Jorge Pinchevsky

Born : September 10th, 1943 - Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Died : June 21st, 2003 - Buenois Aires (Argentina)
Past Bands : Clearlight (1975), Gong (1976), Patrick Forgas Band (1978)

A Short Bio:

Jorge Pinchevsky was born in Argentina in 1943, began to play the violin when aged six, and spent eight years at the Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music. Spent five years with the Buenos Aires Symphony Orchestra and left in 1964 to tour South America with a number of different bands. Joined a community living in the mountains, but political and social climate made such an existence difficult, so he went to Paris, where he met Clearlight, with whom he toured England in 1975 supporting Gong, whose ranks he joined soon after recording Shamal.