In Cahoots 1984: Richard Sinclair, Phil Miller, Elton Dean, Peter Lemer, Pip Pyle


When was In Cahoots formed ?

In Cahoots was formed in November 1982.

What was In Cahoots' original line-up? What is the current line-up?

In Cahoots started with informal rehearsals involving Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair and Pip Pyle, who were soon joined by Elton Dean, then Peter Lemer [this quintet line-up is shown on the above photo]. The current line-up consists of Miller (guitar), Lemer (keyboards), Fred T. Baker (bass), Mark Fletcher (drums), and newest recruits Theo Travis (sax) and Simon Finch (trumpet).

How did the original members of In Cahoots meet? Had they worked together previously ?

Why did they choose the name In Cahoots?

"To be in cahoots with somebody", means "to be planning something dishonest with somebody".

How many albums have In Cahoots released?

In Cahoots are featured prominently on Phil Miller's solo albums Cutting Both Ways (1987) and Split Seconds (1989). Later albums have been released under the name Phil Miller / In Cahoots : Live 1986-89 (1991), Live In Japan (1993), Recent Discoveries (1994), Parallel (1996), Out Of The Blue (2001), All That (2003), Conspiracy Theories (2006) and Mind Over Matter (2011). Which makes a total of eight studio albums and two live albums. Miller has also released the solo album Digging In (1991), which features several members of In Cahoots, and Double Up (1992), a duo album with Fred Baker.

Why were particular titles chosen for albums and compositions?

Who are the band's main composers?

Almost all of In Cahoots' material is written by Phil Miller, but there are exceptions. Live 86-89 includes Hugh Hopper's "Wanglo Saxon", Elton Dean's "Janna" and Steve Franklin's "All Is Not Lost". The studio album Recent Discoveries (1994) includes Elton Dean's "Riffy" and Fred Baker's "The Opener", while All That (2003) included two pieces first performed by the band in 1998, Peter Lemer's "Big Dick" (a tribute to saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith) and Fred Baker's "Upside" (a.k.a. "On The Up Side Of Things").

How much, and where, has the band toured?

A chronology of In Cahoots' tours is available on this site.

What were the reasons for members departing?

Where are they now?

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