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From: "Mal Humes" <mal2@mail.mal.net>
Subject: Archival recordings of Gowen, NH and Delivery
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 09:43:05 CST

[In WR#135, twostools <utwo@twostools.com> asks:]
>This is a general calling out to see if anyone knows of early Alan
>Gowen recordings or involvement from "Assegai" or "Sunship" being

>How about live recordings of Gilgamesh (BBC Broadcasts?) or more live
>Hatfield and National (aside from Missing Pieces).

I know that Gilgamesh did at least one BBC appearance and somewhere some years ago someone I knew had a copy. So at least it exists.

There are a number of tapes of National Health live in various contexts in circulation. I think John Diliberto and Kimberly Haas of Echoes probably still have a master recording of a 1979 tour broadcast of the 4 piece lineup with Gowen I saw that was broadcast on WXPN in Philadelphia. Perhaps this could be coaxed into a release with appropriate permissions. I've also heard an excellent copy of a 1979 Boston area show (Toad's ???) that I think Michael Clare with Daevid Allen's University of Errors may know of the whereabouts of a soundboard master of that show. And I've seen and heard a half dozen or so other National Health live tapes that are in circulation on various tape trading lists.

As far as Sunship (Gowen, Muir, Holdsworth and ???), a few years ago I asked Steve at Cuneiform to try to ask Alan's widow if there might be any recordings. Steve said he'd pass the request through Hugh Hopper and I never heard anything more about it, so I presume there are none or that release of such is unlikely. I think Holdsworth was aware of interest in this too, but given his harsh dislike for bootlegs and his apparent distate for other releases of his early work I suspect that even if recordings exist that Allan H. would prefer they never resurface.

Not Gowen related, but I am also aware of a very interesting recording of Delivery in 1971, all instrumental, that includes versions of Phil Miller songs that showed up later in Matching Mole and/or Hatfield. The copy I heard had fairly bad quality but amazes me because it hints at Matching Mole, Hatfield and National Health and seems to predate them all, in an all instrumental lineup showcasing Steve and Phil Miller. It seemed to foreshadow National Health in choice of musical direction. I recall it being quite different than the vocal oriented work with Carol Grimes and I'd be happy to try to put Steve@Cuneiform in touch with a copy of this (or further leads on the NH 1979 shows) to see if it's worth pursuing further as an archival release. I really think it deserves to be heard by more people and it is apparently also in circulation in some archival trading collections.

 - Malcolm

[The only thing I know for sure on all the above-mentioned material is that Laurie Baker (bassist in Sunship) intends to release some Sunship recordings on a compilation of his past work which he plans to release this year. More information can be found in the interview I conducted with him a few months ago - http://www.alpes-net.fr/~bigbang/musicians/lauriebaker.html. Sunship was mainly a trio formed by Alan Gowen, Laurie Baker and Jamie Muir. Holdsworth was only briefly a member, as were others (mainly singers), but not ex-Soft Machine member Lyn Dobson, contrary to what has often been written. Dobson played with Gowen and Muir in a parallel, probably unnamed rehearsal group - AL]


From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: more about Facelift
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 10:29:15 EDT

[In WR#136, Craig Shropshire <v-dorje@ticnet.com> wrote:]
>Another thing to note re: Steve/Cuneiform's release of "Noisette" is that
>the original release of "Facelift" on THIRD is actually comprised of 2
>different shows, pieced together.............  (Both Croydon on Jan 4, `70,
>& at Mother`s Club Birmingham Jan. 11th `70).

>SO, how about the Mother`s performance of "Facelift"? Also unuseable for
>same reasons?

Not a bad idea - relatively little of the Mother's Club is used on "Facelift" on Third. But you are assuming that the tapes for this show [& other shows of the same tour which Bob Woolford may or may not have taped] still exist, when, in  fact, they seem to be lost. Bob very kindly lent me ALL of his tapes relating  to Soft Machine, & the Mothers Club show [and any others he may have made, other than the Jan. 10th, 1970 University College show, which has REALLY BAD sonic problems & CAN NOT be used] are definitely not there & must be assumed to no longer exist.



From: "Mark Hewins" <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: REBELA statement
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 15:09:08 +0100

    Q : "Are you ever going to finish the 'Rebela' CD".

I always have had very firm plans for Rebela.
The kind assurances of Jeremy and his willingness for me to co-opt his (very real) engineering talents and equipment; when he has the time, have allowed me to make more of a break in the final stages of production.

Also my own need to earn some kind of living from Music has meant time away from the project. Which actually on a piece of this size is good for one's overall creativity, (but not essential, of course).

The passing of Lady June coming in the middle of the Gong US tour was a blow; which meant that I have had to take even more time out in the end stages of the production. More for myself than anything else. (I need a very objective outlook to mix the 2 CD versions; one with all the dialogue and another CD with more instrumental soloing)

I have always been unwilling to rise to other people who have asked if I have a time frame in which to finish the record. Even at the expense of their expectations (and comments). I have always been  purposefully evasive. Rebela is too important a story to compromise: in any way. I think a few others have been impatient for a conclusion of this production. Understandable, as very many Musicians; and their commitment musically, are on it. But; I have to be true to my promise to Lady June to do the best I can with her story; or 'fantasy autobiography' as we have dubbed it.

Finance is also an issue in finishing Rebela.
I have funded all of this production personally, and that means not only my, (and my Family's), time; but also hardware, recording time etc. etc.

I will travel to Toronto and possibly New York in the Autumn; Jeremy and I will mix; and master the recordings in his own studio environment. This will give me; as the Composer and Producer,  the objective outlook I require to finish this production.

As I have said before "Jeremy Darby has the best ears I have ever heard".

Mark Hewins

Here's a list of Players on Rebela

Aug '97- Aug '99.... Recording

Alan R Dunn, Accordion
Fred Theolonius Baker, Fretless Bass
Theo Travis, Tenor Sax
Spy, Bass
Galen Ayers, Young Rebela
Shyamal Maïtra, Tuned Percussion
Jim Dvorak, Trumpet
Ken Hyder, Percussion
Elton Dean, Saxello
Roberto Bellatalla, Piccolo String Bass
Mervyn Africa, Keyboards
Andy Ward, Drums
Mike Howlett, Bass
Doug Boyle, Electric Guitar
Starvin' Marvin, Electric Guitar
Donnamatrix, Carpet Toys
Graham Clark, Violin
Bob Loveday, Violin
Rick Biddulph, Bass
Robbie T, Keyboards
Errol Kennedy, Drums
Keith Missile, Bass
Pip Pyle, Electronic box Drums
Lol Coxhill, Soprano Saxophone
Martin Shaw; Flugelhorn
Gilad Atmzon; Alto Sax
Gerry Fitzgerald, Electric Guitar
Phil Miller, Electric Guitar
Pete Brown, Percussion
Youssef Lemrabet, Mouth Drums
Joe Cang, Bass
Miranda, Choral Sound
TinK, B-note Guitar
Hanna Hewins, Crowd

Production Team for MUSART
Mark Hewins - Production Co-ordination, Guitars etc.
Paul Bhattachargee - Dialogue proofing and God's voice
MatMan - Computers and Rubber Duckie
Jeremy Darby - Dialogue troubleshooting and Tech support.
Von - Administration


From: SPACETUNES@aol.com
Subject: Soft Machine
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:37:46 EDT

Can anyone out there help ? In the early 80's there was a show on the USA  network I think was called Up All Night and they ran cult type movies and  concerts of bands not in the mainstream. Somewhere about 1983-84 I was up at 5
a.m. for whatever reason and on more than 1 ocasion I saw a tape of a live Soft Machine show,having never seen the beginning or end to this show I do not know when it is from,it had the sound of the mid 70's to very early 80's. What I would like to know does any one else know of this show and if so is it available anywhere. All I remember about it is I was amoazed that Soft Machine was on American T.V. and of how great it sounded,they were doing long songs with that Jazz-Fusion fell of Bundles and Alive and Well-Recorded in Paris. Any info would be appreciated.

My e-mail address is... SPACETUNES@aol.com
                    Greg the Jersey Gypsy


From: "Mark Hewins" <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: Going Going
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 17:23:58 +0100

[In WR#135, Nick Loebner wrote:]
>Our band is currently seeking a singer. We strated as a Canterbury  Scene
>tribute band (a la Going Going) - but are intending to do a mixed  set of
>covers & originals in future. We are based in West London.

Very honoured that Nick thinks Going Going worth 'tributing'. But we never did any of the songs he mentions-except 'Grey and Pink' which Rich sang. Mostly we did my and Hugh's new songs; plus one of Andy Ward's I can provide an old set list and Music manuscripts but I would suggest his band struck out on their own and concentrate on their own material rather than copying old songs.

Mark Hewins
(Going Going was; Richard Sinclair/Hugh Hopper/Mark Hewins/Andy Ward/Vince  Clarke)


From: "Gary & Vicki" <gvstring@email.msn.com>
Subject: Concert & other News forwarded by String of the Shoe
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 14:32:58 -0400

Some Progressive shows coming...

For those unfamiliar with Progday, it's an annual festival held since 1995 at beautiful Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill NC every Labor Day weekend. Every year several hundred progressive rock lovers gather in this fabulous outdoor setting to watch bands from all over the world perform.

This year's lineup is:

        APOCALYPSE  (Brazil)
        ENVISION (USA)
        EQUINOX  (Panama)
        NeBeLNeST  (France)
        TEN JINN  (USA)
        TRIBE OF CRO  (Belgium)

For ProgDay ticket details, band descriptions and other info, see

Friday (Sep 10th)
NeBeLNeST / Dark Aether Project
at Orion Studios in Baltimore MD. See:

Saturday (Sep 11th)
Thinking Plague-  Intense angular symphonic. Like Yes meets Univers Zero
The Hosemobile- an ensemble unapologetically plotting the void between jazz,
groove, and hard-core

* * * * *

MusicNewswire: DIRECT News

Dixie Dregs Reunite for New Album and Tour Zebra Records - 8/8/1999 at 19:21:04

After seven years, a Dixie Dregs reunion featuring the classic 1979 line-up: Steve Morse (guitar), T Lavitz (keyboards), Rod Morgenstein (drums), Allen Sloan (violin) and Andy West (bass) was announced this week. Also participating are Dregs members from the most recent line-up, bassist Dave LaRue and ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra violinist Jerry Goodman. The Dregs will play Palookaville in Santa Cruz on August 23rd, Slim's in San Francisco, August 24th & 25th and at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on August 26, 27 and 28th.

The Roxy Theater shows will be recorded in preparation for a mid-November release on Zebra Records. In support of the forthcoming album, a full-fledged Dregs tour is being considered for early next year with the band eager to play again for their long-time devotees. Dixie Dregs manager Frank Solomon comments, "This will be a party not to be missed. We are all excited and grateful that Zebra Records and Ricky Schultz will be recording the 'bash' for all of our fans to experience."

One of the top jazz-rock fusion ensembles ever, the Dixie Dregs helped redefine contemporary instrumental music, releasing eight albums, six of which garnered Grammy nominations. The Dregs made their major label debut in 1977 with Free Fall, followed by the artistically successful What If and released albums annually until they disbanded in 1982. Two albums were subsequently released in 1992 and 1993. Zebra Records President, Ricky Schultz adds "It may sound cliché, but, we are honored to be working with one of THE legendary instrumental groups. The return of the Dregs is exciting news for fusion fans everywhere."

After the break-up, Morse, who has been recognized by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the all-time great guitarists, formed the Steve Morse Band, joined Kansas and has been the guitarist in Deep Purple since 1995. The rest of the band also kept busy with Morgenstein joining pop-metallists Winger while Lavitz, Sloan and West recorded various side projects. In 1992, a brief reunion occurred with the release of Bring 'em Back Alive and by 1994, the Dregs had once again called it quits. Most recently, Lavitz joined jamband Jazz Is Dead and when drummer Billy Cobham left the band earlier this year, he contacted his old bandmate Morgenstein to fill in. Currently, the two are in the midst of a U.S. tour in support of Jazz Is Dead's sophomore release Laughing Water.

Morse, Lavitz, Morgenstein, Sloan, and West: together again for more Nights of the Living Dregs. It's time to whistle "Dixie" in celebration of the fusion event of the year. For more Dixie Dregs information, visit www.zebradisc.com or


From: "David Voci" <david_voci@tcibr.com>
Date: 09 Aug 99 11:26:28 -0700


For readers interested in Gilgamesh availability......

Gilgamesh-ST is indeed on Virgin records in CD format... I lucked out and got mine at a store in Berkeley Ca, called Mod Lang... This is also available if I'm not mistaken from Wayside Music/Cuneiform (http://cuneiformrecords.com/instructions.html).

Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into... The Second Gilgamesh title is available on Spalax Records (France)...Matt Maartens at New Sonic Architecture (http://www.sonarc.net) has this in stock I think.

Good Luck,



From: Roger Farbey <r.farbey@bda-dentistry.org.uk>
Subject: Harvest Festival
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 10:25:50 +0100

I thought readers should be aware of a rather nice collectors item now available in the UK (and possibly elsewhere) which I purchased at the weekend. "Harvest Festival" is a 5 CD boxed set in a 12" coffee table book format, which includes around 120 pages of text and colourful illustrations. The concept behind it is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Harvest records, which was in the UK, EMI Records' progressive music label.

Artists signed to EMI at the time who were moved onto, or signed directly to, Harvest at that time included Kevin Ayers (with and without the Whole World), Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Edgar Broughton, Deep Purple, Pete Brown (and his Battered Ornaments or Piblokto) and later (the tail end of) Soft Machine to name but a few.

This boxed set contains around 100 tracks over the 5 CDs, that's approximately 6 hours of music. There are no less than 8 Kevin Ayers tracks including Interview, Song from the Bottom of a Well and Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes. Also, a Kevin Ayers interview which I had not seen before, is transcribed in the coffee table book. There is also text about Soft Machine. Throughout the book the lavish illustrations portray many, if not most of the 'classic' Harvest album covers, including a full page Joy of a Toy cover. This album set is probably a must for all serious Canterbury 'anoraks' because despite the likelihood of having many of the Kevin Ayers tracks already, there are so many tracks in the set which I for one never even heard and many of which are deeply nostalgic of that 1968-1972-ish progressive period. The pictures and text are wonderful in their own right.

Not cheap, it's around £50 in the UK, it is nevertheless in my opinion worth tracking down. One additional rather nice touch is that the specially commissioned artist illustrations on the back and front covers of the book feature some of the famous Harvest musicians of the time, including very prominently on the front cover Kevin Ayers.


Roger Farbey


From: Rob <RobAyling@compuserve.com>
Subject: Voiceprint - MPEG 3
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 09:25:35 -0400

Dear Rattlers,

Further to a recent mail in WR. I can confirm the Voiceprint position on MPGE3.

It is our intention to have MP3 and Real Audio files on our site (http://www.voiceprint.co.uk) by the end of the year.

Our aim is to carry at least one track from all the titles we carry in this format. The down loads will be FREE. This is an attempt for you the music lover to "try before you buy". To get a feel for what you are in store for before you part with your hard earned money. Also, it is a great why to hear new music you which might of passed you by.

There are going to be other great developments on our site over the coming months.

So check it out !


PS: Watch out for Phil Manzaneras new CD it features Robert Wyatt on 8 tracks, he even plays trumpet again !


From: Scott F <sdf@twostools.com>
Subject: Live Health
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:51:35 -0400

This is a letter sent to the entire Canterbury/Calyx audience. Not exactly a poll per se, but a general investigation as to whether my thoughts are agreeable in consensus.

It has come to my attention through many correspondence with National Health and Gilgamesh fans that releasing a CD package of live dates would be widely appreciated. We feel it important that a band like National Health, with its almost unique kind of music (probably only Hatfield and the North and Gentle Giant may rank beside them in written chamber music for rockensemble), should have live recordings released as a piece of musical history. Regardless of the troubles they had on tour with equipment and audiences.

There isn't any doubt that a live performance, with the energy it can attain and even with it's flaws intact, can make the best package for listening. I have maintained that the Canterbury scene as a whole is a jazz environment and truly allows for improvisation, especially in live venues, with all its highs and lows showing. As such, an entire show start to end is the apex of any touring bands reason to exist. Just listen to any of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers cavalcade of live releases and it's easy to see that their forte of performing was revealed during live dates. Of the tapes I have heard, I hold that this is true for National Health as well. They did shine before an audience.

Thus, amongst the throngs of enthusiasts amongst you are recordings of National Health (and perhaps Gilgamesh too) that would be intriguing to have made available for our listening pleasure. Not to mention the historic signifigance of them as well. Recordings from the BBC and other radio stations in Europe and America which would compile an excellent package. There is no point on choosing between shows - the best shows with a certain repertoire should be released in its entirety. There's no point in releasing every show of a certain tour, of course, but here we even talk different tunes and different lineups.

The 1979 tour with the Alan Gowen lineup (with Pyle, Greaves, and Miller too) release would be ideal in its novelty and historic value. The WXPN broadcast in Philadelphia was a fine show as was the Boston (from Toad's?). The 1979 4-piece lineup has a better potential market too - it's a stripped down version of the band, also we think Alan Gowen's last tour, and it's likely to have significantly different workings of the material than anything on Missing Pieces. Also worth mentioning is the London School of Economics, 1976 about 75 minutes in length. While it has popped up in pieces, the whole show ought to be put out on CD - it is brilliant!

(On an different note, regarding the Sunship, wouldn't that be a wonderful slice of musical history to resurrect! I could only hope that Mrs. Gowen-Biddulph would have the rights and permission to release this grouping (if there's any on tape-studio or live) to those of us who "missed the ship" in its original passing. It'd be a shame to hold back this early work that would be fascinating to hear the young and energetic Alan Gowen and Allan Holdsworth from such an early point in their development.)

And there you have it. To see a live career-span of shows in a package or series of packages for National Health (and I must include Gilgamesh as well) would be great! Another concept would be an Alan Gowen career package in tribute to his gifts in composing and his performing skills with live dates as part of its uniqueness.


[A few comments about archive projects such as the ones you suggest. First, while we fans are happy to discover any rare documents, whether they sound great or terrible, provided they have any musical interest of course, for musicians to decide to release them and spend the necessary time to bring them to a releasable form is not so simple. It generally requires high studio costs to clean up the tapes, remix them when possible, etc. Then there's whether all musicians involved agree that their performance is worth releasing (and more generally a lot of clearance work, particularly in the case of BBC recordings, to ensure the resulting release is totally legal). And lastly some musicians are unwilling to trade on their past glories, to the point of sometimes possibly underestimating the value of some of the unreleased stuff. So *YES*, there is a lot of stuff of interest in the archives, but whether all of it is up to the necessary musical and technical standards remains to be seen. I'm sure what deserves to be released will eventually be - AL]


From: Graham Clark <101517.2632@compuserve.com>
Subject: Dick Crouch
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 06:32:06 -0400

Hi Rattlers,

I am very sorry to hear of Dick Crouch's death.

When I moved to London, in the mid-eighties, Dick's house in Ealing was my first address. We didn't always get on, but he helped me a great deal by letting me sit in with Paz, and he introduced me to many musicians.

Dick was a great jazz enthusiast, and in my opinion, Paz made an important contribution to British jazz.

Graham Clark


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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Oct 01 - London, Astoria
[+ special guests Annie Haslam/Michael Dunford]

==> DIDIER MALHERBE <====================================================

Didier's website: http://www.multimania.com/malherbedidier/

==> BON <================================================================

Aug 27 - Albany (NY), Valentines / Aug 28 - Waterbury (CT), Brass City Records / Aug 31 - New York City (NY), Knitting Factory / Sep 01 - Baltimore (MD), Café Tattoo / Sep 02 - Richmond (VA), Hole In The Wall / Sep 03 - Wilmington (NC), Bessies / Sep 04 - Chapel Hill (NC), Local 506 / Sep 05 - Raleigh (NC), Borders Books & Music / Sep 10 - Mt. Holly (NJ), Down To Earth / Sep 12 - Arlington (VA), Iota / Sep 24 - Cuyahoga Falls (OH), Borders Books and Music / Oct 01 - Philadelphia (PA), Upstairs At Nick's / Oct 02 - Wheaton (MD), Phantasmagoria

==> KEVIN AYERS / BELGIAN DATES <========================================

Aug 20 - Mechelen-Vismarkt, Dijlesfeesten
Aug 22 - Wilrijk, Spytelinck Kasteel
Sep 19 - Bornem, CC

Info: BOOM! Bookings, phone: + 02 360 28 51

==> GONG <===============================================================

Oct 15 - Glastonbury, Town Hall (+ 1/2 other UK dates - tba) / Oct 18 - Leverkusen (Germany), Jazz Tage (tbc) / Oct 20 - Nancy (France), Jazz Pulsations Festival [with Magma & Annie Whitehead 'Robert Wyatt Project']

==> MAGICK BROTHERS <====================================================

Aug 13/14 - Wimbourne (Dorset), Gaunts House Gathering [also: Global] [info: 01202-841-522] / Aug 25 - Coalburn (Lanarkshire), Full Moon Camp [info: 01555-820-555] / Aug 29 - Hadron (Haute Loire) (France), Les Amis de L'Epouvantail Festival

==> PLANET GONG <========================================================

Aug 26 - Edinburgh, Carlton Studios (Carlton Rd) [also: Steffe]

==> E.DEAN / H.HOPPER / K.TIPPETT / J.MARSHALL <=========================

Sep 04 - Chemnitz (Germany), Augustusburg Castle

Info: http://home.t-online.de/home/Olaf.Seidel/

==> ANNIE WHITEHEAD / ROBERT WYATT PROJECT <=============================

Oct 10 - Nottingham / Oct 20 - Nancy (France), Jazz Pulsations Festival [also Gong/Magma] / Nov 14 - London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

This project will consist of Robert Wyatt compositions performed by a 10-piece band featuring Julie Tippetts (vocals), Ian Maidman (vocals/bass), Didier Malherbe (sax/fl), George Khan (sax), Harry Beckett (tpt), Jeanette Mason (kb), Liam Genockey (d) and Gazy Azuks (pc). Phil Manzanera (gtr) will also be appearing. Please note that Robert Wyatt *will not* be appearing, although he will be attending various rehearsals to lend his ideas and direction.


                           END OF ISSUE 136


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