concert opened with "A Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik", and continued with a mixture of "Battle Of Hastings" songs and older tunes, including a superb "Nightmare" with an extended viola showcase for Geoff Richardson and a smoking solo from Doug Boyle. Another highlight was David Sinclair's medley, first played on the 1994 Mirage tour, kicking off with the grandiose symphonic section from "The Dabsong Conshirtoe", into "All Aboard", "Where But For Caravan Would I Be", "O Caroline" (I must confess I *hate* this rendition - only Robert Wyatt's voice can make this sound right... more on that later!), "Backwards" and "A-Hunting We Shall Go". The performance concluded with the usual crowd-pleaser, the full version of "Nine Feet Underground", but there were no encores, due to the Astoria's very strict time limitations. 10.30pm, everything closes down, or so it seems - there's some kind of techno/disco going on afterwards...

* 2nd October : CAROL GRIMES/PHIL MILLER/MARK HEWINS - London, The Vortex

Sadly, I missed most of that unusual performance as I arrived late. The good thing was, they were playing "Calyx" when I came in! The first set, I understand, had included "Above And Below", so this was not strictly the "accompanied singer" gig I could have expected. Sadly I only got the last 15 minutes or so. Carol Grimes is still as impressive (what a voice!), and Mark and Phil both proved very adaptable. It's rare to hear Mark play extended solos, even on the last Gong tour, so hearing him improvise on "Calyx" was much appreciated. I chatted with both guitarists afterwards, and Phil told me he hopes to record his new album in late November, after Pip's back from the USA. Most of In Cahoots will appear on it, as well as Doug Boyle from Caravan, and hopefully Mark Hewins too! Phil describes it as a "blues album", but of course you'd be wrong to expect straightahead blues stuff. Of course it will be very "milleresque"!

* 20th October : MAGMA/SOUP SONGS/GONG - Nancy, Jazz Pulsations Festival

A triple-bill like this couldn't be missed! This was a rare "progressive" night in the Jazz Pulsations festival, something that hadn't been seen since the 70s when Henry Cow and Soft Machine performed at this festival!

Magma played most of the "Theusz Hamtaahk" trilogy with their usual intensity. I never miss the chance to see them whenever they play somewhere near. Christian Vander is still an extraordinary drummer, and his young musical accomplices (including Bernard Paganotti's son Antoine on vocals and occasional keyboards) are (almost?) as good as the 70s line-up. 1 1/2 hour of pure delight.

Annie Whitehead's "Soup Songs" project was another matter. I didn't know what to expect of this, probably because the idea of covering Robert Wyatt's songs without him singing them seemed a bit weird. I wasn't convinced by the results. True, excellent musicianship was to be heard. The horn section had an impressive Canterbury pedigree - Didier Malherbe on soprano and alto sax and flute, George Khan on tenor sax (where had he been all these years?), Harry Beckett on flugelhorn, and Annie Whitehead on trombone (she played on National Health's "D.S. Al Coda" album before embarking on a successful career under her own name). The rhythm section was cooking - Steve Lamb and Liam Genockey. And although a bit too much in the background for my taste (only one real solo), Phil Manzanera provided interesting guitar effects. Problem is, I couldn't really relate what was going on to the "spirit" of Robert Wyatt's music. Its magic, to me, has a lot to do with Robert's innocent, anti-virtuoso, approach to music-making, which is also reflected in his fragile voice. Soup Songs was the antithesis of that - cleanly-played big band music. And vocalist/guitarist Ian Maidman only made matters worse. As a matter of fact, Julie Tippetts could not make it to Nancy for this gig, and Maidman sang all the vocals. Nothing could be further removed from Wyatt's approach than what he did. He's probably quite good at what he does, but playing tapping solos between verses of "Alifie" is an heresy to me. The crowd seemed enthusiastic, though. There were, granted, fine moments, especially Didier's solos, George Khan's Windo-like squeaking sax... But on the whole it all sounded wrong to me. I plan to attend the London performance next month and reserve my final opinion for then. Tracks played (not in correct order): "Sonia", "Team Spirit", "Heaps Of Sleep", "September The Ninth", "Sea Song", "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road", "Gharbzadegi", "Free Will And Testament", "Alifie/Alifib", "Soup Song". Hope I didn't forget any.

Gong came last, after midnight. An unusual line-up - Daevid Allen the only guitarist in sight, Didier Malherbe joining Theo Travis on saxes/flutes, Gilli Smyth the one and only, and the rhythm section of Mike Howlett and Chris Taylor. It started like the same old "classic Gong" concert, with "You Can't Kill Me" followed by excerpts from "Flying Teapot" and "Angel's Egg"... Then instead of the expected "You" highlights, Gong went into about 20 minutes of brand new material, concluding with the usual "You Are I And I Am You". Having heard the new songs only once, I can't comment precisely on them, except that they sounded like the worthy successors to the Radio Gnome trilogy, with intense jamming sections, great Didier melodies, Yoni space whispers etc. Daevid impressed me particularly - he did a great job with his guitar, even extended lead parts, almost to the point of a Steve Hillage impersonation, not to mention his usual glissando magic. It's high time we heard something new from Gong, and I for one am very optimistic.

I guess that's about it for now. Please send in reviews of Absolute Zero's tour and more contributions. I sense a certain laziness from Rattlers' recently... Wake up, write to me, write to us !!!


PS: My apologies to those who wrote while I was away expecting quick answers or WR updates on gigs etc. I hope no-one missed any gigs because of that!


From: EKSAST@aol.com
Subject: Canterbury
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:04:20 EDT

Dear Aymeric

My name is Eric Kaufman. I guess I got into the Canterbury scene through my  friend, Michael Gittleman, back in 1976. Prior to that time, I was primarily into fusion and progressive rock.

In addition to being an avid listener of many different types of music, I have also devoted a fair amount of time to playing music. The music has primarily been free improvisation (with both jazz and rock influences) and  our group has been together since 1978. To date, we have not released any material on CD.

This year we recorded several sessions in Washington, DC. The last of these  sessions, recorded 9/4/99 (my birthday) included the horn work of Dave  Newhouse. We also recorded back in January 1980, a gig at Vassar College, where we fronted for Fred Frith. A fairly lousy recording of that concert  includes Fred's guitar on one of our improvisations.

Subject to the approval of Dave and Fred, we will probably include some of  Dave's (and possibly Fred's) involvement on our first CD which should be  available by the end of the year.  We are currently wading through the +/- 7  hours of recordings and debating internally whether to release some older  material. You and your readership's feedback would be greatly appreciated.

As a sort of market research project, I was wondering about the distribution  outlets for this sort of music and the general level of interest from the  Canterbury community.

Keep up the great work you are doing with this site, please.


From: "Luna Negra, S.C." <lunanegr@sjr.podernet.com.mx>
Subject: FF + CC live in Mexico
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 21:42:54 -0600

Hi, Rattlers:

FFCC in concert in Mexico City. September 25th, 1999. Venue: X-Teresa.

What a great concert this was! FF was amazing with his guitar making all kind of improvisational music and what can I say about CC, he's just the BEST drummer I have ever seen, along with Daniel Denis and Christian Vander. The opening act was the Mexican ensamble "El Engrane Amarillo". Very well indeed. They recorded some improvisations with FFCC and there will be a CD sooner that later. I didn't know why BANDA ELASTICA wasn't there as an opening act. I think I'll ask the organizers about this!

I made an interview for the Spanish magazine MARGEN so stay tuned.

See you.

Juan José @ Luna Negra

Support The Bassoonist Club!
(for Lindsay)


From: Gary Davis <artshop@artist-shop.com>
Subject: Manzanera, Caravan, Whitehead, etc.
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 15:19:56 -0400

Hi, folks:

The latest Artist Shop newsletter is out and you'll find it in its entirety at <http://www.artist-shop.com/news.htm>. Meanwhile here are some excerpts of interest to Canterbury fans.

We have a lot of new and forthcoming releases on our Voiceprint page
<http://www.artist-shop.com/voiceprt> including:

Phil Manzanera/Vozero - Phil Manzanera, celebrated guitarist (most notably with Roxy Music),producer and songwriter (John Cale, Brian Eno, Dave Gilmour, Steve Winwood, Nico, Tim Finn, Robert Wyatt ) releases Vozero, his first solo album in ten years. All the tracks on Vozero have been written by Phil Manzanera.  As well as guitar duties,for the first time he also takes on the majority of lead vocals in both Spanish and English.  As ever, like his seven former solo albums, Vozero features an impressive list of musician friends, notably Robert Wyatt (on eight tracks), Andy Mackay, Nigel Butler (The Audience), Chucho Merchan (Eurythmics, Pete Townsend) and Spanish rock star Enriques Bunbury. Phil said, "Vozero comes from intuition and feeling; the heart rather than the head. It reflects my Colombian and British background, my years in Cuba, love won and love lost. The words are drawn from my own experiences making it my most personal statement. It has taken 25 years to find a way to express myself vocally as well as instrumentally."

Quiet Sun/Mainstream - This recording took place at the sessions for Diamond Head in 1975. It was a complex and intense performance from Bill MacCormick - bass, Dave Jarrett - keyboards, Charles Hayward - drums, Phil Manzanera - guitars, Brian Eno - synthesiser and oblique strategies. The group had time for only two brief rehearsals, with most of the tracks being first takes. Many of the tracks share themes with tracks on Diamond Head. The end result however is quite startling, with Mainstream sounding like a collision between Lifetime, Soft Machine and The Velvet Underground. In May 1975 Diamond Head was in the UK album charts,while Mainstream was album of the month in August's Melody Maker.

801/801 Live  - On Thursday September 3rd 1976, 801 played their third and
final gig to a packed house at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.  One warm up
gig in Cromer and a Saturday evening appearance at the Reading Festival
completed their date list.  801 was organised by Roxy Music guitarist Phil
Manzanera to fill the vacation that the group were then taking.  The
musicians included Brian Eno (on keyboards, synthesiser, guitar and vocals),
Lloyd Watson (slide guitar and vocals), Francis Monkman (Fender Rhodes and
clavinet), Bill MacCormick (bass and vocals) and Simon Phillips (drums and
rhythm generator).  The music consisted of mutated versions of tracks from
albums by Manzanera, Eno and Phil's pre - Roxy group Quiet Sun, plus a full
scale aural assault on The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" and The Kinks "You
Really Got Me".   This is a unique opportunity to witness the awesome
intense atmospheric powerful performance of this short lived group.  This
recording has been remastered,repackaged and includes two additional tracks
The Fat Lady Of Limbourg and Golden Slumbers and has never been available in
this cd format before.

Julie Tippetts/Shadow Puppeteer - Julie Tippetts is one of the foremost
European vocalists in the field of contemporary jazz and improvised music.
Her recording and performing career has taken her from the early years of
soul/jazz/R & B with Brian Auger in the 1960's to working with some of the
world's leading improvising musicians today.  Her extended use of the voice
as an instrument has led her to develop a vocal technique beyond the
boundaries of a conventional singer.  She has performed and recorded solo
and with groups such as Centipede, Ovary Lodge, Ark, Mujician, The Georgian
Ensemble, The Dedication Orchestra and Keith Tippett's Tapestry.  Shadow
Puppeteer is a suite of compositions and improvisations in which Julie's
voice and various instruments (wind chimes, tambourine, mandolin, thumb
pianos, zithers and bells) are multi - tracked to showcase the full extent
of her powers of expression and imagination.

Annie Whitehead/Home - Trombonist and jazz composer Annie Whitehead has
become highly respected for the quality and variety of her work, both as a
jazz player and in the field of rock and pop music.  Joe Jackson, Robert
Wyatt, Carla Bley, James Blood Ulmer, Jah Wobble, Blur, Dr. John, Abdullah
Ibrahim, and Jamiroquai are just a few of the artists who have called on her
talents.  She was also a member of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, touring and
recording several albums with them.  It was here that she met her partner,
musical collaborator and producer Ian Maidman.  Ian is a multi -
instrumentalist who has played with George Clinton, David Sylvian, Paul
Brady and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra.   Annie has become a key member of the
London jazz scene, working with Charlie Watts, Paul Dunmall, Harry Becket,
Elton Dean, Evan Parker, Roswell Rudd, Paul Rutherford and Gail Thompson.
Home is a unique hybrid, a seamless mix of African music, Latin and Salsa,
Jazz and Pop, rootsy and full of fat licks.

We have new releases on our HTD page <http://www.artist-shop.com/htd>
including Caravan/All Over You...Too - All Over You...Too is the follow up
album to All Over You. A new collection of newly recorded favourites from
the band. Caravana are the leaders of the legendary Canterbury scene and
this new album features Doug Boyle on lead guitar (formally of the Robert
Plant Band) as well as Caravan stalwarts Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair,
Richard Coughlan and Geoffrey Richardson. Tracks include Ride, Nighmare,
Cthlu Thlu, Stuck in a Hole, The Dog The Dog, Bobbing Wide and Hoedown.

On a personal note, I have to give a very strong recommendation to Phil
Manzanera's new album Vozero.  Definitely a great album!  Robert Wyatt is
all over it.  When I first put it on, I enjoyed it so much that I ended up
listening to it several times in a row.


                          Gary Davis
The Artist Shop                              The Other Road
http://www.artist-shop.com          artshop@artist-shop.com
phone: 330-929-2056               fax:330-945-4923
       Check out the latest Artist Shop newsletter at


From: jsiddons@tulsa.cc.ok.us
Subject: Canterbury Tribute
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 11:01:17 -0500


Italy's Mellow Records has a new Canterbury Tribute cd coming out this friday.

For info, go to: http://www.mellowrecords.com


From: Age Rotshuizen <age@cable.a2000.nl>
Subject: Mark Hewins Page
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:12:25 +0200


I've added a Mark Hewins page to my site today (Hulloder - The Soft Machine
Pages). It is in a premature state but you can download two tracks:

1. He Who Dares (Dean/Hewins duo live 1988)
2. Asthete's River Rises (unreleased Hewins track 1999)
(with artist's approval)

Hulloder: http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/
Or take the fast lane: http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/hewins1.html




From: "David Voci" <david_voci@tcibr.com>
Date: 30 Sep 99 13:35:17 -0700

Dear Aymeric,

How are you doing my friend?

Have you ever considered have whats rattlin changed to be a more live/interactive newsgroup?

I belong/contribute to the Fred Frith newsgroup, which is live, and it is pretty interesting in this mode as comments happen automatically and the amount of mails that come across are sometimes alot, sometimes not alot but always pretty live and within minutes of you sending them.

Just a thought as lately the WR's have been pretty minimal with info...maybe some people are burned out or something and having it more or less live might change things up a bit.

Feel free to post this in the next WR if you see fit.



[There are indeed certain advantages in automated lists, but as a user I tend to prefer moderated, digest-form lists, where someone actually takes the trouble of selecting what's worthy of being included and presenting it in a more or less readable version. On the other hand, a list such as WR has the disadvantage of a lack of 'live' feel. But my primary aim is to provide information, then make room for discussion. If someone were to create an automated list, though, and took the trouble of dealing with all the technical aspects, I would gladly subscribe to it ! - AL]


From: "Jon Barley" <jon@barley.clara.net>
Subject: Caravan - If I could do it all over again, I'd do it over you
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 20:34:05 +0100

Dear Aymeric Leroy,

I was given your name by Mark Hewins at Musart. I sent him an e-mail in
desperation as I am trying to get hold of a CD copy of 'If I could do it all
over again, I'd do it over you' by Caravan. Do you have any idea where I can
get hold of a copy?

I look forward to you reply.

Best Wishes



From: Jean-Francois Verreault <amnesie@total.net>
Subject: Gong related CDs for sale
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:40:28 +0200


I have a few CDs I want to sell which may interest some of you.

Prices are in US$ and include postage. CDs are in mint quality unless otherwise noted (none of them skip, of course).

Thanks for the space!

Gong                Shamal                
CDV 2046                1975 a few surface scratches    12$

Gong                Camembert Eclectique        
Gas CD 001                Gong 1970 Camembert outtakes    14$

Gongmaison            Glastonbury festival 89        
AGAS004CD                with Allen, Malherbe & others    14$

Mother Gong            Eye                
Voiceprint vp176cd              94 Gilli Smyth / Robert Calvert    13$

Gilli Smyth & Mother Gong    Every witche's way        
Voiceprint vp139cd            1993                13$

Mother Gong            Magenta / She made the world    
Voiceprint vp134cd            1993 D. Allen gliss. on Magenta    13$

Daevid Allen            The australian years        
voiceprint vp101cd            Studio works from the eighties    13$

Daevid Allen            Australia Aquaria / She        
DMCD 1025                1990 a few surface scratches    12$

D. Allen / Banana Moon / Gong    Je ne fume pas des bananes    
Legend KZLM 1505 1            post-Soft / pre-Gong 1967-69    14$

Daevid Allen Trio        Live 1963            
voiceprint vp122cd            w/ Wyatt, Ratledge, Hopper    14$

Soft Machine            Live at the proms 1970        
CD Reck 5                a few surface scratches        12$

Gong                            Live on TV 1990
code 90: ninety 1               a few surface scratches         12$

The Wilde Flowers               s/t
Vp123cd                         mid to late 60s demos           13$

Gong                            The peel sessions               
sfr cd 137                      radio session in the 70s        14$

Gong                            Shapeshifter +                  
vic8039-2                       with the extra track            14$

Paragong                        live 73'                        
gas cd 002                      short but excellent             12$

(you might think I'm selling my whole collection, but don't worry,
I've kept a lot of them too!)

Jean-Francois Verreault              amnesie@total.net
       --  Thinking is the best way to travel --
         -- Le Noeud: http://www.total.net/~amnesie --


From: Gereon Richter <gereon.richter@stud.uni-hannover.de>
Subject: Mouseproof
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 22:54:28 +0200

I have been looking for the LP "Mouseproof" for a long time but I do not know the label or where to get it.

Is it available on CD now?

Please email me!

Gereon Richter


From: gong-gas <gong-gas@gpo.sonnet.co.uk>
Subject: Oct/99 Bong of all things Gong
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 99 13:19:19 +0000


A vast amount has recording has been completed for the new Gong studio album, only overdubs, throughout October, to go. Didier came over from France a couple of weeks ago bubbling melodies and Kangaroo Moon’s Mark Robson also had a day in the studio with them. It’s all rather mysterious - sonic chefs at work behind closed doors. In the middle of September I received a tape of some of the basic rhythm tracks. And I can promise what I have heard is very good!

There are many other potentially exciting aspects to the deal with Snapper some of these include internet webcasts and possible options on two further albums in the next three years. A new trilogy for the beginning of the millenium perhaps? We’ll see.

The very excellent english language Belgian Chrohinga Well magazine began a while ago serialising what promises to be the largest and most detailed history of Gong ever attempted. Issues 14 and 15 carry the first two parts, ‘My Head is a Nightclub’ and ‘Twist a St.Tropez’, respectively 9 and 10 page, A4 sized articles. And they only get up to 1967! So as you can imagine there’s plenty more facts and tales to go before we get anywhere near up to date. If this series ends up anything like their Hawkwind opus it will be quite something.

P.B. 38, 2600 Berchem-5, Belgium.
e-mail: mailto:louis.behiels@planetinternet.be

* * * *

A new Gong discussion forum/news spreading, cyber-pixie kinda thing has recently appeared.  
To join in simply send an e-mail to
putting SUBSCRIBE in the subject heading.

* * * *


Wed 27th Oct UK- Horbury Library-Childrens Poetry Workshop10-11.30am-Adult performance 7.30 pm with Alex Krysinski. Gigs, shelter and support welcomed for this travelling troubadour     world poet! worldpoet@rocketmail.com  tel USA 512-416-7435 UK 01274-725-541

WITCH Brian Zero, Jackie Juno and Witch band have this series of Village Hall hoolies booked.
Fri 29th Oct UK-Cornwall, Nr Bude: Otterham Village. Hallowen Party -Dress to thrill. With DJ & bar.
Sat 30th Oct     UK-Devon, Nr Tavistock: Calstock Village Hall as 29th
Sun 31st Oct UK-Devon, Nr Torrington: The Gribble Inn as 29th. Free admission
Sat 6th Nov UK-Devon, Nr Chagford: Gidleigh Village Hall

JACKIE JUNO and her multi-media show ‘Osmosis’
Thur 9th Dec    UK-Devon, Chagford: Endecott House Admission by donation
Further Witch & Jackie Juno information tel:01647 231 651

GONG MATRIST with Gilli Smyth
Gilli, Pierce on bass, James on Keys and programming, Aryeh on electric violin, harp and  flutes.
Sometime after 24th Oct     USA-California-2 gigs: -to be confirmed

* * * *

Available now (all prices in UK pounds stirling)

CD Here & Now-Gospel of Free-Live 76-78 -GAS 12.50
A wild live, psychedelic experience with Here & Now from the vaults. The accompanying 32 page booklet is crammed with the photographs and artifacts, the history and thoughts and the tall tales of those transforming times.

LP Gong-Flying Teapot -Get Back 12.50
New 180 gsm collectors vinyl re-release the first of the famous Gong Trilogy albums. In next week.

CD Hadouk Trio-Shamanimal-Celluloid 13.50
Not available until16th Oct. The second Hadouk album. As with all Didier’s releases pure brillance.

CD Goddess T- Electric Shiatzu-Voiceprint 12.50
Organic techno/trance. The band is Gilli Smyth, Orlando Allen, Tone, Nick Spacetree with Mark Hewins and Daevid guesting on many of the tracks, plus the help and input of a host of other musicians and a whale! Highly good.

CD Brainville - The Children’s Crusade-Shimmy Disc 13.50
Daevid, Hugh Hopper, Kramer and Pip Pyle together as Brainville
Mind-bending psychedelic noise. Hard yet gentle, heavy yet ethereal.
You want beautiful extremes...you got them here.

CD Daevid Allen’s University of Errors - Money Doesn’t Make It -InnerSpace 12.50
Imagine Gong’s Continental Circus crossed with New York Gong
and a splash of Camembert and you have a picture of this release.
A Rhythmic gliss and guitar fest. Truely wonderful and there are two more albums by this band already recorded.

CD Kangaroo Moon - In Transit-K. Moon 12.50
Latest and best Moonie CD. Simply great. Like a huge journey round the musical world on a Kangaroo...if you know what I mean.

2LP Various-Open Air Berg Herzberg Think Progressive 16.50
(Sorry got the price wrong last time, forgot it was a double). New 180 gsm collectors double LP vinyl release for a collection of live tracks from this famous German festival. Gong’s contribution is a 19 minute track called Would You Like Some Tea recorded in 1997. Other bands incl Hawkwind, Faust, Guru Guru and Man. Is this album destined to become a Greasy Truckers type rarity of the nineties. We also have the CD version at 13.50.

LP Daevid Allen-Bananamoon-Get Back 12.50
New 180 gsm collectors vinyl re-release of Daevid’s first album from 1970 with slightly different artwork in a gatefold sleeve.

LP Soft Machine-Jet Propelled Photograph-Get Back 12.50
New 180 gsm collectors vinyl re-release of the 1967 Soft Machine demos with totally different artwork from any other issues, in a gatefold sleeve.


Surrealist Proverb for today: Cold meat lights no fires


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