[late] Matching Mole is formed, with Robert Wyatt, David Sinclair, Bill MacCormick and Phil Miller


[29-30] London, CBS Studios (sessions for first MM album)



[03-06] London, CBS Studios (sessions for first MM album)
[09-10] London, CBS Studios (sessions for first MM album)
[13-14] London, CBS Studios (sessions for first MM album)
[17] London, Playhouse Theatre (BBC Top Gear recording) - "Part Of The Dance" and "Instant Kitten" performed (broadcast Jan 25) [guest: Dave MacRae]
[19] London, Roundhouse (rehearsal)
[22] Watford, Hydraspace [support: Carol Grimes & Uncle Dog]
[23] London, Roundhouse (Benefit for UCS) [also: Mike Gibbs Band, Third Ear Band, Peter Maxwell Davies' Flies Of London...]
[25-28] London, CBS & Command Studios (sessions for first MM album)
[30] London, Nova Studios (mixing sessions for first MM album)


[01] London, Nova Studios (mixing sessions for first MM album)
[05-09] London, Jubilee Studios - Covent Garden (rehearsals)
[12-13] London, Jubilee Studios - Covent Garden (rehearsals)
[14-15] London, Nova Studios (sessions for first MM album)
Dave MacRae joins full-time, doubling on keyboard with Sinclair
[18] depart for Europe (via Harwich-Ostende ferry)
[19] Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paradiso
[20] Rotterdam (Netherlands), De Doelen (2.30pm)
[20] Eindhoven (Netherlands), Globa Theatre (9.30pm)
[21-22] Amsterdam (Netherlands) (two days off)
[23] Bruxelles (Belgium), RTB Radio
[24] Verviers (Belgium), Maison de la Culture
[25-26] Bruxelles (Belgium), Théâtre 140
[27] return to England (Ostende-Dover ferry)
David Sinclair leaves the band, who carry on as a quartet
[29] London, Nova Studios (mixing sessions for first MM album)


[01] London, Nova Studios (mixing sessions for first MM album)
[03] Scarborough (cancelled)
[05] London, Nova Studios (final mixing sessions for first MM album)
[06] London, Kensington House (BBC Sounds of the 70s recording) - "No 'Alf Measures" and "Lything And Gracing" performed (broadcast Mar 24)
[08] Kingston, Polytechnic [support: Kevin Ayers & Archibald]
[10] Ealing, College (lunchtime)
[11] Merton, Technical College [support: Dando Shaft]
[14] Windsor (cancelled)
[15] Greenford (cancelled)
[20] Chelmsford, Civic Hall
[22] Guildford, Civic Hall [supporting Barclay James Harvest]
[23] depart for Europe (Harwich-Hoek van Holland ferry)
[24-25] Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paradiso [support: Plainsong]
[28] Bruxelles (Belgium), Théâtre Américain (VMT TV filming) (afternoon)
[28] return to England (evening)


[03] London, Royal Festival Hall (two shows) [supporting John Mayall]
[05] Bournemouth, Winter Gardens [supporting John Mayall]
[06] Brighton, The Dome [supporting John Mayall]
[08] Canterbury, St.Thomas' Hall
[14] "Matching Mole" released
[17] London, Kensington House (BBC Top Gear recording) - "Marchides" / "Instant Pussy" / "Smoke Signal" performed (broadcast May 9)
[18] interviewed for Sounds by Steve Peacock
[19] interviewed for Melody Maker by Richard Williams
The band are forced to cancel two gigs - Plymouth and Penzance - as they would have lost money doing them.
[22] Plymouth, Van Dyke (cancelled)
[23] Penzance, Garden Promenade (cancelled)
[24] interviewed for NME by Ian MacDonald
[25] London, Dave MacRae's - Park Walk (rehearsal)
[26] Manchester, Free Trade Hall [supporting John Mayall]
[27] Newcastle, City Hall [supporting John Mayall]
[28] Glasgow, Green's Playhouse [supporting John Mayall]
[29] Leeds, Lancaster University [supporting John Mayall]
[30] Bristol, Colston Hall [supporting John Mayall]


The band are forced to cancel an extensive tour of Germany and Austria, where they were to support "a famous American band"
[02] Frankfurt (Germany) (cancelled)
[03] Saarbrucken (Germany) (cancelled)
[03] London [Battersea], Tennyson Secondary School ('Music Alive' filming for
ILEA's Education TV) - "Smoke Rings" performed
[04] Ludwigshafen (Germany) (cancelled)
[05] Stuttgart (Germany) (cancelled)
[06] Zofingen (Germany) (cancelled)
[07] Nurnberg (Germany) (cancelled)
[08] London, CBS Studios ("O Caroline" edited for single release)
[08] London [Sutton], Woodstock Public House (Bill MacCormick plays gig with Gary Windo, Ollie Halsall and John Halsey)
[08] Munich (Germany) (cancelled)
[09] Vienna (Austria) (cancelled)
[10] Linz (Austria) (cancelled)
[11] London, Dave MacRae's - Park Walk (rehearsal)
[11] Graz (Austria) (cancelled)
[12] Berlin (Germany) (cancelled)
[15] Paris (France), Matching Mole are filmed and interviewed for French TV programme "Pop 2" - excerpts from "Instant Pussy", "Smoke Signal" and "Part Of The Dance" are eventually used (broadcast Jun 10)
[15] Paris (France), Olympia [supporting John Mayall]
Setlist: "Lything And Gracing", "Marchides", "Instant Pussy", "Smoke Signal", "Part of the Dance"
[16] band interviewed for Rock & Folk and Actuel magazines.
[17] Metz (France), Palais des Sports [supporting John Mayall]
[18] Bordeaux (France), Palais des Sports [supporting John Mayall]
[24-26] London, UNIT / Pentonville Road (rehearsal)
[27] Colchester, Essex University [supporting Egg]
[28] Bishop's Stortford, Angel Underground [Roger Odell's 360° Inter-Planetary Solar Sound Complex, feat. Phil Miller]
[30-31] London [Islington], Pied Bull pub (rehearsal)


[01] London [Islington], Pied Bull pub (rehearsal)
[03] Cardiff, University College
[04] Illogan Highway [nr Redruth], Flamingo Ballroom
[12] Edmonton, Cook's Ferry Inn (cancelled)
[16] London, UNIT (rehearsal)
[17] London, King's Cross Cinema [also: Brotherhood of Breath, Stud, Bond-Brown-Collins-Wallace]
[20] London [Stoke Newington], St Andrews Church Hall (rehearsal) (Robert Fripp visits to discuss producing next album)
[21] London, BBC Maida Vale Studios (Sounds of the 70s recording) - "Gloria Gloom" / "Nan True's Hole" / "Brandy For Benj" performed (broadcast Jul 6)
[21] Groningen (Netherlands) (cancelled)
[23] Amsterdam (Netherlands) (cancelled)
[24] Rotterdam (Netherlands) (cancelled)
[25] Den Haag (Netherlands) (cancelled)
[25] Birmingham, Barbarella's
[26] Edmonton, Cook's Ferry Inn (cancelled)
[29] Liverpool, University - Mountford Hall [also: Jonesy, Roxy Music]
[30] London [
Eltham], Falcon pub


[01] Hérouville (France), Château Studio (Rockenstock TV filming) [also: Graham Bond]
"Gloria Gloom" and "Part Of The Dance" performed (broadcast Jul 1)
[02] Metz (France) (cancelled)
[03-04] Richmond (rehearsal)
[07] London, King's Cross Cinema [also: Soft Machine, Just Us]
Setlist: "Gloria Gloom", "Part Of The Dance", "Lything And Gracing", "Marchides", "Instant Pussy", "Smoke Signal" // encore: "Brandy For Benji"
[08] "O Caroline" c/w "Signed Curtain" released as single
[08-09] London, Jazz Centre Society (rehearsal)
[09] Oxford, New Theatre (postponed from Jun 18) [also: Soft Machine, Just Us]
[10] London, Jazz Centre Society (rehearsal)
[12] Weymouth, Grammar School [support: Snake Eye]
[20] London, UNIT (rehearsal)
[21] London, Tower Of London Moat (Music In The Moat Festival) [Delivery feat. PM]
[22] Ostende (Belgium), Europop Festival [also: MC5, Sweet, If, Mungo Jerry, Jericho]
[24] members attend Weather Report gig at Ronnie Scott's
[25] London, Fulham Palace Greyhound
[27] London, Paris Theatre (BBC In Concert recording) - "Instant Pussy" / "Lything And Gracing" / "Marchides" / "Part Of The Dance" / "Brandy For Benj" performed (broadcast Sep 9)
[30] Bishop's Stortford, Angel Underground [Delivery feat. PM]
[31] London, Roundhouse (Implosion) (afternoon) [also: Biggles, Keith Tippett Trio, The Flamin' Groovies]


[03-04] [nr Bordeaux] (France), Bagas Cheap Festival (MM performance cancelled)
[08-10] London, Jazz Centre Society (rehearsal)
[13] Reading, Marquee Jazz and Blues Festival [also: Ten Years After, Quintessence, Wizard, Status Quo, Stray, Vinegar Joe, Stackridge, Sutherland Brothers and Quiver]
[14-16] London, CBS Studios 2 (sessions for "Little Red Record")
[18] Bilzen (Belgium), Bilzen Jazz Festival [also: Curved Air, CCC, Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra, Holy Modal Rounders, Lindisfarne]
This performance was recorded for Belgian radio RTBF's "King Kong" radio show hosted by Marc Moulin, but was never broadcast
Setlist: "Brandy As In Benj", "Smoke Signal", "Gloria Gloom", "Nan True's Hole", "Lything And Gracing", "Brandy As In Benj", "Marchides", "Instant Pussy", "Part of the Dance", "Brandy As In Benj" (reprise)
[21-22] London, CBS Studios 1 (mixing sessions for "Little Red Record")
[25] London, CBS Studios 2 (sessions for "Little Red Record")
[27] Bishop's Stortford, Angel Underground [Delivery feat. PM]
[29-31] London, CBS Studios 2 (sessions for "Little Red Record")


[01-03] dates in Switzerland are cancelled
[02] Canterbury, St.Thomas Hall [Delivery feat. PM]
[05-06] London, Shepherds Bush Cricket Club (rehearsal)
[07] London, Queen Elizabeth Hall [support: Paul Wheeler]
Setlist: "God Song"; "Drinking Song", "Flora Fidgit", "Smoke Signal", "Gloria Gloom", "Nan True's Hole", "Instant Pussy", "Righteous Rhumba", "Marchides Parts 1 & 2" (incl. Electric Piano Solo), Drum Solo, "Part Of The Dance", "Brandy As In Benj"
[09] Montbéliard (France), Festival de Séloncourt [also: Asthme Congélateur, Hopeful, Virus, Claude Marchadour, Solitude, Salamandre, Ange, Genesis, Mick Softley (MM played last)]
[10] Paris (France), Fête de l'Humanité (cancelled)
[15] Rotterdam (Netherlands), De Doelen [supporting Soft Machine]
[16] Den Haag (Netherlands), Circus [supporting Soft Machine]
[17] Amsterdam (Netherlands), Concertgebouw [supporting Soft Machine]
[18] Borgerhout [Anvers] (Belgium), Cinéma Roma [supporting Soft Machine]
[19] Bruxelles (Belgium), Salle de la Madeleine [supporting Soft Machine]
[20] Liège (Belgium), Conservatoire [supporting Soft Machine]
[21] Gand (Belgium), Cinéma Capitol [supporting Soft Machine]
[22] Groningen (Netherlands), Stadschowbourg [supporting Soft Machine]

[24] Hampstead [London], Theatre Club (Banana Follies) [RW guest with Kevin Ayers & Archibald]
[29] Brighton, The Dome [Delivery feat. PM - guest: Didier Malherbe]