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From: Sam Andreeff <anteater@interlog.com>
Subject: Soft Machine 2
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 17:28:09 -0500

> By the way, someone mentioned Soft Machine 2 recently. I have to agree it
> is one of the finest Canterbury records ever. The finest RECORDS ever.

I agree. I would hold it as a high water mark of popular music. The somewhat stream-of-consciousness of the songwriting, the humorous lyrics ("Hulloder" is a good example) and the references to 'pataphysics make it a favourite of mine. At turns surreal, jazzy and downright hilarious, those records (particularely vol. 2) indicate that these were hip and sophisticated dudes.

> After all these years it is fun to hear what they were singing about
> at last. Listening along with the lyrics is a fun treat for us fans. What
> weird lyrics they were. That's part of their innovation. And who knew that
> As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still was all about Kevin! I can't believe it!

I'm not so sure that the lyrics were innovative, but they were up to some clever stuff. Incidentally, I was one of the people who hepled to transcribe that album. It's very tough to make out most of As Long ... a lot of what I did was guesswork.



From: Davidkow@aol.com
Subject: Stewart/Gaskin news?
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:14:42 EST

Does anyone have any idea what's going on with Dave Stewart/Barb Gaskin these
days?  For almost two years, their web site has said they're finishing up
their new album and the last live appearance mentioned was in 1996!  Anyone
know if they have any performances coming up or if they actually are working
on the new album?  Dave Stewart and his associated bands have always been the
highlight of the Canterbury scene for me and I'd love to actually hear
something new from him.



From: gong-gas <gong-gas@gpo.sonnet.co.uk>
Subject: GAS news Jan 99
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 99 17:52:42 +0000

Dear All,

Here is a digest of the latest GAS Rolling Flyer (Jan 99). It's something we send out with any enquiries and orders and I've always meant to get around to e-mailing it to all of you closely connected, so here tis. I will try and make this a monthly event. Hope you don't mind this bit of unsolicitated mail and that all is well with you and yours

Love Jonny

January 99 Rolling Flyer
PO BOX 871 Glastonbury, Somerset,  BA6 9LJ
Web-site   http://www.sonnet.co.uk/gong-gas/

Eat Me Baby I’m a Jellybean  AGASCD016
Daevid has returned to his roots and recorded a wondrously fresh bebop album on which he sings quirkily reworked classic jazz standards with a powerful, grooving, eloquent and emotional quartet of master jazz musicians including:- Ndugu Chancler, a supreme jazz drummer who has played regularly with Hugh Masekela, Miles Davis, Santana, Freddie Hubbard and George Duke. Didier, who of course as well as being Gong’s horney genius has regular gigs with Pierre Bensusan and his own band Hadouk (it is so good hearing Didier’s supreme straight be-bop playing), Eugene Maslov a spectacular Russian improvising pianist who played regularly with Antonio Carlos Jobim and who is currently recording in a trio with Omar Hakim and Eddie Gomez.
The pedigree of the playing is of the very highest standards and Daevid is in great voice throughout. His new or re-written lyrics are also pure alien genius. Tracks include My Funny Valentine, So What, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Slow Boat and more.
This is the music that inspired Daevid to become a musician, create Soft Machine and Gong. Check it out. I think it is a fascinating and totally rewarding experience on all levels and it comes with a full lyric booklet and copious notes by Daevid himself.

Pip Pyle-Seven Year Itch  Voiceprint VP198CD
Totally recommended. The depth, intelligence and warmth of Gong’s sometime drummer is revealed with a beautifully crafted, exciting CD, a release he can be proud of. The large cast of musicians includes John Greaves, Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin, Didier, Phil Miller, Freddy Baker, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and a dozen more. His version of Strawberry Fields Forever (the only cover on the CD) is worth the price of admission alone, simply superb.

Various-Wir Sind Der Revolte Vol 1   TPCD 1.807.030
Very good live tracks from Gong, Hawkwind, Faust, Man, Embryo, Guru Guru recorded over the years at the huge alternative Herzberg Festival in Germany. Gong’s track, from ‘97, the longest at 18.53, is “Would You Like Some Tea?”, a good spacey improvised piece leading into the ‘Master Builder’ Riff. The gig is notable for being Pierre Moerlen’s first with Gong after a gap of  20 years. This CD is bound to  become a rarity.

Seize-The Day  It’s Your Life  Wildwood CD 19801
A great, concerned, ethical and uplifting release. S.T.D. are the writers of ‘No-One’s Slave’  recorded by both Daevid and K. Moon, who also often sing S.T.D’s ‘Child of the Universe’ (also included here) live. S.T.D are full-time eco-warriors devoting all of their efforts to ecological concerns around the country and can be found on the front-line of many road/tree camps and protests. Beautiful packaging with all the lyrics and lots of illustrations & photographs.

At the moment Daevid and Gilli; are playing the odd gig in Oz with all manner of musicians, looking after the close and extended family, writing, recording, campaigning, recovering.

Some solo US dates for Daevid and Gilli (together & separately) are being planned in March on the way over to Europe for...a Gong Tour with gigs in N. France, Belgium, Germany, possibly Switzerland and Austria at the beginning of May. Gong-wise improvising seems to be the order of the day with some surprising changes in band members also possible.

Also being hatched are Brainville (Daevid, Hu Hopper, Pip Pyle & Kramer) dates in the US, N. Europe and the UK in March/April.

Daevid & Graham are off to Israel for a one off gig and a lecture on the 28th and 29th April.

New band-Mask with Keith the Bass, Mark Hewins, Shaymal probably gigs in April in Northern France.

All this means that both Daevid & Gilli will have solo UK dates throughout the Spring in the UK starting in the 3rd week of April and filling all non Gong or Brainville gaps. Gigs booked so far:-

Daevid Solo    
Sun 18th April / Duchess of York, Leeds
Wed 21st April / Riddles Music Bar, Stoke
Thur 22nd April / Axiom Centre, Cheltenham–TBC
Sun 25th April / Cavern, Exeter (possibly on the Internet as well)

Didier Malherbe & Pierre Bensusan    
An adventerous evening with Didier & the brilliant guitarist Pierre Bensusan.
Fri 26th Feb '99 / Theatre le Phoenix, Valenciennes (03 27 32 32 00)

Steffe is working on/talking about some Bubbled Up Ambient/Dub type gigs in the N.W. States based around Seattle.

The Invisible Opera Company are gigging more regularly these days and are also currently discussing the possibility of a ‘pixie power’ package tour of Europe with the Spacegoats.

Mark Robson and Kangaroo Moon will be back in Europe at the end of May for a host of Summer gigs.

Being pressed, illustrated, edited, mastered, recorded or planned somewhere for release throughout next year are:- In Transit - Kangaroo Moon (brilliant studio album), Live 76-78 - Here & Now (psychedelic free festival madness) , The Seven Drones - Daevid Allen (the ultimate chill-out/spiritual tune-up), Anima Rising - Steffe (deep trance), a new Global CD, The Wound of Love - Brainville, Daevid Allen’s Submarine of Salt/University of Errors, Gnome - Bananamoon Band (lost 67 album), Radio Brainwave - Gong, A new Orlando and Gilli studio Goddess T album, Rebella - Lady June & the massed musicians of the ‘Canterbury’ scene...and more!

We are working at getting a publisher for Daevid’s ‘Gong Dreaming 2, Gong: 69-75’. It would be nice to get it out in time for the 30th anniversary at the end of October next year. Failing everything we can always put it all on the web-site.

As always working at the web-site, the ultimate Gong Family discography, survival and increasing positivity everywhere.

Surrealist Proverbs for today  : A shadow is a shadow all the same.


From: Clay Gaunce <thetrip@pop.uky.edu>
Subject: "7 Year Itch"
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:24:42 -0500

Hello, Aymeric.  Hope all's well with you.  Pip Pyle's CD made my "Best of
'98" list in case you'd care to see it:

Best regards,



From: "ges cambridge" <ges@gcambridge.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: none
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 00:20:07 -0000

Dear sir,

I would love to have a tape of "the best of Caravan live", as of today I had never heard of it, so any friends that would like to do it for me would be a friend indeed. Also that session they do for Radio One, the one with the tracks we have never heard of:

Ges Cambridge
18 Kent Close
Corby, Northants NN17 2TJ

I went to diss as a homage to a band which I had spent a lot of time listening to and a little time supporting. My son who is open to music had liked Caravan through  brainwashing... I mean playing all the time, "Nine feet underground"
but he still likes the new stuff better. They are lovely people, I had a "Battle of Hastings" CD which I bought in Russia, a total bootleg, but at 1.50 a go I was not bothered, it had a plain inner sleeve and Pye took the time to take my 15-year-old son around all members of the band to get there autographs, which was nice. I'm sure most people would not have the time so.

My son thinks Caravan  are cool and Pye is Uncle Pye in his eyes. I have tried to get him into this tape I have, of Soft Machine live in Norway 1970 which is one long piece lasting 80-85 mins and is weird, but gong he loves, I was at the cambridge folk festival lying in a drunken slumber when i was awoken by this hippy girl, it was the end of the seventies selling Mother Gong LPs which my mate bought one, being a Gong fan, a big Gong fan and he thought it was crap, so I got it and I liked it, I still think that "Softs" is Soft Machine's best album, though "Third" comes close open minded or what.

So much for the memories, "Whats rattlin" is magic to people like me who need  the real thing in this false world, one last thing bootlegs a band called Inner City Unit taped all their concerts, all their soundchecks, and sold them to the fans, so please help me out with the tapes.

Many thanks for reading keep up the good work


From: Stella Star <stellast@club-internet.fr>
Subject: Website
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:26:58 +0100

Hello Rattlers!
Thought you might like to have a look a my newborn Website, which has a growing number of concert photographs from the Canterbury Music Scene (and Beyond!).

Comments welcome.

Helene Collon
("Fireflies in the Dark") : http://perso.club-internet.fr/stellast/


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*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Feb 05 - Annecy (France), venue tbc

Mar 25-31 : California
(also gigs with Gilli Smyth and friends feat. Percy Jones and others)
Apr 24-30 : Cornwall
May 24-30 : France
Jun 22-28 : Ireland
Jul 22-28 : USA
Aug 20-26 : Scotland
Sep 19-25 : near London

Apr 18 - Leeds, Duchess of York
Apr 21 - Stoke-on-Trent, Riddles Music Bar
Apr 22 - Cheltenham, Axion Centre
Apr 25 - Exeter, Cavern
and more t.b.a.

Apr 29/30 - Israel

A European tour is being arranged at the moment.
A German tour between May 2-8 will be followed by dates in Austria, Northern France (incl. Lyon) and possibly Switzerland and Italy.
This tour should bring many surprises - a radically changed set, more improvisation-based; and an altered line-up - Pip Pyle will be back on drums & other changes to be announced.

Billed to perform at Progfest'99 in San Francisco, late May.
UK and European dates currently being arranged for June.

Feb 26 - Valenciennes (France), Théatre le Phoenix [tel:]
Feb 27 - Faches-Tumesnil [near Lille] (France), Les Arcades [tel:]
Mar 06 - Jarny (France), Espace Gérard Philippe [tel:]

Feb 06 - Glastonbury, Assembly Rooms
+ full tour in March/April

SPACEHEAD feat. Graham Clark
Feb 03 - Derby, The Vic
Feb 04 - Preston, The Adelphi
Feb 05 - Stoke-on-Trent, Riddles Music Bar
Feb 06 - Buxton, Cheshire Cheese
+ two jazz gigs featuring Graham:
Feb 08 - Manchester, Blue Note Chorlton (jazz duo with Steve Mead, guitar)
Mar 02 - Stockport, Three Shires (w/ resident rhythm section)

[Barbara Thompson/Billy Thompson/Peter Lemer/Paul Westwood/Jon Hiseman]
Mar 02 - Innsbruck (Austria), Treibhaus
Mar 03 - Dornbirn (Austria), Spielboden
Mar 04 - Luzern (Switzerland), t.b.a.
Mar 05 - Konstanz (Germany), t.b.a.
Mar 06 - Stuttgart (Germany), Theaterhaus
Mar 07 - Mainz (Germany), Frankfurter Hof
Mar 09 - Regensburg (Germany), Jazzclub
Mar 10 - Hockenheim (Germany), Pumpwerk
Mar 11 - Nürnberg (Germany), Hirsch
Mar 12 - Kufstein (Austria), Kulturfabrik
Mar 13 - Salzburg (Austria), Rockhouse
Mar 14 - Graz (Austria), Orpheum
Mar 15 - Wien (Austria), Metropol od. Szene
Mar 17 - Budapest (Hungary), t.b.a.
Mar 18 - St. Pölten (Austria), Bühne im Hof
Mar 19 - Oslip (Austria), Cselley Mühle
Mar 20 - Spielberg (Austria), Kulturzentrum
Mar 21 - Linz (Austria), Posthof
Apr 08 - Vlotho (Germany), t.b.a.
Apr 09 - Salzgitter (Germany), Kulturscheune
Apr 10 - Kiel (Germany), Räucherei
Apr 11 - Bremen (Germany), t.b.a.
Apr 13 - Kaiserslautern (Germany), Kammgarn
Apr 14 - Kehl (Germany), Stadthalle
Apr 15 - Pfullendorf (Germany), Stadthalle
Apr 16 - Heidenheim (Germany), Berufsakademie Heidenheim
Apr 17 - Singen (Germany), Gems
Apr 18 - Freiburg (Germany), Jazzhaus
Apr 21 - Osnabrück (Germany), Lagerhalle
Apr 22 - Gronau (Germany), Studio in der Brücke
Apr 24 - Tübingen (Germany), Zentrum Zoo

Apr 06 - Paris, festival Banlieues Bleues

Mar 15 - Paris, festival Banlieues Bleues

Feb 09 - Ivry-sur-Seine (France), Theatre Antoine Vitez
Feb 11 - Gent (Belgium), Vooruit
Feb 13 - Vienna (Austria)
Feb 14 - Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Feb 17 - Esslingen (Germany)
Feb 18 - Munich (Germany)
Feb 20 - Dortmund (Germany)
Feb 21 - Zurich (Switzerland)
Feb 22 - Florence (Italy)
Feb 23 - Marseille (France)
Feb 24 - Bordeaux (France)
Feb 25 - Coimbra (Portugal)

Apr 14 - Torino(Italy)
Apr 15 - Roma (Italy)              
Apr 16 - Verona (Italy)
Apr 17 - Meldola(Italy)
Apr 18 - Bolzano (Italy)
Apr 19 - Milano (Italy)

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