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From: Mark HEWINS <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: Re: WR#107/8 (specifically e.rabin/milos)
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 11:01:10 +0000

Hello Aymeric, and interested others.

The question of DIGITAL BOOTLEGGING (ie CDR and DAT etc.) needs addressing IMMIDIATELY. The fact that someone was advertising to copy in *Digital* form (not good old audio-cassette); COPYRIGHT MATERIAL THAT BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE (in this case Elton Dean) is a breach of the trust the Musicians put in you (the people that like Canterbury Music). In purely legal terms, the copyright contract printed on any record, 'any unaurthorized performance etc.'; which was entered into when the record was originally bought, has also been breached.

Take careful note;
This was sent to us for publication on the web by ELTON DEAN; NO words have been changed and you can tell by the tone of the letter what HE thinks of BOOTLEGGERS and SHOPLIFTERS.


It has come to my attention that certain individuals are actually advertising their intentions of 'digital bootlegging' my recorded material. This is not only illegal but immoral - depriving me of my mechanical and artistic royalties which are the mainstay of my income. Without them I would struggle even more than I do already. I find it hard to believe that so-called 'fans' have the audacity to indulge in such blatant theft. If you want to deal with my Music, then you must talk with Me.

ELTON DEAN 22 October 1998
7 Farleigh Rd.
Stoke Newington,


I hope this makes the situation clear from the Musicians point of view to all those interested in Canterbury Music.
Digital Bootlegging is THEFT



From: "Luna Negra S.C." <lunanegr@sjr.podernet.com.mx>
Subject: Favourites
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:05:27 -0600

Hi, my friends:
Hope you're all o.k.

<davidlayton@earthlink.net> wrote about his favourite Canterbury recordings...
> 1. Soft Machine - Third
> 2. Soft Machine - Fourth
> 3. Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink
> 4. Khan - Space Shanty
> 5. Gong - Angel's Egg
> 6. Caravan - New Symphonia
> 7. Gong - You
> 8. Hatfield And The North - The Rotters' Club
> 9. Steve Hillage - Fish Rising
> 10. National Health - Of Queues And Cures

Sounds nice! but I just can't live without "Sudden Dusk" (HOWEVER), "Hopes and Fears" (ART BEARS) and "The Naked Shakespeare" (PETER BLEVGAD).

I haven't heard KHAN so I thing I'd better check them out!

And, there's more:
Does anybody know if there's any Canterbury related LASERDISC available?

Keep in touch

Juan José Salas R.

Support The Bassoonist Club! (For Lindsay)


From: (Peter Lemer)
Subject: Paraphernalia Newsletter
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 98 14:04 GMT0

Hi Aymeric!

If this is interesting I have a Barbara Thompson/Jon Hiseman newsletter:
A Paraphernalia tourlist is still being designed.
Newsletter Autumn '98

Over the last few months Barbara and Jon have been busy recording. A new album with Evelyn Glennie entitled Rhythms of the Gods based on fragments of ancient Greek music and poetry, is now in it's mixing stage and will be released in 1999. Barbara  wrote the music originally for a commission from Eastern Arts. The work features Evelyn on her array of drums and tuned  percussion, Barbara  on saxophones, clarinet and flute, and Philip Smith on grand piano. Jon is  producing.

The new Paraphernalia album, Shifting Sands has now been completed and is scheduled for release November '98. Barbara  has written  the album with contributions from pianist Peter Lemer, as a series of musical adventures, inspired by a combination of traditional jazz influences and modern techniques  underscored by the creative rhythm section of Jon Hiseman and Paul Westwood, with the addition of  the very talented young violinist Billy Thompson, runner up in Young Musician of the Year '98 competition. Billy is 24 years old from S. Wirral. He is very active on the Cardif music scene, where he gained a BA Hons Degree in Music at the Welsh College of Music & Drama, studying with Keith Tippett. The violin was very much an integral part of the Paraphernalia sound in the early days.

Paraphernalia's  European tour starts in Germany on January 20th '99. The group will then tour in Austria, Switzerland, & Eastern Europe, finishing up in the UK from May 25th.

Barbara & Jon also are founder members of The United Jazz & Rock Ensemble, the German based 10 piece group, featuring Albert Mangelsdorf, Wolfgang Dauner, Kenny Wheeler, Ian Carr & Christof Lauer, which  is recording live in  Kaiserslautern in Germany on January 15th/17th '99, and will then tour from November 18th - December 5th '99

Neil Ardley, with whom Barbara started her playing career in the 60's is back on the music scene for three re-union concerts of Kaleidoscope of Rainbows:

March '99 :
Fri 27th    The Stables, Wavendon
Sat 27th    Turner Sims Hall, Southampton
Sun 28th    Blackheath Concert Halls

Kaleidoscope of Rainbows features Barbara, Tony Coe, Art Theman & Phil Todd on reeds, Ian Carr on trumpet together with his group Nucleus and Trevor Tompkins on percussion.

Temple Music, P.O.Box 141, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5JU
              fax: 0181 642 8692
              E-Mail: bt@templebt.demon.co.uk


From: Rich Williams <punkjazz@snet.net>
Subject: Peter Lemer
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 12:10:33 -0500

[In WR#108, Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr> wrote:]
> I spent most of Monday afternoon shopping with Peter Lemer, who was looking
> for rap/techno CDs and comics for his 13-year-old son. While walking around
> town we came upon a "Jazz Museum" which we visited, and discovered they
> actually had a copy of Peter's solo album (a jazz quintet record) from
> 1966. Peter told me the original master tapes to that album have just been
> recovered, along with bonus material. So a new CD reissue may be released
> sometime in the future.

Actually this is a fairly common item(at least here in the states). The entire ESP catalog was reissued on CD a few years back, and even though the license has now expired and been acquired by someone else, there are still quite a few copies floating around stores and at various net dealers.

The catalog # is ESP 1057 and the title is local colour. It features Jon Hiseman on drums, and the sax is credited to one Nisar Ahmed Khan. (I've often wondered if this was the same person as  George Khan, of Mirage and Ruth is Stranger than Richard fame.... sounds like him anyway)


[Yes, Nisar Ahmad "George" Khan is indeed one person - AL]


From: mihra@cerbernet.co.uk (Roger Bunn)
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 01:55:03 +0000

A permanent music venue in London?

I have a contact that will host "jazz" on a Sunday. Nice place. Close to Heathrow. It will have a small budget.. maybe chrage on the door too.

Let me think about this for a while. But IF there are any old Canterburians or progressive rockers interested in this. Which would  commence around February next year. They should contact me.


Policy Office
Music Industry Human Rights Association
UK Homepage  http://www.cerbernet.co.uk/mihra
US Satellite http://www.212.net / roger@212.net
General Email Mihra@cerbernet.co.uk / tel 011 44 181 742 2803
Mihra was founded during UN50 to advance and protect creators rights in a cultural market monopolised by the six member recording  / publishing Cartel. Mihra's roots are in music and anti-racism and it has called for a sports boycott of both Indonesia and Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.


From: "MELLOW RECORDS Ltd." <"mellow@sistel.it; mellow"@pangea.it>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 10:32:26 -0800

Here are the artists confirmed for the moment:

TILION (ITALY) Can't belong now (Caravan)
SYNTETHIC BLOCK (USA) The soft weed factor (Soft Machine)
PHIL BEANE (USA) Spring any day now (Fred Frith)
KUNDALINI (SWEDEN) Crumble (Hugh Hopper)
PATRICK FORGAS (FRANCE) Hope for happiness (Soft Machine)
HOSTSONATEN (ITALY) Sea song (Robert Wyatt)
NOSTALGIA (ITALY) At last I'm free (Robert Wyatt)
NICK LOEBNER Place of my own (Caravan)

Thank you.

Dr. Mauro Moroni



From: AMathes737@aol.com
Subject: WR-An Open Letter on The state of Canterbury music
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 11:42:26 EST

Listening to Pip Pyle's Seven Year Itch got me thinking about the future of our favorite music. Specifically, the track SEVEN SISTERS which opens the CD with the time honored tradition of a Pyle lyric sung by Richard Sinclair moves me to write this open letter to all of you.  I love this track more than the 9,000th version of "For Richard", more than the latest Phil Miller jazz outing, more than another rehashing of a 9th generation GONG line-up, more than the newest Stewart-Gaskin souped-up pop song.  Why? Because in my humble opinion it represents the very best Canterbury has to offer: The merging of jazz, pop,  amusing and literate lyrics, tricky phrasing, shifting time signatures, superior and inventive musicianship all wrapped up in a neat and (nearly perfect) package sung by one of the two or three voices that really sets this music apart from any other.(You know who the others are)  I'm probably not the only listener who felt let down NOT to hear Richard singing more songs on Pip's CD.  As good as Jakko, Greaves and Gaskin are (and I was especially impressed with Jakko), it seemed as if they were merely stand-ins for thre Real Thing. Sorry, and no insult intended because I have bought and enjoyed music by these other musicians on their own outings.

Am I saying that I miss the unique and mysteriously intriguing musical entity that was once known as Hatfield and the North? You bet I am. Now I know that these individuals are separated by geographical as well psychological mountain ranges. But SEVEN SISTERS proves that they can be brought together through the magic of DAT machines and other technological devices to record engaging and totally satisfying music. More than that, REAL Canterbury music, not a pale imitation.

So to all of you who listed a Hatfield LP as one of the 3 great Canterbury records, I challenge you to come forth in this forum and demand MORE!  Maybe if enough of us ask for it the musicians will respond and even get funded by one of these new labels spending all their resources digging up embarrassing old stuff the musicians never wanted out in the first place. (Anybody really think Anthony Moore's OUT needed to come out?!) Spend your money on NEW GOOD STUFF that we really want.  Ask for more or I swear you'll end up buying a CD of Carvavan's greatest hits played on pennywhistles and kazoos.  Or, we could just sit at our computers for the next ten years reviewing and  discussing THE PAST. Listen to the lyrics  of the Sinclair /Pyle song What's Rattlin' that was wisely chosen to name this board. The musicians want to make NEW music. It's OK to say goodbye to the past but not to  the very character  that makes this music unique.  So in closing I say let's have more music like SEVEN SISTERS, and Richard it's time to come back and let us hear more of your singing!  In any case PIP, nice effort, next time don't take 7 years. There ought to be more support from us and the labels  for projects like Caravan of Dreams, Shleep, and Pip's that move the tradition forward, not backward.

What do you think?

Allen Mathes


From: Rob Kimber <Rob.Kimber@btinternet.com>
Subject: Gong and related bands
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:31:58 -0000

After having gentle perused through this weeks WR issue I am astonished to find no mention of upcoming UK gigs. Most of you rattlers seem more concerned about topping up your own collections and gallavanting around Europe. For the psychedelic folk rock jazz fan that has not many coins to chink in his pokect, this is not much excitement.  

There is a Gong/related bands concert/whatever they are calling it at Totnes (Devon, UK) on Dec 08 and Dec 18 Chagfor Devon. Not sure if that's the right way around or date wise but hey check Gong's official homepage that's where I got the info.

I notice even the editor does not have these dates in the forthcoming gigs?:-)  It would be nice if MORE UK venues could be in.


[You perfectly have the right to consider yourself not well-informed by WR but (1) hey, this is a free service, I don't earn my living doing this (2) if you have the missing info, you may as well give us the complete facts - from your message I don't even know what band you're referring to... - AL]


From: Lokizak@aol.com
Subject: Caravan In The News
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 12:37:14 EST

I was surprised to open the entertainment seciton of the Sunday San Francisco
Examiner a couple of weeks ago and actually see a mention about Caravan.

While it is not much, I thought the list might enjoy seeing it:

"Last week we mentioned that the forthcoming Metallica DVD "Cunning Stunts"
borrowed its title from a Cows album. Turns out the phrase was used at least
once before that, by the group Caravan in 1975".

I can't take credit for the correction. I can only wish that the reference
was to the new Caravan album. But is there an unknown Caravan - Metallica
connection? The mind boggles.

Dick Archbold


From: lolorec@aol.com (LOLOREC)
Subject: Bon Lozaga/Vic Stevens shows
Date: 2 Nov 1998 04:03:49 GMT

Guitarist Bon Lozaga (Gongzilla) along will percussionist Glen Leonard will be performing at the following shows. These are "Sonic Abandon" shows with electric and acoustic guitars, loops, strangeness, etc.

Fri. Nov. 6
Steel City
Bridge & Main St., Phoenixville, PA
610-933-0709 Showtime 9 PM

Sat. Nov. 14
Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St., New York, N.Y.
212-219-3006 Showtime 9PM
Drummer Vic Stevens will also be performing with his project called Threshold.
This trio feature Kermit Driscoll on bass and Alex Domshcott on guitar.


From: Michael Bloom <MHB@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Canterbury Favourites
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 98 11:42:02 EST

[In WR#105, Aymeric Leroy wrote:]
>I think it would be interesting for all of us if subscribers mentioned
>their one (or two or three, possibly not more) favourite Canterbury,
>PROVIDED they argue WHY they are their favourites, in a few sentences

Sorry, I'm well behind in my E-mail, and most of the rest of my life.

I vote for Hatfield and the North's THE ROTTERS CLUB, for several reasons:

1) Hatfield's personnel was the convergence of several Canterbury strains: Richard Sinclair from Caravan, Phil Miller from Delivery via Matching Mole, Pip Pyle from Delivery via Gong, and Dave Stewart from the non-Canterbury but very Soft-influenced Egg.

2) Hatfield's compositions exemplify the characteristic Canterbury humor. Obviously the lyrics are all uproarious-- and Pyle's "Fitter Stoke" also paints a typically goofy self-portrait a la Robert Wyatt-- but the purely instrumental pieces also have that sparkle. It is impossible for me to listen to this record without grinning.

3) Yet as ear-friendly as they are, these are astonishingly complex tunes. The structure of "Mumps," with its numerous themes and intricate variations, defies analysis. The chord changes to "Underdub" are pretty bewildering. Dave Stewart's synth solo in "Share It" is a miracle of miniaturization.

One could surely make all the same arguments for the Hatfield debut, and I'm tempted, especially when I think of "Homerton." (Has anyone MIDIfied that yet?) But I think The Rotters Club benefits from that additional year of ensemble polish and is just that hair's breadth better.


From: Mark HEWINS <hewins@musart.co.uk>
Subject: Concert
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 17:49:13 +0000

Dear Aymeric

Here's some details of our Concert;
which will be recorded for a CD release

    12th Nov; London Jazz Festival
    *****    MASH ****
    Shyamal Maïtra & Mark Hewins
    Lauderdale House
    Highgate Hill London N6
    8:00pm - £5.00

Also the pamphlet




∞∞∞   MARK HEWINS  ∞∞∞
     < http://www.musart.co.uk/hewins.htm >
            (try the new CHORD PICKER)
                  < http://www.musart.co.uk/script/chords.htm >
                                  ∞∞∞                                ∞∞∞


More Gong & related gig info from the GAS website:

Gigs firming up nicely into 1999.
* Daevid is playing the odd one in Australia with all manner of musicians.
* Steffe is working on a couple of gigs in the NW States, that is still at the talking phase.
* Also being talked about: Gong german tour and also a travelling festival of fooles in 1999 called THE PATH OF THE SEVEN MOONS - which will feature Gong, Kangaroo Moon and others.
* Brainville dates in N.Europe and the UK, and Daevid solo UK dates.
* Also the invisible opera company is currently discussing a 'pixie power' package tour of europe with the spacegoats. Can't really be clearer than that at the moment. We'll have the details up on this site as soon as it happens.


From: Earl Rapp <donnamx@waterw.com>
Subject: Elton Dean
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 11:11:51 -0500 (EST)

Hello Rattlers:

I picked up Elton Dean's re-release of "Just Us" originally released in 72 with bonus live tracks.

This is a must for all of the Canterbury jazz fans on this forum. The playing is, as then, great.

The cast on the cd is an all-star get together of Elton, Mark Charig, Neville Whitehead, Phil Howard, Mike Ratledge, Roy Babbington, Nick Evans, Jeff Green and Louis Moholo

Try this cd on for size if you like Elton, Softs circa 3,4,5, & 6

Best Wishes:
Earl Rapp


From: "47.watt" <47.watt@iol.it>
Subject: Wyatt's documentary is ready
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 18:24:27 +0200

I'm Carlo Bevilacqua one of the director of Robert Wyatt's documentary.Do you remember about me ?
The documentary is ready. We have presented it at Turin and it was really exiting. Robert Wyatt, Cutler, Frith  and many others was there.
In an interwiew Robert said also : - This movie have saved my life because with this movie i remember who I was been and who I am now, I'm a musician .-
The Italian press are talking a lot about the film and the Tribute that CPI have made.
Have you visited the CPI web site ? http://www.cpi.it/ .There's also an exhibition of "Videogrammi" (pictures from the vide )
the address is : http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/3738/little.htm

carlo bevilacqua


From: David R Ashcraft <105704.1431@compuserve.com>
Subject: John Etheridge update
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:55:56 -0500


Belated thanks for the excellent John Etheridge interview of several months ago. While his Canterbury connection may be somewhat tenuous, he is an unbelievably talented and tasteful guitarist who IMHO should be as famous as the guy that he succeeded in Soft Machine (Alan Holdsworth).

Here's what he's up to these days:
John is touring with classical violinist Kennedy (he's dropped the "Nigel") and doing an amazing Bach/Bartok/Hendrix composition of Nigel's (oops, I mean Kennedy). The classical critic here in Chicago gave it an absolutely outstanding review (and I missed the show as I didn't know who was performing with Kennedy).

I wanted to let anyone else here in the states know about the show so that if they come to your town you won't suffer the same fate as I did and miss it!

BTW, having recently discovered the 1993 Etheridge/Andy Summers duo acoustic CD entitled "Invisible Threads" it is a highly recommended release, tuneful and tasteful. Check out Andy's power trio disc entitled "The Last Dance of Mr. X" for some great guitar and cranking versions of some cool Blue Note style jazz.

All three Wolf discs (Darryl Way's band) feature great playing from Etheridge, esp. their final realease, "Night Music", with a wonderful composition from John called "Flat 2-55" that foreshadows his sterling work on "Softs" and the live Soft Machine album (both more in the fusion than the progressive vein).

Regards from the windy city,

PS: The review in the Chicago Tribune listed the other guitarist as "Douglas Boyle".  Is this the same guy as the Caravan guitarist? If so I REALLY missed a good gig!!

[Yes, it is the same guy ! This tour is actually why Doug wasn't at the recent Caravan gig at London's Astoria, and was "replaced" by Jimmy Hastings... See below for the complete Kennedy US tour itinerary - AL]


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               FORTHCOMING CANTERBURY-RELATED CONCERTS                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[for more info : check out the 'Concerts' page of CALYX - see URL below]

Dec 10 - Dublin, Vicar Street

Dec 08 - St.Germain-en-Laye (France), La Clef

Nov 12 - London Jazz Festival, Lansdown House

Nov 27 - Paris (France), New Morning
Dec 05 - Alençon (France), La Luciole [tel:]
Dec 15-17 - Paris (France), Satellit'Café [D.Malherbe solo]
Jan 22 - Elancourt (France), venue unknown [tel:]
Jan 23 - Montereau (France), venue unknown [tel:]
Feb 26 - Valenciennes (France), Théatre le Phoenix [tel:]
Feb 27 - Faches-Tumesnil [near Lille] (France), Les Arcades [tel:]
Mar 06 - Jarny (France), Espace Gérard Philippe [tel:]

[feat. John Etheridge & Doug Boyle]
Nov 08 - Washington, DC
Nov 09 - Ithaca, NY (Cornell University)
Nov 10 - Newark, NJ (NJPAC)
Nov 12 - Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ.)
Nov 14 - Houston, TX
Nov 15 - Texas A&M Univ. Rudder Auditorium
Nov 17 - Saratoga, CA
Nov 18 - Las Vegas, NV
Nov 20 - PAlm Desert, CA
Nov 21 - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 22 - Cerritos, CA
Nov 23 - San Fransisco, CA
Nov 27 - Portland, OR
Nov 28 - Seattle, WA
Nov 29 - Vancouver (Canada), Orpheum

Nov 27 - Cheltenham, Axiom Centre

CHRIS CUTLER with various projects
Nov 14 - Berlin (Germany), venue unknown [with Lutz Glandien]
Nov 16 - Krakow (Poland), Audio Art Festival [with P53]
Nov 19 - Paris (France), Instants Chavirés [with Tony Buck/JM Montera/JJ Pauvros]

Nov 17 - Paris (France), Peniche 'Le 6/8' [tel: 143.807.454]

Dec 18 - Chagford (Devon), Jubilee Hall

Dec 12 - Totnes (Devon), Seven Stars Hotel

And a plug for our Kobaians friends:

Nov 27 - St.Nazaire (44) (France)
Nov 28 - St.Quentin (02) (France)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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