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From: CuneiWay@aol.com
Subject: "Noisette"
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 13:45:08 EDT

Hello Rattlers,

I'm very pleased to announce that we will be releasing another CD in our Soft Machine series - "Noisette" in January, 2000. I have just received the signed  contract back from the band.

It is the rest of the concert that "Facelift" came from - Fairfield Hall,  Croydon, January 4th, 1970. We will NOT be including Facelift on the CD, as that recording is already easily available on "Third".

This release marks the first time that any of these recordings have been available & we are especially happy to be able to release Noisette on the 30th anniversary of the recording of this concert. It is also the first full length release to feature the short-lived quintet version of the group [Dean, Dobson, Hopper, Ratledge, Wyatt]

The recordings come straight from Bob Woolford's archived 15 ips reels, & they sound fantastic - significantly better than the sound on Facelift on Third, as there was much processing done to those tapes for Facelift, so that they are several generations removed from the originals, & sound somewhat worse for wear compared to the original tapes.

The tracks will include:

Eamonn Andrews
Hibou, Anemone & Bear
Moon In June
12/8 Theme
Esther's Nose Job
We Did It Again [encore]

Thank you for your interest.

Steve Feigenbaum
Cuneiform Records


From: "David Voci" <david_voci@tcibr.com>
Subject: A direct answer from Fred Frith
Date: 25 Jun 99 16:25:04 -0700

Hi All,

This topic:
>> Didn't HC archive their live shows onto tape and put them into vaults
>> as a lot of musicians did which have been released onto CD in current times?

has gotten alot of back and forth lately so I asked Fred his opinion and he wrote:

Henry Cow is still a collective:  Chris has been collating tapes for a
long time, and there are quite a few, but nothing will be released by
him unless we all agree. So the situation is not one of control exactly.
We are all regularly in touch, and something may eventually see the
light of day.  meanwhile there are several bootlegs out there,
especially in japan....


From: chris cutler <cc@megacorp.u-net.com>
Subject: The Henry Cow legacy
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 06:01:10 -0700

hi mario
greetings from Kyoto (touring with Gong Family - a pleasure) and sorry Aymeric if this a bit long. Feel free to edit.

>Subject: Henry Cow live shows & remixes
>Didn't HC archive their live shows onto tape and put them into vaults ?

Yes, we recorded most of our concerts, but on cassettes and the quality is frankly... poor. Our active life was before the days of dat, minidisc and video, ubiquitous today. In now fact it's a miracle if a concert isn't recorded on several media. Not so then. The Cow cassettes are all desk mixes too, so inbalanced for the most part, and of course not re-mixable. But it's true Cow was a primarily a live band, the records do not say the 50th of it.

>If they did then I'm sure that Chris Cutler would have some sort of plan to
>go through them all and release the best stuff.

Yees.. many years ago I did go through about 60 of them, and annotated them, but the quality, the quality... and yes there is a lot of unreleased material, in the sense of songs we performed and never recorded. But finding versions that are acceptably listenable...

>back in 1978, Chris wrote in one of his catalogues that one of the plans
>was to release an album of live recordings.

Actually I thought there would be material enough for at least 7 LP's, following the various periods and projects. With the re-mastering facilities available today, it begins to look practical to reopen this project. Then it's a question of finding the time to listen closely to 100+ concerts at 2 to 2 and a half hours each.. Coincidentally, however, I have started to compile a first volume which, band members permitting, should be out early next year.

>On the other hand he has been very blunt in stating that "no good quality
>recording exists of the Orkestra" (and, btw, this applies also to Art
>Bears concerts), so we can be sure that unless someone comes up with an
>unknown tape, we will never have anything released of the merged group
>Henry Cow + M.Westbrook Orchestra + Frankie Armstrong.

This is correct. All of our own cassette recordings of the Orkestra tour were stolen at the last concert - maybe by a 'fan', so that was that. The only remaining known recording is a multitrack of the Paris concert. We failed even to get one track sounding viable for a compilation. Art Bears - I can't remember, but there is only one tape, from Prague.

>I didn't find anything so obnoxious about the "Unrest" remix, of course,
>except the inadequate volume level.

Of the 3 virgin albums, Unrest was the only one not remixed. ESD (I suppose) just made a dog's dinner of the transfer. On our reissue it is properly restored.

>What I would find more interesting is a debate about the actual meaning of
>these ex-post remixes  done by the artists themselves... in the case of
>Henry Cow is what kind of collective debate has led to the remix decisions.
>We know that when HC existed all decisions were taken collectively, and this
>was a very peculiar characteristic of the group... it seems to me that the cd >versions are the responsibility only of some members of the group.
>Is this true?

Yes, initially, as I recall, it was I who proposed remixing IPOL (which the group was never happy with). Then the masters of Legend were lost, which seemed to mean that if it were to be reissued it would have to be remixed. Tim and Fred did the remixes. There was no discussion amongst the group members about it that I can remember.

>Why is that?

Tim, who was nominated to be in charge of Henry Cow's business affairs is probably the best person to ask.

>What do the other members think of the remixes?

If they read this I hope they will answer themselves. My feelings are - first, I defend the idea that artists should be able to rework their earlier material (as one can edit an article for republication with what one has learned in the meantime taken into account. Work is not always finished when it first sees the light. Second, in the case of Henry Cow, I would have preferred that all the members involved in the recordings had made the remixes together (as the original mixes were made) though this was probably impractical and would have proved very expensive, had we pursued it. I don't think that option was ever mooted, but someone may remember better. And if a remix is made, then I think, where possible, the original should still be available, so that the listener can choose. We like what we like because we like it ! That's why I have reissued Legend and Unrest (IPOL to follow) in their original form and carefully remastered and repackaged them.

>is there any internal - post-split - agreement which leaves Tim, Fred and
>Chris the sole (or main) depositories of the HC legacy?

I'm glad to clear this one up.

There is no split inside the (rather large) group of people who made up Henry Cow, though there are different degrees of commitment and activity. Tim deals with ongoing Cow business because he was nominated  by the last ones out to do so. And in the meantime, many of us have worked together on different projects, only last month Fred, Tim and I were all playing together at Moers. Lindsay was there too, though she is unable to perform now.

After the Art bears, Fred and I frequently worked together as a duo and in one another's projects (he is on the new song record I will release in September, I am on his last release), Tim and I work as an occasional duo too and with Ana Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu and the Hyperion Ensemble (record just out). Lindsay and I played together for years in News from Babel, her Music For Films group, Oh Moscow and with David Thomas - and I was recently involved in the orchestra versions of the Oh Moscow suite at this year's Angelica Festival. With Dagmar I made 7 Post Cow albums and she and Tim also have an intermittent project together. John Greaves and I still record and perform regularly in the Peter Blegvad trio (Fred was an added guest recently in New York).

Georgie Born stopped playing some time ago but before that she and Lindsay were for a long time in The Feminist Improvising Group and various Mike Westbrook ensembles; she was also in Music for Films. Geoff and I worked together for a while in the Black Sheep and The Headmasters when he was living in Holland, but generally he, like Georgie, has not kept so much in touch with other members of the group.

Other than investing Tim with custodianship of Henry Cow's business affairs, we ordered our financial post-existence matters as follows. Each member of the band - and this includes all the sound engineers, road-managers and organisers not just the musicians - we were a collective organisation, not just a collective band - receives 1 share for each year that they were in the group. So over the 10 year life of the group there is a total number of person-years. Any income is divided by this number and each member receives that amount times the number the years they were in the group. Henry Cow was and remains a legal partnership. Finally re: the legacy, I think Fred kept a diary, John has an eidetic memory and Lindsay has begun to write...

>I wonder why Chris does not re-release also Western Culture with the
>addition of (a remixed!) Viva Pa Ubu and Slice.

I'd like to. Question of negotiating with Tim. I'd like to continue the definitive series I started. As well as at least one collection of unreleased material next year. Encourage me !

Finally - sorry this so long - on the subject of re re-mixes. I am planning, for release in 2000 a double CD of Art Bears remixes/reworkings, made by, amongst others, myself, Fred Frith, Etienne Conod, Tim Hodgkinson, The Residents, John Oswald, Otomo Yoshihide, Heiner Goebbels, Bob Drake, BIOTA, Jon Rose, Rene Lussier, Joseph Racaille, Utsunomiya Yasushi, Warrick Swinney, Bob Ostertag, Ossatura, Massimo Simonini, Rene Lussier, Richard Barrett, Lars Pedersen, Tom Dimuzio, Lutz Glandien, Stevan Tickmayer...

chris cutler
79 beulah rd, thornton heath
surrey CR7 8JG.  UK
44 181 771 3138 FAX


From: Bill Maccormick
Subject: Annie Whitehead / Robert Wyatt Project
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 99 22:46 BST


You may be interested to know that Phil Manzanera is also doing these concerts.  Also, that Phil's new album (featuring Robert on trumpet, percussions and backing vocals) will be out in September.

Lastly, we have located the two sets of Quiet Sun demos and may release them in the autumn either with or separate from an official re-release of the Quiet Sun CD.  In addition, we will be releasing a complete version of the 801 Live album (2 extra tracks) and Phil's first solo album, Diamond Head.

More info on Phil's website at http://www.manzanera.com




Subject: Henry Cow
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 16:49:24 -0400

Hi. A few additions to Chris' stuff...

1) .

> Tim and Fred did the remixes. There was no discussion amongst the group
> members about it that I can remember.
>> Why is that?

my comments;-

        I think the reasons were largely circumstance. Combined with our (partly mistaken) assumptions about other people not particularly wanting to be involved. I think atleast cursory discussion took place between Chris, Fred and myself as to possible approaches for both IPOL and Legend. Fred suggested me and him doing IPOL in New York, because of his particular interest in Martin Bisi's approach to sound and mixing at the time. I discovered at the last minute that the multi-track masters had been recorded on a proto-type noise-reduction system of which no exact equivalent survived. To avoid what would have seemed like massive expenditure at the time, we hired in a rack of compressor-expanders which only approximately decoded the noise-reduction.This was one more factor that pushed us towards the gated reverb sound.

        All the H.Cow multi-track masters are a technical nightmare, by the way:  badly recorded tracks that swop around in the middle of numbers and so on. (I attribute this to the fact that we drove our recording engineers berserk: we also changed our minds a lot about everything, and also tried to record music we couldn't actually play, etc, etc..)

        When it came to Legend, for most of the time there just wasn't anyone else around; the idea was to get the job done (we hadn't chosen to remix it: the stereo masters had been lost) ; I remember it being extremely difficult mixing stuff on my own in a studio which only had DAT to master onto. For some reason, editing the DATs was impossible, or very expensive at the time. Or atleast I thought so. So I mixed the tracks in single right-through takes with hundreds of things to do during the takes.

    On working with other HC members. I toured with Fred as a duo a few times, a while back. I've also worked intensively with Dagmar Krause on the songs on the "Each in Our Own Thoughts" CD, and in the "Stop Mortal" project. Also on the "Alcestis" project with  Ossatura -  with text by Chris. Chris and I have also done duo tours.

    Should be person-month, not person-year...(for share system).

all the best, tim


From: IChippett@aol.com
Subject: Peter Blegvad in Paris
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 08:05:34 EDT

In company with fellow Rattler Tom Landon, I went to see Peter Blegvad who was playing support to Robyn Hitchcock the atmospheric (sic) Hotel du Nord. My acquaintance with PB was limited to his work with Henry Cow and John Greaves until my pal Tom recently lent me his copy of King Strut which is a truly exceptional album (if not exactly Canterbury). Last night he played with John Greaves on bass, Syd Straw on lead and backing vocals (and kazoo) and with Robyn Hitchcock on harmonica for the encore.

He sang:

In the meantime (solo)
You and me (with JG on bass)
That'll be him now
Shirt and comb
Waste of time
Daughter (with JG and SS on vocals)
Lying again
Meet the rain
Let's travel light (ditto with SS on kazoo)
Hangman's Hill (JG and SS on vocals)
Gold (SS on lead vocals - superb!)
King Strut ( JG, SS and Robyn Hitchcock on harmonica)

At least that's what I can remember but there was a lot of euphoria in the air which will explain anything I may have forgotten. We managed to have a brief chat with PB during the main act (very good too BTW) but by this time euphoria had taken over more or less completely and details are vague. I remember asking why he didn't do Kew Rhône or Le Garçon Vert (two of my favourites) and he said they would have been too complicated which is certainly true, alas. Also present were a number of very charming Canterburians including Pip Pyle, François Ovide, Mireille Bauer and of course John Greaves who were very approachable and affable.

Ian Chippett


From: MPF4ME@aol.com
Subject: LPs for sale
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 07:22:46 EDT

Hello from New York,

I have a small private collection of Canterbury that I want to sell. This collection includes a rare Brotherhood of Breath (Chris McGregor) LP on RCA. I'd like to sell the whole collection in one piece. But would be willing to sell individual pieces as well. Some very nice rare stuff - no list yet but I can be reached by e-mail or phone (718 835-6872). Any help in selling this collection will be appreciated.



From: José Sahagún <sahagun@arrakis.es>
Subject: Buy Caravan's CDs
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 11:35:47 +0200


Nice site for a great style!

The Album "In the Land of Grey and Pink" is one of the best progressive rock albums in the history. That's why I have to continue my Canterbury progression. I want the second Caravan's album titled "If I co do All..." but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me?. I want it in CD version if it's possible.

See you

Jose Sahagun Pareja (sahagun@arrakis.es)
Vota tus discos de Rock Progresivo! Vote your fovourites Rock
Progressive Albums!
"Rock Sinfonico / Progressive Rock" http://www.arrakis.es/~quicios
Asociacion de Paginas Hispanohablantes de Rock Progresivo


From: PT <normalsf@grin.net>
Subject: looking for DJs
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:30:51 +0200

I assume that some of you on this list are American college radio DJs or have a speciality show on an American radio station playing progressive, Krautrock, space rock, etc

or perhaps you just know about a speciality radio show....

anyway, I work for a new record label called Innerspace - and we have just released a new CD by Daevid Allen of Gong.

we are getting ready to mail out promos to college radio - and rather than send them to music directors, we would rather post them off to anyone we can find that has a show that specializes in progressive music..

++++ Please only contact me if you have a radio show in the USA, we are not servicing European radio at this time.

so, please email me directly at: pat@innerspacerecords.com and let me know who you are and where you are and I will be happy to send you something.



From: rain rien <rainrien@yahoo.com>
Subject: matchingmoledittoallendaevidpurchase
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:11:17 -0700 (PDT)

webmaster request to know if matching mole and daevid aliens elements are available for purchase ?


From: "Terry Collins" <terryc@indosat.net.id>
Subject: John Martyn's Canterbury connections
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 11:30:06 +0700

Hi there, once again.

Indonesia has 1000th of the number of cyber servers per web users that you lucky people have in 'the West', so as an ageing hippy I've got even more of a learning curve with regards to staying subscribed to WR. Not having received WR for a while, I wonder if I've inadvertently 'unsubscribed'. I hope not, because I've only just managed to download issues 1-51, though number 2 was missing, and have truly come to appreciate what a fine job Aymeric has done in keeping us Fanterburies together as a family.

These are a few belated comments I really do miss live music - of quality, that  is. It's 12 years since I have been able to pop in a local pub for jazz or  quality rock or eagerly anticipate a special gig at the Lyceum or Hammersmith  Odeon. c.1972/3 I ventured to a pub in Clapham, with my then girlfriend, to listen to a 'folk' performance by Bridget St.John. She was then mentioned in the same breath as Sandy Denny on the basis of her first album, which was itself the first release on John Peel's label, Dandelion. For me, the highlight of the evening was my girlfriend winning the night's star prize in the raffle, a copy of that album, Ask Me No Questions, released on CD with the second album, Songs  For The Gentle Man, by See For Miles in 94. Urbanised country lovers, and  ex-pats like myself, like to chill out to the title track, preferably with  headphones on. It's 7+ minutes includes the soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon in  the garden of an English (Kentish?) village cottage. Church bells, blackbirds  and sundry sounds meld into a gentle ambience, with fine acoustic guitar work  from John Martyn and Ric Sanders. Bridget St.John is, I believe, the duetist on  Kevin's The Oyster & The Flying Fish on 1970's Shooting At The Moon. John Martyn was also the guitarist on Neal Ardley's Music (Harmony?) Of The Spheres, which had a host of fine British jazzers interpreting the score. Check out John Martyn's 1991 album, Cooltide, for some blistering sax work from the Bristolian, Andy Shepherd. Good grooving. Canterbury connection? Well, he plays on the BIG Carla  Bley Band's Fleure Carnivore recorded live in Copenhagen 1988 (WATT/21). Check out that label for Canterbury musos.

My music collection is eclectic, and has largely grown through  reading record sleeves, including the minor credits for engineer, backup singers  etc., even if covered with Rizlas. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, with Geoff Richardson and the late Simon Jeffes, was a natural to explorers of connections. Jeffes was the orchestrator of Caravan's & The New Symphonia. I was there, incidentally. Does anyone else recall the re-recording of the first track after the show was over, because the sound engineers hadn't got a good first take? I could ramble on, but my main impression of those early issues of WR is that our interest in music of quality, humour and individual musical creativity largely stems from our early exposure to the Canterbury scene. Our 'heroes' were 'anti-heroes' in their disavowal of a hedonistic rock and roll lifestyle. Dammit, they were as poor as we were! (I once shared a macrobiotic lunch with Dave Sinclair) I have never thought of John Martyn being part of the Canterbury scene; but he, like Kevin Coyne and XTC, displays the same qualities as the best from the men of Kent.   So who else can Rattlers turn me/us onto? I look forward to downloading all the other WRs.

Regards,  Terry Collins

From: Rich Williams <punkjazz@snet.net>
Subject: Rare Canterbury Vinyl available
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 19:56:15 -0400

Hi Aymeric,

Please forgive the lack of intelligent discourse on anything Canterbury, but I just wanted to let all of my fellow collectors know about my new set sale list at: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Venue/4306/garage/index.html

I'm getting rid of the last vestiges of my Vinyl obsession and have a lot of out-of-print Canterbury related items, including the 5 original Dave Stewart/Barbara Gaskin singles, as well as a copy of The Ghoulies "Dogged by Dogma" LP that features Dave Stewart & Pip Pyle.



From: "Theo Travis" <travis@travis33.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Theo Travis mail news
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 11:08:18 +0100

   July  1999

* The Theo Travis Quartet is performing at London‚s legendary Ronnie Scott‚s Club in Frith St , Soho from Mon 12 July to Sat 17 July. The line up is Theo (tenor sax and flute), David Gordon (piano), Andy Hamill (double bass) and Marc Parnell (drums).The band will play two sets each night, one at 9.30 pm and one at 11.50pm The band will be playing a mixture of Theo's new compositions, tracks from Theo‚s various CDs and arrangements of some classic jazz standards. Tickets are available from the Box Office on  0171 439 0747

On Wed 14, Thur 15 and Fri 16 July, the quartet is being recorded for a Live CD to be released in the autumn. There is a special offer for fans of the quartet for the best seats in the house (front two rows) on those nights. Simply call up the club and say "I am on the Theo Travis mailing list", and you will be given seats in the front rows. These seats are no smoking so if you want to smoke you'll need to sit elsewhere.  Also appearing on the bill is American pianist Geri Allen and her trio. This is an exciting one-off chance to be present during the recording of a Theo Travis album.

An extensive UK tour is currently being set up for November 1999 to promote the album. Dates will be posted on Theo's website as soon as they are all confirmed.

* The music book comprising the sheet music of 11 compositions of Theo's from his 3 solo albums is now finished and available. Tunes included are Lulworth Night, Shore Thing, Freedom, The Book, Three People, Full Moon Rising, Waterlily Boogie, Out of Sight Out Of Mind, Sex, Food and Money (Part 2 ), Fish and I'm Coming Home. Parts are in concert key and also written out for Bb instruments. Copies will be £10 each (plus £1 p&p). If you are interested, please send an e mail to the address below.

* Theo recently returned from a European tour playing with the classic psychadelic/ progressive rock band Gong . Theo was featured soloist on saxophone and flute and visited Belgium, Germany, Austria, Germany, Italy and France. The gigs went extremely well and there may be further collaborations including some recording in the future.

* Cipher  is the name of the ambient project  Theo has been working on with Jade Warrior bassist Dave Sturt for the last 4 years. Their debut CD No Ordinary Man was recently completed, and will be released on the Hidden Art (through Voiceprint) label in September. The CD features much of Theo's lyrical and spacious soprano sax sound with multi layered beatless textures and floating atmospheric soundscapes underpinned by hypnotic and melodic fretless bass lines. Guest musicians include Richard Barbieri (Japan/Rain Tree Crow) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) For fans of Brian Eno's ambient albums or Peter Gabriel's Passion this is a must! Cipher are planning some live appearances, some with and some without visuals and these will be announced shortly.

* Theo Travis's website with full up-to-date information about Theo's musical activities can be visited at http://www.travis33.demon.co.uk

 Further information from :  Fax: 0181 922 3119


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        [for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX]

==> CARAVAN <============================================================

Oct 01 - London, Astoria [+ special guests Annie Haslam/Michael Dunford]

==> DIDIER MALHERBE <====================================================

Didier's website: http://www.multimania.com/malherbedidier/

==> KEVIN AYERS / BELGIAN DATES <========================================

Jul 11 - Koekelberg, Baseliek Plazeyfestival Park
Aug 20 - Mechelen-Vismarkt, Dijlesfeesten
Aug 22 - Wilrijk, Spytelinck Kasteel
Sep 19 - Bornem, CC

Info: BOOM! Bookings, phone: + 02 360 28 51

==> MAGICK BROTHERS (D.ALLEN/G.CLARK/M.ROBSON) <=========================

Aug 11 -  Cornwall (tbc)
Aug 13 or 14 - Wimbourne, Gaunt's House Gathering
[more dates t.b.a.]

==> E.DEAN / H.HOPPER / K.TIPPETT / J.MARSHALL <=========================

Sep 04 - Chemnitz (Germany), Augustusburg Castle

Info: http://home.t-online.de/home/Olaf.Seidel/

==> ANNIE WHITEHEAD / ROBERT WYATT PROJECT <=============================

Oct 10 - Nottingham / Nov 14 - London, Queen Elizabeth Hall

This project will consist of Robert Wyatt compositions performed by a 10-piece band featuring Julie Tippetts (vocals), Ian Maidman (vocals/bass), Didier Malherbe (sax/fl), George Khan (sax), Harry Beckett (tpt), Jeanette Mason (kb), Liam Genockey (d) and Gazy Azuks (pc). Phil Manzanera (gtr) will also be appearing. Please note that Robert Wyatt *will not* be appearing, although he will be attending various rehearsals to lend his ideas and direction.

==> GLOBAL <=============================================================

Jul 10 - Salisbury, Lama Tree Festival / Aug 14 - Devon, Arlington Court Festival (near Barnstable) / Sep-Oct - small tour of Scotland/Ireland


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                        AND OTHER GOOD GIGS...                         *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

==> BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKS <==========================================

Jul 07 - Salerno (Italy), Jazz Festival / Jul 08 - Sarteano (Italy), Jazz Festival / Jul 23 - Aanekoski (Finland), Keitelejazz Jazz Festival / Aug 13 - Brecon (Wales), Jazz Festival

==> MIKE OLDFIELD <======================================================

Jul 06 - Barcelona (Spain), Palau Sant Jordi / Jul 07 - Palma De Mallorca, Plaza De Toros / Jul 08 - Madrid (Spain), Plazas de Toros de Leganes / Jul 09 - Salamanca (Spain), Plaza De Toros / Jul 10 - Santander (Spain), Campo de Futbol Castro Urdiales / Jul 12 - Paris (France), Grand Rex / Jul 13 - London, Wembley Arena / Jul 14 - Birmingham, Nec / Jul 15 - Dublin, The Point / Jul 17 - Udine (Italy), Castle / Jul 20 - Fürth (near Nürnberg) (Germany), Stadthalle / Jul 22 - Zurich (Switzerland), Live At Sunset / Jul 23 - Leipzig (Germany), Parkbühne / Jul 24 - Prague (Czech Republic), Sports Hall / Jul 29 - Langelands Festival (Denmark) / Jul 31 - La Coruna Festival (Spain)

More info: http://www.mikeoldfield.org

==> OZRIC TENTACLES / US TOUR <==========================================

Jul 07 - Boston (MA), Paradise Rock Club [info: 617-562-8801] / Jul 08 - Philidelphia (PA), Theatre of Living Arts [info: 215-922-1011] / Jul 09 - New York (NY), Wetlands Preserve [info: 212-966-4225] / Jul 10 - New York (NY), Wetlands Preserve [info: 212-966-4225] / Jul 11 - West Springfield (VA), Jaxx Niteclub [info: 703-569-5940] / Jul 13 - Atlanta (GA), The Variety Playhouse [info: 414-524-7354] / Jul 14 - Winston-Salem), Ziggy's [info: 336-748-0810] / Jul 15 - Towson (MD), Recher Theater [info: 410-547-7598] / Jul 16 - Cleveland (OH), Odeon Concert Club [info: 216-574-6328] / Jul 17 - Detroit (MI), The Majestic [info: 313-833-9700] / Jul 18 - Chicago (IL), House Of Blues [info: 312-923-2011] / Jul 20 - Milwaukee (WI), Shank Hall [info: 414-276-7288] / Jul 21 - Minneapolis (MN), First Avenue [info: 612-338-8407] / Jul 22 - St Louis (MO), Mississippi Nights [info: 314-664-1015] / Jul 24 - Boulder (CO), Fox Theatre [info: 303-447-0095] / Jul 25 - Boulder (CO), Fox Theatre [info: 303-447-0095] / Jul 27 - Ventura (CA), Ventura Theatre [info: 805-965-2231] / Jul 29 - West Hollywood (CA), House Of Blues [info: 323-848-5700] / Jul 30 - Santa Cruz (CA), Palookaville [info: 831-454-0600]

==> PHIL MANZANERA / 801 LATINO <=========================================

Sep 24-26 - Durban, South Africa
Oct 06 October - Newark, Robert Wyatt Festival

Further UK, France and Spain dates to be confirmed.
Phil Manzanera's new studio album "Vozero" will be released in September.

Info: http://www.manzanera.com


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