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From: Aymeric Leroy <bigbang@alpes-net.fr>
Subject: A couple of newsbits from Record Collector
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 11:08:07

The latest issue of the excellent British magazine Record Collector has a couple of newsbits of interest to us Canterbury maniacs:

- The first one I quote directly from RC: "Expect a Robert Wyatt box set from Rykodisc in october. One disc brings together various singles and EP cuts including "Shipbuilding", "I'm A Believer", "Yolanda" and "Biko"; another includes remixes by Pmff of four tracks from Wyatt's 1997 album "Dondestan". The long-lost video for "Shipbuilding" will be added to one of the discs as an enhanced CD track playable on CD-ROM".

- The second one is an "interview" of sorts with Kevin Ayers, in which he mentions a recent stay in Kent: "I was down in Whitstable on a sentimental journey, and I bumped into Richard Coughlan, and he reminded me of all kings of things I'd totally forgotten, and now I've forgotten them again". In this interview, Ayers seems a little pessimistic about his future work, more or less saying he has little inspiration to write new stuff. Was this only the mood of the day? I can't say...



From: administrator <rfks@yahoo.com>
Subject: New Prog Show 20 & 21
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 22:51:11 +0200

News Release Information

Greetings fellow progger,

Just a quick note to let you personally know that Radio Free Kansas has just released show 20 & 21. We are also working on show 22 and show 1A which should be online this weekend hopefully.

Show 20 features Canterbury groups such as National Health, Hatfield & The North
and Caravan plus Gentle Giant, Camel, Traffic Sound, ELP, King Crimson, Pierre
Moerlen's Gong, Greenslade, Genesis and Ghost (Japan).

Show 21 features Kansas, Arzachel, Grey Lady Down, Genesis, Romantic Warriors,
Pink Floyd, Rare Bird, ELP, Gila and Deus Da Machina.

Use Real Audio player 5.0 to listen and not G2. G2 has too many problems. You can download Real Audio 5.0 from our site if you don't have it.

Most of the groups we have featured have been email requests.
We now have over 230 mb of Real Audio programming.

Enjoy and have a good Labor Day weekend.

The Staff at Radio Free Kansas


From: neato@pipeline.com
Subject: bali gong
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 23:24:58 -0400 (EDT)

[Phil Howitt <facelift@gpo.sonnet.co.uk> asked:]
> Well, what do you think an orchestra of gamelan players is known as???

why a gong, of course...
                                all my mistakes were once acts of genius


From: David Layton <davidlayton@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Khan Passport release
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 23:21:06 -0700

This is a reply, a minor correction made to a statement from WR #101.
[In WR#102, Mark Jones <mc3.jones@uwe.ac.uk> wrote:]
>On the subject of Khan, there was a US reissue on Jem or Passport (I forget
>now as I sold my copy about 15 years ago).  It was single-sleeved and had
>some interesting sleevenotes by none other than Dave Stewart which, if
>memory serves alluded to the initial plan of Steve Hillage's to record
>something quite 'new'.  DS, however, states that what finally emerged was
>nothing more than a pop album, albeit a rather interesting one!  He also
>alluded to the drummer's beard length!

I have this vinyl copy of the album, as well as the Mantra CD copy. It was released on a Passport companion label, PVC.  The notes by Dave Stewart, written on the back of the album jacket, do not assert that the album was just an ordinary pop album.  What Stewart says is that Steve Hillage had many ideas for the music of Khan which got dropped when it came to recording the album, but that these, or similar, ideas re-appeared on later Hillage albums such as Motivation Radio and Green. There is a sense in which Stewart liked these ideas better than what finally appeared on Space Shanty, but he does not say that Space Shanty was thereby made into just popular music.  He does, however, mention drummer beard length.

Good bye for now from the land where all that glitters is gold.


From: Mark Bloch <markb@echonyc.com>
Subject: Brainville
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 13:17:35 +0100

I also join others, Aymeric, in congratulating you for 100 issues.

Well, I attended the first concert ever by the complete Brainville on Saturday night, Saturday 5. According to Hugh Hopper, he, Pip Pyle and Daevid Allen played 5 gigs in the UK recently but Saturday was the first time they were joined by the instigator of the collaboration, Kramer. They played the Knitting Factory at 9 and 11pm and I saw the 9:00 show, their first ever. It was terrific. There was some improvising as well as some set songs. The highlight was Hope For Happiness which Daevid sang. Hugh added plenty of outrageous fuzz bass. When the recognizable chorus made itself clear to me, it was a real thrill. Kramer joined Daevid with background vocals.

The other highlight was their encore, Free Will and Testament from R Wyatt's Shleep. Kramer sang it and played piano with Hugh standing nearby on bass. After a verse or two, Pip and Devid joined them, adding a beat and Daevid's sustained guitar notes which he added with a gizmo.

The Wyatt tribute on Tuesday promises to be a real treat. Yesterday when I went to the club to interview Hugh (coming soon), I heard John Greaves, Peter Blegvad and Pip on accoustic guitars accompanying Karen Mantler (daughter of Michael Mantler and Carla Bley) doing God. It was just as moving as Free Will the night before.

My talk with Hugh was wonderful/. I'll post some excerpts here ASAP. He says he is not yet online but very aware of what's happening here.

Mark Bloch


From: David Wayne <d-wayne@lanl.gov>
Subject: Recent releases
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 10:20:54 -0600

Hi All,

...speaking of recent fave releases by Canterbury-related folks, i'd like to put my 2 cents in for the latest release by 'Hughscore' (Caveman Shoestore + Hugh Hopper) on TimKerr titled "HighSpotParadox". Interesting instrumentation (2 basses, keys, french horn, reeds & drums with vocals on about half of the tracks) & very original-sounding compositions from Hugh, Fred Chalenor & Elaine Di Marco... i guess the closest parallel, sound & music wise, would be Chalenor's band (w/Amy Denio) the Tone Dogs, although the overall sound is less 'RIO' and less 'anguished' and more cool, jazzy & atmospheric. Imagine what it would sound like if the Cowboy Junkies wandered into the studio while Teo & Miles were working on 'In a Silent Way'.... then Miles hands them an accordion & hisses "play the m**********r". Hahahahaahaha! Seriously, though, I find "HighSpotParadox"to be much closer to the spirit of Canterbury (...at least what i perceive when i listen to Hatfield, Matching Mole, Softs, etc.) than Hopper's jazzy-fusion recordings for Cuneiform. I also liked this CD much more than the 'Short Wave' CD which sounds like straight-ahead fusion (albeit GOOD fusion) to me.

Someone asked about the Gimini label... i looked for these things for years & couldn't find them until i ran across 'New Sonic Architecture'. They have a website & all that, and they carry lots of the Gimini releases.... possibly all of them. they are at ' www.sonarc.net/ '. Tons of other Canterbury & related CDs, too!

Dave Wayne


From: Age Rotshuizen <age@cable.A2000.nl>
Subject: Soft Machine discographies
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 17:17:35 +0100

New on AGE Projex (next to the Elton Dean discography):

Hugh Hopper discography (http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/hugh.html)
Mike Ratledge discography (http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/mike.html)

the "old ones" :

Robert Wyatt discography (http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/rw-main.html)
Elton Dean discography (http://people.a2000.nl/arotshui/elton.html)

So here's the classic SM4!

Please help me fill gaps, add info/records/tracklistings/releases, correct
data etc.



From: "Jeremy Levy" <jezala@hotmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Daevid Allen's Fall Schedule..
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 10:24:25 PDT

>Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 15:38:17 -0400
>From: "Dr. Wolf Thandoy" <thandoy@compuserve.com>
>Subject: Daevid Allen's Fall Schedule..
>-------------------- Begin Forwarded Message --------------------
>RE: Daevid Allen's Fall 1998 Schedule..
>THURS 03 SYDNEY KINGS CROSS PALLADIUM what is music festival
>FRIDAY 04 arrive ny evening
>SATURDAY 05 NYC KNITTING FACTORY brainville finally including kramer
>TUESDAY 08 KNITTINGFACTORY robert wyatt tribute
>WED 09 BOSTON with roy harper
>THURS 10 PHILLY with roy harper
>FRI 11 PUNTERSCLUB NORTH FITZROY what is music festival
>SAT 12 - FRI 18 free
>SAT 19 CHICAGO with roy harper
>SUN 20 MILWAUKIE with roy harper
>TUE 22 SAN FRANCISCO with roy harper
>WED 23 STA CRUZ with roy harper
>A FEW DAYS LATER: NEVADA CITY organised by jay tausig possibly with
>terry riley TBA.
>OCT 01.02.03 bellingen festival nsw australia with mark robson & russell
>mullumbimby a group of earth pulse inspired musicians gather to play from
>sunset to sunrise to the rock they consider to be the ear of gaia.
>For one week leading up to the exact time of full moon
>If he remains alone he will do it himself,
>but if others join him he will share the experience equally with all.
>Sites may be found in NY, california, USA, UK, europe, japan, china,
>africa, india,  bali, burma, hawaii, australia, new zealand.
>All information on suitable sites to (gong-gas@sonnet.co.uk)
>All services & equipment by donation only.
>-------------------- End Forwarded Message --------------------


From: Age Rotshuizen <age@cable.A2000.nl>
Subject: Live 1970 vs. Live at the Proms
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 17:28:46 +0100

Got my copy of _Live 1970_ today. First two tracks are excerpts from Facelift & Moon in June with Lyn Dobson on sax - poor bootleg quality but interesting. The rest of the disc is the same recording as on the Live a/t Proms CD with some slight differences:

* The Out-Bloody-Rageous intro is missing - that's 2.35 minutes
* There are more tracks listed. Here's the complete list:

1. Facelift (excerpt)
2. Moon in June (excerpt)

3. Out-Bloody-Rageous (edited)
4. Facelift
5. Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging
6. Pig
7. Orange Skin Food
8. A Door Opens & Closes (vocal improv by Wyatt)
9. 10.30 Returns to the Bedroom part one
10. Pigling Bland part one
11. Pigling Bland part two/vocal improv by Wyatt/10.30 Returns to the Bedroom part two

For the die-hard Soft Machine fan, that's 11 minutes of prev. unreleased material,



From: Mark Bloch <markb@echonyc.com>
Subject: Knitting Factory
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 22:50:13 +0100

The Robert Wyatt tribute at the Knitting Factory Tuesday was fantastic. A real warm time was had by all. The first half had a few slightly dodgy (Robert's word)(but not for them) acts but each delivered at least one decent rendering of a Wyatt song. The second half was bliss- Fred Frith played a selection from Ruth...Richard on solo piano with some humming, then Peter Blegvad, Pip Pyle and John Greaves accompanied Karen Mantler (who looks just like her mother Carla Bley and sings like an angel) with their accoustic guitars for some fantastic close-to-the-original versions of God Song and Sea Song. Really nice. A highlight, for sure. Finally Brainville did Free Will and Testament, Last Straw (Hugh Hopper's bass-ing was and still is beautiful), a somewhat gentler Hope for Happiness (they did a wilder version on Saturday night in their own show) and We Did It Again among others. Oh yeah and Was A Friend which Hugh said was a reference to Ratledge that Robert wrote words for.

Daevid Allen (part of Brainville with Pyle, Hugh and Kramer) was very funny leading the audience in a collective ESP mystic experience chanting "Robert Wyatt's Pubic Hairs RISE UP!!!!!!!" and playing two funny tapes from the early 60s- one from the radio of Feelin Reelin and Squealin or Love Makes Sweet Music and a silly DJ and the other of some chaos from a Paris show that ended with their manager yelling "Fuck The Police!" on the PA. Daevid also did some Dada poetry type rambling and had the audience mesmerized.

The grand finale was Daevid pulling down Hugh's trousers to the ankles as Hugh stood at the edge of the stage and said "We're the oldest ones here and we'll play all night!!!!"

Oh yeah how could I forget- they also did Memories which would have been nice if everyone came on stage but they didn't but it was wonderful anyway. Dedicated to you but you weren't listening, Rattlers, but you were there in spirit.



From: Roger Farbey <mmr@easynet.co.uk>
Subject: Mike Westbrook
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 14:30:48 -0700

Readers may be very interested to note that Mike Westbrook's first three albums have just been re-released on CD in the UK by Polygram on the original Deram label, the third of which: Marching Song Vol 1 & 2 , a double album, features Soft Machine drummer John Marshall. Just out of interest, the albums are Celebration (1967); Release (1968) and Marching Song (1969) and all would interest any readers who likes modern jazz. I think listeners would agree that just like Softs' albums, these are similarly timeless (jazz) masterpieces which most definitely have not dated in thirty years. Anyone who isn't familiar with these Westbrook albums should note the featured soloist is none other than Mercury Award Winner 1998 John Surman.

On a less tangential note (and us jazz fans thank you for your tolerance at allowing us plugs for only peripheraly related stuff!) I am delighted to see that Elton Dean's first album (originally on CBS, from circa 1970) is due out now on the Cunieform label. Belated congratulations on your 100th issue too!


Roger Farbey


From: "steve lafrentz" <raef045@hotmail.com>
Subject: help me!
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 13:40:44 PDT

i am looking for "the civil surface" by EGG for a long time. I'm from quebec city Canada, i like your calyx canterbury site and i'm a big egg, hatfield,national health, dave stewart etc. fan.if you can help me that will be great!                                                          


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