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From: ABSOLUTE ZERO <absolute-zero@pop.mindspring.com>
Subject: AZ tour (featuring Pip Pyle)
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 23:58:12 -0400

Hello Aymeric!

Just talked with Pip today and he suggested that we give you an update of possible dates.

Here is the latest as of today:

We have a confirmed dates in :
New Orleans, LA.........10/9/99
Encinitas, CA...............10/16/99
San Francisco, CA......10/23/99
Tampa, FL Recording CD........10/27&28/99
Tampa, FL.......................10/29/99

We are looking to fill the week of the 16th to the 23rd in CA. We are presently looking to do concerts in LA, Sacramento , Santa Cruz and Mexicali, Mexico.

In Florida (or on the way to New Orleans and back), we would like to fill in the  dates of October 7, 8, 10.

If someone can help with concerts or help us with contacts it would be appreciated.

Pip will be here in Miami on the 15th of September and once he gets settled in, we will begin rehearsals for the tour and recording. We hope to record a lot more material than we originally planned and we hope to record the second cd hopefully this coming Spring. We will be a few compositions short for the next cd but this is intentional because it would allow us the opportunity to add some new compositions with this line-up. Then, we move on back to schedule and continue to write the following cd as planned.

We are very excited to have Pip on board. Pip has provided a lot of encouragement and new energy to the band.

Thanks for your assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes y un abrazo fuerte


From: "DiMartino, Dave" <DaveD@launch.com>
Subject: Up All Night
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 11:13:47 -0700

[In WR#136, SPACETUNES@aol.com wrote:]
>Can anyone out there help ? In the early 80's there was a show on the USA
>network I think was called Up All Night and they ran cult type movies and
>concerts of bands not in the mainstream. Somewhere about 1983-84 I was up
>at 5 a.m. for whatever reason and on more than 1 ocasion I saw a tape of a
>live Soft Machine show...

[In WR#138, nickn@pacificnet.net replied:]
>The show you're thinking of is probably Night Flight, I remember watching
>it (not the Soft Machine one) too, soon after I got cable, and being
>extrememly jazzed that such a thing existed. This was back in days when
>people talked about cable being a "narrowcasting" phenomenon, where small
>subsets of the general audience could be targeted because there were so
>many channels and it was relatively cheap to deliver. Nowadays it seems
>every channel is going for the biggest audience they can get so there's no
>room for this kind of thing.  If you find out anything more please post it

The movie you're both talking about is Psychomania, details of which can be gleaned here:


Happy hunting.


From: Peter Kulesh <pdkulesh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Latest news
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:51:37 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Aymeric,

I hope that you remember me. About a year ago I asked you for help in collecting materials for the proposed Russian article on the Soft Machine. I thank you one more time, but, to my regret, I have to admit that my "Soft Machine project" suffered a reverse. The publication of the article was postponed for three times since last December. And every time I was assured by editorial staff that it will be published in the next issue. But alas! "Too big article on too obscure outfit" - I heard at last. - "Under 'post-crisis' circumstances we must write about bands that are more popular in Russia".

When I realised that there was no chance to see "Canterbury Dadaists" on the pages of "Music Box", I started to search another way to finish my work. I managed to contact the musical department of "Ekho Moskvy" ("Moscow's Echo") radio station, and we made an agreement to make a series of programs on the Swinging London music. One of them, of course,  I want to devote to the Softs. However, the problem is that I don't have "Love Makes Sweet Music", "Reelin', Feelin', Squealin'" and Joe Boyd's version of "Sheís Gone". Unfortunately, I can't find them here in Moscow and at the same time I can't imagine any serious program on the early Soft Machine without this material.

As far as I know these three treasured tracks were issued on "Triple Echo" LP only, so I'd be very happy to get copy of them on cassette. I'm ready to pay all the expenses, of course.

Could you help me to get these recordings? Do you know any other the Softs rare recordings of 1967-68 period? I have only "Jet Propelled Photographs" CD. Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by my request. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

A program on the Soft Machine is preliminarily scheduled on the last Wednesday night of September.

With best wishes,
Peter Kulesh

[Believe it or not, I don't have this material myself ! Can someone help Peter ? Please contact him directly - AL]


From: Ireedmon@aol.com
Subject: Here and Now
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 14:13:56 EDT

Any chance that the Here and Now compilation will include the song, "Cast Out of Oxford"?

Please let me know when this CD is available for sale.



From: Chad Martin <cmartin@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: WR: Eddie's lack of memory
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 23:15:17 -0700

My question to engineer Eddie Kramer

>Name:     Chad Martin
>Email:    cmartin@leland.stanford.edu
>Soft Machine
>Mr. Kramer, I'm curious if you ever worked with the Soft Machine, as they
>were friends of Jimi and the opening act for Hendrix's '68 tour. Their 1st
>album was taped at the Record Plant in April '68 (Tom Wilson prod.) Any
>memories of them or of working with Wilson? Looking forward to the
>book.  Chad M.

>Chad, Since I arrived in NY, April 18, 1968, my first responsibility was
>to record Jimi Hendrix. I saw the Soft Machine many times at the Record
>Plant since they were on the road with Jimi and recording a new album. I
>have a vague recollection of cutting some tracks with them, but which ones
>are lost in the fog of time! EK


From: "Luna Negra, S.C." <lunanegr@sjr.podernet.com.mx>
Subject: FF+CC en Mexico
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 20:11:17 -0600

Hi dear Rattlers:

Sorry for post this message in Spanish but my mexican friends will be glad
to read it.


Keep up the good work!

Juan José @ Luna Negra
Support The Bassoonist Club
(For Lindsay)


From: woof@capmedia.fr (Bob Drake)
Subject: Gig in Rotterdam (from rec.music.progressive)
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 09:59:30 GMT

Howdy -

I'll be playing in Rotterdam on September 19, 8:30pm at a place called Night Town with a band called "AA Kismet". I'm playing bass and singing a bit.

Now I wouldn't call it a "prog" band so to speak, but good stuff. (or else I WOULDN'T BE INVOLVED, of course  :) There's a few samples on my website.

If the timing works out I'll have my new solo CD to sell there, and maybe the Science Group CD too. The latter most certainly qualifies as "prog-like" I think, but then I'm awful with categories and definitions........

Anyway, maybe a chance to meet any Rotterdam area folks here.

Bob Drake


From newsgroup: rec.music.progressive
Subject: Five new Cuneiform releases
Date: 11 Sep 1999 16:27:58 GMT

The following are all released on September 14th. We have real audio samples of one complete track from each of these records up on our website now: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com

BLAST - A Sophisticated Face [Rune 125]
Blast is a Dutch band notable for compositionally complex music and brutally powerful performances. Since forming in 1989, the band has worked to develop a sound both dense and kaleidoscopic. A Sophisticated Face, the band's fourth release, is an exciting sylistic departure; normally working as a quartet, for this release the band are essentially a miniature orchestra consisting of guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, soprano, alto and baritone saxes, alto clarinet, violin, cello, cymbalom [an Eastern European hammered dulcimer], bass and percussion. The music reflects that as well, as the sound is geared more towards modern 20th century classical composition than what is normally thought of as "rock" music. "Suggestive of nothing, [Blast] harken back to the days when music adhered to no trend or scene...this is a must." [4 out of 5 stars] - Alternative Press.

Two giants of electronic rock music join forces on this compelling collaboration! Based in Munich Germany, Peter Frohmader has been an important fixture on the European electronic music/avant garde scene since the mid 1980's. He has released over 20 CDs & lps. Parisian Richard Pinhas is best known as the leader of Heldon. Besides the Heldon works, Pinhas has recorded about a dozen additional solo works. Richard Pinhas has long been recognized as a pivotal figure in the development of electronic rock; "France's most influencial contemporary musician...[some of his] works also serve as links between the avant-garde and the industrial explosion to come. - Alternative Press.

THE HOSEMOBILE - What Can & Can't Go On [Rune 122]
What Can & Can't Go On is the second album [their 1st for Cuneiform] for The Hosemobile, a band from rural Cookeville, TN., stuck right in the middle of the bible-belt with a sound all their own, as they mix late 1990's influences of postrock bands such as Don Caballero, Shellac and Slint with the progressive/experimental edge of Mahavishnu Orchestra, This Heat and others. The end result is a fusion of fiery agression with complex structures and intense layering of musical ideas performed on dual guitars [one of whom doubles on Fender Rhodes piano], bass and drums, with one track featuring voice as well. Recorded live in the studio, this is an impressive work from a young band of hard working "road-dogs" who tour constantly.

UNIVERS ZERO - The Hard Quest [Rune 120]
Univers Zero's distinctive sound is a combination of their unique instrumentation (piano and keyboards, violin, clarinet and bass clarinet, basoon, oboe, bass and drums). blended with gothic imagery, and an intensely strong, classically influenced writing style. In the hands of some of the best musicians in Europe, these factors lead to a group on the cutting edge of creating a new, vital and different approach to rock music. This is the band's first release in 13 years (!) and even before its release is already gathering acclaim such as, "The fall of Rome? The parting of the Red Sea? What else can compare with the monumental occurence of a new slab of Univers Zero....the world's finest musical ensemble." - Exposé 18.

VON ZAMLA - 1983 [Rune 121]
Von Zamla were founded in 1981 by Grammy Award-winning keyboardist/composer Lars Hollmer and guitarist Eino Haapala, both former members of Sweden's Samlas Mammas Manna, one of the original five founding bands of the "Rock In Opposition" [R.I.O.] movement, and one of the most popular bands in Sweden during the 1970s. Von Zamla released two albums in their lifetime; Zamlaranama (1981) and No Make Up (1983), neither of which was released outside of Sweden. The band disbanded after a final tour in 1985. These previously unavailable, professionally recorded live tapes are from the band's European tour in Spring, 1983. In addition to the two co-leaders, the band features the work of Univers Zero member Michel Berckmans on oboe and bassoon, Michel Berckmans-oboe/bassoon, Hans Loelv,-keyboards, Wolfgang Salomon-bass & Marten Tiselius-drums.


From: PT <normalsf@grin.net>
Subject: Mushroom tour dates
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 13:26:49 -0800

Mushroom in the USA:

Thursday  September 16th  Hotel Utah, San Francisco
Thursday  September 23rd   Starry Plough, Berkeley
Monday  September 27th   Elbo Room, San Francisco
Tuesday October 5th   Justice League , San Francisco
Sunday October 10th, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco
Wednesday   October 20th    Brunos, San Francisco
Tuesday October 23rd   Great American Music Hall    San Francisco
(this show with German band: Faust)

Mushroom in Germany and Switzerland:

17.11. Illmenau-BC Club
18.11. Heilbronn-Mobilat (tbc)
19.11. CH-Winterthur-Gaswerk
20.11. CH-Thun-Cafe Mokka
21.11. CH-Biel-Coupole
22.11. München-Club 2
23.11. Marburg-Cafe Trauma
24.11. Frankfurt-Dreikönigskeller
25.11. Hildesheim-Kulturfabrik Löseke
26.11. Lübeck-Treibsand
27.11. Bramsche-Webschule
28.11. Scheinfurt-Stadtbahnhof


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Oct 01 - London, Astoria
[+ special guests Annie Haslam/Michael Dunford and Amazing Blondel]

It is hoped that a European tour will take place in Spring 2000. If you know of any potential venues, please write to <bigbang@alpes-net.fr> and the information will be forwarded to the people in charge.

==> CAROL GRIMES / PHIL MILLER / MARK HEWINS <===========================

Oct 02 - London, Vortex Jazz Bar

==> DIDIER MALHERBE / HADOUK TRIO - FRENCH DATES <=======================

Sep 29 - Paris, Satellit Café / Sep 30 - Paris, Satellit Café / Oct 12 - Paris, FNAC Forum des Halles [showcase] / Oct 16 - Nancy, Festival Jazz Pulsations Vertigo / Oct 29 - Boulogne-sur-Mer, Festival Cote d'Opale Tendances / Nov 10 - Cholet (49), Jardin de Verre / Dec 09 - Paris, New Morning

Didier will also appear with Les Gnawas d'Essaouira at the Museum of African & Oceanian Arts in Paris on October 22/23 (8pm)

Official website: http://www.multimania.com/malherbedidier/

==> BON <================================================================

Sep 23 - Cleveland (OH), Diamondback Brewery / Sep 24 - Cuyahoga Falls (OH), Borders Books and Music / Sep 27 - Cincinnati (OH), Buzz Coffee Shop / Sep 28 - Louisville (KY), Artswatch Gallery / Sep 29 - Columbus (OH), venue TBA / Sep 30 - Philadelphia (PA), Upstairs At Nicks [with Percy Jones] / Oct 02 - Wheaton (MD), Phantasmagoria [with Percy Jones]

==> GONG <===============================================================

Oct 15 - Glastonbury, Town Hall (+ 1/2 other UK dates - tba) / Oct 18 - Leverkusen (Germany), Jazz Tage (tbc) / Oct 20 - Nancy (France), Jazz Pulsations Festival [with Magma & Annie Whitehead 'Robert Wyatt Project']

==> ANNIE WHITEHEAD / ROBERT WYATT PROJECT <=============================

Oct 10 - Nottingham / Oct 20 - Nancy (France), Jazz Pulsations Festival [also Gong/Magma] / Nov 17 - London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

This project will consist of Robert Wyatt compositions performed by a 10-piece band featuring Julie Tippetts (vocals), Ian Maidman (vocals/bass), Didier Malherbe (sax/fl), George Khan (sax), Harry Beckett (tpt), Phil Manzanera (gtr), Jeanette Mason (kb), Liam Genockey (d) and Gazy Azuks (pc). (Robert Wyatt *will not* be appearing, although he will be attending various rehearsals to lend his ideas and direction).

(Note that the London date is now Nov 17 instead of Nov 14; also, Julie Tippetts will not be appearing at the Nancy concert; it is not know who will replace her)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

==> THINKING PLAGUE <====================================================

Sep 15 - Milwaukee (WI), Cactus Club [with Kopecky] / Sep 16 - Chicago (IL), Martyr's

==> FAUST <==============================================================

Oct 18 - New York (NY), Knitting Factory / Oct 19 - Philadelphia (PA), Nicks / Oct 21 - Pittsburgh (PA), Millvale Industrial Theatre / Oct 23 - Chicago (IL), Lounge Ax / Oct 26 - San Francisco (CA), Great American MH

==> COLOSSEUM <==========================================================

Oct 08 - London, The Astoria 2 + other UK dates Oct 01-09

(please note that Paul Williams will be replacing Chris Farlowe on vocals for this tour)


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