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From: "Gary C Hodkinson" <Elysys@dial.pipex.com>
Subject: Peel Sessions/"Brujo"
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 14:06:00 +0000

> In WR#9, Chris Meloche wrote :
> By popular request...
> Oct. 12/76 (Peel)
> Clocks and Clouds / Brujo
> + Amanda Parsons (v), Neil Murray (b) r. Campbell; Hillage out
> Rec'd Sept 21/76
> [Has anyone heard this version of "Brujo" with "Bruford" on drums?]

Yes, I have.  In fact it was this Peel session which introduced me to
National Health and I still have the recording of this version of
Brujo (I never realised that it was Bruford on drums, though).

John Peel seemed to have some difficulty understanding whether or not
Brujo stood for "Sorcerer" or "Soccer", and there is an excellent
flute solo towards the end of the track which I think is better than
the version released on the first album.

I always assumed it was Jimmy Hastings on this recording, but your
information above does not mention his name.  Am I mistaken?

[It's interesting - indeed Jimmy's involvement with National Health was
never mentioned, at least before the first album (March/April 1977) and
a few gigs in 1977 with Richard Sinclair and a wind quintet that also
comprised Lindsay Cooper. I can't see who else than Jimmy Hastings it
may have been... Too bad he wasn't there at the sessions where "A Legend
In His Own Lunchtime" (a/k/a "Binoculars") was recorded... It's really
not as good without the flute solo ! - A.L.]

Gary C Hodkinson


From: "Lisa Shannon" <lisanico@access.digex.net>
Subject: Duplex Planet
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 09:44:34 -0400 (EDT)

> [Sorry for being non-American, but what is Duplex Planet ? - A.L.]

Sorry for assuming that everyone _is_ American!  It's a really interesting
zine - he interviews nursing home residents.  They have a unique
perspective, a strange, wry humor.  Occasionally very surreal.  I got into
it because Daniel Clowes illustrated some of his work in
"Eightball," another surreal American comic book.

> Yes, ALL FOUR SIDES of it!  I was there; in fact, I think I asked that she
> play it!  I had never heard it before, and I liked it.  I plan to listen to
> it again...

Yes, now I've got him in my evil clutches... next I'm going to make him
listen to Elton Dean's "Ninesense"....

Thanks for another great issue, all / bye - Lisa


From: Eliezer Kaplan <zelwel@earthlink.net>
Subject: Short Wave Live
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 10:59:26 -0700 (PDT)

In WR#9 you asked:

>Another question : does anyone know if the Short Wave Live CD is actually
>available for sale ?!? I haven't seen it anywhere !

I got my copy here in Chicago at the Gong show on March 10, this year (GAS
was selling it). It's put out by Gimini music (catalogue # is GM 1003), 42,
rue de la Republique, 94430 Chennevieres (France). Tel. (1) 45 76 13 72 Fax
(1) 45 76 72 28

Hope this helps.


From: CuneiWay@aol.com (Steve Feigenbaum)
Subject: N. Health "Missing Pieces"
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 10:38:23 -0400

I am happy to report that apparently "Missing Pieces" really *will* be
released July 23rd (or whatever the exact date is), as ESD sent me a
promo copy.

The tracks are as follows:

1 Bouree (Campbell)
2 Paracelsus (inc. Bouree reprise) (Campbell)
3 Clocks and Clouds (Stewart)
4 Agrippa (Campbell)
5 The Lethargy Shuffle & The Mind- Your-Backs Tango (Stewart)
6 Zabaglione (Campbell)
7 Lethargy Shuffle Part 2 (Stewart)
8 Croquette for Electronic Beating Group (Campbell)
9 Phlakaton (Pyle)
10  The Towplane & The Glider (Gowen)
11  Starlight On Seaweed (Campbell)
12  Walking The Dog (extract) (Thomas)

Total disc time is 56:25

[Details on "unexpected" tracks :]

"Croquette" (w/Pip Pyle - pre Bruford!) autumn, '75
"Towplane" & "Glider" -Pathway Studios, 10/75
"Phlakaton" [members of audience] 11/11/79, Toronto
"Walking The Dog" [about 15 seconds] Squat Theatre, winter '79
"Starlight on Seaweed" [performed by Dave & Barbara 9/95]

The book contains some bio/background info & info on the pieces themselves.
It's 16 pages long. Usual D.Stewart amusing writing style.
There's lots of notes & etc. in the book, which are a lot of fun, & which I
attempted to scan in, but the ocr program did a pretty bad job of it, & I
don't have the time to do it by hand! Sorry!
Guess you'll just have to buy it!  :)

Sound quality is extremely good - even better than the extremely good
cassette I had of the 1st seven tracks for several years.
Only "Phlakaton" &  "Walking The Dog" are bad quality, & they are each about
20 seconds long, so it's no big deal.

I think this is *the* Canterbury release of the 1990's! And, for my taste,
definitely the best National Health release ever.



From: Ulrich Bomnueter <bomnueter@mail.ifw.uni-hannover.de>
Subject: Introducing myself
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 19:28:12 +0100

Hi, there

I'm new to this list so I take the opportunity to tell you why I subscribed
immediately when I found out about it (Hi, Lisa!). I am into the Canterburys
for about 25 years and I still get overwhelmed when I listen to Caravan's
"Winter Wine", Soft Machine's "Virtually", Robert Wyatt's "Alifib" or The
Invisible Opera of Tibet's "The Family".

Except for the above I love Nucleus, Matching Mole, Steve Hillage, Tim
Blake, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy. From time to time I also give National Health
or Hatfield & the North a spin, though they're not my absolute favourites.
Soft Machine has become more and more uninteresting to me after Robert Wyatt
quit the group (although I do like "7" a lot.)

To my regret I have never had the opportunity to see one of the Canterbury
bands live on stage. At least I have seen a few of the musicians perform in
other contexts: Allan Holdsworth with Hiseman's Tempest, Phil Minton with
Mike Westbrook's Band, Hugh Hopper/Lindsay Cooper with Oh Moscow, Fred Frith
on various occasions ... Together with Robert Wyatt and Brian Eno, Fred
Frith is one of the three musicians that fascinate me most.

Other musical obsessions are: the UK free/new jazz scene in the 70s
(Westbrook, Surman, McGregor, Tippett ...), Camper van Beethoven, John Cale,
Carla Bley, Residents, Tuxedomoon, Palace Brothers, Lars Hollmer, King
Crimson, Roches and many more. Also I am interested in any kind of
experimental,off-mainstream, strange, avantgarde or whatever you may call it.


Raymond wrote in WR#2:

>Any Ivor Cutler fans out there?  I'm very big on him, and wish he had more
>available on CD.  I have "Jammy Smears" on CD, and that's the only album of
>his I ever found on CD.  Hard stuff to get.

There are at least two other CDs out (I know that because I have them :))

 - Dandruff (1974)
 - Velvet Donkey (1975)

Both were released by Virgin. I found them at Virgin MegaStore in Paris last


As to the Ultimate Canterbury Discography: is there a text-only version that
you could e-mail me, Aymeric? (for the time being I have to withdraw from
Netscaping around for monetary reasons). Could be that I can fill in some

[I'll make up a text-only (non HTML) version of the discography, and send it
to anyone with a similar request. Please contact me ! - A.L.]

Thanks in advance.

Ulrich 'Bommel' Bomnueter
e-mail....: bomnueter@mail.ifw.uni-hannover.de
WWW........: http://www.ifw.uni-hannover.de/Bereich5/ma/503_d.htm


From: rvs@crosfield.co.uk (Robert Smith)
Subject: Re: Canterbury-influenced/similar bands
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 16:09:07 +0100 (BST)

I have an album by a band called Clearlight - Forever Blowing Bubbles.
They all seem to be french guys, I don't think any played in Gong. I don`t
know if they are Canterbury related either. The label is Virgin and it was
recorded at The Manor.
Robert Smith (rvs@crosfield.co.uk)

[I can add some details as I know some members of this band personally and
have written an extensive article on them in the last year.
Yes, Clearlight was a French band. The album you mention was their second
on Virgin and the first one as a real band. It featured Joel Dugrenot of
Zao, as well as guest appearances by David Cross (Crimson) and two of
the Northettes. For the subsequent tour (opening for Gong in Britain,
Autumn'75), the line-up was : Cyrille Verdeaux (keyboards), Francois
Jeanneau (sax/flute/synth), Jorge Pinchevksy (violin), Jean-Claude
d'Agostini (guitar), Joel Dugrenot (bass/vocals) and Coco Roussel (drums).
You'll see a Canterbury link here, through Pinchevsky who after that tour
joined Gong for several shorts stints. The first Clearlight album was
"Clearlight Symphony" (1975), recorded in 1973/74 and produced by Tim
Blake, featuring (on one side), Steve Hillage, Tim Blake and (very
shortly) Didier Malherbe. Pip Pyle should have played drums on it, but as
Verdeaux was on acid when he recorded his piano parts, the rhythm was
fluctuating and Pip couldn't adapt to it, nor could the whole thing be
re-recorded because of money limitations. This side of the album is
paradoxically the least "canterburian" of the two, as the second one
(with Christian Boule on guitar and Gilbert Artman on drums), has a more
"jazzy" feeling that evokes Caravan at times. In 1977, Verdeaux released
a third Clearlight album, "Les Contes Du Singe Fou", with Tim Blake on
synths and Didier Lockood on violin, along with Dugrenot. This was a more
symphonic/progrock concept album that acknowledged the influence of Genesis.
And finally, in 1978, Verdeaux did "Visions", with major contributions by
Lockwood and Didier Malherbe. This all-star line-up didn't last long,
unfortunately, as their only concert didn't bring any offers from concert
promoters... Verdeaux then emigrated to the US until the late 80's.
Canterbury-related ? Apart from some family tree links, I don't see
anything really "canteresque" about this band... Anyone disagrees ? - A.L.]

[I haven't received any other suggestions for my list of "canteresque"
bands - please send some !!! - A.L.]


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